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Definitely gonna continue with them. I never asked for an interview. I greatly recommend this gaming platform to others, who might want to give online casino gaming a try, for whatever reasons and purposes you might have. Fast in everything to put you at ease when money is concern, will recommend to buddy! I was directed to Max bet when I google for on line football betting and was attended by you who provide the solution quickly exceeded my expectations. The trick is finding a website that caters to your needs but is also safe to use.

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Basketball pick up games at the park or at the gym. More than one strip club. And please just make an epic story mode. Story mode is still one of my favorite parts of the game, so please dont start half assing the story now that there is online mode. Gta 6 should consist of buying dealing drugs for a living give an option to work a regular job still have guns good cars just add drug dealing without missions and a reg job be able to have a gf be able to cheat on gf and get a into violent arguements have kids but things like add a target to but the strolller carrier everything have parties baby showers as many kids as u want choice to be gay leabian bi be able to carry the baby any where take baby any where house robberies jail holding cells.

I think a full out zombie mode would be totally fucking awesome! Like where the whole city gets more and more fucked up looking as the story progreset and have the civilians most be zombies and some be survivors you can try to help or let get eaten. Have like huge zombie hoards and make the cars look like zombie killer rides. For example gta 6 would have a dlc pack which would contain an additional character and a seperate map, or an older character used from a previous game.

I like your ideas. I like all the street shit, but i also wanna see more mob shit too like usury loan sharking and illegal gambling too. Legal gambling as well.

There definitely needs to be poker games too where we can play against other players online. And have it in story mode too. I hope the story is authentic and raw, centered around all this criminal shit, but the usury and gambling is probably my favorite. Maybe one of the characters is a mobster whos into everything from selling drugs, to loan sharking, and robbing banks and pulling all sorts of heists. Make another character a gang banger deep in the streets selling dope, pimping, stealing cars etc.

Then the third character is like Mike from breaking bad, a badass resourceful ex cop or ex military special forces or both. Maybe did some high speed private contract black ops type work after his service and ended up becoming a professional black market assassin. I think in gta 6 you should be able to get more guns. Also more gun camos. Also I think you need to add more vehicles for off online. I also think there should be three characters. I loved what you did in gta5 with the three character and I think you should do it again.

I think one of the characters should be a under cover cop and the other characters should be a gangster and thief. So if I could add anything to a game that is near perfect now it would be to have the option to where Shark cards go away.

You need to earn your stripes on a game like this, so crawling before walking is the way to go. Create a gang and try to take over the city. Recruit members and go after the kingpins or become a kingpin. Have the ability to travel out of country to set up a drug trade. Become a dealer or kingpin and have ranks to where the city is run by highest ranking player. Have casinos open to the players to play, gambling on horse racing, sports, or become a bookie.

Open the stock market for online play, and try to make it realistic as possible according to online gameplay. If you enjoy creating havoc on killing players and you get caught I think you should serve a sentence 1 week of locked out is equal to 10 years of prison or pay a huge bond and be on parole depending on what dirt they get on you.

It makes decisions and actions more serious and put thought into the game. Make gta6 a south african version because every gta is in amerika and make it for all consoles like ps3 ps4 xbox xbox one pc ps vita ps wii and that you can go to jail if you get caught stealing and you can make familes and it must be able to have 3 characthers a rich guy a gangster and collage kid and you must grow your charachter like real life and must have real cars like VW BMW PORCHE FERRARI and you must can travel and put gas and oil in your car with water also and you can was your car get a legal job also ilegal jobs like robbing and beable to get a zombie mode.

Because they do not own the licence to that name. If they do put it in the game it would be illegal and they would get shut down. I have been a fan of GTA for most of my life. When i herd that there was a GTA 6 coming out in the years i freaked. I love my X-Box Sandreas, liberty City, lost Santos….. I love how the graphics get better also. I personally think if we have so much stuff in gta 6, why not put it on old and new consoles because there are people out there like me that want it for their only consoles such as: You should be able to upgrade any car including emergency vehicles you should be able to make cop cars faster should be able to customize and be able to put more lights on the cars should be able to turn the siren off and keep the lights on create actual police or emergency sirens instead of the crappy 3 that you get for all emergency vehicles you also should be able to get into the train and drive her around and the train like in San Andreas.

I would like to add something which i think would be best feature.. As we have director mode in gta I reckon you be able to camp so you haft to buy gear like boots hiking gear tents tables beds and you haft to hunt for food like bears rabbits deer and more. And you should be able to buy tickets for a plane so you can fly to newyork then you can rent a hotel you can have a holiday then you can live there in a house????.

You can buy pets like horses dogs kittens rabbits and more then you can buy land to have a farm and you buy pigs cows and stuff like that you can kill you animals and sell them for meat or you can breed them.

Everyone listing boring mundane things they want to do in GTA needs to switch games. For those of you that have played BF, something like that would be nice. Not be limited in what you can keep. Basically all you guys want is GTA 6 to be a mixture of Sims 4, were you can buy, restock, replace furniture, feed animals, have animals, a day job with a secret life, definitely some girlfriends and you can have sex where ever when ever.

Sims 4 combined with GTA 6 would make one hell of a gameplay. Good at day evil as hell at night! My name is jazz.. I believe that we should be able to play two players without having to get on PlayStation Network or Xbox live. A female character would be nice for more sneakier missions women could get away with things better than Males can as far as lust.

