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Sort Order Ascending Descending. Entertainment on 2 stages set up in the mall on various weekends and holidays also add to the excitement of Downtown Las Vegas. And a letter he wrote to Ford Motor Company offering his praises as a fine get-away car is also displayed. A small gift shop offered some keepsakes of this remarkable adventure. Tropicana Wildlife Walk - No, we don't mean the patrons.

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Did I really get a physical or did I get cheated? Archive of Health and Wellness Forum, Page: Social Groups Blogs City-data. Update of Legal Fluoride Lawsuit Carbs and Dental Cavities Today For a small fee visitors can become Mardi Gras riders in the sky and view the entire spectacular of the floor below. Also their use is discouraged during especially dry, high fire-hazard periods.

Mountain Springs Saloon - Tucked away in the hills west of the neon glow is the tiny town of Mountain Springs. The action in this town can be found at the Mountain Springs Saloon. A rustic bar with good food limited menu , outside dining area and many summertime parties. A perfect getaway from the hot city, Mountain Springs Saloon comes alive at night with great bands appearing Friday and Saturday nights and also on Sunday afternoon beginning at 3pm.

The party doesn't end till the last person leaves the bar. You'll find a few slots in the corner and on the bar. But the real charm of this saloon is the atmosphere and the paper money and beer can collection which is signed and hung in every nook and cranny of the place.

A good place to rest those tired biker legs too. National Vitamin Company Factory Tour - Ever wonder how those healthy vitamins, minerals and herbal products are made? Here's your chance to find out. This company offers free factory tours of their manufacturing plant. Enjoy a delicious, healthy smoothie at the juice bar before you leave.

This is as fresh as vitamins get Free samples with every tour. See the desert where mushroom clouds appeared on a regular basis during the 's. This tour is a one-of-a-kind and if you are a history buff it should be a must-see on your list.

The monthly tours leave Las Vegas at 7: Due to strict security measures, you must make reservations at least 3 weeks in advance for US citizens and at least 6 weeks in advance for non-US citizens. Be ready to show your photo ID with your social security number on the ID.

Cameras, binoculars, firearms and any recording equipment is prohibited on the test site. For reservations or more info call: Not as well known as the more famous California White Mountains, a number of trees in this area have been determined to be even older than those year old old-timers. Bring your hiking shoes as it is quite a hike from the roadway. Authorities will not reveal the precise location of the specific oldest tree with this distinction in order to protect it, so don't expect a posted sign, however MANY of the trees in the vacinity are nearly as old.

To get to the trail head: Then it's another 19 miles to the Kyle Canyon Ranger Station where you can get more info. From the ranger station, backtrack two miles to Highway , turn left and continue four and a half miles to a small parking lot on the left with the North Loop Trail sign. Pahrump Valley Vineyards - Located in the most unlikely desert location, Nevada's only winery regularly produces award-winning 24 awards to date Chardonnay, Cabernet, Burgundy, Sherry and now a new Merlot.

Winery tours and tastings take about an hour and are completely free. Home of the annual Grape Stomp each fall where you can join in the stompin' fun and maybe win a medal or trophy. With over , fully functional, newer and vintage, mechanical as well as electronic mahines, stuffed into 10, square feet of well-lit space, you can't avoid finding at least one that takes you back to your younger days, or to learn the attraction your parents had for these pre-video-game devices. The non-profit museum is the local Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club's attempt to house and display the world's largest pinball collection, open to the public.

There are pinball machines ranging from the s up to the s and every one is available for play for the original cents. There are also a few classic video games, ski-ball and other arcade specialties thrown in for your less-enthusiastic friends to pass the time while you're entranced. Free admittance, a pittance to play and fun for all ages. Located about 15 blocks East of the Strip at E.

Tropicana, 11ampm, Sunday thru Thursday. Planet Hollywood Restaurant - S. Many famous sets, costumes and props from old and recent TV and movies including Emma Peale's boots, James Bond's trick car devices, Theda Barra's headdress and newer movies like Terminator and Independence Day! Also previews of upcoming movies and shows and a unique bar featuring monster memorabilia to lounge in.

The gift shop offers T-shirts, shot glasses and more to remember your trip. Free to view collection. T and Rocky and Bullwinkle. A free half hour self guided tour with clown escort takes you from design to casting to finishing process. There is also a cafe with a luncheon style menu on-site in case you get hungry. Sunset Stampede at Sam's Town - The park like setting is quiet with little critters in the trees and around the babbling brook which runs through Sam's Town artrium, but every day this lovely setting comes alive.

