The Dawn and Enduring Freedom. Douty such as fiber arts, ceramics, jewelry, glass by to music to dance and more. The city grew oore and 24 miles southeast of Fresno. Bible and Rifle Church and Mount Mitchell http: B19 Clinic, Public Health COM For a DIY move, consider distance, labor help main disadvantage is loss of control over the and the costs to rent the moving van, gas, lodging residence.

Academy Bank Routing Number and Locations – Complete List [107001481]

How to Find Ally Bank Routing Number?

South Carolina Welcome Center. Kirkland NE th St. Crossings Enchanted Pkwy S. In some of the branches like the Boeing Employee Credit Union BECU branch, the routing number, which is unique for every operation of the institution, helps the management in regulating the financial operation in a more standardized and streamlined way. The matter of fact is that the codes not only help the interbank exchanges to get smoother but also let the high-level finance bodies to accept the flow of fund and track minute operations with a simple routing number.

These numbers also work as a differentiating factor between various operations and branches. A routing number is a 9-digit code that is unique to every branch. It is used to perform various e-payments, online payments, direct deposits, and e-payments.

Some branches have also named it as SWIFT code — it is another version of routing number and quite unique meant only for international transfers. Make plans to with seven zip lines and hiking trails. Visitors will find a variety of things to suit State University for the sports enthusiast, and , Colbert Hills Drive, their taste throughout the year.

Manhattan -- Manhattan's working art new convention center and hotel that was coalition provides information on everything Historical Attractions added to the mix. The ribbon was cut in to do with the arts. Housing, job formance art in Manhattan moves to the Larry Road offers historic exhibits from pioneer days opportunities, health care and schools con- Norwell Band Shell and City Park Pavilion in to the present.

Call or visit www. There is much to discover in and around nue , www. Wamego is steeped in rich history, fea- Other Manhattan Attractions http: Historical points of interest include Open noon to 5 p.

Art galleries are open and free to the pub- toric Columbian Theatre, Walter P. Chrysler look at exotic wildlife from around the world. Art birthplace, Oregon Trail wagon ruts, Beecher http: Bible and Rifle Church and Mount Mitchell http: The Flint Hills also protect the largest remaining stand of http: Six miles south on McDowell Creek Road, , http: Wamego Wakefield around Wamego.

Home to two wineries in celebrates Christmas with a grand array of Wakefield Museum: Located at Sixth downtown with another winery located about lights and festivities, kicking off the Saturday St. Activities include a ing local artifacts, newspapers, obituaries and wineries than anywhere else in Kansas. Park lighted Christmas parade down Main Street, family histories. Call for more downtown and enjoy free wine samples at both visits with Santa and a light ceremony at the information.

Vin Vivante Winery and Oz Winery. Near dozens of high-quality wines to choose from. Wakefield, more than 1, species of native Downtown Wamego is an enjoyable stroll For more information or request your free and exotic woody plants adapted to the Kan- for all, offering unique dining and specialty http: Much of the retail shops along Lincoln Avenue.

Tours can be scheduled. Call tors to enjoy their beauty. Dairy store at Missouri year. Wamego's City Park spans 12 acres with Ave. Located on Highway 99 N. Westmoreland, was miniature train for children, fishing pond, ten- constructed in by men using only picks nis courts, horseshoe pits, and many picnic Chapman and shovels.

The old city water well is reported tables and shade trees to choose from with a Kansas Auto Racing Museum: This acre to be the second-largest hand-dug well in the brown bag meal or take out from a downtown museum complex is at the beginning of the Joe world.

The trail The Stone Church Museum: Located on 6th bowling, disc golf, theater productions, biking walk enables visitors to enjoy a combination and State streets. Built by the German Evan- and hiking, art galleries, tennis, baseball and nature walk and scenic walk that can extend gelical Association, organized in An early soccer fields, sky diving, scenic and wildlife for over 3.

Free admission, open 1 to 4 p. Tues- bison experience or golf at one of the top rated one-half mile south at exit off Interstate 70 day through Sunday or by appointment. Call hole golf courses in the state. Located at Burkman St. Located museum houses many historical items from Museum is home to one of the largest privately at 4th Street and Pomeroy in Clay Center. The OZ Open 9 a. Located at The museum is free and open 1 to 4 p. Tues- through the simple message: Located at Paul- Home to one of the largest and longest run- will see a Union Pacific caboose, a furnished ing Run Road.

Offers hands-on bison artifacts ning Fourth of July celebrations, Wamego log cabin, and a one-room schoolhouse. Call to view such as bones, skulls, wool and robes.

Inde- for more information. A wagon tour is available to see the bison. Call pendence Day is a weeklong celebration in for more information. Wamego including a parade, carnival, antique Seneca tractor and car shows. The celebration liter- Seneca Pony Express Museum: Mary's tary Families for research and counseling planters in Wamego.

Located on impacts of deployment on military Street closes the first weekend in October at E. During the s, a number of mili- The fort's design followed the standard fron- Bennett C. Riley, who enjoyed a long and dis- tary posts were established at strategic points tier post configuration: Later he emigration and commerce. In the spring, troops commanded the first military escort along the In the fall of , a surveying party under were dispatched to escort mail trains and pro- Santa Fe Trail in Robert Chilton, 1st U.

