Eagles charity casino raided by police, gaming officials

Last year, 3, licenses were approved to charitable organizations for gaming licenses and nearly half a billion dollars was raised, Reske said. State law allows charities to apply for charity gaming licenses, but the charity nights or events cannot be on consecutive days, Reske said. Other operators on the list were Ashley Stabler and Ryan Gladieux. According to documents provided by the gaming commission, the principal operator or manager of the charity gaming events is Caream Kamide. In a letter Friday to the Fraternal Order of Eagles , the commission said gaming licenses were suspended for "committing conduct prejudicial to public confidence in the Commission. One man who asked not to be identified but who said he'd been involved in the Fort Wayne gambling community for 20 to 25 years, said people had come to cash in their poker chips and were referred to the Allen County Prosecutor's Office. The West Washington Center Road operation offers blackjack, roulette, craps, and three- and four-card poker in tournaments and cash games, according to the sign out front.

Eagles 3512 Charity


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