Woman Fired For Refusing to Accept EBT Card as Payment for Cigarettes *Video Commentary*

Further detailed information about the challenges of restricting the use of SNAP benefits can be found here:. Chinese have seen collapses of fiat money. Buxom blonde girl impregnated by two blacks - Interracial creampie K views. They are a wealth of info. Plenty of awesome dogs at the pound, and it might be a great place to volunteer. This weapon is carried by Vasko Magnate, the Duty member you you help Bullet rescue from two bandit escorts in Dark Valley.

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One to watch given the impact of the weather on that most precious of commodities — FOOD. I saw that lonelonmum. Did things start drying out there yet? Word has it all the Artic ice will soon be gone and Great Britain will be the new Siberia. Your so full of shit e. China holds less than a trillion of our debt. We hold our own debt. You facts seemed skewed and flat outright wrong.

You seem to have a paranoid outlook that everything and everyone is out to fool you as if you were worth the trouble. No way a congressman or representative will vote himself out of office. Anyway, voting is rigged and we will just have to go along for the ride whether we like it or not. A Desperation mind set. The rats are trapped in a cage called China. Yes its the paper gold that is being sold off mixed in with manipulation and profit taking.

The paper gold is getting sold off because people are waking up to the fact that there is not enough physical gold to go back it up. So this is my situation: Was engaged, now I am not. I am moving to middle TN within the next month. I am taking ALL of the supplies that I have bought the last two years with me…beans, bullets, band-aids, etc. Dips are the times to buy. Then buy your property with these projected profits. Any investment carries risk.

In my head it would make since for you to have a paid for, secure place to live. Not sure what the market is in middle TN? I was sorta in the same situation your in many years ago. I bought a piece of property and lived in a tent for a year and a half. Your far from being screwed! Even by seeking advise here, your way farther ahead than most! You are only screwed if you are a weak wimp…a strong woman can hold her own with anyone…thats why Sam Colt invented the six shooter to make us all equal.

Good luck and quit selling yourself short. Buy 5 acres with a barn or have one built for 7K, put a foot fifth wheel RV next to it, then build a cabin or have a snow roof built over the fifth wheel RV. You will be debt free except for property taxes and utilities. If you pay attention you can put up a pole barn , insulate it live in half and have a garage in the other half for about One acre is feet by feet. Goats and other livestock need foods, where you gonna buy goat food?

It will be gone. The qf house will cost 75, minimum even with scrounging around. And, you have no provision for securing 6 to 12 months of long shelf life food. Man, they will take you out before you answer the door. They give plans for self-sufficient homesteads on lots from a quarter acre up to a full acre. I was able to plant every square inch of it and I just used the last jar of tomatoes that I canned from it. Techniques like square foot gardening and growing potatoes in towers can provide a lot of calories in a small amount of space.

The microlivestock can dwell harmoniously in the enclosure with your small orchard. Southern Gal, I think the most important prep you could have is land and some skills. If you can find a small, modest but strong house on an acre or more of land, perhaps on the outskirts of a small town with traditional values, snap it up, because you can use it to create value. Start building the soil and gardening; get a starter flock of chickens.

Do you have connections in this area? If not, a join a church and start building relationships and b get a shotgun and take up skeet shooting and NRA-sponsored classes at a local gun club and start building more relationships. Diversification is key, so it is wise to put a couple thousand into some silver coins. Pre coins and silver jewlery marked. What are your plans for a job? Again, look for jobs where you can build valuable skills and relationships, whether applying at a hospital or at the local farm store.

With self-reliance, land, skills, knowledge and relationships, you are a lot less screwed than a sheeple in a FEMA camp. Reading between the lines…I am sorry to hear about the relationship. The right man is probably the single most valuable prep you could have, but the wrong man is probably the most dangerous trap imaginable. Oh yeah…also get a couple of big, protective dogs and do obedience training with them.

Plenty of awesome dogs at the pound, and it might be a great place to volunteer. Get rid of any consumer debt. Reliable well maintained vehicle. Find a place in the country or at least a small town to buy. I prefer to own even if means having a mortgage. A house is a great hedge against inflation. Owning allows you to prep your house at your will. Getting rid of debt is number one. Next, I would rather have pre silver dollars, quarters dimes. Even with the current fall in PM, Morgan Silver dollars holding up good.

Apartments will be death traps and marauders will vandalize everything. Water and electricity could be iffy. Rural farm land would be best if you can protect it from poachers. Varmints will strip gardens bare if given a chance. Forming area security groups with other land owners would be a smart path. Like in the old days, land wars was the name of the game.

