Stage 1: Play Through the Game

Beginner Party is available after chapter 12 and Advanced is unlocked after beating Beginner as well as making progress with the elite monsters. Hopefully you back attacked the Treant, if not keep trying to get that. You can also enter: Those are your daily bonuses that depend on the day of the week. Both will equally count towards this.

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Take Milla as party member, and any other two you want. Set them up with "Damage equals 1" skill, but make sure you do not activate it on Ludger. In battle strategy set characters up to always defend. In the battle do not link with anyone yet - kill all enemies except one bird, then link with Milla. Since she has "damage equals 1" skill which applies to linked charas as well, you'll do 1 damage to the enemy. Change Milla's battle strategy to attack enemies now. When Milla is linked, her support ability is to bind the enemy for few moments so it can't move.

Start pumping the bird with bullets by pressing Circle until you hit hits, then unlink from Milla and kill the enemy. You're strong so don't worry about losing. Load up save 42, go to Cat submenu and dispatch the cat to last area under Field List. Wait 15 minutes until the cat returns and voila. Enter a battle as Ludger being your controllable character, link with Leia, win and voila. Load up the autosave by choosing Quick Load, jump down, defeat Maxwell, then Muzet and trophy is yours.

Levels are high enough to win, and you have a ton of items. Use Ludger's Shell transformation one more time. With Ludger press L1 and R1 at the same time to use Corpse Shell, when the counter in lower right corner has at least 1 full charge. Dodge one enemy attack with Jude. With Milla, set her with a basic magic attack skill. With Alvin, hold X after you use a skill to get one Charge. Make sure Morale Support skill isn't equipped.

After casting a magic spell with Rowen, keep pressing X. With Leia, backstep an enemy's attack just as it's about to connect. With Gaius, block an attack and then perform frontstep. With Muzet, do a frontstep or backstep as you take a direct hit. Link with Ludger, and start doing stuff. Pretty soon Ludger will mimic your action and voila.

Use Jude's support ability one more time. Link with Jude and get knocked down - Jude will appear next to you and restore some HP. Link with Milla and attack an enemy, which Milla will eventually bind. Fight a golem or other enemy who guards a lot. Nothing really to detail here, you'll get this one pretty much automatically. To get these challenges you basically need to chain attacks that equal the amount of AC needed. Since most characters don't have this much AC you'll need to do a few things to keep AC going; Such as doing back attacks or guarding.

There are skills each characters get that can accelerate the rate of which you gain AC back such as "Momentary Gain". You can check how much AC each attack costs in the Arte menu as well. This is easiest done with Ludger. This method also should count for I Can Fly! Beginner You defeated an enemy in Mid-Air! Not much to explain here, defeat an enemy in the air. Which is to kill an enemy with that numbered combo and not just do the combo and stop.

Best method I have for these challenges are listed under the Combo Virtuoso trophy. It won't be awhile til you have access to Mystic Artes, but when you do you'll need to activate them in your skills menu for that character.

To activate a Mystic Arte you'll need to be in overlimit and hold. However, remember that using a mystic arte will automatically end the overlimit and you have to fill it again, so always save them for the end! The Ultimate Fusion Beginner You've defeated foes with linked mystic artes! Same as the challenge above this one only this time they are linked mystic artes.

Both characters need to have the special skill equipped to be able to do a linked Mystic Arte. Same with the regular mystic you need to be in overlimit, however this time you need to hold R2 instead of just. Linked Up Beginner You've defeated foes with linked artes! This should come naturally as to fill your overlimit gauge you need to do linked artes.

Even if the attack set on your character is not compatible with the character you are linked to, you can still do basic linked artes! When the gauge is ready to move to the next section, do a attack or any compatible arte attack and press R2. Guardbreaker Beginner You've broken an enemy's guard! You'll mostly get this from doing Alvin's support skill "Breaker". However you can also break guards of enemies by continually attacking them. Defense Wizard Beginner You've guarded against a few enemy attacks!