Being able to Do house robberies at night. More realistic things such as cars.. Different faces and people on the game. Be able to go into more places like Restaurants , Clothing stores, Grocery stores. More of a real life everyday thing. We should be able to pump gas at convenient stores. Be able to buy an airplane ticket to get to another city also. GTA VI would be very fun if we had a selection of things to do. We should get more job opportunities. I would say if you are currently making the Grand Theft Auto 6 I would suggest to you that maybe you should have GTA 6 take place somewhere different as in a different city different as well as a Different Country why not try and make the next GTA 6 based on Italy or Sicily as I would think as an individual as it would be a magnificent idea to make the new GTA 6 based on the mafia in Sicily or Italy time line suggestion I would recommend for it is the late s as in s or early s as in you choose the year surprise us and or make GTA 6 based on New York even Tim line suggestion I would say as an advice s the roaring 20s or around the time of WWII or even the 50ss.

I think I speak for everyone cj must return to unit the family with this twist fraklin is his long lost son luis comes back to crim life and defeats trevor because trevor has a club tony has a club so they fight luis helps cj as luis mom before she passed tells him about cj a friend gta this is the best idea gta vi the return of cj and luis.

I think we should be able to own a farm and be able to plant crops and rase animals like cows,horses, ect… and they should have it to where you can buy land such as ranches or small lots. They could make new vehicles and missions and you can make money. Also i would like it if they put horses in the game where you can ride them.

They should have country places such as small towns. They should make it where you can own businesses. I think have different culture in the game would make the sales boost even more. Able to camp by yourself or in the national parks , able to have a caravan and live in it. Able to buy camping and hiking gear and go to wilderness.

Find your own food fish , rabbit , duck , gazelle , vegetables , fruits ,etc. Go to fishing by yourself or friends. Buy a boat and fishing gear. Sell or eat it. Able to participate rally races , atv races , snowmobile races , running races , bicycle races in wilderness.

You can have a co-pilot or not. Also there should be survival competitions — tv shows like hunger games and we should able to be a contester. Also we should have a acting career in the movies or tv-shows if we success. There should be daily newspapers , monthly magazines , lots of comics , animes and different kinds of books that we can read.

We should able to write anyhing or paint on the walls by spray. We should able to buy personal stuff like wallet , purse , suitcase , luggage , tomb , mirror , make-up essentials , key rings , phone accessoires , zippos , hair sprays , toothpaste , etc. There should be cage fights , boxing matches , dog fights , cock fights , horse races , arm wrestling , sports bets that we can bet and watch or participate. We should able to go to restaurants and choose what we eat.

But it should be exactly like in real life , not like gta 4 or other games in the series. Also we should able to go to the markets , groceries , patisseries , butchers shops , fruit and vegetable shops to buy ingredients to prepare ourselves or friends diners. All home appliances , machines , cabinets in the kitchen , living room , bathroom and bedroom in our homes should be utilizable. Burglary missions from san andreas should be back.

Much wider range of vehicles.. Trucks , vans ,minivans , suvs , italian — japanese -german cars , monster cars , bikes , buses , etc should be in the game.. We should able to rent-a car , bike or bicycle in addition to buy a vehicle. Have a pet like dog , cat , bird , hamster , turtle , aquarium , etc.

Lots of sports that we do in a team or individual. Basketball , soccer , football , basaball , hockey , bowling , 8-ball , volleyball , beach volley , skiing , snowboarding , snow mobiling , ice skating , surfing , windsurfing , water polo , fly boarding , rowing , rafting , bungee jumping , skyjumping , monster truck racing , drag racing , circuit racing , all disciplines in athletics , table tennis , wrestling , judo , taekwondo , diving , swimming , boat racing , etc….

It would be nice if the characters would be able to do more real life things like cook them something and being able to sit down to eat and each one take a shower. It would be great if the characters can go inside more of the places like the hospital and other places they have to purchase things and make it more lifelike to hold the things in their hands.

Why would it be fun to watch characters eat fast food?? Wth might as well play sims if you want to do that. GTA is about stealing cars,robbing storesa and banks,killing people and getting money not eating tf?!?! Gta 6 you should be able to ride a skateboard And play basketball and gta needs more kinda clothing styles like Jordans nikes And other shoes and stuff. Gta 6 should have more hairstyles 5 hairstyles. You should be able to buy any dog you want And you should be able to work out and build up stamina and stuff.

You should be able to sell stuff like your car to people in the game. I hope gta 6 characters will still have unique abilities but different ones and gta should have mansions you can buy and you should be able to put pools in the back of your house. And you should be able to prank call people. There should me many great features like- 1 There should be islands which you can purchase but it should be very costly to make it really realistic.

They need to make amazing graphics. They need to bring back being able to walk into places to eat. They need to work on car noises and stuff a little more. They should add blinkers to vehicles. You should be able to put bodies or bikes or weapons in your trunk. You should have more characters you can hang out with at a time like random people from on the street.

You should be able to sleep over at another players house. You should be able to buy ties and bowties and all that stuff on and offline. Online and offline should be exactly the same just the difference of other actual players playing with you. Buildings should be able to be destroyed and rebuilt.

There needs to be a male and female lead so you can pick your gender and all about how you look so that you can be a lead character and be customized. They need area 51 back. They need underwater caves or buildings or missions. They need to give everyone the ability to turn into an animal for a while on and offline.

They need heists and missions offline. They need bigger longer cooler missions and heists. They need houses and apartments that you can buy and customize. They need actual officers and ems and firefighters and taxi drivers. They need more muscle cars and rat rods and more motorcycles and be able to airbag your rat rods. They need more hairstyles too. They need more paint colors. Bonus Bagging itself has been extensively explored on this site through the review, trial and videos. If you have a particular concern then of course feel free to raise that and I will address it for you.

