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August 21, at 1: This theme also comes with a multilingual ready official WPML certification that adds star to its performance. Get your poker face in place and steal some of our tips for your own in-house poker tournament. This makes it very easy to build a Unique Poker or Casino Affiliate website. We needed a fast, SEO optimized, mobile first website to be able to compete within the very competitive online casino vertical.

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Poker Dictionary The poker dictionary is your reference for poker jargon and the language of poker. This theme is slightly dated, but still works for a very functional, professional-looking site. Unlike the themes above it, this one puts your content on the left side of the page. In North America we naturally view a webpage from the left to the right. If you want your content to come first rather than links and ads , then this sort of theme is a good choice for you.

The joker theme is easily one of the best poker-themed options you can go with. It boasts a normal floating-page design, horizontal main nav, standard blogroll layout and a links column on the right. From the same people that brought us the Joker theme offers this one. The main blogroll is clean and professional, with many resemblances to the joker. The theme gives you a slightly larger right hand column with link headers, spots for widgets and a nifty rss feed top logo.

This theme has a bunch of little touches, such as the angular main nav edges, which give it a truly professional feel. Themes Junction have a whole series of poker themes available. This one is one my favorites. Or there are guys who like butterflies… and the color green.

This one looks really slick, and is just as professional looking as the one above, but with one little issue. The right banner pic fades out into the sidebars, which I kind of like. But on this one the right side loses all contrast with the background, making it look as though the banner is too wide. I like things to be crisp, clean and hyper simple.

This theme fits the bill nicely. Really, all the banner needs is a new font to make it work for you. I included this one on the list for people who like a hyper simple theme. This one is simple without being boring. This theme is perfect for anyone who likes their blog to be very text focused.

The main content box is huge, without any post distinction, other than headers. If you like to write, this could be a great theme for you. You might recognize the picture of this theme from when you saw it at the top of the page. Or you might recognize it because it's a direct ripoff of Full Tilt's homepage. To be honest, I actually like the design of this theme more than the Full Tilt home page. Unfortunately, you need to pay to use such a quality piece of blatant creative theft.

They have a red spade and club bookending the logo. Then we have our main nav below our logo, above a second banner. This second banner is something to behold. We have a casino table game, a guy who looks like an evil Kevin Spacey playing five card draw, and rolled up kings all face up. Then we have a bunch of nice stars and mysterious bubbles. I'm very glad to see your article. Thanks a lot and I am looking ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

Hi Sean, Thanks for the nice themes. Or thanks for putting them on one site, so i can download and implement them on my site. It seems like the links you have are daed. I just put 6 on my blog, and in large part because it's girly! And, I thought your review of the last theme was freakin' hilarious: LOL gdm you're a dick! Sean's strategy articles are the shit! To all the haters, Sean is right, this site is free. You guys don't have to be here.

Nobody's perfect, and to say article, paid or free is perfect is wrong, especially for a topic like poker. Many times there are many different views and opinions on poker, even typos, or "misinformation" can be interpreted as a new outlook on a poker topic. Sean and the other writers on this site do a good job and doesn't deserve this heat.

I'd like someone else to challenge this sites articles on a weekly basis. Also, on numerous occasions, Sean has made articles show casing his flaws as a player and mistakes he has done, he does well in relaying the messages to people willing to listen. Let the haters hate. Firstly, I'm assuming that the majority of you guys are web designers, meaning you're already against anything "free", since it makes it more difficult to justify why someone would pay you.

Then again, I could be wrong, you could all be successful happy people non-affiliated with the web-dev world who just happened to feel like insulting someone To answer some of your critiques: This is a poker site. Although there are many more free themes which are, by far, better than the examples above, they have nothing to do with poker. If you find better free themes, with a poker As for mistakes, well yeah I make mistakes. Typo's, brain farts, misinformation

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