Atlantic City, New Jersey

The city is protected by the Atlantic City Police Department , which handles , calls per year. West Virginia also has three other casinos in-state. Shipp ruled in favor of the athletic leagues, and barred New Jersey from issuing sports betting licenses. New Jersey was the most recent addition to multistate poker pooling starting in That leads me to my last point: The other possible interpretation, that the minor know that the wager was illegal, is almost never accepted by courts, due to the maxim that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Ohio?

The Legal Status of Gambling in Ohio

To address Christie's concerns, new legislation was drafted that prohibits businesses other than Atlantic City casinos from advertising online gambling, or allowing their facilities to be used for online gambling. The act requires that the gambler be at least 21 years old and play from a computer in New Jersey. The gambler's location will likely be verified through a global positioning system GPS , and the bill allows interstate compacts to be signed in future in order to authorize multistate gambling.

It is unclear when online gambling licenses will be issued, or if there will be any legal challenges to the new law. Online casinos opened for business via a synchronized launch on November 21, Chris Christie and Democratic state legislators. State legislators were in deadlock over who would be allowed to own new casinos and tax revenue sharing. The measure does not say where the casinos would be allowed. Location and other matters such as tax rates would be determined by enabling legislation to be passed by the state legislature.

A law passed by popular vote in gives Atlantic City a monopoly on casino gambling in New Jersey. An analysis by Fitch , a credit-rating agency, determined that as many as four of Atlantic City's eight casinos would be bankrupted by expanding casino gambling outside the city. Opponents say that it is unlikely that much revenue would be generated and that it would not make up for the losses due to new competition. In recent years four Atlantic City casinos have closed, causing severe economic problems.

New Jersey currently has nine casinos , all of which are located in Atlantic City. In , New Jersey's casinos employed approximately 33, employees, had The New Jersey Lottery currently offers 8 lottery draw games, which are sold by retailers around the state, including the numbers game style Pick-3 and Pick-4, the keno -style Quick Draw, the lotto-style Jersey Cash 5, 5 Card Cash, and Pick-6 Xtra, and the multistate games Mega Millions and Powerball.

Additionally, scratch card instate games are offered. The state of New Jersey allows charity gambling , where non-profit organizations e. New Jersey permits social gambling e. Furthermore, it is never a criminal offense in New Jersey to be a player in a gambling operation.

Each year billions of dollars of illegal gambling takes place in New Jersey. A person must be 21 years of age to gamble at a casino in New Jersey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New Jersey Casino Expansion Amendment List of Atlantic City casinos that never opened.

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Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. It is a move against the currents; the natural historic evolution, boding ills to global stability and the future of constructive international relations. The people of northern Ethiopia are enjoying a good night sleep because their northern firewall is still intact.

For the people of northern Ethiopia, the war on terror and the war on Islamic fundamentalism is something they hear on the news. Northern Ethiopia is so peaceful, the war on terror feels something that is happening somewhere half the globe away from them.

And this firewall, this peace of mind, this stable life….. Blowing this firewall into pieces, is exactly what they have been trying to do for the past decade and half. They truly believed landlocked Ethiopia has so smart leadership, is so democratic country, is so strong and powerful, its economy is growing so fast double digit of course without any neighboring trading partner….

But all it took was one, yes just one, bad dry season to ask donor countries to help them feed their people. We need each other. Us for peace, security, and economic gain — and you if not for our market and expertise, for the access we can offer you to gain your rightful place in the region.

And that begs the question: What is our place and role in the region? What is there for us and what is there for them? Now, let me say few things to explain what I think. Israel, Ethiopia, Eritrea — funding, access, might, leadership role, trust…… goes in that order.

What is there for them? The ideal objective of Western Powers in our region is, to have a strong political, diplomatic, military, economic, security…. Not just between their natural allies, but also between their natural and permanent allies — of course, the natural allies playing a core leadership role.

The job of this alliance would be to create peace and stability in the region — from the tip of the Mediterranean Sea, to the Persian Gulf region, all the way to the tip of the Indian Ocean.

And as the alliance protect Western interest in the region, the national interest of the nations in the alliance would be protected as well — through investment, trade, access to Western markets, insurance protection, technological and scientific assistance…… that is.