I read somewhere that this system will work very well from Sweden. A VPN tunnel should enable all the world to use this system. You need the residential address and bank account to go with it. Im really Interested in this bonus bagging,my only problem is over the years i have probably signed up to all the major betting companies and not so well known ones,will i still actually make much profit as ive had most of there initial sign up bonuses?

That could pose a problem. Download the free matched betting eBook from this site to familiarise yourself with how the process works. Take a look at this. Your statement is true but not normally the reality. That would only become a factor if you were requesting the lay odds and thus waiting for somebody to match them. No im not confused now,i guess you just make sure someone is laying already at betfair before you take the odds at the bookies. Hi again chris,where do i find your spreadsheet again,im just trying to work out some fake bets using a website and betfair to leanr how to do these confidently before probably purchasing one of the products… im sure yesterday i saw a video of you explaining the spreadsheet but not sure where i saw it now.

You might be referring to the walkthroughs on my Youtube channel? Quick question, how is bonus bagging tax-free? Presumably the profits go into your account and is therefore liable to tax? Gambling profits aren't tax-deductible in the UK. It is not recognised a taxable 'income'.

Hi, iv never bet in my life and havent a clue about lay betting etc do you think i would be able to do this if i have no idea at all about odds, bets etc? In fact I know many others with zero betting knowledge have gone before you. The great thing about Bonus Bagging is is it does all the calculations for you. You just need to follow the instructions and place the bets. But take things very, very slowly.

Do ONE bookmaker at at time. Let the bets settle. Withdraw what you need to and then move on to the next. Kind of like that first week in the office of a new job. Thanks Chris as was only because I found your site whilst googling about something that I ever heard of bonus bagging. Thanks so much for checking back in here and sharing your experiences. I have tried all the usual methods, surveys etc and lost money because there is always a catch somewhere.

This is my last resort. Do you think I would be able to do this Bonus Bagging being a complete newbe. Not knowing anything as I said, do you think I could do it??????. Bonus Bagging is designed to make matched betting as simple as can be but you would still need to become comfortable with using bookmaker and betting exchange websites. Can you do it?

Many people found and use Bonus Bagging having very little knowledge of placing bets before. Read the literature, watch the videos again and again and read my downloadable guide on matched betting you can find on the right of this page to understand how it works. Just take things very, very slowly. One thing I might say — although you may think I have no right to comment on your personal finances — if you are talking about short-term borrowing money to be returned with high interest to pursue this I would strongly advise against that.

You will always be chasing your tail repaying that with any earnings from this. Bonus Bagging can provide a solid, month-on-month extra income but you should manage any huge expectations beyond that.

Thank you for your quick reply. I borrowed the money from a friend and he is not in a hurry for me to pay it back ,so that part is ok. I am now going to go to your videos and go over them until I am confident and understand them, which is very good advice thank you. Would it be ok for me to contact you on here if I get stuck ,if so I think we may become good friends lol Thank you again Chris I really appreciate your help.

Yes — feel free to email me from the contact form on the site though rather than leave messages here as it may get a little messy. When you line up your bets get the bookmaker and betting exchange open in separate windows or tabs and make sure this is the case before you place either. You no doubt will find a lot more liquidity and less obscure markets when the World Cup begins and the new football season after that.

I am new to on-line betting and am intending to go with both programs on your and other recommendations. Bonus Bagging covers a select number of bookmaker signup offers. Profit Maximiser targets an additional set of slightly more difficult bookmakers alongside bingo sites, casinos and spread betting firms. There is some overlap in the form of the regular reloads which are prominent within the PM calendar.

Just open up the account you made during your BB exploits and plough on! Thanks Chris — that was the answer I wanted. I have online accounts with a lot of the leading bookmakers.

Is that a problem s I am sure I could not open second accounts. Definitely start with Bonus Bagging. Chris my man, thanks for the great review. Have just purchased off the back of it through your link a few days ago. Good man mate ;. Why if this system is so legit the web page looks like any other scam web?

I would advise you read my eBook on matched betting for a thorough understanding of matched betting works. It might clear some things up with regards to the method used within this product and allow you to see how a back and a lay bet can cancel one another out to lock in a profit or small loss for qualifying bets.

I recommend Bonus Bagging solely for UK and Ireland players but Clickbank is a global marketplace and you cannot to my knowledge restrict purchases from other countries. Not everybody pays the same level of VAT all over the world so the price fluctuates depending on the purchase location. Remember that nobody is forcing you to place those bets. You can get a refund on the product before you ever even place a bet.

Pleased to hear about your profits although I am surprised you finished it all within a couple of weeks! Did you have any bookmaker accounts before you signed up? In any case — PM is a great progression on the method and you should be able to ramp is up quite considerably. I just had a thought on this. What happens if your initial bet goes unmatched on the Betfair exchange?

In reality the only markets you would be betting on are markets with enough liquidity to place your lay bet immediately. If you do find yourself having placed a bet and the lay is unmatched for whatever reason then you can tap in the new lay odds into the bet calculator and resize your lay bet according to the new values.

It contains step-by-step instructions on lesser known bookmaker offers as well as casino, bingo, spread-betting offers and so on. Is it possible to get the software at a later date or did I read somewhere it was included in the profit maximiser which I plan to buy with my profits.

What are the chances you will have a review up for NEW dutching software from mike -which I got emailed about today- within a week?

How much you can make from them depends on how much time you have available, your bookmaker accounts, the sporting calendar and a bit of luck. Another question from outside of the UK. Do the bookmakers require you to verify identity by sending mail to your residential address.