At the fort, He also served as the last territorial governor Dragoons, selected the junction of the Repub- additional buildings were constructed under of California. He died in June and is bur- lican and Smoky Hill rivers as a site for one the supervision of Capt.

This location, approved by the Anticipating greater utilization of the post, Fort Riley has always had an important role War Department in January , offered an Congress authorized appropriations in the in the defense of our nation and the training of advantageous location from which to organize, spring of to provide additional quarters our Soldiers, and its early history is closely tied train and equip troops in protecting the over- and stables for the Dragoons.

Ogden again to the movement of people and trade along the land trails. Surveyors believed the location near the cen- worth in July with mule teams loaded with The fort was established in as a military ter of the United States and named the site, materials, craftsmen and laborers. Its mission Camp Center. During the late spring, three Work had progressed several weeks when was to protect the movement of people and trade companies of the 6th Infantry occupied the cholera broke out among the workers.

The over the Oregon-California and Santa Fe trails. Work gradually fest Destiny" in the middle of the 19th century, On June 27, , Camp Center became Fort resumed and buildings were readied for the extended American domination and inter- Riley, and the post took shape around a broad arrival in October of the 2nd Dragoons.

As ests into the far reaches of a largely unsettled plain that overlooked the Kansas River valley. Larger concentrations of troops were Cavalry passed through en route to perma- stationed at forts Larned and Hays, where they nent stations in the Southwest.

They returned spent the summer months on patrol and win- during the early s and the early part of tered in garrison. The 10th Cavalry Artillery Battery. Instruction was of a purely was stationed there in and On the practical nature.

Regular classes were not con- eve of World War II, the 9th and 10th Cavalry ducted and critiques were delivered during or became a part of the Second Cavalry Division, following the exercise. This short-lived school which was briefly stationed at Fort Riley.

Army horsemen during the brief territorial legislative session, of the infantry and cavalry were garrisoned at and the training they received at the Cavalry which met at Pawnee in the present area of Riley. The spring and summer months usually School made them among the finest mounted Camp Whitside. Slavery was a fact of life and an issue to forts Hays, Wallace and Dodge in western schools. Horse shows, hunts and polo matches within garrison just as it was in the rest of the Kansas.

The seeds of sectional discord were With the approach of winter, troops returned a natural outgrowth of cavalry training. Regiments serving here during this The Cavalry School Hunt was officially orga- and bloodshed between pro-and anti-slavery time included the 5th, 6th and 9th Cavalry and nized in and provided a colorful spectacle settlers resulted in the use of the Army to the 16th Infantry Regiment.

These activities gave rise "police" the troubled territory. They also con- The lessening of hostilities with the Indian to the perception of a special quality of life at tinued to guard and patrol the Santa Fe Trail in tribes of the Great Plains resulted in many Fort Riley that came to be known as the "Life and due to increased Indian threats.

Riley escaped this fate of Riley. Philip Sheridan recommended strated on the battlefields of Europe and World and South in disrupted garrison life. By the late s, other states used Riley as a base from which to units for encampments and training exercises.

This was followed by degree of protection to trading caravans using of , with subsequent ones held in , activation of the 7th Cavalry Brigade Mech at the Santa Fe Trail. In the early stages of the , to and These exercises Fort Knox in the fall of to make up the war, the fort was used to confine confederate gave added importance to the fort as a training 2nd Regiment of this brigade.

These exercises nessed Fort Riley again assuming an impor- The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments -- the helped prove the effectiveness of mechanical tance in providing protection to railroad lines famed Buffalo Soldiers -- were stationed at doctrine.

Evidence of this occurred in the summer and fall of when the 7th Cavalry Regiment was mustered-in at Riley and the Union Pacific Railroad reached the fort. Custer arrived in December to take charge of the new regiment. The following spring, Custer and the 7th left Fort Riley to participate in a campaign on the high plains of western Kansas and eastern Colorado. The campaign proved inconclusive, but resulted in Custer's court martial and sus- pension from the Army for one year, in part for returning to Fort Riley to see his wife without permission.

The post also received a presidential visit by Franklin Roosevelt on Easter Sunday in The 9th Armored Division was organized in July , and after its deployment, Camp Funston was used as a prisoner-of-war camp. The arrival of victory in Europe and Japan during the spring and summer of , were joyous occasions.

However, they also spelled new realities and directions for the Army and Fort Riley. The Cavalry School ceased operation in November , and the last tactical horse unit inactivated the following March. Replacing the Cavalry School was the Ground General School, which trained newly commissioned officers in basic military subjects. The the training of thousands of American Soldiers there in December Barracks were built 10th Infantry Division, one of 10 Army train- across the nation.

During the summer and fall in the area known as Republican Flats and ing divisions, was activated at Camp Funston of , facilities were greatly expanded and a renamed Camp Forsyth. As well, 32, acres in August The week basic military cantonment named Camp Funston was built were added to the post for training purposes. This train- These efforts were brought into sharp focus Soldiers for infantry combat and duty with ing site was one of 16 across the country and with America's entry into World War II.

Over the next four years, approximately The invasion of South Korea by North Korean The first division to train at Camp Funston, , Soldiers were trained at these facilities. The 10th Division also received training champion, Joe Louis, and motion picture stars ity. Over the next few years, recruits from all at Funston, but the armistice came before the unit was sent overseas. The camp was com- manded by Maj. A Mili- tary Officers Training Camp was established in the Camp Whitside area to train doctors and other medical personnel.

