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Places adjacent to Niagara Falls, Ontario. I really like Canada, especially their social policies, but I found Niagara Falls, Ontario, to be quite tacky, touristy, and much less relaxing. On October 26, at 9: Even after these undertakings, Luna Island , the small piece of land between the main waterfall and the Bridal Veil, remained off limits to the public for years owing to fears that it was unstable and could collapse into the gorge. You can easily spend your morning on one side, and then walk over the bridge to the other side for the afternoon. This section needs additional citations for verification. On May 2, at 1:

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My grand son a medical student at a Niagara Hospital chose that education location because I talked so much about the total Niagara Falls……St Catherines Ont. These were some of the happiest days of my life. Glad you have such wonderful memories of the place and were able to pass those memories on to your grandchildren! Yes, I actually have been there! Five kids in tow! All I really remember is the Maid of the Mist, and mainly just because of the cool name.

I mean, what a great alliteration. I also remember cruising forever before finding parking. So now I know. I think both sides are definitely worth visiting… at least so you can form your own judgments and not have to just believe all those people saying the Canadian side is better and one certain blogger saying the American side is better.

I was going to say the Canadian side still wins because poutine. Because I judge the beauty of natural wonders by the food I can eat while I view them. But the ice cream and pizza may tip things back towards Team USA. The ice cream was pretty phenomenal. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that she used to go there back in the day to drink before she turned 21?

Katherine Belarmino recently posted.. Delighted to find out that I can access your blog without a VPN and also madly jealous. Hopefully they like helicopters! Um, I want a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls! OK, that was a little mean. She would just talk about how a helicopter ride is a lot like love… scary and exciting and full of highs and lows but also cute guys shoving you in the butt. Or something like that. Also, that random wrestling belt made me laugh way too hard.

Ten Years, Five Years. The helicopter guy said he was surprised I included the photo. Going to be making our first trip to Niagara Falls with in a year. We were trying to choose between this and Las Vegas. I never thought I would enjoy a helicopter ride but your photos made me want to. I also wanted to say I loved your down to earth blog.

So glad you enjoyed the post. And, if it makes any difference, I totally vote for Niagara Falls over Vegas. You said what I keep imploring to others. I want to see the Falls from above and also the neighborhoods where my grandmother grew up over years ago.

Maybe both sides just rock? Montecristo Travels Sonja recently posted.. Anyway, thanks for giving me a general idea of what to expect in Niagara Falls most especially on the American side. I went to Niagara Falls for one night before going to TBEX, and while the views on the Canadian side are pretty awesome I have to admit the American side was really cool.

I loved walking over the bridge too — it makes for a fun way to see both side of the Falls. Back to SE Asia Part 2.

And, yes, please do visit the other side! Everybody has his own directtion of viewing. As for me, both are equalvalant! The Falls are really magnificent and wonderful!

I do not know when I could see them on the spot! May be one day I hope, of course not so long! I went to both the American and Canadian sides of the falls but that was like 8 years ago. Tucan Travel Overland Tour Experiences: Sand In My Suitcase recently posted.. I just discovered your blog via The Huffington Post and I wanted to tell you what an amazing first impression you made!

Thank you for this post, and for all of the other ones I will be reading in the near future! Yes, poutine definitely is cause enough to brave the crowds on the Canadian side. I did hear tale of poutine on the American side, but I never saw it. Thanks for excellent review. Do u recommend any good hotel on American side. That would be my pick if I were staying overnight. Hi Lori, I think either side would be suitable, it just depends on what you are interested in doing.

The American side is a bit more low-key, but there are still a lot of things to do there. I think the Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds would be great for 12 year olds.

The Canadian side is much more built-up and has a lot more touristy options i. Old Fort Niagara is great. This is just one of many lovely walking paths between the 3 different parts of the Falls. Loved reading about your Niagara experience! I am a Florida gal and headed to Niagara May 7th for the first time. I am so excited! We will have a full three days there. Any other must see, must do suggestions?

There are also lots of great day trips that can be done in the area. You can go on a local wine tour and take a boat ride on the Erie Canal. I suggest checking out Lewiston, which is this super cute town just north of the Falls. Honestly, I thought the American side would stink and there would be nothing to do with a boring view.

Glad to say I was wrong after reading your comments and seeing your pictures. I have family coming to the United States for the first time to visit and I wanted to show them Niagara falls, which I am excited about doing now.