You watch my back and I watch your back. I think we are in the thick of it and the worst is yet to come. The word coup with the likes of the current Administration is not out of the question. A bug out bag will last three days and get you into a hell of a lot of trouble when your broke, on foot and with a couple of crying kids and a bitching wife. It would be the end of the world as you know it. Just start out renting SG. Take your time looking around in your new location.

Pray for God to send you some help. Make sure your Main Battle Rifle is in good condition and zeroed. Ask whomever you ask for firearms advice what perishable parts it would need to stay that way the next 20 years and get them. Hoppes 9 cleaning and lube stuff etc. Basic gunsmith tools from Brownell or elsewhere.

Have you some good edged weapons. Ka-bar worked for the Marines in the Pacific. A claw hammer drives nails and straightens two-legged nuts. Water and water filtration stuff. Big Berkey and extra filtration. CAT tourniquet and Celox stuff to stop bleeding that nothing else will stop.

Aspirin and acetaminophen, anti-diarrheals. Generic pepto-bismol, fiber helper, vitamins. Gauze, hibiclens, first aid tapes. Ask your pharmacist about rehydration drinks and stock them.

Diarrhea and dehydration will kill many. Lay in a supply of underwear, socks, shoes, boots, jeans, rain and cold weather gear. Shampoo, bar soap, liquid soaps, detergent: Comb, brushes, nail clippers.

How will you heat your home and cook? Look into a wood burning stove with cook top. Clean water, long term food, health and first aid stuff, clothes, tools are all more important than pm. Am saying you can use or trade the foregoing. Find community with like minded people within about half a mile of where you are.

Needing to go farther afield than that is going to make you a moving target when that time comes. Books, how-to, great books, histories, biographies, atlases, medical reference, botanical, cook books etc.

You could do worse than a garage sale set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Paper, pens, crayons for the children. Especially becoming familiar with your main personal defense weapon s and making sure they are in good working order.

I had a chance to go to an outdoor range yesterday man, 2 much fun!! Cali is not dead yet. NOTES that may be helpful to some: I went back later that night to get more but all gone! Southern Gal, if you go west of Nashville about 70 miles, near the Duck River, you could easily buy 10 acres of land for half of your money..

Use balance to improve your land,putting in well septic and getting agree solar panels put away. Go rent and save enough for a trailer or RV. If you want to be near people look around small Towns likeCentervilled, hohenwald, Lindsey. Conservative and helpful people. East of Nashville prices are much higher. How do you plan on cashing it in?

Have you thought that far? Have you read your Bible? It says in several places that gold and silver will be worthless….. Are we coming into that direct point in the timeline? Good bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, ATV, batteries, solar gear etc. Your best line of defense is to connect with like minded people…. It will be impossible to survive this coming collapse very long alone.

Looks like a checkout at Wally world X My gold is the black dirt thats growing my next meals. To each their own — keep prepping as you see fit.

But keep prepping my friends cause this clock is ticking away. Peace be with you all! I have no debt except for some student loans.

No car loan or credit card debt. Would you buy a home or wait? Rent a trailer home, drive a beater, save, hide it in a distributed or diversified fashion, tangibles first until you have a years worth of food and enough seeds and tools to restart your lives and defend it, then gold and silver for excess savings. Learn, gain homesteading and defensive skills…. Quit keeping up with the Jones, live like nobody else lives, so that afterwards, you can live like nobody else. If you can, it would also be prudent, to have another rural place…my primary residence is 15mi from the closest city, on a side road that is easily blocked by dropping a few trees in front of a bridge over the creek.

It may be too late, but, it may not… I think you have 3 months to 2 years before a currency collapse… max. There is a difference. There is a big difference between currency and money. But even you recognize that gold is necessary to overcome hyperinflation and thrive in the process. You have two problems, actually, many, many problems, but consider this:. So, besides the Homeland security goons, there will be marauders like Quantrill or the Jayhawkers that will ravish the land like a scourge.

Your one acre peaceful paradise will be completely laid to waste. Your 22 cal rifle or 12 gage shotgun will have and be of little use. If there is hope, it will be in your relationship in Jesus Christ. Everything we have been discussing in this forum is and has been long prophesied in both the Old and New Testaments.

Get out your Bible and read Second Timothy 3: Indeed, perilous time are upon us. Jesus said in Matthew To see what he means, go to Genesis Chapter 6 and read what they were up to.. Through it all, keep in mind what DNA is and means. IF you know what I am talking about, God Bless you, if you have no idea and think this is crap, God Bless you too as you need to make a decision sooner than you think. If it were me, I would rent a modest place for awhile.

