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You should read an anatomy and physiology book before you open your uneducated mouth. Your focus on my academic history is bizarre to hear though.

However, it is unsettling to think an unqualified, uneducated drop out is misinforming the masses. Why argue with this guy. This is a special type of trolling. I guess each reader has to decide if they want to believe every sports medicine university study and fitness experts like ripptoe or this author stating random opinions. He wants a fight.

Just let him believe what he likes. Al that nonsense about danger, haveyou ever seen kids falling of things in the playground, do al of them die? Nope, because the body and the structures are strong enough. Extremes are never OK but within reason squats are perfectly safe. This is a bullshit discussion Mark. You are equating squats with barbell squats, which is retarded. Maybe you are illiterate, as I never said I am against squats. I squat all the time, but I never, ever use a barbell to do so.

About the 13 second mark, he injures himself and threw his back out Deadlifting.. Our anatomy is not designed to lift very odd oblong objects like a straight bar..

It is a very closed hydraulic like pressure to the body-the straight bar.. Not a very open like hydraulic like pressure to the body.. We were evolved carrying objects since Caveman Days but of lesser oblong objects than putting a index finger and thumb exactly around the circumference of the straight bar around the whole length of it..

With straps around his body and in total pain in the rest of the Video…Its amazing people cant get what Dream is talking about.. Then the side effects are herniated disks, fusion of vertebrae of the lower back like Ronnie Coleman has had recently from barbell squatting or replaced hips like Ed Coan..

I will pay someone a dollars if someone can either find someone whom during a backlift have blood pouring out of his nose during a heavy lift or interviewed someone that this has happened to.. Not one case you will find.. You can YouTube all kinds of people backlifting or even ask the likes of athletes who practiced this lift in their strongman career like Gregg Ernst, Steve Justa, Kevin Fast or Steve Schmidt..

And more importantly, I have never seen blood pouring from the nose from a backlift myself.. Why-the backlift is a more open hydraulic pressure to the body than any straight bar exercise.. Straight bar squats is a terrible pressure point on the body.. This transition will save a lot of injuries..

Exercise should be natural not a constant interrogation of your mind always asking your body to pay attention to form.. Do you think Caveman in their evolution of movement paid close attention to form? Any exercise that you see blood pouring out of the nose, back injuries, blown out knees even in a squat rack is a disaster exercise.. I can put my index finger around the bar with my thumb.. TV is proof enough for me.. Sounds like a reasonable exercise.. Form Form Form Rippetoe will say..

No,Its called a bad pressure point exercise on the body.. Its stop stop stop.. Trust me on this one.. I can name many famous trainwrecks that happened with either exercise.. Not sure if trolling or truly this pig shit ignorant. Yet, when I look for studies, I notice things like: This piece explains the dangers of backpacking with heavy weights for long periods of time.

Then you link to a video from a personal trainer.. While simultaneously accusing others of basing their statements merely on opinion. Thank you …im weightlifter superheavy since20years ago…i USES barbell back. If i exceeed that i loose my good back position and im sure to be injuried in all these years…and pulled hight is more profitable for clean a bar…with front squat its perfect.

Just let this guy be. Anyone has the right to write whatever they want. So worry about yourself and let this guy live with his chicken legs. Yeah, all of this is false. My legs are the biggest and strongest area of my body. They respond the best and I have the best control over them, relative to upper body pushing and pulling movements. To be clear, we are discussing the pros and cons of using the barbell when performing squats, and, to further clarify, we are talking about heavy loading.

Although our host seems dead set upon repeating his premise while offering up virtually nothing substantive by way of proof, this in no way negates his premise — it merely makes him possibly the lamest debator on Earth, and robs his argument of weight no pun intended. However, as both a lifter and a trained massage therapist with a heavy emphasis on structural integration I have often witnessed firsthand the awful cumulative damage done from loading on the spine.

Exercise physiologists, professional trainers, athletic coaches, generally miss this. The physical and medical culture here in the United States is backwards, careless and slipshod.