Thank you from Syracuse. Have a great trip! We went there 40 years ago on our honeymoon. We are going back this weekend. Have a fab trip. Would love to hear your take on the differences between then and now. Love your blog on Niagra Falls. Quick, easy and to the point.

What side to visit…obvious no brainer, USA. Thanks for all the links so I could get details without being overwhelmed. Hi I really enjoyed reading ur post on Niagara falls. Would you know of a tour that does all this??? If so please let me know. Tks B Rgds Sharon. You should be able to do all or most of the Niagara Falls stuff in one day — including Cave of the Winds, Maid of the Mist and the night time illumination. However, the other stuff — islands, Howes Cavern and Hershey Park — are really quite far from Niagara Falls and would probably take at least a day each to visit.

Hi Tks so much fr ur reply n the advice. I assumed theses palces were all togetehr…. I really enjoyed reading this article!! I even read every single comment and reply! Are there enough things to do to keep us busy for a week? Or do we need to plan other activities away from Niagara as well? The Falls itself is worth a good full day of exploring. There are also plenty of parks and other outdoorsy stuff in the vicinity — I went fishing in Lewiston; that was super fun.

You can easily drive to Buffalo about 40 minutes away and catch some museums, a show or a sports game. If you have your passports, you can also go to Canada to check out the Canadian side or go to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Have a great time! And congrats on your future wedding! Thank you very much! All of that sounds great! Yes, you are so right. I went to the Falls the first time in the late s as a kid. My father said the Canadian side was better, but having been to both, I love the tranquil, park setting of the State Park in New York, and like others said, you can get really close.

Now, I have advised several sites, including Wikipedia, that according to the U. Geological Survey maps, one-third of Horseshoe Falls is in the U. Most of it is in Canada…but not all of it…and with erosion more of it will be in the U.

I really like Canada, especially their social policies, but I found Niagara Falls, Ontario, to be quite tacky, touristy, and much less relaxing. I love Canada, too, and usually really love visiting there, but the Canadian side of the Falls drives me bonkers. We are coming to NF in Oct. I am trying to plan the trip first one and your blog has been really helpful.

I think we will be staying on the US side and walking everywhere we are English!! Any recommendations on what to do, where to go over winter if I still want to visit Niagara Falls? And a fun bonus is the observation deck which usually costs money is free in the winter. Old Fort Niagara is great and would be fun to visit in the winter.

And nearby Lewiston is an adorable little town with lots of quaint shops, cafes, restaurants and a spa. I live in the Cleveland area, and used to go at least once year, and have seen it multiple times in every season. But stuff like work, divorce, lack of money, and unmile-round-trip-worthy beater vehicle has kept me away for several years now.

You should definitely go! The American side has really spiffed up in the past few years. Nice post… Me n my wife r planning to go this Christmas for 2 days..

Will it be worth it if we go just to the US side considering all the attractions r closed? We r not Americans, so gotta apply for Canadian visa. I love Old Fort Niagara, which is about a 15 minute drive away, and is open year-round. Check out the Niagara USA website http: This post looks awesome and you looks like having the great time of your life in the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Thanks so much for the great info! You have inspired us to visit the US side!!! Will the falls still be frozen?

All the attractions open? Or would you recommend not going during that time frame? You should check out the Niagara USA website for details http: I enjoyed reading your post about the falls.

We are going in July for 10 days…. Have you ever taken one of the bus tours that they offer to see all the sites, we thought we might just do that rather than drive around ourselves.

So excited , its our first time there and our 40th Anniversary get away…. Hi Karen, What a great trip!

As for the sites at the Falls like the Maid of the Mist and the Cave of the Winds , those are all within easy walking distance from downtown Niagara Falls. You can also easily walk to the Canadian side from the American side much quicker than driving — the bridge is always jam-packed with traffic! Amazing blog with recommendations on insight of NF! My question s are: And is a passport required to visit the falls when visiting on the U.

Also, are there must try restaurants when visiting NF?! I know time is limited, but if a passport is required regardless of visiting the US side of the falls or Canadian, I wanted to see what places were worth sight seeing!

We will be renting a car in Buffalo, so I hope that will not limit us from crossing borders if we do! But there are a lot of nice restaurants popping up in the area.