If you live OS but have a UK bank account and passport, can you use the system as effectively? They normally just require ID but more stringent ones might request a recent household bill as verification. Hi, just wondered if anyone is having issues with the site?

I love this but I just wondered, is this all about new accounts or do bookmakers offer you free bets once you have signed up. I am struggling with the concept. If you have signed up to everything does the bonus bagging stop or do bookmakers offer you free bets if you are a signed up as a customer. Continue with matched betting and your profits will far exceed what you earn from those combined.

Hi Chris i am really looking to join up i have never made a bet before will this still work for me and if i need some help or guidance would i be able to ask. Have you read my eBook on matched betting? That should help clear up the process considerably so you would start with a fuller understanding of the mechanics behind matched betting.

Beyond that Mike offers excellent round-the-clock email support across all of his products. Feel free to drop me a line through the contact form on this site also if you need to.

Good luck with it! Many have started from the same position as you and are full-blown advantage play addicts today. Take it slowly and grow your confidence. Hi Chris can you send me a link to your downloads and Ebook etc as I have extensive experience of betfair but I have never tried this bonus idea sounds wonderful. Are you yourself a reviewer or are you involved with Mikes sites?

Also how long can you this for ie is there only so many offers then you have none left to do or can you continue month on month year on year etc. Also should I start with Bonus bagging or profit maximiser as very experienced with betfair although not this idea. Follow the banner in the sidebar and confirm your email to get the download link.

The long term profits come from scooping up all the reload bonuses as well as new account bonuses and various positive expected value advantage play offers of which there are a ton of. PM is an excellent tool for this. You can of course go off and find these yourself if you wish but in my experience having a bit of guidance in the beginning and learning the process quickly is worth the small outlay of the product purchase.

You still might be able to implement the matched betting technique in Norway but you will have to research and implement it manually to know what offers work would work for Norway residents as per bookmaker terms and conditions. But you can continue the formula of matched betting for years to come.

I first started in … There is no maximum when it comes to matched betting as a technique. It depends on how much effort you put in. There is so much to read through here so I apologise if this has been asked before. I do have some concern about the amount I would need to bet on each bet. How difficult is that and is there any more risk to that? You are right that some bookmakers stipulate what is known as a wager requirement meaning you must cycle through the free bet and deposit amount a certain amount of times in order to withdraw.

It will notify you of any requirements that need to be fulfilled for a specific offer and you can still use the request bet feature to be sent instructions for what to stake on. Many sign-up bonuses are still only one play-through. The bigger bonuses often come with bigger requirements which will take you a few bets to get through. You grow with the product basically — which is pretty cool.

I am curious, im from the netherlands, is it great to use??? How can MIKE help me now? However — this product does have a day money back guarantee. If you are still within this period you can email support bonusbagging.

Ok, maybe its my mistake for being interested in this in a first place. I requested a refund and they are emailing me back changing it from refund to tech support…anyway il keep on trying to get my money back….

I am about signing up for Bonus bagging but I first want to open a separate bank account for it. What are your thoughts about doing this please. How regularly are bank transfers required, would it be every time I place a bet? You will need an account with a visa debit card or similar in order to make deposits. Credit deposits are normally treated as cash advances by your bank and will begin compounding interest from the day the transaction happens. Use debit cards only. Is this thing actually legit.

Like with so many scams out there all with money back guarantees what makes this any different. Sorry to be skeptical but I have been burn many times in the past but as far as betting its something that I have never explored. Is this the real deal? This product is sold through Clickbank whom provide payment facility for a large number of pre-dominantly information products. Clickbank enforces a money-back-guarantee across every product that uses its platform.

If a vendor is not responding to your refund requests then you can contact Clickbank directly and force the issue. Mike is good to his word. As for the product itself — you would perhaps feel more confident in what it offers if you familiarise yourself with the technique it uses in order to create profit.

I have an eBook available from the sidebar of this site which details exactly how matched betting works. If you read through that a couple of times it should sink in how it is possible to bet on all outcomes and come out a winner by utilising bonus cash.

Bonus Bagging is just an evolution of that technique in that all the research has been done for you and you need to just follow the instructions to lock in the bonus money without having to scour for odds and offers yourself.

And this really is just the beginning. Using these advantage play strategies there is a lot more money to be had. But understanding how it works to begin with is paramount to your confidence and progress. I have been doing bonus bagging for about a month now, but I am having trouble tracking how much profit I make. Typically what I do when I want to check my profit is add up my current bank balance I have a bank account solely for BB ,together with my Betfair current balance and other balances in bookmakers yet to be withdrawn, and then subtract my starting bank balance from this.

However, comparing this to the sum of the estimated wins included in the BB emails, there is quite a difference. Email me with more details if you like.

I will start doing this now to make it easier to track. Also, does PM use matched betting techniques? PM is just to take it slow and steady. Watch the introduction webinar and then follow through the available offers in the order they are set out from the Start Here page. This is just a step up. But the rewards can be much, much greater. With regards to the casino and bingo site they are a different beast really.

The idea is that the positive expected value means that over time any losses will be swallowed by your earnings. Again — read through it all carefully and only focus on these kind of offers when it is recommended to do so — beyond the easiest of easy bonuses. Many thanks again to you and Mike! Promotions are normally aimed at UK residents and you meet those requirements.

I am a UK national living in mainland Europe and attempted my first Bonus Bagging bet a few days ago. My credit card is from the country where I live now and this seemed to raise a red flag with the bookmaker. Do bookies usually ask for proof of address regardless of the credit card used?

