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The other members of the team were far too difficult to kill, so with a heavy Spark , Alpha Bravo felt he had no choice but to murder Offroad. Assortment - Micromaster Transports. Here's a good site with full specs and some technical info link and overall reviews at Harmony Central where it scored all 9's or better link. Personally, I love these amps and it is one of the definitive studio amps, that's easily adaptable to any stage setting. Primes and Matrix holders Female Transformers.

Combiner Wars

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Landfill Targetmaster with Silencer and Flintlock. Quickmix Targetmaster with Ricochet and Boomer. Scoop Targetmaster with Tracer and Holepunch. Assortment - Small Targetmaster Decepticons. Needlenose Targetmaster with Zigzag and Sunbeam. Quake Targetmaster with Tiptop and Heater. Spinister Targetmaster with Singe and Hairsplitter. Assortment - Small Headmaster Autobots. Hosehead Headmaster with Lug. Nightbeat Headmaster with Muzzle. Siren Headmaster with Quig. Assortment - Small Headmaster Decepticons.

Fangry Headmaster with Brisko. Horri-bull Headmaster with Kreb. Squeezeplay Headmaster with Lokos. Assortment - Special Team Leaders Assortment 3. Snaptrap Seacon - Piranacon limb. Assortment - Powermaster Autobots. Getaway Powermaster with Rev. Joyride Powermaster with Hotwire. Slapdash Powermaster with Lube. Assortment - Powermaster Decepticons. Darkwing Powermaster with Throttle. Dreadwind Powermaster with Hi-Test.

Assortment - Large Pretenders Assortment 1. Assortment - Large Pretenders Assortment 2. Assortment - Pretender Beasts. Assortment - Pretender Vehicles. Assortment - Pretender Monsters.

Birdbrain Pretender Monster Monstructor abdomen. Bristleback Pretender Monster Monstructor arm. Icepick Pretender Monster Monstructor leg. Scowl Pretender Monster Monstructor leg. Slog Pretender Monster Monstructor upper torso. Wildfly Pretender Monster Monstructor arm.

Assortment - Micromaster Patrols Assortment 1. Assortment - Micromaster Patrols Assortment 2. Assortment - Micromaster Transports. Assortment - Micromaster Battle Stations.

Assortment - Small Pretenders. Assortment - Pretender Classics. Assortment - Mega Pretenders. Assortment - Micromaster Bases. Assortment - Ultra Pretenders. Assortment - Micromaster Patrols Assortment 3. Assortment - Micromaster Patrols Assortment 4. Assortment [b] - Action Masters Assortment 1. Jazz Action Master - with Turbo Board. Rad Action Master with Lionizer. Rollout Action Master with Glitch. Soundwave Action Master - with Wingthing.

Treadshot Action Master - with Catgut. Assortment [b] - Action Masters Assortment 2. Blaster Action Master with Flight Pack. Bumblebee Action Master with Heli-Pack. Devastator Action Master - with Scorpulator. Jackpot Action Master - with Sights. Krok Action Master - with Gatoraider. Mainframe Action Master - with Push-Button. Assortment [b] - Action Masters Assortment 3.

Inferno Action Master with Hydro-Pack. Shockwave Action Master - with Fistfight. Skyfall Action Master with Top-Heavy. Snarl Action Master with Tyrannitron. Assortment - Micromaster Combiner Squads. Assortment - Micromaster Combiner Transports. Assortment [c] - Action Master Blasters. Prowl Action Master with Turbo Cycle.

Assortment [b] - Action Master Action Vehicles. Sprocket Action Master with Attack Cruiser. Wheeljack Action Master with Turbo Racer. Assortment [b] - Action Master Attack Vehicles. Gutcruncher Action Master with Stratotronic Jet. Bombshell Action Master with Needler. Charger Decepticon with Fire Beast. Much like the preceding Universe toy line, Generations covers different eras of Transformers; here, the toys are based upon characters from Generation 1 and the video game Transformers: The figures consist of new molds as well as redecos of ones originally used in the Classics and Universe lines.

These Deluxe Class figures stand at about 5. The first wave of figures was released in July At the Cybertron Con in Shanghai , China , photos of upcoming figures set for release in Spring were unveiled. The Generations line will continue from to , which will include figures based on characters from the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game.

In addition, newer figures are released exclusively for the Asian market. Titans Return is a part of the Generations toy line that involves transforming action figures that are either Headmasters or Titanmasters Headmasters that form the heads of titans or just regular Metrotitans. The Headmasters are usually about inches tall, while the Titanmasters are about inches tall, same with the regular Titans. Voyager Class figures have spring loaded "horns" to make the head seem bigger, while Leader Class figures have helmets for the Titan Master to sit in.

Some Legends Class figures feature compartments to allow Titan Masters to sit in them when in their alternate modes, while other are Triple-Changing "Spy Tablets" that fit inside the chest compartments of Leader Class Blaster and Leader Class Soundwave.

The Leader class featured characters which came with a relatively Deluxe-sized figure which could combine with another portion to create a larger figure, as well as an accompanying Matrix accessory.

Reveal the Shield is a expansion of the Generations line that also includes figures from or inspired by the live-action film series. The sub-line gets its name from the heat-activated silver sticker on each figure that reveals an Autobot or Decepticon insignia when rubbed. Over half of the Scout Class figures were canceled before production. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.

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