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Homeland Security is having to put more and more time and resources into tracking christians who seek to tear up the constitution, destroy democracy and foment a second civil war to install a christian dictatorship! Our friend's mom in St. This is from my post http: Just ask Jesus to save you and try your best and you should be fine. Read them in the archive below.

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Any sin can keep us from heaven. That is why God sent his son Jesus to earth. Basically, it doesn't matter how much you sin if you accept Jesus as your personal savior and recognize that he died on the cross to save you from the consequences of your on sin you will go to heaven.

Once you accept Jesus into your heart you will want to stop sinning out of respect but you will still sin because your human. When you do sin you need to sincerely ask for forgiveness and Jesus will forgive you. Do not worry about going to heaven. Accept Jesus into your heart and you will go! I am going to pray for you.

If you want to pray with me for your salvation please feel free to email me and also find a local church and they can help you too. It would seem that your only means of escape is to accept Christ into your life. Hard cheese to swallow, perhaps, but there it is.

I never believed that pre-marital sex was especially more sinful in nature than anything else, but I DO believe, however, that pre-marital sex can seriously complicate and mess up whatever relationship you're in. So far, none of my non-virgin friends are able to disprove my theory. If you don't accept Jesus and and do as he says in the Bible I'm afraid it's possible to end up in hell for even one sin.

You must be saved by asking Jesus to save you. You should not keep having pre-marital sex though. Even after getting saved though we still struggle with sin. If you are in love with your partner you should get married so you won't be fornicating anymore. Even the simplest sins can send a person to hell like lying, stealing, and unforgiveness. Just ask Jesus to save you and try your best and you should be fine.

Only one sin is unforgivable and that is to question the Holy Spirit. Murder, rape, genocide, Robbery, and preemptive war are all forgivable according to the bible, but such a horrible thing as thinking for yourself will condemn you to hell.

But on the bright side, pretty much all sins in the bible all share the same punishment: For Pre-marital sex, well, on your wedding night, if you're not a virgin, then the Bible instructs your husband to stone you to death and leave your body on your father's door step.

The only thing that sends a man to hell is his unbelief in Jesus Christ , If you have asked him to be your LORD and Savior then you are saved by the Blood of Jesus plus nothing , Your sins are forgiving past present and future ,Its hard to believe but thats the facts , Read John 3: Yes all of that, but you need to be sorry for your sin, change your ways, have no more pre marital sex Confess your sin, and get absolution.

God will forgive ,God is merciful and kind. All sins are the same in the eyes of God. Being a "good person will not save you. Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life, no one goes to the Father but through me.

After Jesus healed the man with leparosy he told the man to go and sin no more. Being a good peson is more of a testomony to friends, then a key to Heaven. Unbelief is the only sin that will send you to hell. If you are sincere and ask forgiveness about the sex and don't do it again, He will forgive you. A lot of people think you can just keep doing it and ask forgiveness each time and that's not how it works.

According to the Bible, all sins are equal, so if you want to have pre-marital sex, you may as well go kill a thousand people. He sido un jugador con muchas bendiciones Y poseo la inteligente suficiente para no terminar atrapado en algo tan horrible como eso Si yo hubiera estado involucrado en cualquier cosa relacionada con esto en , mi carrera no termina en A post shared by David Ortiz davidortiz on Aug 30, at The Red Sox declined to answer questions about the gambling allegations this week, instead deferring to Major League Baseball, saying the matter was a league investigation.

Pete Blackburn is from Boston, so there's a good chance you don't like him already. He has been a writer at CBS Sports since and usually aims to take a humorous and light-hearted approach to the often David Ortiz denies any link to gambling on baseball after allegations in new book. Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe. There was an error processing your subscription. Watch the Red Sox take on the Yankees The Yankees are hoping to get their th win in the penultimate game of the season.

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