James Farentino

Spock was sympathetic to Kirk's plight after the transporter divided the captain's personality into opposite aspects. Kirk fought his friend and first officer Spock on three occasions when the half-Vulcan lost his normal emotional control. We're tied together beyond any untying. Reality is probably somewhere in between. He asked of Kirk, " Do you drink whiskey?

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In , he starred opposite Patty Duke in the film Me, Natalie. He starred as Dr. Nick Toscanni on the second season of Dynasty from to In the late s, he appeared as the estranged father of lead character Doug Ross on ER. Farentino was charged with stalking his former girlfriend Tina Sinatra the youngest child of Frank Sinatra in A restraining order was issued against him after he entered a plea of nolo contendere. Farentino was arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 23, after Canada Customs intercepted a package containing 3.

He was in town filming the TV movie Miles from Nowhere. He was charged with cocaine possession and released on bail.

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