Many avoidable injuries, notably in this instance, compression injuries such as ruptured and herniated disks, compressed nerves and rotator cuff injuries are the direct result of substantial regular loading onto the spine and shoulders.

I am constantly begging my clients to switch to the incline press, where form is much less of an issue and all weight is transferred off the spine and localized into hips and legs. All you guys are so insecure. Judging each other, calling each others dipshits and douchebags because you want to convince yourselves that your work was more worthy of the effort.

I mean shit… Just focus on yourselves in the gym and stop acting like snotty bitches. I commented on the original article. I asked you for evidence, since, as is the custom in debates, the burden of proof is on the affirmative, in this case that means Anthony D. Johnson ought to provide some epidemiological date for the purpose of backing up a claim that seems rather specious on its face, namely that squats cause catastrophic injuries. The population included both resident US olympic team athletes as well as any visiting junior athletes.

Average training time lost per injury: The majority of injuries were minor, long term, and chronic in nature, and included strains and tendonitis Injuries to the back were primarily strains. In 6 years of training at the USOC, there were 6 fractures, 5 subluxations, 4 neurotraumas, 1 avulsion, and 1 concussion, out of a total of injuries. Yet any criticism of the back squat can easily be leveled against any of the olympic lifts for they are far more dynamic and with a greater need for proper technique to avoid industry.

Comparison to other studies: Ashtanga yoga, in another study, yielded an injury rate of about 1. The movement is performed entirely under the pretense of a herd mentality, and even worse and more brain dead , tradition. You wanna tout with the rest of the world that the barbell squat is some super-ultra-awesome exercise, or is even fundamentally safe and appropriate in a strength training routine?

Yes, run to pub med and scan for information that confirms pre-existing ideas and affirms years, decades, of cumulative personal experiences and investments of time and effort. Your affirmative case is this: Hey, I have an opinion, too. Some people actually base opinions on observable phenomena, on evidence. Others, not so much. My pubmed search was an open-minded one, looking simply for information on squats and the prevalence of injury.

According to the CDC, alpine skiing offers the highest injury rate per hours of activity the gold standard in measurement , at around 69 injuries per hours. If I get hurt, I will rehab. And you are mis-representing the points in my article via your comments.

Please read over reason 3 from the main article. Allow me to spell this out for you: I am interested in knowing whether or not the barbell back squat is a fundamentally safe movement to include in a strength training routine, over a life time; which in paradox, indicates that it is fundamentally safe. This variation of a leg press is considered universally ridiculous in How much do you want to bet studies could be performed showing similar numbers to those you cited?

That variation of leg press is no longer practiced because we use leg presses now. Same motion and body position, but no risk of it falling on you. Squats activate more muscles in your body than almost any other exercise. Is there a risk of hurting yourself while squatting? The most serious injury in my life came from a tennis racket, not the pound bar I put on my back.

You should tell that to the kid who put a lb barbell on his back and snapped his spine in half. Putting a barbell over your spine is incredibly fucking stupid. He lost his footing, the weights fell on top of him and broke his back. Do you realize, the Box step up with weights, actually give an uneven distribution on the spine? Squats have equal distribution of weights. I think barbell squats are a fine idea, but not so much stepping ups with a barbell.

Are you reading the articles you cite as evidence? Before you go shooting down peer-reviewed scientific studies of other posters, perhaps you should read your own links?

My claim is ultimately not that squats are dangerous — that is a derivative conclusion — the real claim is that you have no proof of real, absolute safety. Pretty much all of your arguments are opinionated and stereotypical. Infact they seem downright unintelligent. But, if you have any interest in helping people because you think barbell squats are dangerous then why be so nasty and aggressive towards them? Oh come on, this is absurd.

You cited this Bill DeSimone guy a bunch of times, does that make you unoriginal? Many but not all of your statements about the squat and the dangers it could pose have at least a toe on the reality side of the line good for you.