The War Department directed service schools be created for all arms of service. As a result, in , the Mounted Service School, which had ceased to function during the war, was redes- ignated as the Cavalry School.

The change was sudden and abrupt. The new school recognized the need for courses broader in scope while at the same time being more general in character. This led to several important develop- ments at Fort Riley.

The division's 3rd Brigade was sta- tioned in West Germany. Reserve Officer Training Corps summer camps were also held at the fort, which per- mitted troops to demonstrate and teach their skills to aspiring second lieutenants. The fort also hosted the model U. The resulting international outcry led to the largest U. In the fall of that year, Fort Riley was notified to begin mobilization of troops and equipment for deployment to the Persian Gulf. Between November and January , men and equipment were deployed overseas.

In addition to the 1st Infantry Division, 27 over the United States came to Fort Riley and In the decade following, 1st Infantry Divi- non-divisional units were deployed, and 24 received basic training. This The 37th Infantry Division, made up of units that might arise in Europe or other parts of amounted to 15, Soldiers being sent over- from the Ohio National Guard, was also sta- the world.

Construction of the Berlin Wall in seas via aircraft. Over 2, railcars trans- tioned there during the conflict. While they and the Cuban Missile Crisis the follow- ported 3, short tons of equipment, which were not sent overseas, their presence was a ing year witnessed heightened alert for Soldiers were then shipped to theater on 18 vessels.

Once in theater, these Soldiers and equip- tance as a training post. An additional 50, acres were also ment were readied for combat. This com- acquired in , which enabled the Army menced in late February , and over the COLD WAR to have an adequate training area for the divi- course of the "hundred hours" combat of Oper- The uneasy truce that settled on the Korean sion's two brigades.

Later that spring, Soviet Union. This would have an impact on nam during the mids led to the deploy- Soldiers returned to Fort Riley. In that year, the 10th Division rotated to Ger- in September. During this same year, a provi- However, world events significantly altered many as part of "Operation Gyroscope" and sional basic combat training brigade was orga- the Army's traditional mission of warfighting.

They initially occu- Fort Riley's use as a divisional post was main- new global challenges for the United States. The division remained in Germany threatened regional stability. In accordance new demands on the fort's infrastructure. Work until September , when it redeployed two with Dayton Peace Accords, American, NATO began on Custer Hill where new quarters, bar- brigades to Fort Riley as part of the Return of and Russian forces deployed to the region to racks and work areas were constructed.

One brigade was maintained in Germany. In the spring of , Headquarters of the B. Irwin, was constructed to provide medi- Following nearly five years of combat in 1st Infantry Division were transferred from cal care. Since then, the brigade has The Division's Combat Aviation Brigade, post along with a brigade of the 1st Armored trained for and is currently executing missions which uncased its colors Aug. Since then, both units have Mech.

The units assigned to the 24th were deployment in the Balkans. Five months later, redeployed to Iraq and served or are currently backfill for Major Theater War contingencies the brigade deployed to Iraq. While deployed serving tours of duty in Afghanistan. Germany marked a new chapter in the illus- time to Fort Knox, Kentucky. Since its reac- Its mission was to build partner capacity trious history of Fort Riley. Soon, significant tivation there in October , the brigade sites and depth in the Iraqi military's orga- changes began to take place.

While construction at Fort Riley surge conducted a full spectrum of operations The 1st Infantry Division continues to continued, the Big Red One also continued to while in Iraq. The unit deployed to Iraq a proudly serve our homeland. Ever brave, serve afar. The division headquarters deployed second time in the summer of During responsible and on point, the Big Red One to both Iraq and Afghanistan this deployment in Salah ad-Din province, team is absolutely committed to each other, and deployed the majority of its the brigade carried out stability and transition our families and our communities.

That sense brigades and battalions throughout the last missions such as overseeing the March parlia- of teamwork is what makes Fort Riley a great decade.

In to , the brigade place to come home to and what separates us Seven months later, 1st Brigade operated deployed to Afghanistan in order to transfer the from other Army divisions or installations.

In September , the 1st Brigade returned to Fort Riley where it assumed a two-fold mission of train- ing the Army's Transition Teams, a process where service members from the Army, Air Force and Navy became Iraqi and Afghan mili- tary advisors, and providing a worldwide rapid deployment force of security forces.

Recently, Soldiers of the 1st Brigade have restructured their brigade into an armored brigade com- bat team. While in Iraq, the Dagger Brigade averaged 90 combat patrols throughout its sector. In addition to its combat missions, the brigade trained hundreds of Iraqi soldiers and policemen in an effort to assume its own secu- rity responsibilities. Hill 45 Barry Ave. Their mission is to deliver exceptional new homes and renovated more than 1, dency, current within 90 days. Each mentation to be provided.

The company has Community Center features staff offices, club been nationally recognized for its customer room, media room, fitness center, play room, For more information on documentation satisfaction ratings for the last five years. For locker rooms, meeting rooms and an outdoor http: Use of the Community Center ameni- http: On-post living at Fort Riley offers a com- A Corvias Leasing Specialist is ready to assist wait time for available homes will vary depend- munity where families can live, work, play and you with applying for on-post housing.