Get the feel of the lay of the land. Relax, and get to know a few good people. They are a wealth of info. They already know what you will need to know, a nice town to live in, reasonable housing, job opportunity. Hang onto your cash for now. Water, food, shelter, security, in that order. I have been posting that same formula since the 90s online. That is the best way to prep, and develop the survivalist mindset.. Anything, food delivery, electricity, piped in water or natural gas etc.

They only have mere days to short weeks to survive then, without massive outside assistance. Small regions can go through this because the rest of the nation can afford to offer assistance, hurricanes, etc, offer precedent there, but if it is nationwide..

Paid off good land, out in the sticks, with any sort of livable hovel that can always be improved later , at least two water sources on site, garden, woods, etc. I think the RV idea sucks.

Roads will quickly become impassable if not outright blocked off by the authorities. Your holding tanks are about 40 gallons of clean, gray and black water and you gotta dump it and refill it. Gas or diesel may be impossible to find. A lesson to be learned is when Rome fell to the Vandals and all hell broke out. Little fiefdoms grew around strong men who grouped together to defend what they could take. The little people became serfs and semi-slaves.

Be the tough in the woods and trust no one. If you pay cash up front for the house that would help. If the monetary system goes anything could happen. Notice how well behaved everyone in the photos is. No baggy pants on the teenagers.

It will rock America. What a joke of a show he has these days. Everyone knew it was BS before it came out of his mouth. He has a history of crap mouth disease. The Chinese government, for some time, has been pushing its own people to buy gold. This will bypass the banks for trade, and setup a gold backed trade certificate for barter trade. This is known in certain circles as; The Dollar kill switch. The chinese are taking care of their people by giving them a heads up, and have been for some time at least their Elite in the cities.

Our nukes and military, will not protect us from economic chaos any more than the Roman legions prevented the collapse of Rome. People who say China will collapse with us, may be right, but that is why the Chinese have been trying to build a middle class that buys their own goods. The classic mercantile empire strategy from time immemorial… what built America, until we went and got all stupid and gave away the golden goose our industry , that the rich folks call; Free Trade.

Do we now see, that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this Universe? There are lots of games throughout the world. As you learn their rules, they steal your money. No one gets out alive. The ones with the biggest guns may stand last, but they too will fall.

Gold will play no part in it. We settled the whole continent without oil. Oil, was the 20th century, for sure. I am hoping wood, will not be the later 21st century, again.

Many people are working to get us off oil… because oil, has many downstream products, and those played out stripper wells will become more and more valuable over time for those products, not to run cars.

We need new deep well pumping technology as well…. Hugh oil discovery in South and West Australia. Saudi Arabia has only billion. This could be a game changer. Also, Stanley Meyer hydrogen technology is being developed and put into production in overseas countries. The USA did a very stupid thing by killing him and suppressing the technology instead of running with it.

But it is happening and we have to be prepared to adapt to adversity and overcome it. I still say invest in firearms and their respective calibers of ammunition. Alot of people would be quick to over look the value. Guns n ammo make for good trade n bartering etc anyways. Just my opinion though.

I prefer some silver in pre dimes and quarters and a few ounces to pay taxes ect. Barter will be coin of the realm when SHTF. Sure a 5 dollar gold piece would have great value to those who know what it is and trust it to be what you say it is. But, if you just wanted a pair of boots, what is your gold piece worth?

What if I had 20 cases of motor oil, chain saw bar oil and gas mix? When your chain saw is out of gas, your screwed.

A pregnant nanny would be worth more than a 5 dollar gold piece but would be harder to secure. Why would you be willing to trade valuable resources such as guns and ammo? Those are items that you will need on a daily basis during any sizable collapse. These things are as important to your survival as are food and water. The exception may be. Everyone should have at least on. Think about it this way….. Same thing with the dollar…. So the bottom line is this…….

When the collapse comes you can have all the gold there is but the question is will you be able to hold it? If there is no law then there are no property rights. Someone better armed and the resolve to take it will. The coming SHTF will not be like most people are counting on. There will be brutality unthinkable in our society.

Chinese people like to buy gold at sale prices. Gold is part of the culture, its value is ingrained. For them, it is a way to save money and show off…. Same shit new day…my. I have lived and worked in China and it is a more dynamic and together place than much of the US. Yes, China is not a democracy but they have many economic freedoms and this has made them much more wealthy. I would pay attention to what they do: China now has trade relationships with pretty well every country in the world, usually on very fair terms.

Countries — such as US allies Australia and Canada — see their future with China and have struck deals to ensure that. We need to start talking about old age which will hit us all as a SHTF event. They can hid it from their government. The USD will devalue. I sleep better knowing I have some beans and rice that will be good for the next 25 years. Glad I got a prenupt.. But the lbs bride is not So just like gold…. The United States has been taken over by Socialist.