Of course squatting can cause injuries. So can any lift, period. So can running a lot! So can yoga, as Revo has shown. So we already know there is some risk associated with athletics just as there is a risk in not performing athletics. The question is how does squatting stack up to these other activities or inactivities. Do you have any data to demonstrate why squatting is worse than running?

Because I was already of the opinion that running causes more injuries. If you want your point to be persuasive and why else would you post it? Speaking of which, your hostile responses in the comments, as well as your needlessly insulting verbiage in the original screed, are the opposite of persuasive. You may think you are scoring Internet Points with quick smackdowns and flames, but you just come off looking uninformed and rude. Josh, for a guy who said you dont have the time to debate this back and fourth, you sure did throw a lot on the table.

Dave Tate made a blog post outlining the various exercises he can no longer perform due to injury. No one can deny the benefits of the squat done properly. Thanks for the comment. I realize it was made with good intentions, but the truth as I see it in your comment is that it is, yet again in this thread, a regurgitation of conventional wisdom, commonly accepted ideas, etc. Try to realize that it is completely irrelevant how temporarily effective a barbell squat is if there is any looming injury in your future, with that movement, or as directly resulting from the movement.

What a freak accident! Again this is just intellectual vomit, and a straw man argument. Doing it and not getting hurt is not evidence of such. Diving a car has risk far greater risk yet you cannot recommend that people refrain from driving just because its an acquired skill, and a momentary laps can cause your and other peoples death. Politicians do this a lot. These straw men are often easily argued against, and can therefore turn people against your actual potentially valid argument.

Mind you, just because someone argues against you or disagrees you and makes a point against your argument does NOT mean they are committing the straw man fallacy. Your argument might simply suck.

Now, what Butch did was make an analogy. Analogies are perfectly valid in an argument as long as the relation is the same. The two relations are the same, so as long as the analogy follows the relation it is valid.

Remember, reductio ad absurdum is a perfectly valid argument. I remember the conclusion being that squats are not a good idea. I suspect squatting was one of the main reasons. Squatting and some other stupid thing I did for the abs.

I was, however, unaware of good alternatives, Anthony — I blame you. Seriously, good luck, I hope perhapes your genetics or luck or whatever sufficiently protects you from injury. Herniated discs are not fun. Or maybe you never get injured. Finish those fast or risc re-herniation.

Haha, goodluck with that. What I suggest to people who are on the fence is this: Sorry to hear the bad news bud. You don not get a hernia from squatting, you get it from several other factors that has made your body suck before you started squatting.

I had no idea my barbell squat posts would become popular when I wrote them, nor was that the goal or purpose. I write these posts because I believe the ideas are true and important and I enjoy creating them. After reading this article and his crossfit articles, I realized Athony Dream Johnson is a giant vagina.

Apparently every non-HIT program can get you hurt and make you cry. If this hole thing is about being a man, you need to grow a pair. Getting hurt is a part of life and so is lifting heavy things, even over head across your back. You need to spend a day or two on a farm, or doing physical labor. You are more than welcome to come spend a weekend being a man. Whether its cutting firewood, shooting a deer, getting it out of the woods, on your back, or rotating the tires on a car.

Enough of the careful you may get a callus crap on a site intended for the ideal man. In fact this idea is beyond primitive.

You seem to sincerely believe this, so I will also inform you that, you are a pathetic human being, and will remain so until this idea changes. Daniel, if you are still alive, I hope you have taken Mr. I hope you have asked her to do this so that you can start a blog instead, and start blogging like a real man.

I hope you have done this so that you have more energy to blog. Dream of, do the the manliest thing Mr. Dream could think of, and call them names. This is the shittiest, most nonsensical blog i have ever stumbled across. Every response in blue is hardly readable. Does anyone know if you can block websites, making them inaccessible from my computer? All Anthony is saying, in his over the top incendiary way, is that the barbell squat is a potentially injurious movement, with very grave potential consequences if an injury should occur.