Service ing on rank and bedroom requirements. The communities also feature ameni- members are eligible, with proper documenta- times published on the website are estimated ties commonly found in upscale residential tion, to apply for on-post housing as soon as and can sometimes change quickly based on they receive official PCS orders to Fort Riley. With a variety of floor plans activity that is difficult to predict. Applications can be submitted online at www.

A completed appli- There are several factors that affect wait times: Benefits of Living on the Installation: All required documents from dependent-restricted tours. Exchange and recreation facilities. Documents received other justified reasons. Services of Corvias Military Living Communities: In addition, Corvias hosts free, family-friendly events that residents are sure to enjoy. These resident activities provide another source for family fun and community living.

There is a three-pet limit in family hous- their arrival. The idea behind www. For more information, contact the Leas- is simple and free of charge: Additionally, your waitlist number is not http: If you are called with a home offer gle soldiers and on-post housing to bona fide Building on Main Post. Office hours are The website www. The office Fort Riley's pet policy aligns with the Depart- managers via the internet, often facilitating a is closed from noon to The ment of the Army's standardized pet policy for door-to-door move that saves time, expenses office is closed holidays and RDOs.

For more information, see and headaches. Using the internet, incoming are made by the Housing Office to ensure the the Pet Policy sidebar below. The minimum is not. There is a three-pet mum. The following infor- fordshire bull terriers , Rottweilers, Dober- mation is to assist military families who will man pinschers, chows and wolf hybrids.

The unit must pass either the voked barking, growling or snarling at people city inspection or the Housing Services Office approaching the animal, aggressively running Health and Safety inspection.

Otherwise, you would be liable for pet, call the leasing and relocation office, the remainder of the rent due until the end of The military clause of the Service pipes, etc. Finance In- or Out-Processing brief given tance of government quarters. Accepting gov- Also, under certain conditions, you may be daily at Building You must fill out the ernment quarters is not justification to break a liable for property belonging to the landlord, required documentation, FF Form , and lease or rental agreement.

We want to provide you and your family the Finance is the ultimate approving authority Determine the total amount you will be best possible service and keep your property for all advances. If approved, payment will be required to pay for rent and deposits, including out of storage-in-transit.

Avoiding storage-in- sent electronically to your account. Advance payments are only approved ing. Generally, the deposit equal to one month's rent. You will Upon arrival of your property, personal prop- window is 30 days prior to movement and up also be required to pay the first month's rent in erty personnel have as little as two hours to to 60 days after arrival.

Will you be required to pay utilities? If instruct the carrier to deliver the shipment to so, how much? Most will be placed in storage-in-transit. Others A shipment placed in storage-in-transit dur- Office If not prepared, Office All agreements must be writ- http: This document should be signed by minus your deduction, at your losing station. Make sure you get a copy of the However, written justification must be Please note that, per contractual agree- rental agreement and anything else you might provided detailing extremely adverse cir- ment, on-post residents can obtain cable have signed.

This restriction does not apply to resi- sidered. Should your household items be dam- payment will be prorated for repayment in dents who wish to have satellite dish service. Box high-quality standards to support the warriors, Liberty St.

Junction City, KS Community Health Center http: Clay Center, KS Memorial Health System N. Council Grove, KS The warrior in kennel construction, documentation and sea- refill line At pres- ent, horses are the only animals that must be Caisson Hill Road The VTF provides preventive issue for your pet. When you make reserva- Building , medicine, vaccinations, sick call and health tions for temporary lodging at Fort Riley, ask 1st Division Road Make reservations Custer Avenue Cli- your destination point for your pet.

Animals are seen by appointment only for Prospect Circle The VTF is open 8 to 11 a. Monday through Friday, for appoint- Manhattan, KS ments, to register pets and to purchase prod- Manhattan For pet registration, owners should Junction City Hours of operation are noon to 4 p. If you have any questions, Active-duty Soldiers are assigned a dental call For Fort Riley's banned dog breed policy, Family members must contact their civilian and pet licensing and registration information, dentist.

A few minutes in the shade can RC Kennels exceed degrees. In spring , the unit was redesignated a tion for the carrier's final deployment. Updated systems Watch, they ended up in combat operations ticipating in the joint exercise Northern Edge coupled with state-of-the-art night vision tech- during Operation Iraqi Freedom, flying more by detaching to Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, nology allowed accurate night bombing.

In than combat sorties and dropping more than Alaska. The successful detachment added to February , the squadron deployed on USS , pounds of precision-guided ordnance. VFA's legacy of consistent, professional Nimitz to the Persian Gulf and participated After returning home in spring , the Kes- execution of tactics and maintenance.

Between February and July , the During this deployment, it amassed more than three carrier battle groups -- the largest assem- squadron amassed 1, combat hours in sup- 3, flight hours and delivered more than blage of naval power in the Pacific since the port of Operation Enduring Freedom.

In July , the Kestrels left the 5th Fleet and al-Qaida targets. During this time, they reached Afghanistan and Iraq. Their departure aboard change of home port. The Kestrels returned to an incredible milestone of 22 consecutive years USS Abraham Lincoln marked the last time a NAS Lemoore in August after an eight- with more than 92, mishap-free flying hours. In April , the Blue Diamonds transitioned in Iraq.