In that region, you could argue, they are where they need to be. The Arab league is reduced to irrelevance skillfully, the attention is deflected from Israel masterfully, oil and gas are flowing without any interruption. Basically, all they have to do is — protect their Clerks Sheikhs and Kings, keep the Shia-Sunni fire burning — and just manage the size and intensity of the fire properly from afar. But I know for sure, what they want at the helm is someone exactly like Isaias in every-way — only a little mellow.

After all he was their boy, and as far as I know, he never stood against Western interest, except that Somalia thing. Therefore, in Eritrea, it is fair to assume, at the most, what they want is Isaias gone may be few men with him. The Tigreans of Ethiopia and the ethnic Tigrigna of Eritrea — which both are dominant in the politics of both governments — are basically identical people separated by geography.

Not only they are identical people but also, most are blood relatives through movement of people and cross border marriage. Because they are afraid, any close Ethio-Eritrean relation under the current power structure is going further erode Eritrean Muslims power and influence in their own country — which is a reminiscent of their unpleasant experience of the s and s. To complicate things even more, the Woyanes Tigreans who are dominant power in Ethiopia , are opposed to the idea of Ethio-Eritrean close relation.

In order to prolong their stay in power, they are using anti-Eritrea rhetoric to assure and comfort their Amara and Oromo compatriots. And every time the Woyanes raise the rhetoric of hate and warmongering against Eritrea, the more the resentful gun-toting Ethiopian elite rally behind them. I understand with so many global powers in the global scene, Western powers are not the kingmakers they use to be. But still, if there is willingness on both sides, we, just we — we can have US-Canada kind border and people to people relation.

And if we manage to achieve successfully solid people to people relation, who knows where our great grand-kids would be one hundred years from now. I can understand the firewall eritrea , but not the fire terrorists and fundamentalist. Up to now, we have not heard of eritrea being the victim of terrorism. Of course, another failed state to the north will be a problem for ethiopia, but if the seeds of terrorism and fundamentalism are already there or will be imported, you should have explained.

The role played by the regime in asmara in alienating social groups thus forcing them to adopt extremist ideas should have also been mentioned. It looks very convenient, only that the outcome, confronting the whole arab world for the sake of the west and the pfdj system, is equivalent to playing with fire. A quarter century of confrontational policy toward ethiopia forcing her to look eastwards, south and west and not to the north, and the train unable to wait in the station any longer and forced to travel to djibouti instead of asab; interconnections with roads, electricity grids and even electric trains in the future to travel to and fro between addis and nairobi, khartoum and juba; awakening at last if we can believe it , is somehow better than the status quo as it has existed over the last 15 yrs.

All these scenarios to save the pfdj system by sacrificing some who are of no use to it anymore, and also to get even with woyane, who betrayed them i do not know how, i can only guess , by deposing it by all means possible. Of course, within this is the famous tigriniazation of eritrea and tigrigna hegemony in eritrea. In addition, as long as tigreans and tigrignas are in power in both capitals, the formulated rapprochement will be opposed by eritrean muslims, amharas and oromos and even woyanes themselves the last to keep tigrignas at bay , and therefore, the only way to bring about this rapprochement is to depose woyane from power.

Look, one should take ethiopians as they are, the whole bunch. What to do of tplf that is in power is an ethiopian problem that will be tackled the ethiopian way and when the right time comes. It will be in a peaceful way and for the best of the country and its people. If there are some people who think that ethiopians will be at each others throat because of a sinister insinuation that comes from asmara, they should know that they are making a big mistake.

The following statement is a good response to the optics of foreigners and Semere towards Ethiopia: By the way, the same can be said to Eritrea and the social groups that makes Eritrea.

Horzon; no worries about Eritrea. I suggest you worry about your ticking timing bomb in your Ethiopia. There are F and Mirrages in Eritrea despite the toothless arms embargo.

Yes, despite arms embargo that was catalyzed by your dead midget. Selam Semere, I think Horizon has responded to this rather extended comment in such succinct way that precludes further feedback unless one insists to fall for the risk of repetition.

