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Prison sentences for these crimes run between six months to eight years. Gloria [Antiphon] Another short piece that was dropped when the Iago subplot was jettisoned. Other than giving the pessimistic Martin a song of his own, I don't think this adds much to the show. Lisbon is cosmopolitan and cool, and Porto our favorite! But get outta town too! MSC Cruises have a distinctly authentic Italian style.

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Quechua Indian charm vials from Peru containing tiny blue-robed St. Anthony statuettes are carried for the return of a lost lover; they also always contain a piece of the coiled jungle vine called "vuelve vuelve" "come back, come back" in Spanish.

Folk-Catholics prayers to Saint Anthonym often in rhyme, petition him for the return of lost things or missine persons. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers.

Miracles waited on your word, which you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble or anxiety. Encouraged by this thought, I implore of you to obtain for me request. The answer to my prayer may require a miracle. Even so, you are the saint of Miracles. O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the Sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms, and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. In , Lewis Erskine wrote to me: My aunt used to say, when ever something was lost, St.

Anthony Please come down Something is lost And can't be found She is the Philadelphia-born daughter of Jamaicans who came to the States on their honeymoon and never left. They my grandparents and their children were members of The Christian? I used to snicker out loud and wonder to myself about this mild incantation until I tried it one day.

I found what I was looking for. That was more than 10 years ago. I continue to call on St. Anthony when I misplace something which is often. I continue to find what I am looking for. If I am looking for something someone else misplaced, I find it if I call on St.

I write to you to ask if you have heard this, and if you can enlighten me on any Yoruba or other connection alive in this call for spiritual intervention in daily life. The one my family knows is different. My mom learned it in in Catholic grammar school on the South Side of Chicago in the s: Anthony, I pray Bring it back, without delay.

She says it works. Here is my Babci's Polish for grandmother St. Something's lost and can't be found Please, St. Her mother taught it to her her mom died of typhoid, i believe, right around the Holocaust. She taught it to my mother and my mother to me! An ex voto is a small painting, stamped metal image, wxen image, or written testament to the saint's successful intervcession.

The word "ex voto" means "from my vow" and the vow in question is that if the saint helps your case, you will show the world -- in the church -- that he did so. The tradition of painting and dating ex votos can be traced back to classical Mediterranean Europe and is foun today wherever Mediterranean Europeans live, including their ex-colonies in the Americas, the Pacific Island, and Africa.

Reverse-painted glass ex votos, framed in wood, denerally depict the petitioner at prayer, with the saint appearing overhead, about to grant the boon requested.

Here is an example of an ex voto painted in in which the father of a boy with epilepsy who shown having a seizure prays to Saint Anthony of Padua for help. Saint Anthony came from Padua, Italy. Painted ex votos are the typical thanks-offerings to Saint Anthony and other saints in the traditions of Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Sicilian, Austrian, and Greek Catholic or Orthodox Christians, or those from another European nation. Similar painted ex votos are common in most of Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and other Spanish colonial nations outside the African Diasporic cultural area.

Generic ex votos depicting persons, animals, items or goods that have been found, healed, restored, or acquired due to a saint's intercession are sometimes made by casting beeswax into a mould is northern Europe. Similar generic ex votos may be made of thin stamped "tin" metal -- especially in Greece, Germany, and Peru.

Alternatively, they may be cast in brass and given a wash of silver -- a style common in Gerany, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru. In Latin America, small stamped and cast metal ex votos are colloquially called "milagros" which means "miracles. If the matter in which Saint Anthony helped were small, a monetary donation may be made to the church poor box; if larger, the donation might take the form of funding or helping to fund a purchase for the church itself, such as a statue, re-gilding of the dome, or a baptismal font.

If the donor were artistically or crafts-talented, embroidered altar cloths would be suitable offerings, as would cloth garments for the statue of the saint, if his was a clothed statue in that particular church. In modern Europe -- and especially in the English-speaking portions of the Americas -- it has become the custom to "magnify the fame" of the saint by publishing his name in a newspaper or, more recently, on the internet.

The country's prettiest medieval village is just over one hour away by car. It's a romantic storybook place known as "the wedding present town" for having been a gift of a king to his bride. It's also known for major festivals throughout the year, from the chocolate festival to the medieval market and the "Christmas village".

Tourists usually visit on a sightseeing bus tour from Lisbon. A beautiful rococo palace about 20 minutes away on the Sintra train line. It's a smaller Portuguese version of Versailles, with gardens that are just as impressive as the palace's interior. One of Europe's biggest palaces, reached by bus less than 1h30m away. Made famous by Nobel Prize author Jose Saramago's novel "Baltazar and Blimunda," it's also known for one of the finest libraries in Europe.

You'll need a car but you'll want to join most Lisboetas at the beaches of this 30km-long coastline in the summer. Some beaches are crowded, others nearly deserted, some overdeveloped, others wild and pristine. The choice is yours. Although Nazare further to the north has all the fame for "the world's biggest waves," this traditional seaside village closer to Lisbon is the original surfing mecca. Just 1h30m away by bus, it was Europe's first designated surfing reserve.

Those who don't surf, head here for relaxing days by the Atlantic in the atmosphere of a former fishing village with good seafood restaurants. Skip the long lines for taxis or the hassle of navigating public transportation when you arrive at the airport, and go straight to your hotel:. Save time and money: Get FREE or reduced admission to most of Lisbon's attractions and ride the city's metro, buses, and trams for free with the Lisboa Card:.

Search for the best prices and availability at all kinds of Lisbon hotels, from cheaper guesthouses, to boutique and design hotels in the center of the city: Its cloisters are considered among the most beautiful in the world and it has been listed as a World Heritage Site.