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Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. In general, the top two vote earners in each ward make the ballot for the city-wide election. This is probably one of the most trusted and thorough services in the industry. Several of the stops on the crawl are inside the connected hotel casinos, the Silver Legacy, Eldorado and Circus Circus, so you can start your crawl early there and hit several bars before you even venture outside! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Annual rainfall averages 7.


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Do Arrest Warrants Expire? General Information from wikipedia: The city has a population of about , and is the fourth most populous city in Nevada, after Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. It sits in a high desert valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.

Reno, known as 'The Biggest Little City in the World', is famous for its casinos, and is the birthplace of the gaming corporation Harrah's Entertainment. City residents are called 'Reno-ites'. Reno borders Sparks, a city of approximately , population. Most call the metropolitan area 'Truckee Meadows'; the metropolitan area including Sparks and Reno has a combined population of about , History Archaeological finds place the eastern border for the prehistoric Martis people in the Reno area.

As early as the s a few pioneers settled in the Truckee Meadows, a relatively fertile valley through which the Truckee River made its way from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. In addition to subsistence farming, these early residents could pick up a bit of business from travelers along the California Trail, which followed the Truckee westward, before branching off towards Donner Lake, where the formidable obstacle of the Sierras began.

Gold had been discovered in the vicinity of Virginia City in and a modest mining community developed, but the discovery of silver in led to one of the greatest mining bonanzas of all time as the Comstock Lode spewed forth treasure. The Comstock's closest connection to the outside world lay in the Truckee Meadows.

Fuller built a log toll bridge across the Truckee River in A small community to service travelers soon grew up near the bridge. After two years, Fuller sold the bridge to Myron C. Lake, who continued to develop the community with the addition of a grist mill, kiln, and livery stable to the hotel and eating house. He renamed it Lake's Crossing. Lake had earned himself the title 'founder of Reno. Lake, realizing what a rail connection would mean for business, deeded land to the CPRR in exchange for its promise to build a depot at Lake's Crossing.

Once the railroad station was established, the town of Reno officially came into being on May 9, In Reno became the county seat of the newly expanded Washoe County, replacing the previous county seat, located in Washoe City. However, political power in Nevada remained with the mining communities, first Virginia City and later Tonopah and Goldfield. The extension of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad to Reno in provided another big boost to the new city's economy. At first citizens viewed the changes as an omen, however in the following decades, Reno continued to grow and prosper as a business and agricultural center and became the principal settlement on the transcontinental railroad between Sacramento and Salt Lake City.

As the mining boom waned early in the twentieth century, Nevada's centers of political and business activity shifted to the non-mining communities, especially Reno and Las Vegas, and today the former mining metropolises stand as little more than ghost towns.

Despite this, Nevada is still the third-largest gold producer in the world, after South Africa and Australia; the state yielded 6. The famous 'Reno Arch' was erected on Virginia Street in to promote the upcoming Transcontinental Highways Exposition of , the arch included the words 'Nevada's Transcontinental Highways Exposition' and the dates of the exposition.

After the exposition, the Reno City Council decided to keep the arch as a permanent downtown gateway, and Mayor E. Roberts asked the citizens of Reno to suggest a slogan for the arch. Nevada's legalization of casino gambling in and the passage of liberal divorce laws created another boom for Reno.

Ernie Pyle once wrote in one of his columns 'All the people you saw on the streets in Reno were obviously there to get divorces. The divorce business eventually died as the other states fell in line by passing their own laws easing the requirements for divorce, but gambling continued as a major Reno industry. Beginning in the s, the need for economic diversification beyond gaming fueled a movement for more lenient business taxation.

One of the worst disasters in the history of the region occurred on the afternoon of February 5, when an explosion ripped through the heart of downtown. The first explosion hit under the block of shops on the west side of Sierra Street now the site of the Century Riverside , the second, across Sierra Street, now the site of the Palladio.

The presence of a main east-west rail line, the emerging interstate highway system, favorable tax climate and relatively inexpensive land created the ideal conditions for warehousing and distribution of goods to the growing population in the surrounding eleven western states.

Reno has experienced a growing economy which has resulted in new home construction around the metro area. A direct result of this growth and the 'housing bubble' has been a dramatic increase in housing prices in the area, Reno-Sparks being named the 44th most overvalued housing market in the nation in In more recent years, the city has gained some fame as it is the subject of the popular comedy series Reno !

Geology Reno is situated just east of the Sierra Nevada on the western edge of the Great Basin at an elevation of about 4, feet 1, m above sea level. Numerous faults exist throughout the region. Most of these are normal vertical motion faults associated with the uplift of the various mountain ranges, including the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

In February , an unusual earthquake swarm began to occur with some quakes registering between 4 and 4. The earthquakes were centered in an unnamed fault zone in the western suburbs of Reno in the area of Mogul and Verdi.