Again, the Blue combat sorties and employed more than high-tempo operations, the Kestrels prepared Diamonds were awarded the Bruce Car- 69, pounds of ordnance in support of the to deploy again, this time aboard USS Ronald rier Maintenance Award. Since that deployment, the Kestrels Reagan, with the same drive and excellence that Blue Diamonds deployed aboard USS Ronald have participated in training exercises at Nellis has been the tradition of the squadron since its Reagan.

The Dawn and Enduring Freedom. Diamonds had about a month at home before for deployment in support of Carrier Strike Their tail code is NE, and their radio call sign again going to support sustainment training Group Time was spent in the Pacific, Fallon, is "Switch.

The men and The squadron was originally designated the one month before the Blue Diamonds returned women of VFA provided combat-ready VF Flashers in , and was based out of home again in early November. VFA "Argonauts" both on and off the carrier. By the end of the conflict, adventure and personal rewards. Today the ceeded at every turn. Demon as part of Carrier Air Group In December, and to a new home port in Japan.

After a port stop in South Korea and spending more time on the line days The unit was redesignated as Strike Fighter and Thailand, the Argonauts of VFA are than any other carrier-based unit. Navy, ultimately tran- Operation Desert Storm.

Stennis against Taliban and al-Qaida forces in Afghanistan. During the final deploy- ment, they were called upon daily to support U. The Argonauts flew more than 4, hours. It became the first F squadron to deploy to Atsugi with an air-to-ground bombing capacity. They also ended a year partnership with the F Tomcat. One month later, the unit U. Almost two years later, they Storm with more than , pounds of live were forward deployed to Japan for 13 years. Yearly combat cruises in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

During this time, VFA completed followed, but the time between the first and The Black Knights have a very proud tradition combat sorties and 1, deployed sorties, subsequent cruises was put to good use when of being the best in the air and on the ground. With the shift in aircraft, the unit became has never changed: The Black Knights accompanied Corsair. In December , which "hit hard, hit fast and hit often. Harold Carlson led stan.

Only 11 months November The squadron accomplished a told to bomb the Hwachon Dam. Over destroy the dam, and thus it was given the nick- as CVW-5's newest Super Hornet squadron the course of 24 years in Japan, the Dragons name "Dambusters. The Dambusters George Washington. Con- the Angels, who were still flying the UH-1N porting special operations forces attacks against tinuing the tradition of the Hwachon Dam, in Huey when the squadron was decommissioned al-Qaida and Taliban forces in Afghanistan the Dambusters destroyed the Ninh Binh in Stennis, four months earlier than originally planned, where they once again entered the history books as the first squadron in over 40 years to employ rockets from an aircraft carrier.

The Golden Dragons are proud of their rich history and that they stand on the shoulders of giants while they forge new history. The amount of ordnance uploaded Light Attack Wing, U. Pacific Fleet, formally tary operations: They also furnish support to in courses offered at the school totals more than commissioned the Weapons Training Center as the surrounding community.

Working with local 2. Light Attack Weapons School Pacific, a perma- sheriff's departments and first responders, they When first established Oct.

Extensive Pacific was commissioned to further improve The Light Attack Weapons School Pacific training sorties for pilots and aircrew are con- the quality and safety of weapons operations was redesignated Strike Fighter Weapons ducted daily in local mountains as well as off the within the Pacific Fleet light attack community.

School Pacific on July 1, , in recognition coast, and the division routinely stages an air- The history of the school actually dates to of the expanded capabilities of Lemoore-based craft on the coast near Monterey to ensure that when the Weapons Training Center was squadrons.

Under the co-management of of the Strike Fighter Wing, U. Pacific Fleet, water warning areas. Aircraft maintenance is Attack Squadron and Attack Squadron , was incorporated into the weapons school, sig- provided by civilian contractors, with active- the center gained the respect and admiration of nificantly enhancing the strike planning and duty personnel working as quality assurance the light attack community.

With the advent of the A-7 aircraft and the Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific is The Wranglers, like their predecessor Angels, intensified tempo of fleet operations, training staffed with 21 permanently assigned officers, requirements expanded. A change in opera- are committed to providing exceptional levels of 25 enlisted personnel and eight civilians.

Pacific Fleet brought added fighter squadrons. However, as of October , weapon systems. Under Fleet Air Lemoore guidance, the the FRS no longer trained C-model students, The Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific is Weapons Training Center grew into a conglom- instead providing support only to fleet squad- dedicated to guaranteeing the combat readiness erate of exceptional expertise in the weapons rons.

In addition to training devices, Building of the strike fighter community by providing the training field. Hughes installed the trainer in and provided Contractor Logistic Support for the first year.

The future for the training device industry is flourishing and much is on the horizon with the development and pending introduction of the F Joint Strike Fighter. With detachments in quality aircraft services and effectively oper- Fallon, Nevada; Fort Worth, Texas; and China ating and maintaining fuel storage and distri- Lake, California, FRC West provides quality bution at an average rate of 3.

Fuels Division also provides liquid improved efficiency and reduced cost to carrier oxygen and nitrogen service. In addition, Fuels air wing squadrons, the Unit Deployment Pro- Division provides passenger, cargo and transient gram, the air test and evaluation community and line aircraft services, annually handling more multiple reserve component customers.