For instance — you could have won a large bet at the bookmaker and then been refused a withdrawal based on a non-verified account. Of course if you had been matched betting this would have meant you would have also lost that amount on the Betfair side, so you are overall losses would have been pretty substantial. Matched betting is meant to eliminate the risk from betting.

Trying to game your residency for sake of qualifying for bonuses to facilitate this incorporates a huge amount of risk. Thanks for the reply, Chris. Which they say is the same by Powerball? As explained, the pay structure matches that offered to the Official winners for these US Lotteries. I am delighted to confirm that all of the other 24 Lotteries we offer on the site make the payout without these deductions and are paid as a lump sum unless stated in the pay table e.

KPMG also provides loss verification services in relation to certain big wins specified losses to certain of those insurers. Moreover, we are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and in order for us to retain this license we have to prove that we are able to make the required payments to our players should they win.

I agree with being nervous of it being a Pty Ltd company. Good day Elisa, I am happy to make the clarifications on your above comments regarding the addresses on our Australian site. The final address you refer to in the link in Maroubra is no longer relevant and is outdated information. At this time Lottoland as a company has 8 offices registered across 4 continents with over employees. We hold a total of 4 Gambling Licences to cover our players across the World including the one for Australia, issued by the Government of the Northern Territory.

I am pleased to confirm that we are a fully committed and growing company invested in our players. I won a small amount last year 4 months ago and asked for the payout.

It stated on my account that the payout is refused. I tried again, this time the payout was cancelled by Lottoland. I wrote to the customer service 2 months ago and still no reply. My advice is do not use them. The time and effort I need just to get my small payout is ridiculous. Hello Helene, Lottoland is fully licensed by the Government of Gibraltar.

In order for us to retain this license we have to prove our ability to pay out all wins. This also requires us to verify players are eligible to play, by requesting proof of age before a payout can be made. If this requirement has not been completed on your player account the payout will remain locked until the information is received. Our Customer Service Department aims to answer all e-mail queries within 24 hours.

In addition, we offer our players the option to Live Chat with an operative so enabling you to receive an immediate response. Please contact our team and they will be happy to advise you regarding the payout of the win. Yes, but you have no hesitation in taking money without checking it from someone eligible to play.

How old do you have to be to have a PayPal account, to own a credit card? I have showed a bank statement and Utility and still refused payout. These sensible questions will unlikely be answered.

Then everyone will know what is expected, otherwise it just seems like you are happy to grab money but less happy to pay it out. Lottoland is an excellent betting in the world, customer support is outstanding, really, it is worth lotto playing site, purely, transparent, reliable and scam free site.

I have won a few small prizes so far. I do not see what people are complaining about because you can select your own numbers not just play quick picks. If you complain about not winning then please remember that you are playing lotteries where the odds of winning a jackpot are against you.

I am sorry you feel the new Syndicate feature we offer is not completely to your satisfaction. I would like to clearly explain the feature as it is offered at this time on the site. The Syndicate feature we offer allows our players to bet on numerous lines for a given lottery or lotteries. They will then receive a share of the winnings for any of the lines that win at any prize tier level, including the jackpot. All combinations of the numbers entered will be submitted for the player and this makes the total number of lines entered for the draw.

There are many different Syndicate Bundles offered across the sites. For the time being, the numbers selected for each Syndicate submitted are random number generated and cannot be selected by the player. I can confirm that any duplication of numbers across the slips is coincidence and not planned. When the Syndicate is submitted into your Shopping Cart, you can view the numbers pre-selected for you by clicking on the Looking Glass icon found to the right-hand side.

If you are not entirely happy with the selection, you can delete the Syndicate and try again. Once the numbers displayed are satisfactory, you can then purchase the Syndicate bet. I am pleased to confirm that your suggestion to add the option for players to choose their own numbers has been forwarded to the relevant department for review and will be considered for addition in the future. I have been with them from the beginning when all they offered were a few lotteries and I have grown along with them.

They now offer a wide variety of different lotteries, games, live casino and scratchcards to name just a few things. The customer service is nothing short of outstanding with all staff being polite, courteous and friendly, but doing some in a professional manner. No one offers more lotteries, customer service is amazing and they have a straightforward withdrawal process.

I can really only say good things about the site. The website is smooth to use and pleasant to look at. Works really well on mobile as well. Looking great and fun to play, really entertaining lotto betting site, customer support is really good, one must have try their luck!

Excellent price, great offers. Nice app and very convenient to play. Customer service is very helpful too. I won money at Lottoland, betting on the Euromillions — the withdrawal was quick and easy and Customer Services was very helpful.

The website is really straightforward. And you can set up a subscription, which means you always have a chance — twice a week on Euromillions to win big. I found Lottoland from Google and I am just spend little money for give it a try. I also like the vdo promo on the first page. The game is fun to play.

I finally read in detail the terms and conditions and found out that if you are a resident of South Australia you cannot play. I can confirm that at this time Lottoland are unable to accept Players who are residents in South Australia.

We would love to accept Players from all Territories in Australia if we could. When you sign up to your Lottoland Player Account you are asked to enter your country of residence. South Australia is not offered on this list, as it is a restricted territory. This is a mandatory field and by completing the form using an incorrect option, you are providing false information on registration.

During registration you are also confirming that you accept our Terms and Conditions for using the site. These clearly include the exclusion of any residents of South Australia.

Waiting for verification of docs so I can start withdrawing my winnings instead of playing it all back. My dave is Pyramid slots. Good payouts even in a 20p bet.

