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On Soc Sec, a very limited budget, I was wondering if their are coupons, since the crckers with peanut butter are my mainstay, I go through 3 to 4 boxes a month. Paris, Capitale du Vice , Dir. Players and experts from across the poker industry join Remko Rinkema for 'Real Talk. Serbia national football team. Any way you would consider bringing back the bacon crackers? Why I am on here today.


Anyway, I am just spitballing and Josiah has a lot to consider before jumping in. I am certainly no expert but I have an aging mother in law myself. I offered to pay off her house so she would not have to worry about payments for the rest of her life. I too got the suspicion and was yelled at that I was taking advantage of the old lady from the mother in law and my wife siblings.

I quickly and gladly withdrew my offer. Now when the siblings start discussing moms financial situation and how bad it is and who needs to help, I just stay clear of the discussion or any emotional involvement. Their yelling at me saved me a bunch of money and getting involved in family issues. Guess I was little luckier than Jim in that little slice of life. Josiah, I certainly hope you keep Jim posted on what you decide to do.

I wish you and your parents the best. You to are a good, kind son for trying to help. This family had been like family to me. In they fell on hard times.

They had always made so much money, so they lived it up. When the source dried up, they just went broke and everything fell apart. Since then, their times got worse, they divorced, and hubby preferred to cut off all ties with people he owed money. Wife still tries once in a while. The very expensive lesson was learned that if they need help, I have a guest room. I can go and buy groceries. Buying a house for your parents is nice, but expect to pay the entire mortgage on your own.

Consider the house a gift if anything. Or just tell them to pay you, and fully expect them to not be able to afford to pay you and just stop payments.

He thought he was doing her a favor by paying off their house she got in the divorce settlement. She proceeded to take out mortgage after mortgage on the property he worked so hard to pay off for her so she would be safe, and she finally lost it in foreclosure after pissing all the money away on crap.

I appreciate you sharing your story. Great job on the blog! Not quite the same, but my brother finds himself in a marginally similar situation a s a result of his wanting to be a good son. Anyway, so the end result is my mom will be homeless when stepdad passes. Stepdad is not exactly a healthy man he takes gobs of pills for various self-induced ailments like hypertension, diabetes, and others. He really regrets getting into the whole deal with them. The moral of course is always be very, very careful when getting financially involved with family.

What an excellent case study. This is how to take care of your parents in a wise way. What I like in particular about your postings are the details with which you recall your own life events; they are truely like guiding lights that I am collecting piece by piece. Looking forward to your book- when is it coming???!!!??? Aged 25, I needed to buy a car.

My parents knew an elderly lady who was going into a care home and needed to sell her fifteen year old car. Two years later, I wanted to sell the car. For various reasons, we had to sell it two years later. For four years he never paid us a penny. My wife got madder, and madder. Do not buy your parents Ramsey book or give advice unless they ask you for help.

Do not buy them a house either. Instead, think about how much you can afford to give them as an unconditional gift for what they did for you, give, and never ever ask what they did with the money. Other than unconditional gift, money should never enter your relationship with your family — in most cases it will produce exactly opposite result from the one you were hoping for. Excellent post, thanks for this insightful window into your life Jim.

Perhaps you can save a few families from the heartache with this post. However, house is in his name, he is insisting on rent when they eventually get jobs, and buying is better than renting at the moment in his area. My sisters and I are no longer in touch, but this has to do with many more issues than the condo.

Although it was the reason that one sister chose not to attend our wedding. Last I heard they were also not in touch with each other. I have no idea if either sister reads this blog or even if they know it exists.

As for the book, progress! The rough manuscript is with my editor and he has already returned his pass at Part I. Still, there will be lots more editing and production left.

But it is beginning to look like it will actually happen. The central problem is, just like tthe general American population, talent in the family with money management is unevenly distributed because most people only value spending and consuming. I could go on with the often ugly wealthy family dynamics I see but my point is thhat there are people who are talented with money and somehow have well-developed qualities of self-restraint, delayed gratification and long term investment mindset, like many of the people who read this blog, and there are people who simply do not.

The former seem much more rare than the latter. I guess my insights from 20 plus years of this work include the view that there are many, if not most, people for whom giving them money really does them no favors. I should say, I also work with very wealthy families who seem to have good money values and disply social responsibility leadership throughout and are very generous, in part, because they can afford to be.