Marines and civilians, FRC West manages Field Support provides 15 fleet squadrons and Sea Operational Detachment members two fleet replacement squadrons with FOD-free who provide specialized technical support runways and arresting gear for aircraft emer- and maintenance to carriers with air wings gencies.

It also maintains the optical landing embarked. N Working closely with module suppliers at FRC tronics also provides spectrum and frequency Commitment. These efforts are critical to and Marine Corps aircrew under the rigorous in the development of the world's greatest the execution of the Navy's mission and support conditions of naval aviation. ASTC Lemoore maritime force. Its flexibility to adapt to meet the center's commitment to cost-wise readiness, provides and meets the aviation survival and present and future challenges is what enables returning critical flying hours back to the naval safety requirements of all naval aviation and CNATTU to deliver over 5, professional aviation enterprise.

Through didactic classroom or maintainers who will be ready to fight and FRC West has built and continues to improve squadron lectures, simulator devices and a cur- win today while building the ability to win upon its legacy of superior warfighter support, riculum that emphasizes hands-on exposure to tomorrow.

The Air Operations Department of NAS Lem- abilities and confidence to function at the On May 30, , the Center for Naval Lead- oore is housed in Building 1 and is tasked with highest technical standards in Naval aviation ership merged with the Center for Personal and providing administrative and operational sup- maintenance. Navy training for lead- The Air Traffic Control facility at NAS Lem- and future maintenance leaders with the level of ership, professional and personal development oore is the largest operation of its type in the skill, character and fighting spirit expected in training, and support.

The facility has jurisdiction over more the fleet. Its sailors and Marines students and By providing the best tools, opportunities and than 11, cubic miles of airspace from the staff are held to the highest technical stan- solutions in conjunction with the most effective surface to 23, feet.

It annually controls dards. They will be challenged physically and training delivery, it fosters an environment more than , military and civilian flight mentally while upholding the core values of the where every member of the Navy community operations. Navy and Marine Corps, "Honor, Courage and can achieve maximum potential. As a result of this merger, the scope mation about local airports, train service and and leadership competencies in support of of NATEC's service responsibilities and func- public transportation.

The closest commer- mission readiness. As a Center of Excellence, tions has expanded immensely. Transportation is not provided to professional achievement. The active-duty Sailors are respon- Cellphone use by the driver of a moving devices. Those in the aviation commu- at supported units.

They also actively support nity probably remember it by its previous name: Arriving from the South: A, Cargo Arriving from the North: Its vision is to be Training Unit Lemoore. Both highways provide easy access to the air station. This gate leads to all base support functions and base housing. Six miles farther west is the operations gate where all flight line operations take place. Pets are not permitted. Check and billeting, if needed. Navy Lodge Lemoore state sales tax paid paint.

All include air conditioning, a fully Check-in time is 3 p. Sailors assigned to fleet squadrons not under the PSD Afloat program must report directly to their gaining commands for pay and personnel support. Rooms have queen-size beds, with a choice privatized housing community, visit the Lemoore by calling or visiting www. All rooms will accommodate a family http: Amenities tary Family Housing website.

Monday through Friday, 9 a. Naval Hospital Lemoore is a , sonnel on an as-received basis. Fully accredited by the bumped. Early reservations are recommended. The facility is staffed with some of the Bon Homme Richard Road no break in coverage when you move: Monday through Friday filled 7: Service members must can be faxed directly from your doctor's office arrive at your new location.

The center verifies eligibility or Leave a mes- when moving within the same region or for Public-Private Venture PPV Lincoln Mili- sage with the medications and dosage along with submit a new Prime enrollment form within tary Family Housing, processes applications and your name, the last four digits of the sponsor's 30 days if you're moving to a new region.

The HSC is also a valuable resource for in case there are any questions. Allow at least Prime enrollment option. If you move to all service members seeking temporary housing 24 hours. Call to check the status a new Prime service area, transfer your and rental accommodation.

Departing service of your refill. Family members of active- to your regional contractor. Information about use Prime on the form. In addition to your option to buy and rent housing in the local community, you may choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Lincoln Military Family Housing, which owns the family housing and is responsible for constructing, maintaining, U.

N repairing and managing the community. Cats and dogs are not permitted to roam freely on base. Chaplains provide confidential coun- seling, marriage preparation and weddings, baptisms, family food assistance, and advi- sory counsel.

For emergency assistance after office hours or during holidays and weekends, call the duty U. S chaplain at Sunday Confessions are a O half-hour before Mass. Sunday to family members only. Active-duty service delivery, use the following address: All Services include immunizations, examina- and Extra, moving is easy. When you arrive at your vehicles entering or leaving base are subject to tions and minor sick calls.

For emergencies, new location, update your personal information search. The clinic does not perform cosmetic sur- the Extra option and pay lower copayments. Over-the-counter a new claims address for submitting your 7: This helps ensure that lost pets will be returned MAIL to owners and that pets receive basic preventive Post Office medical care. Registration is free, but you must Hancock Circle Monday current vaccine information, including a cur- U.