I liked Wine on Third. Also, if you find yourself in Lewiston or Tonawanda, two cute towns in Niagara County, there are some really nice restaurants there. But, honestly, your best bet for good food is Buffalo. There are so many amazing restaurants in the city. In fact, Buffalo was just voted one of the top food cities in the world by National Geographic.

Buffalo may have a bad rap for snow and sports, but we definitely know how to eat there! You can actually just walk over to the Canadian side from the American side if you have your passport — this is usually quicker and often easier than driving as the bridge is usually packed with car traffic and parking on the Canadian side can be a hassle and expensive!

Of course, you have to check out Anchor Bar, the home of Buffalo wings. Oh, and I forgot to mention places to visit in Buffalo I guess I was just too focused on eating!

There are some good museums in the city. Martin House is a must-see. Also, Canalside, a boardwalk near downtown, is a great place to wander, sit on a big deck chair, rent a kayak or take a boat tour or have a beer at the pub. Oh, and one more kind of unusual suggestion: On the other hand, do you think having one full day and half a day is enough to explore buffalo we land at 5 pm and then go into Niagara Falls US for the next full day?

A day and a half should be enough time to get a good overview of Buffalo. There are also lots of nice places between NF and Toronto Niagara on the Lake is gorgeous and worth a one day visit , so you might just consider staying in Ontario for a bit, rather than heading on to Vancouver. And if you have time, Cave of the Winds is super awesome too.

Check out the Niagara USA website for more info. The NY side is definitely worth it! Definitely go, enjoy yourself and tell those nay-sayers that they were wrong! OMG i just teared up laughing from reading your post, unbravegirl! Youre the funniest blogger ive ever known!

I grew up an hour away from the Falls. And, yes, I would definitely recommend that tourists check out both sides of the Falls and form their own opinions for themselves.

The downtown was a major centre for local commerce and night life up until the s, when the Niagara Square Shopping Centre began to draw away crowds and retailers. Attractions include renovation of the Seneca Theatre. On 3 October , the Mayor of Niagara Falls opened the new Queen Street Downtown Park featuring a children's playground complete with soft artificial turf, benches, seating, landscaping and the "Water Molecule" sculpture, created by artist Derek Costello.

The city encourages location filming of movies and TV series and many have taken advantage of locations. The Movie and Blanket Fort: Vada Gets Toxic Niagara Falls City Council consists of eight councillors and a mayor. City elections take place every four years with the most recent election held on 27 October Due to regulations put forward by the Municipal Elections Act , elections are held on the fourth Monday in October except for religious holidays or if a member of council or if the mayor resigns.

The Whirlpool Bridge is at the end of Bridge Street. Via Rail Canada and Amtrak jointly provide one train per day in each direction. In the summer it offers a bike train service on a limited schedule.

At other times, regular hourly GO train services are provided between Toronto Union and Burlington station, where connecting bus services operate to and from the rail station at Niagara. The City of Niagara Falls is working toward Bike Friendly designation and providing more resources to encourage active transportation.

Niagara Falls has one post-secondary institution in the city and another in the Niagara Region. There are also numerous private institutions offer alternatives to the traditional education systems. Niagara Falls is also served by a growing library system composed of four branches, [26] with the main branch in the downtown area.

An extensive online database of photographs and artwork is maintained at Historic Niagara Digital Collections. Niagara Falls is served by two main local newspapers, three radio stations and a community television channel. All other media is regionally based, as well, from Hamilton and Toronto. The area is otherwise served by stations from Toronto , Hamilton and Buffalo.

Television stations from Toronto and Buffalo are also widely available. Officially, Niagara Falls is part of the Toronto television market, even though it is directly across the Niagara River from its American twin city, which is part of the Buffalo market. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the waterfall, see Niagara Falls. City lower-tier in Ontario, Canada. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of tallest buildings in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition. Archived from the original on 5 March Census Profile, Canada Census. Archived from the original on 17 May Retrieved 24 February Statistics Canada , Census of Population. Archived from the original on 7 September Archived from the original on 29 December Archived from the original on 5 September City of Niagara Falls, Canada.

Archived from the original on 4 February Retrieved 21 January Canadian Climate Normals — Archived from the original on 13 April The abundance of accommodations in Niagara Falls means that there are plenty of unbelievable Sightseeing Specials, Packages and Attractions!

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