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Flowers are borne in small heads on relatively long peduncles. The heads bear about four or five broad white ray florets , surrounding many tubular yellow disc florets. The infructescences form stellate spherical burrs about one to two centimeters in diameter. The barbed awns catch onto fur or clothing, and can injure flesh. It is an effective means of seed dispersal by zoochory, as the seeds are transported by animals. This mechanism has helped the plant become a noxious weed in temperate and tropical regions.

This plant has many common names in different regions and languages, including: In traditional Chinese medicine , this plant is considered a medicinal herb , called xian feng cao Chinese: In traditional Bafumbira medicine , this plant is applied on a fresh wound and is known to be a medicinal herb , called inyabalasanya.

Almost two hundred compounds have been isolated from B. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bidens pilosa Scientific classification Kingdom: Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. Archived from the original xls on Archived from the original on Edible Wild Plants of Vietnam:

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