Like you found with your condo, sometimes having a bit of extra coin to help someone who is less able to handle it whether a house or a trust fund does not work out as intended. I found myself critiquing every purchase, every meal, etc. Josiah is on a whole other level. Josiah has no information that his parents want or need help right now, right? As for me, I try stay away from money and business from people I actually like as it seems it can end badly more often than not.

We also pay for cleaners to come in once a month, because she is an awful housekeeper. One of them wanders the pool area over the summer yelling at people who leave the outdoor shower running too long. She has occasionally said things that make me think she believes this arrangement is somehow to our financial advantage. Next time she suggest the condo is to your financial advantage, suggest she move somewhere else if she can find a better deal.

My mom and dad taught me not to put up with passive-aggressive excrement or any other kind! I posted on the MMM forum and someone awesome replied with this link. We are all going in on it and she will live with us until she passes. My concern is that I still am years away from FI and we will have monthly payments for the house. Also, since the house will be in a different country I will still have rent to pay here in the US.

I have successfully survived doing this twice now and come out ahead both times, but I think the difference is that the places I bought were in a good location and likely to appreciate in value and I did some homework to assess the worst case scenarios and whether I could accept the risk.

When I found out how much he was paying in rent I flipped! Next year we plan to sell it for at least 2. I will invest in REITs instead and give up the responsibilities of landlord! The second one also leveraging my home equity , I bought for my mother who is a pensioner. The rent she paid was what she was paying before and it put me in a slightly negative cashflow, but the value of the condo was increasing. What did make me nervous was an engineering report a few years later that indicated there would be some big repairs coming up.

By then she was interested in moving to a retirement home nearby that better suited her new needs and I helped her do that — she remains very happy with that move, too. Despite the -ve cashflow I came out ahead. I should mention that both of these places were financed on a secured home equity line of credit and all these years I paid interest only, which is tax deductible against rental income in Canada.

By doing it this way it felt like I got the places for free as taken together the two increased my cashflow and both sold well above cost. The last one was an electrician because there were no grounded outlets on the main floor. I consider myself happily and comfortably FI mainly because I live outside the US where my dollars go further, and live pretty simply.

However, my income is pretty low at this point, by choice, although I do look forward to increasing that in the next few years and dropping my withdrawal rate. I have helped my mom in various ways over the years… most recently paying for a professional course and a new laptop. But I realized that if I bought the house she was looking at, the purchase price was just the beginning of a deep dark hole.

The property taxes alone would have been a third of my current yearly withdrawal amount. Or even renting out the extra bedroom.

Basically she had no plan, no income, and no intention of contributing in any way. When I offered to help her with rent for a couple of years, and to help with appointments with both my financial advisor and a therapist, she flipped again. So, no burden of a house right now, but also no relationship with my mom. I honestly believe this moment was coming anyway, because of family codependent patterns, but I question myself every day.

So think really really carefully before offering anything at all. As my financial advisor has told me: With parents living there, your choice is to stay the course or leave them homeless. In my case, I think buying that house then would have been enabling more than actually helping, and would significantly inhibit my plans both for caring for her in the future and my own financial well-being.

For what it is worth, my guess is that the strain of having a house would have also driven a wedge between you and your mother. Maybe even a bigger one. As VancouverBob above and other people I know prove, some families can make it work. God will take you down. That child you have abused in this commercial in your world you are promoting will never exist again not will life.

I purchase National products all the time and I was surprised that I found the cookies broken. I was raised on your products all my life. Gentlemen, I suppose; I have for over 50yrs been a customer of yours regarding many of your products and also in the past have actually enjoyed your commercials, some with a nod, some with a smile. I will not hurt your bottom line by no longer purchasing your products. I will however speak openly against your company and hopefully as word spreads you WILL feel the pain of your foolish decisions.

I am not the only person that feels this way, there really are good sane people out here. Do you really believe by catering to queers in the world they will buy enough of your product to maintain your fat bank account when normal people realize what you are promoting? My husband and I love Triscuits. I buy a box a week. The last few boxes have had all half crackers and barely five or ten whole crackers.

Time to look for a new favorite cracker especially since they are now over four dollars a box. Hope this is the right place to send this to. I just saw your new commercial. It brought tears to my eyes. I taught my children to accept everyone for who they are. How boring this world would be if we were all the same!!