Lottoland are fully licensed and regulated and this means that your winnings are guaranteed to be paid out. If you would like to opt out from receiving the promotional emails, you can do this on your player account or by contacting customer support. I was a bit worried at first, perhaps I was throwing my money away on scams.

But after some great support from Alex Customer Assist you can guarantee its all good. The odds are high, but better than local lotteries and the wins can be huge. Someone said earlier… If someone wins the Euromillions jackpot with ticket in real life and you have selected same numbers in Lottoland then they will pay you only half amount. Is the above statement correct? They say that in this case there are 2 winners.

Just a trick to rip you off! Very poor customer service…. Fingers crossed, got to be in it to win it. Simple and easy to navigate and all from your mobile phone.

If u like to play lotteries I recommend this Australian NT based company. The service from Lottoland was excellent. Email reply from Philippa was great and prompt and helped me solve my issue about withdrawing funds. If you need any further information about this, or assistance making the withdrawal, do not hesitate to contact us.

Just had a query and the response from Demi was fast, efficient and clear. Got my tkts on Groupon deal, but will happily continue to use. Hi, The lotto land is the best site, price, help, and services.. If you compare only the price between this site and the others which are in the top 10 you can see the difference in the price 3 times less here.. Plus they have many features you can not find it in another website: Lotto land is the BEST. Online live chat with agent Soloman was straight forward resolved my inquiry within minutes.

Great outcome and service, thank you so much for making the process simple. Tried it out for the first time the other day after watching the tv advert. Lots of different lotteries to choose from and I also played some of the scratchcards too.

I had one or two problems in signing into my account but with the help i got from Alex was excellent. Thank you again Alex. I think the overall rating given to Lottoland is not fair. I will give them 5 stars because, amongst other things, they offer the cheapest prices in comparison to other online competitors.

Nobody beats them when it comes to pricing. I have had no trouble what-so-ever with Lottoland in Australia. Alex, my Service Agent was very helpful with my query. Like everything in this world, nothing is perfect. I do believe but that there are people out there in the world that would complain about anything instead of working through a matter. Keep up the good work Lottoland. Signed up with Lottoland and had a pretty good experience so far.

All in all a positive experience. I love this site! Always get help when I need it.. Amy, Jessica and Alex are all great Customer Service reps.

Why I love the site: I was in gaming for awhile, getting a license is impossible. I trust them because they are heavily regulated, online gambling is not a joke, serious business. If some of you writing these crazy comments would simply take some time and research gaming regulations, then you would know that Lottoland is above board and has to pay out!

I saw many posts about Lottoland taking out money from accounts, this so far has not happen to me, but I can say I never play a subscription I make single bets. I am away from home on business, this site and these games keep me entertained, that is what gambling is suppose to be about, entertainment. I would love to win a jackpot, but until then I keep working my job and keep my fishing pole in the water make sure I have lotto tickets from Lottoland. And NO I am not a rep or work for Lottoland, I am just a guy that searched the web for a legitimate lottery provider.

And it was hard to find Lottoland. If you want to know what you should be careful of, watch out for the guys who say they buy the tickets in your name, scan and send to you. They hold the ticket, if its worth million do you really think you will ever see the ticket? I will continue to use Lottoland. I have only just started with LottoLand and set up an account. The thought of a big win was my calling to start. I had some issues with start up and when I read the conditions I thought I had done something wrong.

I contacted the company via email and I had a response within 30 mins. Very quick considering most other companies take days in my experience. I had to contact LottoLand twice since I joined two months ago. And both times they responded very quickly and sorted it out. I am very pleased with their service. UK, I love playing lotteries at Lottoland they have a great range of lotteries and games to choose from and prices from as little as 25p. Their Facebook page is also great fun every day, free to play games and prizes to be won.

I can recommend them and give them 5 stars. What I think is fantastic at least we have to experience how to play and bet in different countries which we have a bigger chance of winning? Lottoland thank you from the bottom of our heart???????????? Read the large print; read the small print.

It is an excellent lotto playing site till date, it is fully scam free, the customer care is very supportive, the app launched by Lottoland is excellent, after all, this site is a reliable and trustworthy, prefer to win. Have been with Lottoland for a number of years, and I have always found the support very helpful, and polite. In order for us to retain this license we have to prove our ability to pay out even the largest jackpot wins. Please use the following link to view the details: If you have any further queries about payments, please email us at support lottoland.

There are a lot of unhappy customers there and it all seems to center around money being withdrawn without their knowledge, but it looks straight forward to me. I will join if you get PayPal on board and give it a try. When you purchase a line for either of these two products at Lottoland you are betting on the draw for the opportunity to win the same prizes including the jackpot. At Lottoland we can guarantee you will be paid out on your winnings — regardless of the jackpot amount.

We are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. You can view our Licence Agreement through a link on our Landing Page http: If you would like to discuss details of your win and the payout procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at support lottoland.

This company is scam, for example I will talk about Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots. To keep the customer experience the same as if you had played the MegaMillions or Powerball lotteries in the US, adjustments are made to the final jackpot amount paid out, as you have correctly stated. This means, that if you were to win the jackpot, your payout would be exactly what it would have been if you would have bought a ticket in the US for the underlying lottery.

We take no payment from players other than for tickets submitted. Whilst I am unable to discuss details of specific player accounts here, if you would like me to look into this for you, please email me at support lottoland. Lottoland offer a range of scratchcards on the site with many different prize amounts, so there is something for everybody. I can confirm that Lottoland take no payments other than those authorised by the player.