That is a rather obvious point looking at the exercise, and, in and of itself, should not be controversial. The folks taking issue with his post s are mostly end-running around this point. Not many folks are injured skydiving, but ……. Say your goal is to get big, there are other, far less potentially injurious, ways to train the muscles of your upper legs and hips.

The degree of actual inferiority of these exercises to the squat in achieving this goal is based on little more that anecdotal claims and statements of tradition. Anthony is saying that this is not a firm enough foundation for him to stand on with a barbell across his shoulders. And though he is making damn sure to insult everyone who believes the squat to be worth any risk, I think is main point remains basically unchallenged.

Volleyed accusations of meathead-ness and pussy-tude aside, is there really any point to argue here? Unfortunately he makes his arguments while giving absolutely zero evidence, which means we or at least myself and a few others reading this have absolutely no reason at all to believe anything he says.

No, of course not. The best you get is some guy giving a seminar who I also have absolutely no reason at all to believe. He also mixes in insulting personal remarks against people who do squat, and of course he does so without any actual evidence of any kind. Studies collate evidence in order to form an independant conclusion.

Blowing out knees and interlocking vertebrae are biased anecdotes. And you are being a prize moron in your responses here. If you want real proof, you need peer-reviewed scientific studies. Anything less is anecdotal and insufficient. You come off as a haughty windbag, and your standards of proof are lacking. Studies are not evidence. With coaching, used as a strength -building- exercise, there are virtually no injuries occurring.

The great majority of injuries occurr among those who train heavy singles, another matter entirely; not recommended for -any- exercise. Ok, but why incur -any- risk at all, no matter how minimal?: Well, the barbell squat is -still- the single most efficient exercise.

Arthur Jones himself made greater gains with squats than he was ever able to recreate with his Nautilus machines. Because similarly to squatting there is a risk of injury whilst driving. This risk can infact be quite severe especially amongst those who are not very practised. So in summary activities with a high risk of injury such as running, squatting, driving are too dangerous to do?

This is the gist of what I have understood reading your posts. Now before you say there are alternatives well yes there are alternatives to running and driving to. I can see your train of thought but I myself would rather live life than try and never expose myself to anything remotely dangerous.

Also is this a huge troll to get publicity to your blog? Is it perhaps to get back at people who you are jealous of? Do you not train legs? Please answer it will help me form my opinion of you before I judge to quickly and try not to respond with insulting, unintelligent or immature responses like your previous posts.

Do you read anything I write? Exercise is, very strictly. Injury from exercise is not just an unfortunate accident like in driving , it negates the fundamental and primary purpose. Running is very stupid and counter productive. I train my legs. There are recent videos of me doing so on the blog.

There are many people who weight train either professionally, as a hobby, so they can get better and see their improvements or just because they like it. In a way it could be related to an activity such as riding a motorcycle. True, people can perform exercise to show off or some other nonsense, but if this is a primary purpose of the activity for a person, they are misusing the invention.

Exercise is not just used for improving your health. It is used for improving your physique, to improve your ability to do everyday tasks such as picking stuff up. It is also used to improve athletic performance in sporting endeavours. You say running is stupid exercise but practising running is an evolutionary imperative.

With regard to squating, there are a multitude of studies done by far better qualified strength and conditioning experts than you which unequivocally state that for overall body strength there is no better exercise than the barbell squat. If you do care about gaining strength then the squat is one of the most essential parts of any successful routine.

Of course there is risk. There is risk of crossing the road but you still have to get to the other side. Personally I would prefer to cross the road rather than dig a tunnel underneath it. Ya, you completely missed my point. These experts endlessly circle jerk themselves into an ongoing squat bukaki surprise of broscience. Your risk stuff is old and primitive too. Ya, even breathing carries risk of injury.

You need good form, all the time, because the exercise is fucking dangerous. If form can break down it will break down. Never mind said form needs to be maintained at a high level through a fatiguing protocol. So you need to maintain a skill as you exhaust yourself — two opposing forces.