I think Nabisco makes great products. Now I also think you have a wonderful corporate culture. If i can find a product that is equal to yours I will no longer purchase Nabisco Products. I can accept that individuals are created different. But, I also have the right to purchase items from companies that have respect for all.

This is beyond ridiculous. I do not give a xxxx what two or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom. I do care about what is being wrongly demanded of everyone. I hope millions feel the way I do and your company take a hit where it hurts worst, your wallet!!! So disappointed that springtime Oreos I bought yesterday are so much thinner than they used to be. So thin they are broken in the pkg or break in my hand and fall on the floor.

Very poor quality these days. The change in appearance is probably due to a decision to use a contract manufacturer to avoid wage increases.

Well, you can think what you want, but you have just lost a long time customer. I have enjoyed your products ever since I was a small boy. I would love to see you become a Christian.

Whether you do or not, no one will escape the judgement day. God states, in his word, that one of the things that he detest the most is homosexuality. May God have mercy on your souls. Your position as a company is to sell to everyone not to Promote gays as a wholesome family. If gays were to come to my business I would respectfully assist them in spite of my opposition to same sex marriage. The only power I have is to respectfully stop purchasing any your products for this unnecessary commercial.

I saw your Honeymaid cracker commercial. I can buy into that. And I will be getting the word out and I believe I have many, many, many friends out there that will go along with we me. So, you go ahead and keep pushing your good wholesome homosexual anal sex agenda. I thought you only pushed buying products not a LEFT agenda. I hope the gay community can support your company. I have been buying oreo double stuff forever — as well as my extended family.

For the last 10 packages bought at different locations in Wilmington, Bear, Smyrna, DE the cookies are not sticking together, cracked, just terrible packaging. How dare you use, a nabisco honey graham commercial for a platform to support gay mariages. Showing two men falsely as parents with children. You folks have lost my business, and everyone I can email, or contact that stands for Godly morals. After decades of buying your products, I will no longer be a nabisco customer.

Your new honey grams commercial promoting a lifestyle I find personally offensive, has forced me to vote with my dollar. I understand that I am one customer and that this may not have a significant impact on your bottom-line, but I wanted to inform you of why you lost one customer. I unfortunately saw your Honey Maid commercial today 25 March For some strange reason you promoted Gay Marriage while you were trying to sell Graham Crackers.

You reached out to the perverted minority just to offend the majority. Maybe judges can over turn the will of the American people, but our closed billfolds will speak loudly! I have been purchasing Oreos and even cooking with them for 40 years! I purchased your new cookie dough Oreos and found them to be cloyingly sweet with a bitter aftertaste.. My mouth stung for 15 or more minutes afterwards…i threw them out! What were you thinking?

Stick with your good quality and forget the artificial! To whom it may concern, So I disagree with your recent commercial depicting this really happy and normal homosexual couple with children. Additionally, your add is an attack on the traditional family i.

My comment is why does the blueberry thin have more fruit than the cranberry? What happened to the Wheat Thin Honey wheat Stix? I can not find them anywhere — WHY? My Mother just loved those and now we can not find them. I have been buying Nabisco rounds lately and I am beginning to find more broken crackers than whole crackers. I know it might cost more in production, but I would suggest that you put the crackers into individual sleeves to prevent the breaking.

How dare Nabisco push the homosexual agenda in your latest commercials???!!! I for one will NO longer buy any Nabisco product — this commercial has pushed me to stand up against the push of homosexuality down the throats of Americans!! The honey maid commercial should be removed!! Thought new box design was to save money in production. Discovered net weight difference and cost more,suprise surprise. Crackers are bland and tasteless. Just lost a lifetime customer.

After talking to friends discovered other products changed. I just want to commend you on your Teddy Grahams commercial using same sex partners and alternative couples. Thank you very much and I will continue to use your products.

I was able to buy this product previously but cannot find it in any of the stores I frequent. Has this cookie been discontinued? My husband is a diabetic and really misses having this cookie as his dessert. I enjoy your product line, however you seem not to care whether or not we seniors can easily open a box or pack of crackers. You have insisted on bastardized almost every product you have on the shelf.

Going through a list of your products there seems to be a flavor in each product for every possible palate. We no longer need a French onion, cheese or ranch dip, there are crackers with those flavors.

