Singapore anti-gambling ad kicks own goal with Germany World Cup win

Dominic Perottet backs down in NSW Liberal clash Maldives' strongman president concedes election defeat Farm worker jailed for 14 days and fined for poisoning wedge-tailed eagles Fishing companion did not call triple-0 after friend disappeared, inquest hears. Looks like the boy's father who bet all his savings on Germany will be laughing all the way to the bank! The Ministries further shared that they would continue monitoring the situation and if necessary , they would review their strategies to deal with the problem. The National Council on Problem Gambling has defended its anti-gambling advertisement, which has been generating an online buzz since Tuesday night, after Germany's stunning win over Brazil in the World Cup semifinal. The unfortunate humour in the television commercial, which shows a troubled boy whose savings were used by his father to bet on Germany, has not been lost on viewers and politicians, and has even been picked up by international media such as the Wall Street Journal. The authorities reiterated their intentions to continue following their multi-aspect approach in order to tackle both illegal land-based and online gambling operations.

Tough Enforcement Actions on Illegal Gambling Unveiled

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