Defend for a full second, and your AC will increase. For this trophy, you have to hold guard til you see an charge indicator on your character that you charged once. You'll first need to equip the Power Charge skills for this to work. Counters will be treated like power hits. Same as the above but you need to hold it longer. You have to hold guard til you see the charge indicator twice. Countering breaks enemy guard, even on bosses. You have to hold guard til you see the charge indicator three times.

In game description is exactly what it means. When you guard or successfully backstep you'll gain 1AC back. Jude's Snap Pivot attack works for this very well. Beginner You dodged several attacked by back-stepping while defending! This challenge wants you to perfectly backstep which you'll press guard and the direction away from your enemy. Jude's Snap Pivot attack makes this very easy as well, however it won't count if he managed to get hit in the process.

Always a Step Ahead Beginner You performed skills that interfere with an enemy's attempt to back-step! Honestly, I don't really understand this challenge. I got this one naturally in the game and it seems from what I read the description seems to be doing a backstep skill away from an enemy. So, this is likely a challenge with a wonky localized description that makes no sense. I main Jude so this is likely why I got this challenge done naturally since Snap Pivot is my number one abused ability.

Since this one is skill related, it probably only counts with equipped skills that enhance the backstep, such as Jude's "Momentary Gain 2" skill. Dodge Addict Advanced You've had many victories without taking any damage! This is another wonky challenge description and fails to tell you of one requirement it needs. For this you need to do a perfect backstep then kill your enemy without taking any damage. It's best to do this in the Alest Highroad and leave everyone else on Protect Yourself in the strategy menu.

When you start the battle rush to one of the enemies and take it down and then rush to the second enemy and get its attention before it attacks another party member. Hopefully when you get it's attention, it'll attack you and then you'll backstep in time. It's best to do this with Jude for his Snap Pivot ability. Beginner You saved allies by transforming in battle!

For this you need to transform in battle with Ludger when your linked party member has low health. I never really used transform much in the game but the only time I transformed was for mini bosses or boss battles, which is likely where I got my counts from since I tend to transform more so when I'm in a pinch. For those that are in end game and stuck I would suggest trying to play on Unknown and have a Demon Seal on the character you plan to link with and go somewhere with enemies that will do a ton of damage.

Make sure to taunt to get the attention on that character only. Then when the health is low enough, switch to Ludger while still linked to that character and transform. Make sure everyone else is set to Protect Yourself or Heal Only. Awakened One Beginner You have shown you can defeat at least three enemies while transformed! Have you tried X, O combos? Pretty easy, just transform in a battle that has three or more enemies. Dark Angel Beginner You have shown you can defeat at least five enemies while transformed!

You'll have to do a little more work for this one. For the most part you won't find five enemies in a battle so you'll need to make use of encounter links to get the numbers you need. Make sure you turn off any skills that prevent encounter links. Spear Thrower Beginner You've defeated enemies with mystic artes while transformed! To do a mystic arte while transformed you'll need a level 2 gauge or greater. Link Artist Beginner You've performed a linked arte chain of three or greater!

For this challenge you'll need to make a chain of nine or more while in overlimit. So make sure you are linked to a character that has a lot of attacks that are compatible with each other such as Ludger, Jude, and Milla. You can change links mid-chain so you can easily get the amount you need if you are using all available shortcut attack slots. Chain Champ Beginner You combo'ed from a normal attack into a spirit arte or martial arte!

All you have to do for this is a regular attack followed by any attack. The Pixie Beginner You know how to inflict magical ailments using spirit and martial artes! All you have to do is use attacks or artes that will inflict ailments; such as bleeding or stone. Many artes characters have will attributes that have a chance to inflict a certain ailment; fire to burn, ice to freeze, and etc. You'll likely get this challenge without really trying since your party members will likely actively do this.

The Imp Beginner You have inflicted all nine magical ailments! I got this naturally through the game. I believe the nine ailments come from Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Slash, Strike, and Pistol attacks and each have their respective magical ailment that can be done.