But after reading the comment, I could not help but ponder with a measure of surprise on from where the whole analysis is coming, especially when one poses on the classification of what the so called natural perennial and transient allies comprise. When one takes note of the candidates, it is clear that the departure point is sheer bigotry. The driver here is the faith of the candidate, which is very unfortunate to say the least. I would imagine that a student of international relation would find such line of thinking outlandish.

I think within the past few days Semere Tesfai felt for the first time about the danger that encircles him. Semere Tesfai and his likes made Ethiopia bleed for past eight decades. They made Ethiopia lag behind, live in starvation and become home of all diseases and ignorance. These extremists, fear and greed driven guys created a lot of problems for both Ethiopians and Eritreans. I think it is high-time to be curtailed to their real size and role by both peoples.

We are firewall and brothers is just a bait to ride the Ethiopian people again to accomplish some target.

Semere Tesfai and his likes are parasites that kill its host. It was there long before a country called America, European nation states came into being or Israel was re-born. The Tigreans are very well aware of their vulnerable position in Ethiopia.

They know that they were helped by their cousins from Eritrea to come to power. They know that support from the Amaras and Oromos will not be long lasting. The Oromos are perpetual underachievers and losers who suffer from identity crisis. Contrary to the accepted wisdom, it is the Amaras and Oromos who show ethnic hatred towards Tigreans. The Amaras are unreliable and uncontrollable, but the Oromos can be put on a leash by Eritrea.

Matters are further complicated by the actions of the fake democrats aka G The difference between Hitler and Stalin: Is Eritrea open for business? The sign on the door says we are closed until ….

Here are my counterpoints:. Without this very purposeful action, Eritrea could NOT have existed as we know it now. It was a challenge that was imposed on Eritrea and Eritrea and by extension the Eritrean youth, perforce, have to participate in it, if Eritrea is to exist as a sovereign nation.

No other way about it. B Eritrea is doing business except with the perfidious Weyane led Ethiopia. From international mining companies to other foreign national firms are doing business in Eritrea. This is in addition to the local, state and parastatal business activities.

Remember the hostilities and the sanction regime that Eritrea has been facing and the fact that Eritrea is still soldiering on is a testament to the farsightedness and judiciousness of the PFDJ leadership and Isaias. Had Isaias and Co. You call the forcible conscription of reluctant youth a proper defence of Eritrea. These youth are running out of the country even before the first shots are fired. What will happen when a real war breaks out?

Some defence this is, which is not fit for purpose! As far as business is concerned, free enterprise does not exist in Eritrea. There is so much regulation and government interference and micro-management that the Oxygen is sucked out of and business activity.

Even if private business is allowed to be active in the future, where is the important component of skilled labour? The potential skilled labour is busy loitering in the trenches meaninglessly. We need a thinking and problem solving approach and not symbolic bravado and sloganeering.

A quarter of a century has been wasted through misguided vision. I think some of us can think while we are walking. I have asked you to substantiate your characterization of Isaias as a stubborn person and so far you have not provided even a whit or a drop of supporting evidence or logically sound observations. You are changing your previous assertions.

In the beginning you said there was no business in Eritrea or the door for business is closed. If you have it, please bring it on. What is more, is the fact that as recent as July? I recommend that you bone up on your information first, before proffering here some shaky and wobbly prognostication. Much later, when I asked him how he had maintained his resolve at that disheartening moment, he said to me: It is time for him to move on, and it is long past time for the PFDJ to detach itself from the state and contend for power and influence with other political forces in an open, transparent environment.

Believe it or not, Eritrea would have turned into the play ground of those forces who consider Isaias and co. An assessment I half agree with. Too obvious to prove, not worth the effort when we think the inquirer is being his usual contrarian. If you do random word association of Isaias, one of them will be stubborn as a mule.

Kicks like one, too. Or going on assumptions and half-baked idea is the rage in the echo chambers of the non-contrarians? Ok since you have taken then challenge, and its lazy Sunday: I am more interested in the fact that substantial documentation has been provided that he and his regime have committed crimes against humanity. Stop and think means stop what you usually do, such as empty sloganeering, and reflect upon a serious problem.