What a delightfully light flavor was the Limon Thins. The only reason I can think of to discontinue Chocolate Snaps and Lemon Thins is you were unable to make them taste like a damn hot-pepper.

Nabisco alone is not completely at fault. Keebler and others are guilty of keeping up with the Joneses; Nabisco being Jones one. I did not and would not pay the price Walmart was asking. We love all your products, but sometimes we wish that you could make a variety package of cookies. What I am asking is like make a package different flavors of your cookies and put them in one package together.

A variety of Chips Ahoy and a variety of Oreo flavors. I will not purchase Nabisco products if I can anyway avoid them! Our family is tired of the pro-gay push from the liberals and the lockstep way the companies support something they call same sex marriage! There is a war on Christians and your advertisements are part of it!

Have used your products and enjoyed them for years. America needs to get their head out of their ass. Just got my last pkg of your lemon Oreos, they are the BEST tasting cookie you have on the market, I used to get the FF Regular Oreos, and I thought they were good, but the lemon cookies bet these hands down.

Please do not remove these from the shelves, as a seasonal or limited edition item. You chose to make a political statement with your commercial showing two sexual deviants with a baby. I choose to not buy your products.

I have always wanted a good sugar free cookie and finally find one and now I am told you do not make them any more. I am talking about Oreos. When I could find them they were only in a few stores.

When I asked about them I was told by the manager they never heard of them. If you still make them put the word out. Love your teddy grahams families commercial with all the different family dynamics. Pay no attention to the sad people criticizing it.

What it shows is simply the love in each family. Do not back down from all the negativity. Maybe a combination of the two. You have crossed the line not once but now again with your percerse and disgusting message as homosexuality as normal and wholesome….. You took a historically good company and trashed it completely in a commercial. And then furthered your fall into the depths of evil, by retaliating with rolling up your consumers complaints and mocking them, lecturing them, and be nothing more than condescending to them about the companies definition of love.

Evil will use anything to ridicule normalcy, twisting words and defintions of tgeir meanings all in atrempt to destroy, and destroy completely. I have recently discovered your company supports Halal. I am so deeply offended and insulted that I will never ever again purchase any products your company produces.

I will also tell every person I know personally and on social media that your company wants little children raped under Shari law and you are a dangerous treacherous threat to every Australian by supporting and protecting pedophiles. By you supporting them, you are exposing yourselves as pedophiles too, or have you not bothered to read up on the Shari laws you want introduced into Australia?

Recently Magistrate Saines in S. I am so disgusted and sickened a company such as your could be so evil. I love Oreos but there are times I would like to buy them without the creme. Have you had an oreo lately?

Have tried to pry the oreos out of the resealable trap door? How bad is the marketing of the product when i get so fed up trying to coax the cookies out of the way to small opening. Fix it before my milk revolts and runs off with eggs, eggs have been trying to get milk back to the breakfast table since oreos stole it away and if your not careful there little affair will be in your conscious!

Seriously the packaging sucks i cant get my oreos out. Over the last couple months I have noticed a change in the regular oreos. Not in taste but, they no longer stick together and crack for no apparent reason.

Its disappointing to reach for a cookie that comes apart and cracks into pieces. In the end, they all wind up in the same location and taste great. I have very disappointed with them lately.

We recently purchased a box of the low fat honey grahams, and discovered that they were so stale as to make them uneatable. Having just purchased them we should have checked he usage date, but failed to do so. In the past Nabisco brands have always been a favorite of ours, and will continue to be so; but now we will be sure to check the recommended usage date.

Hello i have enjoyed your products for many many years and i especially love your ritz crackerfuls big stuff. I love all the variety of flavors you have, but i am yet to see a peanut butter and jelly crackerful big stuff. Would you please consider making this flavor i am sure that many other people out there would agree that if made it would fly off the shelfs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. Congratulations, Nabisco, for your wonderful stand and message trumpeting love over hate and prejudice in your commercial about love with gay couples.

I have always loved your products, and your company now has an even more special place in the hearts of those who will not tolerate inequity of treatment for all who love. For now, I stay away from buying your products, unless you take the palm oil out and find something better. Your new Chicken in a biskit crackers are less than desirable. Now they are like a cheep cracker with a little flavor. Got excited about brown rice Triscuit thins until I found out they contain wheat. Loved my triscuits but can no loner eat.

