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A post on the official forums reveals that an Overwatch spectator mode and a replay system are currently being developed. This being said, you will only find high value content on our website that creates significant value to the readers. Let's take a look. They are all streamlined now anyhow and the weapons purely cosmetic. Assuming there are other teams, of course. A popular time to play your 1st Wildcard.

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Let lightsaber wielding companions use them again, and you sell much more of these items. Keeping them seperated makes no sense at all. Why not just allow any companions to use any weapon? They are all streamlined now anyhow and the weapons purely cosmetic. The teal crystal looks nice. I really wish they would come out with a bandit type mask without the head covering though.

Just the mask and not a re-breather. Rattataki , and other races are forbidded? What do you mean? Rattataki and other races are forrbiden by EA …. New Hairstyles look like part of a new customization bundle! It was added with the new 5. What the hell happened? Wow, stuff that actually looks good, and more original for the first time in ages.

Those Scorpion blades and vibroswords look pretty bad ass. OMG that is adorable. Nope, to my understanding, it is all new customization options. I hope the female ones are decent, they need more with hair over the eyes. Still not good enough. Are you allergic to positivity? Now hold on a second, there still may be lasers slapped on to it somewhere.

Vincent van der Laan. Looks ugly af imho. Wtf this pack has best set ever. Which set is your favorite? My Traditional Jedi Robes I kept begging for for 6 years. Wow someone has been playing for a while. You may know me as Alec Fortescue xd. So this is what you go by here…. I think the comment upvotes speak for themselves, mate. Not spoilerish at all….. They better bring back that other Revanite armor. I think if TOR released 10 operations at once people here would still find reason to moan.

Releasing one op a year would be a good start. You do realize this game is a MMO, right? Traditional Jedi robe is unique af. Why are you here? Go on then, name them.

This is one of the best set of releases. Revered Master is worth the praise alone and carries the shipment. I hope this planet blows up so I never have to see this shit again. Snowtacular Direct Purchase But really dunno that price. Looking forward to this. It looks like something a loser will write.

You realise most RPers are as from casual as you can be right? We keep this game alive! Throw a black dye on those Jedi robes and you got a decent looking Sith robe too. Undertunic in v-neck area doesnt dye. Will have to harass devs over it. No Darth Maul for you…: Yes, Calculated Mercenary is pvp set from 3. Pretty sure the same skin was a PvE set too? Perhaps, but reskin is reskin. On the topic, cute flairs! And yay new cosmetics. Some of those mounts look pretty neat, too.

Follow WSTipster for betting tips. Powered by Opta data. Fantasy Football is a website dedicated to providing FPL managers with daily articles, advice, news, tips, and banter on our popular community chat. World Cup Fantasy coming soon! Twitter site for http: This Calendar points you in the direction of immediate gameweek tactics. Along with the FPL Strategic column, it attempts to explain what is considered 'best practice' - as in the best time to utilise the tools given, and how best to deploy them.

Fairly pleased with that. We'll advise you in this calendar of the best time to play your chips. Don't play them yet! Serie A and Serie B clubs transfer deadline. The date English Fooball League clubs, including the Championship, have until to sign players on loan. La Liga and Ligue 1 transfer deadline. A popular time to play your 1st Wildcard. Another popular time to play your 1st Wildcard. The date and time your first Wildcard is valid until. The 2nd Wildcard is then available and will be until the end of the season.

An even amount of the top 50 players last season, played their wildcard in the first and second International breaks. I expect similar this season, when the World Cup players have returned to their respective squads, and are fit to go.

This is where you save your transfer for the following week, so that you have two transfers, and then you take a 4-point hit and do an extra transfer.

Two transfers are quite limiting but when you've got three transfers then a whole new realm of possibilities opens up. Don't do it too often though, Last year's Champion Yusuf Sheikh only took 9 hits. In fact in season the top 50 players had less than 10 hits on average 8. The ability to pick up early bandwagons at their inception should, in theory, substantially increase both team value and points.

This won't always work to our benefit. We have to be both good and lucky. Playing a mini-wildcard on international breaks, when genuine bandwagons are first emerging, is a strategy to consider. BUT, wait until the Friday or Saturday morning before locking them in.

This is especially true after an International break, as we want to see they've returned from International duty in one piece. It's been said that after the 3rd International break it could be an ideal time to switch from a defensive strategy to an attacking strategy. We shouldn't try to find three 4. I've tried rotating cheap defenders from the off and it just doesn't work for me or anyone else probably. I think we should have three or even four solid and attacking expensive defenders to start with, and have one or two defenders who are considerably cheaper but will play every week as cover.

Having 15 players - who actually play - will save us from doing knee-jerk hits when the injuries and suspensions are racking up. From GW12 we'll have a better idea of cheaper defenders - and where the value is, so we can switch to them and spend the money on attackers - and possibly five good midfielders.

I've always believed that the best predictor for goals, is goals. Form over fixtures every time. Week 3 Mark Miller analyzes which eliminator pool games to consider and avoid in Week 3. Week 3 Ryan McDowell covers waiver wire options you should consider adding to your dynasty team. Week 3 Ryan McDowell focuses on players whose dynasty value is changing after this week's games.

Week 2 Mark Miller analyzes which eliminator pool games to consider and avoid in Week 2. Week Two Ryan McDowell covers waiver wire options you should consider adding to your dynasty team. Week Two Ryan McDowell focuses on players whose dynasty value is changing after this week's games. Quick Links Running Back Report. Season Pass Tools Roto Direct. Get the latest news on: It's all sent to your email inbox! Get the players news on your players.

Instead of sorting through the hundreds of player updates Rotoworld writes in a day, you just select the players you care about. Rotoworld puts your fantasy football player news on one convenient page for viewing all season long.

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