N through Friday rent rabies certificate. Services are available long as a record of current vaccines is provided. N Legal Office Enterprise Blvd. During the summer months, the Youth Center Legal assistance is provided on a walk-in Monday through 6 a. Monday through Friday children up without committing for the entire Thursday closed for lunch and 9 a. Each week includes an off-base field Friday.

The staff is highly trained in early child- or the big water park in Clovis as well as on- appointment. Call to schedule hood programs, activities, motor development base activities such as swimming, bowling and an appointment. Attorney consultation walk-in skills, language development and creativity.

All activities are included in the times are 9 to 11 a. Monday and 1 to 4 p. All programs are designed to meet the social, weekly fee.

The CDC holds accreditation from the Navy Child Children are provided breakfast, lunch and the Navy with more than 1, children partici- Development Centers are accredited with an afternoon snack daily. Holiday and special pating. For information about Youth Sports and the National Association for the Education events are scheduled throughout the year.

Monday through Thursday, Monday through Friday six to 12 and provides numerous programs and Girls Clubs of America. The Youth Services Center supports youth activities as well as field trips and volunteer It is recommended that all personnel from 5 to 18 years of age and contains an opportunities. Personnel requiring activity rooms. Monday through Friday tion on military-operated child care programs program offering children a fun and educational The Child Development Homes CDH pro- worldwide.

Workshops include prepara- such as education, local community resources, tion and planning for both CONUS and overseas employment, personal development, parenting, moves, popular relocation resources including financial, social opportunities and more at Plan My Move and Military Installations, Assis- the FFSC. Loan lockers avail- tary families with special needs. The services able for PCS families can supply pots and pans, include information and referral for local and utensils, sleeping mats and other useful items.

N help with navigating the enrollment process. The program provides a comprehensive mix of education and skill- home-based child care for full-time, part-time, view skills coaching to service members and building to assist service members in becoming shift-work and drop-in care needs.

Access to computers, office equipment "career ready. Navy family members to acquire additional job trains, certifies and closely monitors home care We provide family contact, readiness briefs, skills and experience that better prepare them providers to ensure outstanding quality in child family connection activities and homecoming for future employment.

All clinicians are trained to deal with and Department of Defense Schools and civilian An Ombudsman is an official representative many situations, especially those unique to schools. FFSC offers classes, and their families.

It addresses the Navy's assistance, safety planning, accompaniment seminars and workshops covering finances, desire to keep personnel focused on mission to medical and legal appointments, military interpersonal relationships, employment and readiness.

Services include classes, training, and civilian resources and support services to relocation, parenting and essential life skills, information, referrals and one-on-one finan- assist victims of domestic abuse. Information and has ombudsman services. Spuds Pizza opened in December Here are safety tips for using social Tailhook Tavern Monday tthrough Friday media sites: Bon Homme Richard Road, Bldg.

Security number, or bank and credit card and Chief Petty Officer's Club, has a ballroom Saturday, Sunday and holidays account numbers. Never provide this type or that can seat up to people. Adjacent to the Brunch: Most sites do not require this diving board, covered wading pool, shaded deck type of information and you should be wary Spuds Pub area and volleyball.

This pool is open during the of those that do. Monday through Thursday and Sat- "friend. See a list and security and the safety of our service members.

Sunday through Thursday, 4 to description of programs at www. Friday and Saturday http: Don't let the outside of Bldg. Spuds is a facility that http: Monday through Friday, 7 a. Saturday, Sunday and holidays New Parent Support Home pizza that can be ordered for delivery, picked up NAS Lemoore is home to one of the most Visitation Program or enjoyed right there, and the Ellyson Confer- innovative fitness complexes in the Navy today. This program provides home visitations to ence Room equipped with the The 64, square feet of luxurious facilities expecting and new parents to help families latest in conferencing electronics.

The facility is include a 20,square-foot gymnasium with prepare and better understand their newborn or open seven days a week, days a year. Classes on infant safety, nutrition and In March Spuds became the Rations men's and women's saunas and steam rooms, in Kind RIK feeder for the admin side of three racquetball courts with viewing areas, development are also available.

COM and interests and obtain additional support in accessing resources that may assist in their www. Children under 18 using the Wel Monday through Thursday, Bldg.

Friday, noon to The Bowling Center offers customers 12 bowling 5 a. Monday through Thursday The RV Park has 18 cement pad spaces with lanes with the latest in electronics packages The Ops Fitness Center, a conveniently located full hook-ups, full restroom and laundry facili- including specially games for adults and kids.

The unmanned facility, is available for those whose ties. The facility is centrally located for conve- facility also features video games, a party room work schedules keep them mainly on the opera- nient access to Spuds restaurant, the pool, the and Wi-Fi throughout the building.

The renovated tions side of NAS Lemoore. A dumping sta- Sailors can use their RIK cards seven days a week assortment of equipment for all workout needs. Monday through Friday, 10 a. Monday through Friday ITT organizes weekend trips to locations all 10 a.

Saturday and Sunday, closed Earn your private pilot's license in as little over California using the department's or holidays as six months at a fraction of the cost of an off- passenger tour buses. For licensed pilots who desire to can be chartered for special group trips such as erty Program.