Maybe some day a gulten free cracker from your company. I have totally preferred Sugar Free Oreo Cookies over any other cookie available for diabetics.

I have three close friends and many acquaintances in the same situation. Diabetes is not that uncommon, nor is the fact there are a good number of overweight Americans running around. Why do you make such a wonderful product unavailable to us who realize we need them and publicize them to the overweight crowd as a delicious and more healthy snack.

I just opened a box of Lorna Doones and I was shocked to find one of the tubes clear plastic wrap , had been ripped open and half of the cookies were missing. Because the box was obviously tampered with, I threw out the whole box. Unfortunately, my grandchildren were waiting for their treat and were extremely disappointed. I definitely did not want to give them any items from a box that had been tampered with.

The flavor is garlic and parsley naturally flavored I have always enjoyed wheat thins and was anxious to try the new flatbread. Much to my disappointment, the taste had no flavor of garlic or parsley.

I generally do not complain bur felt you needed to know my opinion on this NEW product. You changed the stonec wheat crackers.

To say that I love them is an understatement. However, it is the best conveyance of emotional expression I can give at this time. My love for them has triple reasoning. They take me back to a time in my childhood when my parents bought them regularly. The 30mg of sodium per 5 crackers compliments my High Blood Pressure diet. Once again, I can truly enjoy Ritz Crackers as much as I did as a child.

Thank you, and keep up the good work. They were the best and we use them all the time for dipping. Where can I find them? In the past month I have been purchased the Reduced Fat chips Ahoy cookies. The last 4 packages have tasted stale. The cookie has been very soft and a has and stale taste. The code date on the last 2 packages is 06 Oct 14AX 3 08 S. I hate double stuff Oreos. Every time you guys make a special flavor, you make it double stuff. Why they did not package them like the squares, is beyond me.

I have bought nothing but Nabisco Premium Crackers all my adult life, I am 72 years old,and do not intend to change, but will go back to the squares. Really bummed out on this one. Each biscuit has maybe 2 or 3 chocolate chips. I have been eating your wonderful cookies for many years. When I opened it, it was missing three cookies. I realize that everyone is scaling down with their products, but this angered me.

I hope you are not shorting everyone. If you are, Good By Fig Newtons. I already wrote you an email!!!! The package I bought today was short three cookies!!!!!

I, Carolyn Bennett a 67 years young. I act goofy and have fun. I want to know why you stopped making Chocolate Snaps. They were and are my favorite cookie. I know of other people who miss them too. You know I maiss them after questioning you after all this time. I called your customer service line…. I have been a well pleased customer of Nabisco for many years. I thought that you would like for me to pass along two recent experiences.

I regularly purchase Family Size Honey Maid graham crackers On my last two purchases I found a sizable fraction of the crackers were all broken up. I have no idea where in the process from packaging, delivery, and placement on the display racks this is happening but it is disappointing to discover this when I open the package. On the other hand, congratulations on all of your quality products. You have combined my two favorite flavors.

So how could I go wrong with coconut Oreo fudge cookies? What an awful aftertaste. As an Oreo lover These are badddd! Just bought a box recently and they are horrible, no taste nothing like the original. If I could return these cookies I would, in the meantime the dog has a new snack.

While munching on your sweet peach and apricot Newtons I was thinking how delicious Dark Chocolate Fig Newtons would be. Dark chocolate goes well with cherries,raisins,orange,why not figs? Not a drizzle on the existing Fig Newton but incorporated in the fig mixture itself. I love your products and I hope you consider this suggestion……thanks!

You recently aired commercial showing a supposed father that is totally covered with tattoos and playing drums. Actually he looks like he just got out of prison.

If not and he is not your CEO how about choosing someone that that people like to look at like me. I have been searching for your product, Wheatworth crakers. Not sure what that means but I would love for them to reappear on shelves. They are great crackers and I and my husband miss them. If there is somewhere I can find them or order some please let me know. I am so upset that nabisco has discontinued savory red bean triscuits……they were the best tricuit.

We were Very Disapoited to find out that your sugar free sandwich cookies have been discontinued. They were the absolute best sugar free cookies we have ever had. We used to get another brand but these were a lot better tasting. If there any way you can bring them back, we sure would appreciate it. I absolutely loved them, as well as so many other people. Those cookies were unbelievable. Please keep me posted! You will make a whole lot of consumers happy!