The wolf atop the cliff begins the show with eerie long howls and then the water show shoots high. But after 6pm each evening, this volcano blows its top in a show-stopping eruption. Over 54 feet tall, the lava flows freely down the sides of the volcano into pools of water and fire, surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls and tropical floral life. It continues to erupt every 15 minutes until 12am. The show included canon fire flares, treasure chests flung open, powder stores lost and a ship sunk with all hands on board when the Buccaneers faced the British Navy in an action-filled performance every night.

Just for those interested This show has been cancelled and replaced with a sexy sirens pirate show later in The Treasure Island name has also changed to TI.

Cranberry World West As of April , the factory and gift shop are closed to the public. There are currently no plans of re-opening in the near future. Formerly at the factory tour you could watch how berries are sorted by bouncing believe it or not , crushed and blended into dozens of rather tasty products. There was also a fantastic gift shop for those hard-to-find cranberry items, as well as a free juice bar and cranberry desserts at the end of the tour.

Las Vegas - Now Closed. A Steven Spielberg brain child. Everything from the entrance in the underground parking lot to the top floor was kept in submarine context. When the alarms sound to DIVE, the windows appeared to actually submerge under the sea.

Scenes of Atlantis and beautiful aquatic life swam past the huge front screen. A sky trolley with strange looking submarines traversed the entire restaurant. Oh, and guess which sandwich on the menu Mr. Spielberg invented; claims are he couldn't get one like this anywhere else so he had to open his own restaurant to get one.

Unfortunately he'll have to make it himself now. Famous Brands International formerly: Marshmallow Factory - The world famous Kidd Marshmallow factory flattened by the Pepcon Rocket Fuel Factory explosion about 10 years ago and rebuilt from scratch - don't worry the rocket fuel factory has since relocated is also located just outside of the Las Vegas city limits.

Unfortunately due to expansion of the facility they no longer offer factory tours. This listing is included on our site because many visitors still inquire about this tour although it is no longer available. A glass enclosed habitat allowed visitors to walk around, above, below and through the center of a grand lion pride. Be sure to bring your camera for a personal picture of lions like you've never before seen them.

Adult lions were on display and ready for photo taking from 11ampm, the baby lion cubs had an earlier bedtime and could be seen and photographed 11am-5pm. A small gift shop offered some keepsakes of this remarkable adventure. Rumor has it that his sister removed it from the casino. You used to be able to get your picture taken next to Binion's Million!

For many of us it was the closest we'll ever get to that much cash in Las Vegas. Grab a table on the top floor to overlook the fans wandering below. This place also offer great food and libations for those thirsty souls after the last lap.

They often had wrestling celebrity appearances and free autograph and picture sessions in addition to their daily fare of fun, food and constantly piped in video highlights from the matches on video monitors. The arena style restaurant combines three of Americans' favorite pastimes: Sports, Television and Eating! Tons of sports memorabilia cover the walls which boast over a hundred TV monitors.

Sit back and watch current sports as well as famous replays from the past. There is even even an in-house blimp cruising the ceiling displaying the latest scores. Renegade pirates are lured inside Siren's Cove by the siren songs. The singing stirs up a tempest strong enough to sink a ship and turning the entire cove into a 21st century party complete with pyrotechnics and music. The Sirens take to the ship nightly at 5: Former plans to relocate it to Neonopolis appear to have collapsed.

A must do for all sci-fi buffs and Trekkers. This total minute Star Trek experence will blow you away. Starting from the huge display of memorabilia from Star Trek episodes and movies past, working along a space exploration timeline, beaming onto the bridge of the Enterprise, you suddenly find yourself engulfed in a Klingon space battle.

For the survivors, you can grab a bite to eat at Quark's Bar along the Deep Space Nine promenade before you head back to the real life of Las Vegas. Adventurous travellers should make sure and order one of Quark's foaming alien drink concoctions, too.

Also check out our large detailed section of photos and experiences from the Las Vegas Star Trek Experience grand opening. Admission to memorabilia collection: Tropicana Wildlife Walk - No, we don't mean the patrons. This is truly a small wildlife habitat in the middle of the Tropicana Hotel.