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Popular amenities include the iconic Dream Suites, the legendary Pearl Concert Theater, Scotch 80 Prime, newly updated luxury movie theatres by Brenden Theatres and more than 60, square feet of meeting and convention space. The server was wonderful, the food was outstanding you get free mimosas and the selection was enormous. What I really appreciate is seeing the manager check the food temperatures down the line. Lunch Buffet - Child Age 9. Well, I was thrilled! Reviewed 1 week ago A bit off the beaten track

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Wann Japanese Izakaya

The Food is always fresh, delicious, with plenty of options! MasterCheif presented Gourmet food at a buffet for a great price with excellent service. What I really appreciate is seeing the manager check the food temperatures down the line. My new favorite Family night out!! Their offerings are a little higher end than other Station Casinos aside from Red Rock.

I've been here many times but only for breakfast and lunch so I can't say what the food is like for dinner. Food pesentation is great, customer service has always been excellent with attentive waiters who are usually fast with the drink refills and clearing of plates. The food is good overall. There are a few dishes that I've tried that I didn't care for but there are plenty of dishes that I love like their Thai curry mussels, chicken pot pie and salt and pepper wings.

I also love the restaurant decor. Very modern and trendy. The food from the old buffet had better taste. I was disappointed from what was advertised. Employees there still friendly and accommodating but I would not go out of my way to go eat there anymore. I expected more in terms of the flavor of the food unfortunately this was a fail for me.

Maybe they'll fix it and I might try again in the future. This is now a Stations Casino and the buffet is no longer new. Prices for the buffet are to expensive for a Station Casino, but it still looks clean and nice. Coffee was much better 2 months ago.

Management needs improve the diversity and quality of food to the level presented by the Palms under the previous ownership several years ago. Buffets are good for Casino patrons, it keeps us in the building so we will spend more gaming.

Most of us, use a gaming card and you know how much we play after a dinner, maybe you need to pass out buffet price reductions for customers that remain and game when you feed us properly. This was a super good buffet!

Unfortunately I didn't take photos. Dishes are in displayed small amounts. Replenishing the buffet often in small amounts helps keep it fresh and safe. The Revival station seriously needs help. Why not put healthful items in Revival? World Pan is the best. The staff could mist the salad bar once in a while to keep it from drying out.

Our server quickly takes notice of us and asks what we would like to drink. The selections cover the basic breakfast beverage options: Alcohol, like Champagne, domestic beer and wine, is also available for guests that want to start their morning with a bang. All-you-can-drink alcohol is included in the price for dinner. She dashes away to retrieve our order, soon returning with drinks in hand, and we start off our buffet on the right foot.

The dining room is a long strip packed with many tables and chairs. My guest and I make it for breakfast on a weekday, so the attendance count is low this morning.

But, it is easy to imagine the Bistro Buffet getting busy, and diners bumping elbows due to poor table arrangement. I walk the breakfast spread before I grab my first plate of food. While I look, I grab myself a fresh Mexican churro from the International section to warm up my stomach and palate. The churro is sweet and crispy, and a great amuse bouche, in my opinion. The breakfast selection at the Bistro features the typical favorites: Asian dishes are also featured such as fried egg rolls and vegetable chow mien.

I pass on the Asian excursion. From the looks of the elastic layer developing on top of what appears to be Asian style beef stew, I believe many other diners pass on it, too.

My first plate is mixed with items that are most intriguing: The breakfast sandwiches are individually handcrafted, which is an amazing idea for a buffet. Each is equipped with a fried egg and cheese. It makes me feel like the buffet wants to produce the best breakfast variety they possibly can, and the sandwiches are a great change from choices at other places. The chicken sausage is a nice change in pace, too. The bacon is crispy and fatty, just the way it should be, and I am sure it will make another appearance on my up coming plates.

I am able to choose from a plethora of toppings including bacon, sausage, onions, scallions, tomatoes, spinach, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, sliced olives and red peppers.

I choose to create a gigantic omelet with all of the toppings except for peppers and olives. The chef nods at my request, adds all the ingredients and begins to showcase her talent on the stove in front me and other guests.

She juggles between three other egg creations with ease. The chef puts on a spectacular show filled with multitasking and culinary talent and finishes my egg monstrosity with no sweat. I walk back to my table with my omelet creation a happy man. The service here is superb. Our waiter is very attentive and refills my three beverage choices, coffee, water and orange juice, immediately upon request.

In addition, my previous plate is cleared, making room for me to enjoy my omelet and my beverages in comfort. The omelet is heavy and flavorful from all of the diverse ingredients. Nonetheless, the dish is satisfying and it is definitely the shining highlight of the breakfast buffet.

Aside from the more traditional breakfast options, the buffet offers an arrangement of healthy choices. There is an assortment of fresh fruits, oatmeal, grits and cream of wheat with an array of toppings, as well as egg whites for those watching their cholesterol levels.

The Bistro also boasts a wide selection of yogurt options with toppings like dried fruits, nuts and brown sugar. The healthy choices look enticing, but I decide to keep my next plate less healthy with more sweet and savory breakfast selections: The potato pancake is crispy and its texture is similar to hash browns, while the apple crepe is very sweet, delicate, and delicious. The apple crepe is the best way to end the meal because dessert is all but non-existent during breakfast, with little more than a soft-serve ice cream machine.

However, the buffet does feature a vast selection of desserts for lunch and dinner, which the chefs are setting up now as we leave. The Bistro buffet at the Palms Hotel Resort is certainly a solid pick.

The price is a steal, and if I were staying at the Palms, I would definitely make it for the Sunday Champagne brunch and the seafood dinner featuring all-you-can drink domestic beers, wine and Champagne. However, its distance from the strip might make me think twice about dining at the Bistro Buffet, no matter how much I can drink on the house.

The quality of the coffee is above average, which I appreciate, and the juice is fresh. It took only a few minutes from arrival to seating, and the line never gets extremely long on weekday mornings, but it is evident from the amount of space dedicated to the line that the weekend brunch and dinner hours are a different story, so prepare for a bit of a wait.

The location is easy to find by following the signs from the parking structure to the casino and on to the buffet, and the walk is about ten minutes if you hustle. Though it is off the strip, the Bistro Buffet offers a fairly good value; for those staying at the Palms or the Rio, it is a no brainer.

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