I am very disappointed that you now produce your biscuits in China. I am not sure if this is a coincidence but I have noticed a drop in quality in your premium biscuit cracker. Cost over quality is a recipe for disaster. I will now be buying biscuits made in OZ. They are my favorite snacks. Hello I have been eating Ritz for many many years. I am not sure what happened or it was just a bad batch.

I am scared to buy them again. Please let me know if the recipe has changed. My husband and I love the Nabisco chocolate wafers. The cost of these wafers are not inexpensive, and deserve to have every wafer perfect.

I was happy to see gluten free products and the Rice Thins were my product of choice until I got it home to find caramel coloring in it!

Please take this toxic substance out. Ingredient print size is way too small to read without a magnifying glass. Please enlarge that and save me a trip back to the store. The crackers will go back for a refund. Thanks for trying, but please make it healthy all the way around. I think your birthday cake cookies are gross. And the peppermint is nasty. I think you should just keep the regular oreos they are the best. We have bought the cookies from different grocery stores i.

I imagine we will run into the same problem of broken cookie pieces. We also have stock in Mendelez International Corporation. A reply would be greatly appreciated, but I am not anticipating a reply in this day and age when big corporations could care less about their consumers feedback.

So was so excited to see the new oreos. However they were not what I expected. May I make a suggestion? Marshmallow filling with kripies NOT frosting. I am extremely offended by your so called wholesome commercial depicting to gay men as fathers. Disgusting deviant lifestyles are hardly wholesome.

I will boycott all your products until you stop promoting sin. I have recently noticed that the original box of crackers now weigh Not me, or my family.

It may not be quick, but other companies have went out of business because they have disappointed the consumer…you might be next. Have not had a ritz in a long time. I forgot how tasty they are. Will not lapse again. Great work and great taste. Love the Cheez- It brand but for some reason this box was totally devoid of any salt on the product thus making it very bland tasting. I am writing regarding two of your products that have been discontinued.

My husband is diabetic and loves the sugar free Oreos. And I love the Ritz Crackerfuls, specifically the cheddar and the big stuff cheddar. Is there any chance that these crackers and cookies will ever be put back on the market? Please reconsider your decision. I am a diabetic and loved them. I was told by Kroger that you have discontinued these but would love to stock up on some of them if possible.

Please let me know if this would be possible. It is time to invite that pesky dinner guest to leave the party. I do not like the know-it-all attitude she uses when talking to the hostess about those new Triscuit flavors. That ad gets really tedious when it is shown 4 to 6 times during one TV show. Very disappointed that your prices go up and the 16oz packs are now We are not getting nearly as much for our money and consumers dont care that multmillion companies need to keep their prices down.

We can do so by bying store brand names, Walmart, Wegmans, Aldi,sell a decent copy of infamous Oreos and comde on, Oreos even have less filling!! When Your recipie for Oreo Ball cookies calls for 1lb: Now you need to buy 2 packs!! Mixed up w other ingredients, creme cheese, ect, there is no difference in taste so try store brands in these recipies and for a special treat continue supporting your local bakerys!

Never broken and certainly woth the money for a buisness that puts their customer first!! After going to our large grocery the other day to get my fix, they were nowhere to be found….. I am having withdrawal already!! Put a nickle size dollop of cherry in an original Oreo and call it a Black Forest Oreo. We have been buying Oreos for a long time.

For the last six or seven packages all of different flavors and from different stores in the Winchester, Va. The cookies break apart when you get them out of the package. They are not broken in the package. We still love are Oreos but we wish they would not break before we eat them. Thank you Catherine Young. And why so cheap? You think we only look at price? Nabisco you are modern snake-oil salesmen. Latest package of Chips Ahoy?

There are basically three lousy servings in the package now. I had purchased a package of Oreos. I always buy these for all the right reasons. I put them in a canister. They were not as fresh, more like a stale texture. Once again, after buying Wheat Thins based on the package design—trying to find an alternative to my usual purchase of Triscuits , I was beyond disappointed.

The crackers actually taste great, but based on this latest experience, I will never be buying wheat Thins again! I tried grahamfuls, and I was very disappointed. I think the shelf life is very long, which could been the reason good taste was there. How did Nabisco lousy up a good cracker?