I cannot discuss details relating to a specific player account, but if you would like to contact us with any queries about your player account, please email support lottoland. I withdrew this and the money was paid into my credit card on the fifth day following the request. So, overall a happy customer. Anyone had Powerball numbers confirmation on numbers you did not pick?

If my numbers come out before email response to rectify I will have a legal battle before I see winnings. When submitting a ticket using a special promotion, quick pick numbers are randomly selected for you. You can view, and edit, these numbers by clicking the looking glass icon in the shopping cart before submitting them.

If you have made a mistake, or submitted the wrong numbers, this can usually be rectified if Customer Support is contacted immediately and well before the draw takes place. I think this is a scam to take money of people on a regular basis. I would like to cancel Lottoland Subscription or else I will contact my bank and get them to investigate it. It sounds like you have submitted a subscription ticket. You are able to cancel a subscription at any time by following these instructions: Click on the button on the right hand side of the screen that is denoted by 2 arrows that circle each other with a line crossed through it.

You forgot to mention Lottoland takes a big cut of the amount you bet. I placed a bet for the Mega Millions for 6 games. Going to find another place to play the US lottery. Not good enough, Lottoland. Contacted support several times and till now nothing. This is a big scam, imagine is I have won the jackpot of million pounds. What a dreadful lottery service!

Somehow I ended up on a subscription…. They have taken my spending limit out of my account whilst I had no idea this was happening.

When I tried to close my account they are now asking for ID- passport or drivers license. Strange that I was not informed of this when I opened my account and they happily took my bank details. I informed them that I will not be sending them any ID so it seems my account will just have to stay there — inactive.

I asked for this to be transferred back into the credit card from which they had taken several payments. Two weeks and a dozen emails later there is no sign of the money. Thank goodness I did not win a fortune.

I had a great win on a scratchcard and then had to verify age and ID. I think this should be done prior if needed but my real gripe is their refusal to send the money as promptly as its taken. Im at almost a week of waiting for a win and still nothing. They dont seem to want to part with my funds. I have been charged twice for this same amount on the 12th and 13th January. I have contacted customer support and have been told I requested it twice.

Why would I want two tickets with the same numbers for the same draw. I have not authorised this and like I said in my emails all correspondence pictures and emails have been forwarded to my lawyer. I Sent an email to Lottoland This is the email back Dear customer,. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any frustrations or difficulties you may have suffered as a result. Hi, I emailed Lottoland with my driving licence to confirm who I was.

I emailed again to say I am not able to purchase anymore and still no response from them. I am starting to wonder if this company is scam. I signed up for Lottoland and brought some scratch cards. When I tried to play the cards they would not load so I was unable to play them. I have tried to email support for 3 days with no susses I then tried the number which just rings and rings also the cards have been played but not by me still as of today no one from Lottoland has contacted me..

Not happy at all. Will play now the minimum in order to get the legal right to bring Lottoland to justice. Will inform DoJ, too. Without warning the price had doubled. I see by reading up on the company that it is a genuine business, but give your copywriter a swift kick up the ass!! I noticed that, too. They need to look into this if they want more people to take them seriously.

For the many that shout scam, fraud etc. No-one has either won or even played. I have read most of these reviews and there are very few from actual customers of Lottoland. If reviewers make comments that are not correct, they should be taken to task. Lotto land is a mirage if you ever think you are going to win all that jackpot, think again, you are in a pie of dream.

Lottoland is in the business of making money, whose main gold is to make money. They are the one who is making money and not you.

I tried today to register and buy a ticket. Plus the Double jackpot feature was not available — the entry card not the same as the one illustrated. So starting to look schonky — too bad seems like a very innovative business.

Stay away from that mafia. Who are these people?! They give you 2 days for that. Does not matter if you click if you are over I guess they must copy your identity and then applying for credit cards in lloyds I. Or if you win they will just get straight away to your account or just stole your house, or worse, who knows, this society is so corrupted.

I wanted to withdraw my money that I paid for ticket, first I was promised to do that and then I was told NO. I am pleased to confirm that you can receive payment for the MegaMillions Jackpot as installments over 30 years or as a lump sum. Therefore the MegaMillions and PowerBall Jackpots can be paid out in the 30 year installments, with one annual payment being made for the 30 year term.

I am delighted to confirm that we have a telephone number for our Players to speak to us in person and all charges are at local rates. You can also request we call you back and we are happy to do this for you too. Our telephone number is and the operatives are available Mon — Fri: In addition we offer the Live Chat tab to the right of the site where you speak to an operator in real time.

Regarding the suspension on your Player Account, I can confirm that all UK Players must supply proof of age within 72 hours of their first deposit or the account is suspended. This is part of our Gambling Licence Regulations and is for the protection of the players and the site. If you would like us to review your account please message us and we can advise you as to how to gain verification and access to the account.

I look forward to receiving your message and assisting you further. Unfortunately, Lottoland cannot accept any players from Australia at this time. This is due to Government restrictions and is currently out of our control. We are in the process of applying for a license and once this is received, we will operate a site for our Australian Players.

Please keep an eye on our site for updates on this situation. I can confirm that this is not an automatic withdrawal option we offer but this can be arranged by contacting Customer Service at any time. I look forward to receiving your message on my private e-mail in the near future. I joined this site just a couple of weeks ago credited my account and played the lotto of my choice, but before you can withdraw they require proof of I.

D they should confirm your I. D before they allow you to deposit and play beware this site is not all they make themselves out to be…. When registering a Player Account you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the site. These include the requirement for the proof of identity and address for all UK Players.

To comply with our license agreement Lottoland are required to provide proof of age and identity for every player.