There are not just alternatives to the barbell back squat — the barbell back squat is inappropriate and ridiculous on its own, independent of whether or not any other compound leg exercise exists in all the universe.

Actually I agree with you Anthony.. Your body performs best when pressure of gravity is more even like a hydraulic pressure being more open than extremely closed..

It is best to avoid where the pressure is real great in certain areas that are essential to the anatomy. A straight bar across the top of your spine is real small in circumference and putting an extreme pressure that is more closed instead of a more even pressure and against a spine not designed for pressure on top and at the back end.. In , me and a fellow who threw the shot put, designed a device of 3 telephone poles looking like a V shape with 1 big pole on the bottom, the other 2 forming a V on top held by those nylon ties of freight on trucks in 3 places..

One end on a old wagon, the other at the bottom of a hill that flattened out on his Uncles farm.. It had a drilled hole in the bottom of the main pole on that end and we put a still rod thru it into the ground.. So it wouldnt move forward — on the wagon end.. He and I never squatted again and our back and knees feel great..

Because the weight is evenly distributed across the back as we straightened our legs and push with both hands above the knees.. We would put a beer keg and other objects inside the groove the V shape telephone poles.. The back squat is like a closed hydraulic pressure to your body..

You train your legs? Shut your pie-hole dipshit and write again when leg circumference gets larger than your biceps. The only muscles to which the creator assigned me above normal genetics are my thighs and ass. I have to wear carpenter pants or baggy chino cuts without any lifting at all. I leg press once a week — not to failure- and ballet plie once a week — not to failure, to keep my legs in shape. If I raise intensity, my thighs puff up virtually overnight.

I really wish I had this curse with my delts, bis or calfs. Tried to learn it when I was in high school, and attempted it several more times over the years, but it always ends up a lower back exercise for me. I have long legs and get a very high degree of forward lean. Dumbbell squats and goblet squats work fine though.

To varying degrees, low back is the weak link for virtually all squatters, thus pre-exhausting the quads is common in bodybuilding. A lean, more correctly, a sit-back , keeps knees from extending out past feet, which is hard to avoid with, the not-recommended , front-squats.

Deadlifts I think are a bit less ridiculous than a barbell back squat. The best part is there REALLY are imbeciles out there that probably do believe there are valid reasons not to squat presumably males that have been castrated. I welcome them, even if I point some of them out. No comments of this sort will be deleted. Properly performed with an appropriate amount of resistance and with the proper equipment the squat is a highly productive exercise and is reasonably safe for most people.

Like most things, it depends a lot on the individual. I think the real problem is most people squat like complete idiots. When training in gyms I rarely saw anyone squat correctly, including the so-called personal trainers.

However, since the same general strength, performance, and health benefits can be achieved just as effectively and more safely with other exercises it makes sense to do those instead when the option is available. When I was in high school, I remember one guy at my local gym who impressed me with his squat. He was the owner of a tae kwondo studio in the same strip mall. Hoping to sell your domain name to some SEO firm?

Brb, safely squatting weights that would snap your tissue-paper spine, like I do five days a week…. Half a million trigger pulls? Because that could indeed cause an injury or two…. The arbitrary number cited does not pertain to an individual. It was posted to indicate the sum of all barbell squats performed in the US although I am not claiming the number is accurate, it is probably much higher.

Inevitably someone walks up to the revolver and blows their brains out. This is true because the movement is permanently and fundamentally flawed, in and of itself, independent of the user, form, performance, etc. Exercise must improve your health, not lead you directly into an injury of an unknown and unpredictable degree. Max singles, high volume, overtraining, explosive reps, cheat-technique: All less than desirable training practices, no matter what exercise is used.