Many homes in these areas were damaged. Annual rainfall averages 7. Despite this low amount of rainfall per year, Reno features a steppe climate due to its low evapotranspiration. Annual precipitation has ranged from 1. The most precipitation in one month was 5.

Winter has snowfall which is usually light to moderate but can be heavy some days, averaging The mountains of the Virginia range to the east can receive more summer Thunderstorms and Precipitation, and around twice as much annual snowfall above feet.

The most snowfall in one year was Most rainfall occurs in winter and spring. The city has days of sunshine per year.

Summer thunderstorms can occur between April and October. In addition, the region is windy throughout the year; observers such as Mark Twain have commented about the 'Washoe Zephyr', northwestern Nevada's distinctive wind. Government Reno has a basic democratic municipal government. The city council is the core of the government, with seven members. Five of these council people represent districts of Reno, and are vetted in the primary by the citizens of each district.

Current city council members include Sharon Zadra and Dwight Dortch. In general, the top two vote earners in each ward make the ballot for the city-wide election. This is an unusual but highly effective system. The other two members are the at-large, who represent the entire city, and the mayor, who is elected by the people of the city. The council has several duties, including setting priorities for the city, promoting communication with the public, planning development, and redevelopment.

There is an elected city attorney who is responsible for civil and criminal cases. The City Attorney represents the city government in court, and prosecutes misdemeanors.

The city's charter calls for a council-manager form of government, meaning that the council appoints only two positions, the city manager, who implements and enforces the policies and programs the council approves, and the city clerk. The city manager in charge of the budget and workforce for all city programs. The city clerk, who records the proceedings of the council, makes appointments for the council, and makes sure efficient copying and printing services are available.

In , there was a ballot question asking whether the Reno city government and the Washoe County government should become one combined governmental body. In , the state university, previously only a college preparatory school, moved fromElkoin remote northeastern Nevada to a site north of downtown Reno, where it became a full-fledged state college.

The university's first building, Morrill Hall, still stands on the historic quad at the campus' southern end. The university grew slowly over the decades, but has begun to expand rapidly along with the rest of the state and currently has an enrollment of approximately 17,, with most students hailing from within Nevada.

Among its specialties aremining engineering,agriculture,journalism,business, and one of only twoBasqueStudies programs in the nation. The college has an enrollment of approximately 13, students attending classes at a primary campus and four satellite centers. The college offers a wide range of academic and university transfer programs, occupational training, career enhancement workshops, and classes just for fun.

Courses are conducted daytime and evening in the classroom, by cablecast, and on theInternet. Its doors were open from Career College of Northern Nevada CCNN is a nationally accredited trade school that trains students in technical fields that support fast growing industries. The college is locally owned and operated. Employer advisory boards direct the college in order to provide skill training that is relevant to industry needs. The university faculty is a collection business and academic professionals from the local Reno area.

Morrison University is located in the south side of Reno. Reno has eleven public high schools: There are three public high schools in neighboring Sparks, attended by many students who live in Reno: Reno-Sparks has 13 middle schools: Reno-Sparks has 64 elementary schools: Academy for Career Education, serving grades , opened Bailey Charter Elementary School, serving grades K-6, opened Coral Academy of Science, serving grades K, opened Davidson Academy, serving grades , opened Rainshadow Community Charter High School, serving grades , opened Libraries Washoe County Library System has locations throughout Reno and its surrounding communities.

Economy Before the late s, Reno was the gambling capital of the United States, but in the last twenty years Las Vegas' rapid growth, American Airlines' buyout of Reno Air and the growth of Indian gambling gaming in California have somewhat reduced its business. Reno and Sparks has 3 Malls: Because of geographical proximity, Reno has traditionally drawn the majority of its California tourists and gamblers from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, while Las Vegas has historically served more tourists from Southern California and the Phoenix area.

Reno casinos experience some slow days during the week, especially during winter, when mountain passes can be closed to some traffic from Northern California. Parking reservations may be purchased in advance through July 15th at or purchase them at the parking lot.

Vehicles may not remain in any automobile parking lot overnight. Handicap parking is available for vehicles displaying official handicap plates or placards. Shuttle service is provided from the handicap parking lot to the main gate. There are two reserved parking areas for recreational vehicles. RV permits are for the entire event only.

No daily permits for RVs are available. More information on recreational vehicles can be found here. Children ages 5 and under are free. Shuttle service begins at 7am and runs approximately every 15 minutes. Driving directions From downtown Reno, take Interstate North about 11 miles.

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