Fiend Hunter Beginner You have attacked an enemy's weak point! Some enemies in the game have weak points and you'll need to hit that area for this to count. You should get this through natural gameplay. You'll need to have the Magic Guard skill equipped to do this first.

When you are in battle, guard and hold the left stick down and you'll form a bubble shield around you. It's best to fight Mandragora enemies in the Torbalan Highroad for this. Mighty Shield Beginner You defended an enemy attack perfectly!

For this you'll need to perfectly time your guards. Probably the easiest indicator for doing this is the method I have listed for Leia's support ability. Fleet-Footed Beginner You recovered from a knockback from guarding at the right moment! For this you have to press when you are getting knockbacked and you'll instantly recover. Field Marshall Beginner You know how to use shortcuts to give orders to your allies! For this you'll need to either need to map another characters arte attack to your active character's shortcuts or while in battle tell that character to do that arte from the battle menu.

Both will equally count towards this. Discretion Above Valor Beginner You know how to attack enemies from behind! For this you'll need to get behind an enemy and attack. Easiest method to get behind an enemy is with quick stepping with L1 or by free run on the L2 button.

I find quick step to be faster, especially with Jude or Ludger on daggers. Cross-Counter Beginner You have attacked enemies while they are swinging at you! Attack an enemy while it's attacking you. Spirit Swordsman Beginner You combo'ed a spirit arte into a martial arte! For this you'll need to cast a spirit arte which on the arte menu has a wand icon and then immediately to a martial arte which has a sword icon.

Battle Angel Beginner You've restored your allies several times! It has to be the player character that does it so switch to a character that can cast heals such as Jude, Elize, or Leia. Beginner You follow up your front-steps with physical attacks! Do a front step by holding guard and forward towards the enemy and immediately follow with an attack.

Hit 'n Run Beginner You follow up attacks with back-steps! Attack an enemy and immediately follow up with a back step by holding guard and the direction away from the enemy. Opportunist Beginner You perform focused attacks that pierce enemies' weak spots!

Most enemies have a weakness that can be exploited. Press R1 in battle to find that weakness and use it against that enemy, this should also result in a power combo indicator on the enemy.

This challenge can be a little confusing at first but the easiest method for this is to make remus weapons for Ludger in every element; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Dark. I believe I used this method versus the Vultures in the Torbalan Highroad. The basic run down for this method is the follow below the weapons can be any order but I'm listing the order the guns will appear in your list. Also you can a few other challenges done with this, so I suggest having a full overlimit gauge and after you do the last thing on the list, trigger a linked arte, and immediately followed by a linked mystic arte.

Pincer Mincer Beginner You flanked an enemy with a partner! Be linked to any character, probably easiest with a melee character and have them set to Act Together in the strategy menu.

They will always go behind the enemy you are attacking. Then kill the enemy once that's set. To use Second Artes, you first need to have the skill equipped on that character to be able to use them. This will allow certain characters attacks to change when you hold down the button the attack is mapped to. I personally used Jude for this and his second arte skills mention which attacks of his change when used. Die Another Day Beginner You unlocked the mysteries of fleeing!

Basically you'll need to combo an attack using seven different arte attacks with them all making contact. I got most of these from doing the Spicy Chain and Link Doctor challenge.

These challenges are highly missable as you only have one shot at being able to do this. The first round of Elite monsters are really the only feasible way of getting the time limit done as the EX versions are likely too hard to be able to do at all within this time limit.

So make sure you try to defeat all of the first round Elites under 2 minutes. Lower the difficulty to easy to ensure that you stay under the time limit. Sky-High Advanced You beat an enemy with a 5-hit aerial combo! See Stratos-fear Stratos-fear Advanced You beat an enemy with a 9-hit aerial combo! For this you'll need to make a 9 hit air combo that kills your enemy in the process. I actually had this naturally cause my main party setup has Ludger, Jude, and Milla and they frequently kept enemies in the air.