I am a 55yo cancer survivor. Started squatting a year before the surgery and after surgery I had to take 6 months off to recover the abdomen from the 5 holes in my midsection. My max was Stocky might be a nice way of describing me I like beer.. I have had chronic back pain for 30 years due to the stupid stuff I did growing up and working in a warehouse for years. I now squat 2 to 3 times weekly and I am up to max but my working sets at My back feels great. Bent over real fast to pick up the paper I dropped and my back is whack!

At the end of a squat session, my back is loose and painless. I am still learning the squats as I have had no training other than countless hours on line looking for info. I am a huge fan of Dave draper and subscribe to his blog.

I have no desire to or will to become a body builder but lifting heavy heavy for me clears me of my daily frustrations and gives me confidence.

I wanna know why you decided russian roulette instead of comparing it to medieval torture devices?????? Just go to the single leg press. This nincompoop tried to pull this nonsense a few months back as nothing more than a ploy to get hits on his blog and youtube account. Move along folks… nothing to see here… move along. Even if you have perfect form, the free standing barbell squat is not the best exercise to work out the muscles of your legs.

The hip belt squat is probably the best alternative. True indeed, -not- -the- best exercise for your -legs-, at least not without a pre-exhaust of the quads. As far as the tone of the debate, Anthony set it on course, others merely followed.

Only one point out of the entire 10 in any way deals with the concept of squats not being the most efficient exercise for leg muscular development. The other 9 specifically deal with the danger and inadvisability of the the barbell back squat. They object I think to what I would call largely subjective and baseless claims by Anthony about the danger and inadvisability of the the barbell back squat, based on poor quality evidence. Everyone knows you never go full-retard.

Spamming my e-mail with this bullshit? You sir are a troll with no knowledge of exercise science whatsoever. Do they do them because of all of the simultaneous muscle involvement? Hey Anthony, why are you so fixated over the whole issue with the barbell squat? I think the topic is worth re-visiting from time to time, because it is a particularly dangerous and counter-productive exercise, if it can even be called an exercise.

I write for me, and this was a fun post. What a spin out! I get it though. You can squat less and I wil just look better on stage, run faster, and be stronger because I do. To not push my body to the extremes is to take this incredible gift from God for granted. If you want to live in bubble wrap, go for it. Just wanted to let you know that I did a full round of barbell squats this morning, and only now do I wish I had listened to your advice in your original post bc I did, in fact, die as a result of my squats.

My spine exploded under the pressure and the EMTs found my heart in my underwear. No one gets alienated; more potential clients who will perhaps soon be convinced to try your methods. Why someone in your position would want to piss off s of potential customers is beyond my understanding.

Mark, I cannot put into words how happy I am to have pissed off so many people. I am not saying this with sarcasm or anything of the sort. This has been great on a personal level, and it inevitably even if unintentionally benefits the business as well.

Please, everyone, continue the outrage. I promise to do my best to continue upsetting as many people as possible, to the highest degree possible. Im not sure I see how it benefits you or your business Anthony. Im a subscriber to 21C, have read your book, and watched several videos from your conventions.

I then read the two squat posts and basically see you insulting your readers, making claims and opinions but refuse to back those up with any evidence whatsoever while simply ignoring all the posts providing evidence, research, and studies. To my mind it displays a certain level of immaturity, lack of respect to your readership, and quite frankly a total lack of integrity, which is disappointing.

And yes, I squat. I squat based on my examination of the available scientific literature and accept the consequences should anything happen. Its my choice and ive no interest in arguing for or against it. You sound like a typical confused barbell squatter. Equating squats with barbell squats is really misleading and primitive.

It drags the entire exercise down as a whole. At the next stop, there was a grown woman and a little boy. The bus driver said, "Hi, I'm the new bus driver. The woman piped up and said, "His name is Ross and he is my son. The bus driver replied, "No problem.

He can have this seat right behind me and I can watch him carefully in the mirror. At the next stop, there was this little country boy standing there. The little boy was wearing tattered overalls and had no shoes or socks on his feet. The poor little boy had problems walking because of bunions all over his feet. The little boy replied, "My name is Lester Cleese.

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