The Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant

Have a strong support system. Home and vehicles are the places where children are most exposed to cigarette smoke, and a major location of smoke exposure for adults too. I was there with my son as an infant and didn't really have any trouble avoiding people smoking. Both allow smoking, but they have non-smoking sections available. But the good parts are so so very good that it is worth it!

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Third-Hand Smoke and Pregnancy

I wouldn't worry about it I know second hand smoke is very harmful if you are around it a lot, but a short stint should be fine I love Vegas too, and I absolutely hate gambling. The shopping, dining, and spas are awesome, and Vegas is a cheap quick getaway. Unless your family plans on spending every waking hour in a smoke-filled room, surely there are other ways that you, as a family, can celebrate this occasion without putting you or your unborn child at risk. If it were me, I'd definitely go but I would avoid spending much time in areas that were smoky.

Surely the family would understand. Not that it wouldn't be BETTER no to do it, but I honestly don't think one or two nights in a smoke filled room is going to make you go into premature labor or cause a low birth weight.

I would have to ask a medical professional to be safe though. Let us know what happens. I was there at about 5months pregnant. Not big into the casino scene, but I did check it out. I just was not enjoying it while pg due to smoke, and staying out late, and watching all the drinks go by that I could not enjoy. But my husband was loving it. So I let him do his thing and I turned in early. I also shopped, spent time by pool, and we had some good meals too.

We were only there for a few days. So I say, go and do what you can, but recognize you might not be up for hootin' and howlin' like you used to!!

I'm sure your family would love that you made the effort to participate in as much of the celebration as you can. I was 6 months pregnant while in Vegas for my sister's bachelorette party. I did not find it a problem at all. There are lots of smoke free tables in all of the casinos. If a place smells like smoke, even if no one is currently smoking, it is a safe bet there is tobacco residue there. Toxins can enter your bloodstream when you either touch something containing the residue or breathe in some of the residues.

When the toxins make their way into your blood, they are then shared with your baby. One study performed at the Los Angeles Research Institute determined that third-hand smoke residue has a detrimental effect on prenatal lung development. This can cause respiratory problems later in life. If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have recently had a child, it is best to minimize the amount of third-hand smoke in your home.

You should stop smoking entirely if you are trying to conceive. Make sure your partner smokes outdoors and does not enter the house wearing the outer clothing they have smoked in.

For example, encourage your partner to wear a coat or sweatshirt when smoking and remove it before coming indoors. In addition, after being exposed to cigarettes, it is important you and your partner washes your hands before touching your baby. Babies in contact with second-hand smoke are more likely to develop SIDS.

In addition, children exposed to second-hand smoke experience negative effects on their immune system. They are more likely to have ear infections, colds, respiratory ailments, and teeth problems. Third-hand smoke is likely to be as harmful as second-hand smoke to your infant, so it is important to keep your child away from areas that contain third-hand smoke residue. Second-Hand Smoke and Pregnancy Second-hand smoke is characterized as the product released into the environment whenever someone who is smoking exhales.

Third-Hand Smoke and Pregnancy Pregnant women can be exposed to this type of smoke without even realizing it. June 1, at The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke.

Facts About Smoking During Pregnancy