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Unfortunately the backglass is also shot. By pinballwzd 5 months ago. I then tossed the rest. I also spent some time playing Earthshaker while on a business trip in New Jersey. I went to college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and found myself spending all my spare time in the game room playing pinballs that explains my 2. The following pinball machine Collections feature a great number of pictures, check them out:. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Your pinball is dead and you seriously consider trashing it? You have identified a non-working board but it is not serviceable or you can't find any board to replace it? You don't know how it works and you don't want to make any mistake? You want a reliable pinball with modern and robust boards?

You want to bring something new to your pinball with new game options? For all these reasons we welcome you to our website! We design and manufacture a wide range of replacement boards.

We mainly make replacement CPU boards , sound boards and all-in-one boards unique design which replaces all the boards inside the game by a single board. Our boards are made with robust and modern electronic components without the need of any backup battery.

However, everybody will be satisfied because many optional features can be switched on or off by multi-lingual menus.. Worldwide users and positive reviews! Well this little marvel is a single board that replaces the original System 1 CPU, power supply, driver board and the 3-tone sound generator. Comments left by other members of our website.

From gorgar on Very, very nice collection. Especially the Gottlieb-System-1 EM games are seldom seen here in germany. I know the france once was big Gottlieb-country. This must be the reason why you got them. Would be nice to visit your collection one day and have a few games With regards from germany: From lpivtt on From surfchamp on From tantor on From oscarspa on From znet on From bonelesschicken on From corral on From gottlieb guy on From fo on

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