All the factories have been shipped to China. The Rockefeller group and other elites have been brainwashing our kids in the schools and in the books. Obama is a socialist plant. The next generation will surrender all…as they are complete fools. The boomers will try and steal all from anyone. GeoEngineering is really chem trail spraying. The skies are not blue anymore. There are no more bees and now more flying insects are going away. A jet engine passing through one of the towers was not that massive to even take out the corners of the building.

We are a nation of fools. Just last night I was buying food and at the bar was this aging fuck up boomer who was going on about my generation being conspiracy fools. I really hate boomers. More talk should have been done on the damage their numbers have done to our world. I have just 8 more years to ride my job out until early retirement. Looks like all the Chinese are getting a head start buying all that gold. I read a gold book.

A Korean family came to America. They cashed it in…. Gold…the best way to magnify and concentrate your wealth so the govt and boomers cannot steal it.

They inherited their wealth and now want yours. What has happened to this country has nothing to do with the ages of the perpetrators. Obama is probably only a couple of years older than you are. Glenn Beck may be the same age as you are. Senator Roscoe Bartlett is 87, but is a prepper. All the Random… is a real moron.

I live in a rural county in northern Florida and southern judges hate it when a man walks out on his wife for no good reason. The last thing we need is more morons like him! They destroyed all of us, not just you. Your thinking is shallow, ignorant, and uninformed, emotionally based and off target. I do, however, have a few more random truisms to add to the list-. She will also take her overall health more seriously. This applies to men as well. But still fit enough to tote that barge, lift that bale and so forth.

Mrs okie, on the other hand, is exactly the same size as when we wed. No vanity or pride, she just has a love of being active. Her only vice is me. We could barely afford the nup. I love you… Your lady is so lucky! If my man had your mindset I would feel like I was in paradise! One who can pull the plow if the mule dies and help you hand whack down a field of crops then process.

Paper currency was invented in China. Chinese have seen collapses of fiat money. Never heard of the people rush though. Learning certain skills that will be in demand in post-SHTF are essential. Everyone get everything you can now while these FRNs will still get you something.

That sort of discourse in never conducive to the free exchange of ideas, nor is it helpful in teaching or learning anything. There is, obviously, a great need to be able to rationally explain why such beliefs are held. In past comments, I have made faulty efforts to explain my Christian views. I have watered them down in order to not offend too many people. That was an error, even a sin, on my part. I shall try not to repeat those mistakes in the future. It does mean I will try to be more concise, better informed, and less prone to personal attacks.

Particularly about the future of society, and our need to be informed and prepared for the various challenges ahead. We will debate, and often disagree, but we will at least be exchanging information. In that regard, Nina, among others, is an example of a gold mine for us. Even if you disagree with Everything ever posted by a person, at least you have the information. And links to sources where it came from.

Accept or reject it. Now, having said all that- I must proclaim…. He spreads lies, therefore he is a Liar. And he is cowardly in that he only spreads lies where it is safe to do so.

He knows that his beliefs are not precious enough to him to be defended everywhere. And often dying for them. They believe them so strongly, and are so sure of their veracity, that they are willing to suffer in order that the ideas may be made known. That ought to be interesting…. Smokinokie, I appreciate your comments about your faith. A great many of the people who comment here have no idea about religion and salvation.

A can of beans, 2 boxes of bullets and a gun are poor company and offer no security when you need the comfort that comes from knowing Christ as Savior. Very well said Okie and CowDoc! Another reason I sometimes mention our Savior and Christian faith not only here but work and and everywhere in between……using prudence of course: To help strengthen the faithful for the coming battles, we all need a lil encouragement in these most interesting times!

Evil is now good, and good is now evil, it wears down the soul itself…. I too could use a little advice. I own property about 30 miles from where I live. It is perfect in a lot of ways. Outside of a small community that appears to filled with patriots. The only problem is it is about 10 miles from a nuclear power plant. Would the soil be safe to plant food so close to the Power Plant? Does anyone else live that close to one?

Are my fears justified? Sasha I love close to an active nuclear plant, further than 10 miles but still close. We discussed this issue when deciding to come here. We may die because of an explosion but if we do then the whole country may go up with us since they are all around the country.

We grow our own food here no problem. You have to weigh the risks and make your own decision. For us better here than California, Illinois, or Maryland, Michigan, all places we have lived. Takes years, never really been done before either. Earth galactic press - The festivities started early at the G8 summit held on the neighboring orb.

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