I probably got this when I was for the most part still using Ludger since I was just so used to using him all the time. Main deal for this is keeping the enemy launched in the air so keep using Crimson Fury after a few attacks to launch it back up again before it hits the ground and keep it going til it dies. However I do realize some people may be stuck on this at the higher levels so I suggest linking to a character with Minimum damage equipped and unlink with them after you fulfilled the requirement.

Dual Chain x3 Advanced You had a 3-hit power combo using a linked arte chain! For this you'll need to use all elements within a linked arte chain. I couldn't quite figure out a method myself and found a video on youtube which explains and shows the method; http: Basically for this method he used Ludger, Rowen, Muzet, and Jude. Using Goblins in the Aladhi Trail. The method to the madness is below; Have a full overlimit gauge Start the battle linked to Rowen Use Fatal Circle and press R2 to start overlimit Use Bubble Blast and switch links to Muzet Use Migrating Sparrows and switch links to Jude Before the Chain symbol appears, Switch to Dagger it won't appear til the chain symbol appears Use Time Disintegration and switch links back to Muzet Before the Chain symbol appears, Switch to Hammer it won't appear til the chain symbol appears Use Magical Destruction You'll might need minimum damage for this if you are killing enemies too fast if you are ending the battles quickly.

You also don't need this to finish an enemy. This will count for Slaughter the Weak, but this method is much more irritating in the long run and best off using the method under Slaughter the Weak to do that challenge. Lockdown Advanced You transitioned into a linked arte from a 5-hit combo of spirit or martial artes!

For this challenge you have to use 5 different spirit or martial artes in one combo and finish with a linked arte. Majority of these counts I got from Spicy Chain. Poetry in Motion Advanced You finished off a 5-hit linked arte chain with a mystic arte! For this you'll need to chain 5 different attacks in overlimit and finish with a mystic arte. I got this in combination of Link Doctor since I always finished my overlimits with mystic artes.

Power Link Advanced You finished off a power combo with a linked arte! If you follow the Slaughter the Weak method I have in this guide, all you have to do is tack on a linked arte afterward, however I would also add a mystic arte into that as well to get Power Finish counted.

If you follow the Slaughter the Weak method I have in this guide, all you have to do is tack on a linked arte afterward, and then the mystic arte.

Transparent Advanced You went 1 min without taking damage! For this I suggest setting all characters to Manual as for every character on manual that doesn't get hit in the battle will count as one so you could get up to 4 counts in one battle. I did this fighting the Tortoises in Rusalle Highroad and I would kill off all the enemies but one of the tortoises and then just get it's attention and stay out of range.

I suggest holding Free Run at all times because it does have a ranged attack in which it'll cock itself back and then fire at you. So, when you see that, move out of the way and back as needed. When you think a minute is up, kill the tortoise and rinse and repeat. Spicy Chain Advanced You built a 9-hit combo of different spirit and martial artes and then finished it off with a linked mystic arte!

For this you'll need to do a combo of spirit and martial artes, followed by a linked arte, and then a linked mystic arte. I used Jude, Ludger and Milla and fought wyverns in the Voltea Woods as they are the highest level enemies outside of the post game dungeon. Then equipped Ludger with the Minimum Damage skill so I could link to him so I wouldn't kill an enemy from the combo alone.

Also set everyone to Protect Yourself or Heal Only. You may need to fiddle around with the difficulty as this will change for everyone, I was able to do this on Moderate since I wasn't level yet.

So the deal would be to first start off by clearing all the enemies but the Wyverns. You may be able to link for Milla for this part but even set to Act Together she'll go off tangent and start killing the target you need so unlink if you need to.

Once the enemies are cleared, link to Ludger and start practicing your combo because all those artes have to hit or it won't count. So you may want to take awhile to get used to which order you want to do the attacks, or maybe switch out attacks if they are too slow.

Once you are ready, do the combo, switch link to Milla and press R2 to go into overlimit and immediately do a linked mystic arte by holding R2. You have to get the killing blow for Spicy Chain to count. This is hands down the hardest and most annoying of all the battle challenges. It takes a lot of fiddling around to know what works best for you and then finally enough practice to do it right without messing up every time.

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