It does not mean stop to a standstill. You know it, deep down in your mind, the silly games the leaderships in both Eritrea and Ethiopia are playing can only bring mutually assured disaster. So, please concentrate on what is in your mind and speak for yourself and quit trying to do something that you are utterly incapable of. Do you agree that one measure of Intelligence is being able to adopt to new conditions and to new reality?

Does the Eritrean leadership encourage the youth to achieve their potential in Mathematics, Science and the many fields of Engineering? Yeah, the Eritrean leadership are encouraging and doing whatever they can to boost education in the fields of science and mathematics.

Economy wise, Eritrea has been plagued with shortages of consumer goods from bread and milk, to vegetables, fuel and electricity. Do you think that failure and refusal to fix a leaking bucket and restructure an economy, that is on crutches, can be considered as ineptitude and stubborn?

Looking at these definitions, the name Isaias Afewerki is synonymous with the word stubborn. His stubbornness caused immeasurable suffering to so many. What you jotted down are not, in and of themselves, signs of one being stubborn.

They are merely reflections of deeply held stances and principles. Agree or disagree, its these firmness of belief that has become the very pillars that are helping Eritrea to stand as a free and sovereign nation. We agreed on some, we did not on others, mainly sanctions. I have been seized by family emergency, and it would not be specific enough to comment on the article, point by point.

Therefore, it will be an observation on the general vibe. The Atlantic Council is a nongovernmental, and decades-old think tank. This article, and several other articles published in this website, including this one tend to treat the AC as an Eritrean opposition council, blaming it for not taking the exact position that the authors of those articles would want it to have taken, for not fighting the fight we failed to wage, for not delivering the victories we should have delivered…forgetting that this is a Council that does its business regardless how wildly we can scream.

Atlantic Council will remain Atlantic. It will organize workshops, and lobbying business conferences, publish articles, offer advice, etc. It backfired, and now, we have AlQaeda to the power of a big number. The neoliberals have accomplished ravaging of nations and societies. It is time for the likes of Susan Rice to exit and the likes of Ms. Bruton to take charge. Today, Eritreans are looking for basic life supporting conditions. International engagements create a fertile ground for youth to have opportunities where they live so that they can create the political system they see fit their unique situation; engagements also puts more pressure on the regime to open up.

But there is ample evidences that engagements and economic opportunities retain the most productive force of the society which will eventually bring about change. I read condescending remarks in this article and the rest concerning Brownyn Bruton and the AC. Bruton as if she failed to disclose that AC was funded by Nevsun. Anyone who cares to verify this can go back to the video of the hearing the subcommittee held and watch Ms.

Bruton testifying that she was not personally paid by Nevsun but her organization had accepted a contribution from Nevsun in the past. It would be too amateurish to think AC would put its reputation on the line for a small company like Nevsun which is prone to litigations. And the good thing about America is that I have the same access that Awate.

Readers have multiple options nowadays, the era when audiences were loyal to one source of information is gone forever. The ownership, and the spread of information has been democratized. Last time we read that Yemane Gebreab was blocked from attending a meeting of Eritreans that was scheduled to be held in DC. Even professionals who come to attend certain functions, and other functionaries such as Eritrean women representatives who arrive for certain international conferences could not go outside the destination their visa allows them to travel to.

Osman Saleh, the foreign Minister, could not do that either, etc. They probably called the state department, and as we all know, bureaucrat scramble to action if they fear something that hurt their reputation is going to go to the news. The State department was reminded of an Executive Action the President had signed years ago.

And we all came to know Yemane Gebreab was a Somali. The language of the articles make use of a lot of demeaning references. Bruton is frequently mentioned as someone who does not know what she was talking about; as a student in the process of learning, albeit slow, as undercover lobbyist in another related article …With all due respect, and this is a bitter pill we Eritreans have to swallow, the panelists all foreigners seem to grasp the complexity of the situation.

Given the fact that these panelists are narrating the situation from the interest of the interest groups they cater to, the recommendations were solution oriented, and well balanced.

Their audience was not Eritreans but policy makers and international business community. Reacting to and chasing AC and Ms.

Bruton is counterproductive, and at the end sounds personal. Acting proactive is better than going reactive. I wish I could say something good of exclusively meetings, conferences, and workshops that pedaled us forward.