I will not be buying them again. I tried Grahamfuls and was disappointed. Is the shelf life of this product very long? That may be the reason for the poor taste. To whom this may concern, Your Oreo packaging is obnoxious. The side sleeves are impossible to get to. Is there anyway you can make the packaging more user friendly? They are absolutely the worst Tricuit product I have ever brought, and I buy a lot of Trisuit crackers.

They fall apart when picked up, the box was mostly broken pieces. The taste leaves something to be desired. It was very difficult to find where to contact you to tell you about this product! Thank you for your time, Mary. I recently purchased some Nabisco Fig Newtons. When I opened the package — much to my surprise — I noticed that it was not a FULL package, but rather it was 2 cookies shy.

This happened right after the news article about how companies are making smaller packages with fewer items for the same price or higher price than before. I truly hope this is not happening with your company, but since I was shorted 2 cookies on the same side of the package maybe…. This is a 7. Hopefully, this was a machine packaging error and not a new way to do business. Just want to say the Homeboys from D town do not support your Honeygram add. Your products are done here.

Just remember that eternity in Hell to make some money on this temporary time on earth. Good luck as you have offended a lot of people. You ruined your saltines, then your vanilla wafers, and now your regular graham crackers.

Any store brand is as good as what you are putting on the market now. I wanted to make an American Flag cake for 4rth of July, but having a hard time to find a small cookie with a shape of stars. They can be fine additions to a portfolio and were to ours for many years. Buddhists believe that there is a ladder of sorts that we ascend or descend during the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

We are rewarded for good works in one life by ascension to another life with better circumstances. The eventual destination is Nirvana, or Oneness with all things. This painting illustrates the passage of a soul from one vessel to the next, and for a moment is noticing that there is something else and is hesitating.

I think I got most, if not all. Do you know much about other kinds of businesses that are reclassifying themselves as REITs? I believe Weyerhauser, a large timber company has done this, and perhaps some hospitals and some power producing stations. I confess to real ignorance on how widespread this tactic is, but if it is widespread enough, and REITs just start to look like another way to invest in certain industries, then is their an argument for REITs simply for diversification?

So with it, we own a piece of Weyerhauser regardless of how they choose to classify themselves. They take care of the rest. My portfolio is invested in 10 low cost ETFs with them. Half of the portfolio is international, half is domestic US. We are ONE world, and I am invested in the world. For a modest 0. Anyhow, Betterment works for me.

You work for me, Jim, by educating me on the purpose of owning stocks and bonds long term, not trading in or out, using wide ranging index funds such as VTSAX. I have given up my day trading, trying to make a quick buck, solely based on your calming Stock Series. I now see companies rise and fall, but I am comforted that I own a piece of all of them, and the falling stars are replaced by rising stars every day. You made my day with your beautifully written summation of your approach and the role this blog has played in it.

Thanks, too, for sharing your experience with Betterment. Like you I am a fan. I got to know them last Fall at FinCon and after numerous conversations became comfortable enough to recommend them: As part of that I also opened an account.

I have been very impressed with their customer service and the steady stream of informative and encouraging emails. No bad for us old-timers, either. That might even help offset the annual fee. So if you have a good amount of stocks and REITS, you can rebalance them as necessary and have better returns.

Also the vanguard reit has done better than the vanguard total stock market over the passed 10 years. Also if the real estate market plummits I will sell off bonds and maybe stocks to do the same thing and put more into REITs. Do you think this is a good plan? Any input would be much appreciated, thanks. If I understand your rebalancing plan correctly, what you are doing is market timing and that is something that rarely works out well. So, if you are trying to implement the ideas I discuss here, you are pretty much off base.

My reasoning for the actively managed funds are for starters I like the idea of Value Investing, scientifically finding stocks with low price-earnings ratios etc. On the other hand I like balance, so I chose a managed growth fund with a decently low expense ratio for managed funds at least and the growth fund I chose has also had an average return of Any time someone takes out a loan they are valuing money now more than money in the future and they are willing to pay interest to get that money now.

The comment on JLCollins readers implies that we would rather be the lenders with money in the future than borrowers with money now. Obviously this would be silly.

The point, as Alex stated well, is that savers and investors are closer to this second person than the person buying expensive cars and loading up on debt.

Another way to think about it is that for a given amount of money in the future, the person with a low time value of money savers and investors considers it worth more than a person with a high time value of money consumer.

