7 Agile Estimation Techniques – beyond Planning Poker

If there is consensus on a particular number then the size is recorded and the team moves to the next story. About Planning Poker Planning poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of development goals in software development. The idea is that if the team is not unanimous in judging a story as 1, meaning there is a NFC or TFB, even by one team member, the PO has some work to do. So good estimation can give the product manager new insight into the level of effort for each work item, which then feeds back into their assessment of each item's relative priority. Jira Cloud apps are priced based on the maximum users of the Jira products on your instance. Divide until Maximum Size or Less The group decides on a maximum size for items e.

Why Scrumpy Planning Poker?

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Agile estimation is just that: There's no requirement to work weekends in order to compensate for under-estimating a piece of work. That said, let's look at some ways to make agile estimates as accurate as possible. So good estimation can give the product manager new insight into the level of effort for each work item, which then feeds back into their assessment of each item's relative priority.

When the engineering team begins its estimation process, questions usually arise about requirements and user stories. For product managers specifically, breaking down work items into granular pieces and estimates via story points helps them prioritize all and potentially hidden!

And once they have estimates from the dev team, it's not uncommon for a product owner to reorder items on the backlog. Involving everyone developers, designers, testers, deployers Each team member brings a different perspective on the product and the work required to deliver a user story.

For example, if product management wants to do something that seems simple, like support a new web browser, development and QA need to weigh in because their experience has taught them what dragons may be lurking beneath the surface.

Likewise, design changes require not only the design team's input, but that of development and QA as well. Leaving part of the broader product team out of the estimation process creates lower quality estimates, lowers morale because key contributors don't feel included, and compromises the quality of the software. Want to give story points a try?

Traditional software teams give estimates in a time format: Many agile teams, however, have transitioned to story points. Story points rate the relative effort of work in a Fibonacci-like format: It may sound counter-intuitive, but that abstraction is actually helpful because it pushes the team to make tougher decisions around the difficulty of work.

Here are few reasons to use story points:. Teams starting out with story points use an exercise called planning poker. At Atlassian, planning poker is a common practice across the company. The team will take an item from the backlog, discuss it briefly, and each member will mentally formulate an estimate. Then everyone holds up a card with the number that reflects their estimate. You can assign estimation numbers to the different groups.

This is an exercise where you get an accurate image on the relative size of items. This works best in a small group of expert. All items are placed in random order on a scale label ranging from low to high.

Every participant is being asked to move one item on the scale. Each move is just one spot lower or one spot higher or pass the turn. This continues till no team member want to move items and passes their turn. The ordering protocol is a method of getting fine grained size estimates.

Works best with a relative small group of people and a large number of items. Please share your experiences with this below in the comments section. He has a vast experience in managing software development and delivery projects and growing the development unit of AMIS. He is able to utilize new technologies and methodologies to valuable products and services for his customers. His expertise lies in all aspects of software engineering; ranging from continuous delivery, provisioning, cloud computing, user experience and wearables.

Robbrecht is also an Agile coach and Certified Agile Master. Robbrecht is a strong proponent of the agile principles. Robbrecht is agile examiner for the agile foundation, practitioner and master certificate. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. GraalVM is the answer! Docker host and bridged networking. Agile software development, the principles.

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