Is it a must that Eritrean be present in any Eritrea-related workshops? Do panelists have to be Eritreans if the topic is Eritrea? The authors of the many books and papers we continue to reference are mostly foreigners. Eritreans in DC, Frankfurt…Asmara…can confrere to discuss international issues; there need not be citizens of the countries in the discussion. You were standing keeping your unique voice.

Abu Dunya, you seem to be losing your unique character by the day. Your impeccable rational penchant that we have all grown to admire seems to be waning. Why would you resort to labeling business, you are more than that.

You have the skill and knowledge to conduct a debate without name-calling. If you are going to add some labels to the ones I have proudly collected, you are more than welcome.

The thing is Abu SalaH: I remember when you were objecting to those labels. The panelists, including Ms. They are experts on their own rights. And as I said, it is useful if people like you rise to the challenge and produce works that would outsmart and bypass AC; works that the quarters AC cater to would find more convincing than AC.

Bruton and AC is counter productive. Engaging diplomatically the same interest groups that the AC serve is more feasible. You can be one of those who could engage those3 interest groups; you could produce works that outshine the AC proposals, without appearing personal.

You could lead the voice of a responsible opposition, one that does not compromise on core national issues, one that espouses a lasting peace. Keeping your uniqueness will make you stand out strong while entering joining the fray of throwing names and labels to anyone who questions the validity of a word that comes from you or anyone who believe they are the Alpha Omega of opposition will make you just one of them.

A rational voice will slowly get drowned in the sea of irrationality, like those who publish maps of battered Eritrea, along ethnic faults, when the feel takes the heck of them; like those who map out strategies of dismantling the regime from the comfort of their four-walled world; like those fat-assed who declare unashamedly that they are the only fighters standing against the regime, from the capitals of the world, far from the daily reality of Eritreans at home; like those who consider their say as if it is a statement from the Holy Book; like those cowards who are tarnishing Eritrean heroism and steadfastness, who are willing to disintegrate Eritrea in a bid to get IA; like those who raise Eritrean topic in order to create an apologetic air of past Ethiopian atrocities…you are not one of them and you should not write like them.

The Atlantic Council is 55 years old but its Africa Center is only 8 years old, as its Director was kind enough to tell us. This consensus view does not require the Government of Eritrea to change anything, but for the US to change everything. A very reasonable request that a panel about Eritrea, in a city DC that has the highest concentration of Eritreans outside Eritrea should have Eritreans, has somehow devolved into awate. Can you imagine a conference about women where not a single panelist was a women?

A panel on Islam without Muslims? A panel on African Americans without a single African American? Why is this necessary? Because the panel would have been enriched by context and Eritreans would have filled the gaps. Your criticism is valid and accepted. I tend to do that every December; I will leave it to you to figure out why every December the vulcan becomes human. The regime funds foreign councils to polish itself in front of superpowers.

As a government they failed to improve their relations through governments not through lobbies. This is down to earth cheap methods. It can be swallowed if it is carried out by organizations, but to be exercised by gangsters they consider themselves a government is a shame.

Really, it is a national treason. If we assume this is the right way governments utilize to make and improve relations, then Eritrean opposition could attempt to authorize foreign countries to speak in their name.

The governments that use lobbies are those who are notorious for their crimes. The mafia in Asmara proved through funding, publicly declaring and honoring lobbies they are criminals not a peer to governments of the world. Is there anyone heard Weyane hired lobbies? Really, they make us feel ashamed in front of Weyane. And the way it presentes Eritrea doesnt reflect the reality on the ground. As an eritrean citizen, I consider it as my right and obligation to protest against false narratives concerning my country.

When a foreigner dares to tell me distorted stories of what I know better about my own country, why should I hesitate, stay away or shut up? Any well-intentioned involvement should be supported if and only if it is designed to benefit those suffering under the regime and its policy.

And in our case, it is about those langushing in prison since decades, it is about the generation abused under the indefinite national service…. AC Atlantic council is not atriving for the pacification of Eritrea. This would presuppose to demand the regime to release political prisoners, limit national service, implement constitution, allow opposition parties etc. It leads to more radicalisations; the people of the region remain furthermore the victims. The cause of the problems should be addressed.