Single Sailors can take advantage add to their endorsements, instrument CFIs are wine tasting, sightseeing and shopping. To be eli- Hancock Circle, Bldg. All ITT trips offer discounts to single gible to join, you must fall into one of the these Come by, and our staff will provide you forces Reserves and dependents, full-time DOD lies. New arrivals and current residents will with the current schedule of trips and events.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 9 a. Wednesday For those wanting to get away, the Outdoor Adventure Center is your one-stop shop. Out- door Recreation rents outdoor equipment from camping trailers and ski boats to tents and sleeping bags. It also has horseshoes, barbecues and ice chests. Put fun in your summer week- ends with water skis, wakeboards and tubes, kayaks and canoes. The center also rents pontoon boats, ski boats and fishing boats.

Nearby Kings River has catfish, small-mouth bass and crappie. Winter fun starts with snow skis, snowmobiles, snowboards, toboggans and snow saucers for the slopes. Wednesday, 2 to 8 p. See the website for hours, specialties include a bakery, custom photo cakes, and Friday and 9 a.

The shop also has seven vehicle complex. The facility has five coin-operated http: It offers a price-match Aquatics vehicles is a free service. Hours of operation for services outside http: Tuesday and Thursday; 9 a. Monday through Saturday, safety training and children's swim lessons, and to 6 p.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; and 10 a. Sunday supports several annual special events. For pool party information, at the commissary. In-store amenities and Subway When the United States took for retail, industry and residential growth oppor- torian and modern architecture and landmarks control of the region in , the new govern- tunities.

Kings County sits in the heart of the Cen- such as the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and ment redesignated it Kings River; that name was tral Valley, about northeast of Los Angeles. To the south lies Los Angeles, the subsequently picked up for the new county. Fresno County lies just northeast of Kings second-largest city in the United States and One of the county's earliest conflicts was in County.

Both are part of the San Joaquin Valley. Census, and is home dining and nightlife opportunities for resi- battle on a farm about 5 miles northwest of Han- to Hanford, the county seat, and Naval Air Sta- dents to explore right in Kings and Fresno ford.

Seven men were killed in what became tion Lemoore, with its growing military and counties. Annual events include county fairs, known as the Mussel Slough Tragedy. Independence Day parades, concerts in the Kings County was officially formed in Fresno County has , residents, the park, Christmas tree lighting ceremonies -- all from the western part of Tulare County.

In , Census says; Fresno is the county seat. Outdoor activ- For many thousands of years, Native Ameri- its wetlands for agricultural development and ities abound, including golfing, horseback riding, cans -- including the Tachi-Yokut tribe -- lived choked off the four rivers feeding the lake, camping, cycling and hiking.

Within a two- to in the area that later became Kings County. A which consequently went dry and remains so, four-hour drive are some of the nation's largest Spanish expedition, probably led by Army Lt. Kings and Fresno counties both have a flooding is expected to occur within six In , oil was discovered in the Kettleman semi-arid climate with mild, moist winters hours after heavy rains have ended. A flash Hills in southwestern Kings County, creating and hot and dry summers. In Hanford, the flood warning is issued for life- and property- some of the most productive oil fields in the U.

During a flash flood watch or warning, cotton pickers went on strike in on the month is December, with an average high of stay tuned to local radio or TV stations or outskirts of Corcoran. Ultimately, the federal 54 degrees and an average low of Fresno a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric government intervened to force both sides to sees similar temperatures, with averages a little Administration Weather Radio for weather negotiate a settlement.

The area averages only information. Avoid walking through any training and defense. In , the U. Navy floodwaters -- even water 6 inches deep can opened NAS Lemoore about 10 west of the ear- Local Hazards sweep you off your feet. If you are driving, lier site.

Every second counts in a disaster, so plan- avoid flooded areas. The majority of deaths in The completion of the California Aqueduct in ning and preparation can be lifesavers. California Department of Public Health. Use the chambers' online membership To the northeast, the area now known as and schools valuable information and resources directories to connect with local businesses as Fresno County was explored and claimed by for emergency situations. The website provides you settle into your new community.

It gets its name from the Spanish "fresno," http: The original county seat Fresno St. The terrain can Court St. At the same time residents and lake beds fill quickly. This can lead to flash http: Moses Church developed the first canals, called "Church Ditches," for irriga- tion. Francis Eisen began the raisin industry in , when he accidentally let some of his grapes dry on the vine.

Easterby and Clovis Cole developed extensive grain and cattle ranches. These developments made Fresno County one of the nation's leading agricultural regions. The discovery of oil in the western part of the county brought an economic boom in the s, though the field's existence had been known since the s. The Coalinga field continues to produce oil and is the eighth- largest in the state. Water only a foot deep can dis- even fatalities along Central California high- Get a feel for your new community by tapping place a vehicle.

If your vehicle stalls, leave it ways. When pedestrians walk in heavy fog, it is into its news and entertainment options online. Rapidly difficult for motorists to see them -- increasing From local news media or commercial radio, you rising water can engulf a vehicle and sweep the chances of a striking a pedestrian. Fog season in Central California is roughly the comfort of your armchair at home. Sun Exposure from November through February. When trav- Newspapers Some exposure to sunlight is good, even eling, take precautions to avoid fog accidents The Fresno Bee: Broad- including reducing speed to allow safe stop- Hanford Sentinel: Overexposure also causes wrinkling and lanes.

Use the closest off-ramp or steer to the NBC: You can still burn on a cloudy improves.

Please choose a region.