If I would rather invest than have the money now, I would think that I have a higher time value of money, because I believe that time will make my money more valuable ie. The math is pretty simple and you can read here: Essentially, the higher the discount rate and the farther out in time the money is, the less it is worth today.

I guess this is what confuses me. I value this because of the time value of money explained very well in your post Jim, thanks. Also thanks for hashing this out with me. You seem to be thinking of the interest rate that one earns with money. The discount rate is a measure of how much the future is discounted.

This is solely determined by the person. If we look at that formula, an increase in the discount rate decreases the value of the money. This makes sense with the distinction between a saver and a consumer.

It will only decrease in value as time passes, so I should spend it now. To this person it is extremely important when they receive the money time value of money is high. Hopefully this helps, I know the terminology is a bid odd. I come from a math background prior to my econ masters and some of it still bothers me.

This clears it up wonderfully. I hope all is well. Very timely post I must say. Since our return I have been mulling over your points, and considering streamlining my Vanguard accounts. Thankfully this exchange occurred wholly in my IRA accounts as well so the tax man was unable to penalize a strategic decision.

In all seriousness, I love that you shared this post. It shows how we should all keep an open mind, consider questions and points posed by others, and not be afraid to tweak our strategy, even when our initial decisions may be supported by some very valid points as well. The great news is — we have these kinds of decisions to make — what Vanguard index fund s should I be allocated to?

I think that in and of itself puts us way ahead of the game. Cool you made the change in IRAs with no tax consequences. Thanks for the kind words. It may take some time and discounting to sell them if necessary, though holding 24 months of living expenses in cash drastically reduces the need to liquidate them quickly.

I was tempted when I first came across them. But it seems now the sweet interest rates that were once available are now harder to come by and it seems there is some concern that these organizations might be lowering borrower standards to meet investor returns. Those organizations are collectively far more likely to meet their debt obligations in more hard time situations.

For me these are beyond the Simple Path to Wealth approach we discuss here. Long bonds almost always pay higher interest rates to compensate for the higher risk. Thanks as always for your great, insightful posts, Jim. As you know from this https: Plus I see additional risks in them. It covers these issues with great authority and insight. Basically, there is shallow risk and deep risk.

Shallow risk, unless you have to sell at the bottom for some reason. Shallow risk can be mitigated with discipline and education. The sources of deep risk are: Nationalizing assets, excessive taxation, etc.

Bernstein discusses how to handle each of these risks. Great post, Jim and Paul! I was planning on dedicating some of the proceeds from my upcoming house sale to REITs but this article may have convinced me to change my plan. Now free of it and that pesky job of yours, long-term travel awaits. BTW, kudos on the Guinea Pig update: Really love your site and appreciate the discussion on this topic. Personally, I own REITs, but in a small allocation because I have a large chunk of my overall assets directly in other real estate.

My question is this: Seems like it might be a good reason for having a piece of them in your portfolio for that reason alone? You can hold them as a diversification. They simply no longer fill the role for which I owned them. Commidities that expire ie corn would not be a good inflation hedge. Oil, on the other hand, might pr0vide better protection.

The result would be a decrease in profitablity that will squeeze possible gains on property values, rents, etc. The poor performance initially is likely 2 main reasons. First is what you said, businesses may have a hard time adjusting short term. I will preface this by saying that I am NOT an economist, nor do I even have a strong math or investing background.

Basically, he demonstrates that investors, as individuals or as a whole, are NOT rational actors- that people can and do make emotional, irrational decisions regarding investing and that this irrationality accounts for quite a bit of stock and asset valuation and fluctuation.

People out in the Real World mainly the younger folks who were not victimized by the crash are still lining up to buy as much McMansion as the financial system will lend them. Every time I visit a major city there are new Trendy Gentrification Zones springing up, replete with self-serve frozen yogurt, Fancy Apartments, luxury yoga pants outlets, etc.

In short, we have learned nothing and are still addicted to RE as a people. Also, the dividend payout is worth something- even if the share price is down, you are still getting SOME income from the asset- a reassuring concept.

You make an excellent point regarding the favored status the government accords RE and a great case for their value in diversifying a portfolio. Unless I really do out to have that market moving power. I agree with your analysis as I mentioned in the post. Right now we are on a home ownership kick and the government is supporting that idea.

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