As AC fails to attain this goal, we should do it. The era of serving the superpowers uncritically and unconditionally should have an end. Human rights cant be interpreted differently depending on where the abused people live. There is no apology for human rights abuses wherever it happens. We should regain our selfrespect and confidence and start solving our problems ourselves, recognizing the home made disasters and refuting proposals which exclude the main stakeholders and dictate us to endure abuses.

Thus, I am thankfull Saleh Younis did it in an excellent way. Before I go farther let me say this: I was not really commenting on the article. Thirdly, I agree with you and SAAY that the presence of Eritreans would give it more concreteness and an enhancement of the workshop.

I understand those conference could not have the intimacy we have with Eritrean problems. Fifthly, and this was my point, understanding that AC is an institution that promotes US relations with the world, its purpose is not primarily allaying political, economic or humanitarian of the targeted regions and countries.

My observations were more on mannerism, style and approach, and not on objecting or rejecting Eritrean say in such a conference. How many Eritrean conferences have we witnessed Tzige Habtey? SAAY is famous for mocking such conferences as bAwet tezazimu saay, brother you wrote so many papers, and there are people who have followed you all along.

Remember in the seventies when folks quoted bxaay Mao…haha… so, you will be quoted, take it easy…it Sunday. This is not to say that Eritrean Conferences are unproductive but to assert that it is a provable fallacy to say that Eritrea-related conferences would not be productive if Eritrean did not participate in it.

Again, I want to avoid labeling people. That leads me to my last point: I understand the diplomatic blunders the PFDJ had done particularly with Somalia, but believe there was no cause for the sanction to continue. Some think it should continue because that would weaken the regime.

Sanctions simply empowers regimes to be more draconian and to shift blames to the sanctioning regime. On the contrary engagements induces openly, it may differ in its weight of impact in different nations.

I support engagement because: Two points are important at this time, and if implemented change will come running. Support engagement, end sanctions, that will create opportunities for our youth who will be the agents and drivers of change, a change that suits them. The border issue is real.

We have to be frank about it and demand that it be solved according to the EEBC. As you know, there a few similar comments that we raised in the past, but honestly, your last comment cleared a few things, at least for me—you might remember I objected to some of your comments a few times before. So, if you find some of my comments below and what might follow not to your taste, please bear with me, if not for anything, just as a compensation for your continued and unqualified aggression on the opposition.

It seems that logic insinuates that it is fine for AC to supports Isaias and his partners in this case, the culprits in question ; they can recruit any entity to advance their interests. However, that same logic that brazenly recognizes the right of AC and its clients to protect their interests, conveniently denies the right of the opposition to protect and advance its interest!

So, what does that mean? I am fine as long as that does not follow a dictum or a proclamation stating that anyone who works against the interest of the opposition must get a free pass! Also, we all know that Isais will continue doing what he does regardless of how loudly we scream. Here I am worried because, using the same logic, some people might be expecting if not demanding the opposition to stop screaming and let papa Isaias continue his job in peace!

Ironically, those who belittle and insult the opposition for not finishing the job sooner were the builders of the edifices of the same tyranny—they have built it so well that removing it is taking longer.

But some of us are not and cannot ask anyone to show remorse for their role in creating the chaos and misery that is embodied in the regime that is ruling Eritrea, but decency requires they act humbly.

No one with his rightful mind can blame the Eritreans struggle regardless of the impediments, hindrances and backstabbing for taking three decades to accomplish its initial goals of liberating the land. It was not because Eritreans enjoyed the sacrifices they made that delayed the struggle, but many reasons outside their control just like now.

It took as long as it took, but at the end, those with enough stamina and dedication reached the finish line. Unfortunately, in hindsight it appears that some were struggling only to end the Ethiopian occupation, not to achieve Eritrean independence. Exposing intricacies and conspiracies against the interest of Eritreans is one of the job description of the opposition.

I am not sure how one can miss such a basic fact! Finally, dear Mahmouday, please refrain from taking occasional jabs at awate. Ahlen Saleh, Thank you for your mature and responsible response to our dear brother Ustaz MS; it represents me exactly in the way I would have done it had I been compelled to do it.