Driving Licence Photo Card — front and back provisional licence is accepted 3. The proof of address must be dated within the last 2 months to ensure that the details are current. I hope the above information helps clarify the reason for the request for the documents and also why we must be particular with the information we accept to adhere to these regulations.

Please use the following links to view the details: When there is a cancellation of a payout to a Player this can be for two reasons. If the Player has not supplied the proof of identity we require, to adhere to our Licences, the payout will be cancelled until the information is received and the Player Account is verified.

The second reason for the payout to be cancelled is if the transfer of funds did not action correctly and could not be completed to the bank details provided.

I cannot offer individual comment on one Player Account but will be happy to investigate the matter further for you.

Please forward a message to support and mark FAO Nicole. Concerning the Customer Service options we currently offer, you can contact us through our landing pages via e-mail or Live Chat. We will also be adding a Call Center option to our UK Market within weeks and hope to expand this service across the sites. Lottoland Head Office is based in Gibraltar and our address can be viewed at the bottom of our Landing Pages.

I can confirm the details here for you: I did not get any explanation despite my specific request. I suspended my subscription after that and retried the payout with the rest remaining. It was proceeded correctly, without any more data, so there was a problem on YOUR side. I am happy to read the Gibraltar licence guarantees, but then why not publish the big wins some of tour clients actually won. Just the amounts won will do it, with some other data draw, date so to verify the facts.

Also the phone number is a must if you are serious in your business. I will keep looking after those required changes. Otherwise I will keep out and just play my national lottos.

Lottoland have dealt with my complaint 4 weeks after the original win, but they have now suspended my account. Really is very telling that they would suspend an account after a complaint and taking 4 weeks to deal with that account holders queries.

I checked the UK Gambling Commission website and entered Lottolands details and nothing came up under the License search, https: A complaint has now been sent to the relevant authorities. So I contacted them and was told that their license stipulates that for payouts they need I.

D confirmation as an anti money laundering measure. I am not happy for an online lottery company holding sensitive information about me and my I.

Also when I asked them to stipulate and provide me with the legal details within their license that says they need I. But they could not provide me with the license details I asked for and just kept repeating the same agreement details they had previously mentioned.

So they were actually lying about their license terms. They have a duty to ensure that the player is over 18 , well I have a credit card which they took payments from so they seemed happy I was old enough to play and they only need to ask for further I. D if they are unsure about the age of the person , again taking payments for a while they seemed very sure I was old enough and the person I said I am.

They are a con outfit that tries to hold onto the winnings as long as possible. I have now compiled a complaint for B. C Watchdog and the Gambling Commission. When playing with Lottoland you are placing a bet on the outcome of the Official Lottery Draws. For this reason you are correct in saying, Lottoland are responsible for making all payout of all Prize Tiers for all Lotteries themselves.

To achieve this we have two options we use: For smaller prize tier payments on a ticket, we make payment directly from the fund we have from the total ticket sales. In order for us to make the larger prize tier payments we take out insurance policies to cover the eventuality of a Jackpot or substantial payout on the ticket.

Part of the ticket price paid goes towards the payment of this policy. We have a risk assessment team that calculate the requirement for each prize tier and depending on their results, we decide to make payment by option 1 or option 2. Lottoland are registered with the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and in order for us to gain and retain this Licence, they verify that we are able to make the required payout of winnings to our players and that we have the correct procedures in place to guarantee this for you.

This includes having the correct Insurance cover and procedures in place to make the payout of large Jackpots and also payments of instalments over 30 years.

If Lottoland is a private company how can they assure to pay if someone very unlikely wins the jackpot i. Would they have the cash flow to pay?

If someone wins either Megamillions or Powerball with Lottoland how can they warranty they will pay the winner in 30 years? What if the company changes name or stops existing? I am sorry you feel there is an issue with the Lottoland Site but I can assure you that all winnings are guaranteed to be paid out.

Please message us at support lottoland. What happens if a winner of the Jackpot is from a country that does not belong to Europe? How do we know that the contract you have with the Emirat AG says exactly that would bear the payment of a jackpot to lottoland open bankruptcy? What is the guarantee of the person who played? Sorry for the delay in replying dfarias. These are both respected international online betting and gaming regulators.

Our betting licence depends on our financial ability to payout winners including jackpots that are done via an insurance agreement that have been verified. Lottoland automatically stops a Direct Debit when a player is in debt on their account in order to avoid additional chargebacks. The additional payment may have resulted from another ticket purchase.

If a payment has been made from your bank to clear the debt, it can take up to 2 weeks before that payment is received due to the changes for Bank transfers SEPA. I am furious and steaming with what Lottoland is doing to my account. If you are in the red then maybe you should not bet rather than blaming others for your choices, make sure you have enough money in your bank or cancel your account before you get in the red..

Maybe you should visit gambling aware if you have an addiction. To assist you with your registration query please contact our customer care agents via this email: You can find our status by visiting http: Only MegaMillions and PowerBall jackpots are subject to annuity payments over 30 years, and this is due to the financial agreement we have in place with a respected insurance company that is part of the AXA group Plc.

Other lottery jackpots available are paid in a lump sum, unless the player wishes to use an annuity agreement with ourselves. Lottoland is government licenced both in the UK and by Gibraltar, and also audited by KPMG, who have verified our provision to payout winners. Is it true that you pay big winnings over 30 years?

Please give us specific figures and examples. Unfortunately we do not operate in all areas outside of the EU. You need to check the rules and regulation of the country you reside within to ensure that online gambling is legal.

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