Responding to the vituperative some almost habitually and unfairly peddle direct the opposition has become routine. When it comes from especially individuals who count themselves in the opposition camp in whatever form that may be it becomes extremely tasteless because they forget that all the opposition is in fact on the same boat.

I do not understand why they want some on the boat should work the sails more than others or themselves. Ahlan IsmailAA Sorry for the interjection, to be honest I would want to be counted simply as a citizen.

I dream to see a nation where its citizens enjoy semblance of life. Ahlen Mahmoud, That is just fine that you oppose! No one would insist on you being part of the opposition. But you do have, I assume, moral responsibility to let others to oppose the regime in their own, too.

If there are shortcomings in discharging the common job of getting rid of the dictatorship, the blame should shared, and not be throw to the doorsteps the opposition. Thus, sir, peace requires both sides to do whatever they do, or can do, without the one side belittling or diminishing the role of the other. The opposition is diverse, and it does not have a unified stance in many issues.

There mau be some who agree with what I say. I will come it below. Bless their heart, they are busy categorizing people ; anyway, some in the opposition and in this forum are lazily assigned names because we say: Some in the opposition and in this forum are so comfortable with wayane, that they downplay the significance of this need, and the fact that the country needs normal relations in order for its youth to get opportunities at home.

We are called PFDJites. We are called PFDJites — We say we should not give the Ethiopia regime any moral boost by trivializing the border ruling.

We promote social harmony, we say what we see today is a manifestation of a bad governance and not a sealed fate of Eritrean reality. Most of the grievances could be solved through free deliberations between Eritrean stakeholders. Hence, every now and then we express our criticism. We are called pseudo, spies… Now where does that lead us to?

For that, we are called PFDJites. That is a price we seem to be willing to pay. The fact that the opposition is diverse is a fact. I would be a novice to the arena if I would argue that the opposition you might be comfortable with is monolithic. This is, for bad or worse, the reality we have to live with.

But I am sure you would concur with me that well-meaning and constructive criticism is not the same as jabs and unfair underrating of the opposition. The factions, whatever nature they may have and convictions they uphold, are formations of noble citizens.

They are not damned to be jabbed at or belittled; they have the same rights to be respected, as you and I do. Were I in your shoes, I would not to forfeit the grace humility accords my person, and would think a million times about the noble Eritrean veteran fighters and activists who still are doing their bit in the struggle within the ranks of the opposition that are being condemn as feeble and useless. Uncalled for, and reckless, tarnishing of their role pains them.

Some of them are so old and cannot defend themselves; many may have passed away with bitterness and resting in grave outside their own land for which they had paid so much to liberate. So, since you wanted to know to which opposition I belong, I let you to find the answer in these few sentences I have just scribbled.

Sir, people are having problems with what you sometimes write, and the way you formulate what you might believe are legitimate criticisms. The opposition is not allergic to criticism; for reckless jabs and vituperative, it sure is. You are among the coolest guys in this form and I really value your inputs.

Whatever differences we may have I could do business with you. I just want to remind you that respect, humility and sensitivity call for mutual application. Is this due to your scarce knowledge of the organization or a political attack? I understand your point.

And if I were to unleash malice on the opposition it would be against my interest. Opposing injustice is a noble cause. Therefore, citizens are clustered in different islands. We need ferries that make transactions and dialogue between these islands possible. Most of my comments are out of frustration that we should have done more. At any rate, I do also have a self deprecating remark or self-criticism, if you will. I promise you that. With all due respect, Regards. A big thumps up for your sober interaction.

Cool-minded conversation produces more gain than hot-minded outbursts. Having jotted this much, let me scribble a few sentences on: No sir, you are not right, is of course the quick answer. But, I should add that we, the students of history, have a nagging habit of demanding evidence or sources for assertions made about events, episodes or remarks related to the past.

Furthermore, I cannot claim that I am aware of much of the internal workings of the organs of the EPLF, but I can tell you with absolute modesty that I happen to be contemporary of the organization since it inception. After all, the youth of the formative periods of our liberation struggle era had distributed themselves across the then existing fronts.

How would a serious professional historian separate a foundational document from its author?

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