Harborside Resort at Atlantis

Tony Roma's was not as good as it has been in the past and they have raised their prices considerably. The lifeguards there do a nice job in keeping the older kids under wraps when their parents do not. The hotel facilities are good and consistent with the past few years. We have vacationed here for the past 4 years. Two drivers chose to crank their music at high levels, which annoyed me with my 1 year old in tow.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Palm Beach, Aruba

They seem to understand that their island and job depends on tourist dollars, and they value the visitors. Ferry to Nassau is the best value in town. The baby loved petting the horse and riding the carriage. Great people at every turn, I found. Splashers pool is heaven for kids. My son loved every second of it. The slides, the water cannons, the nets to climb..

Sampled the adult slides, which are all a blast. Slides and pools are there for the taste of a year old Grandma to a 1 year old toddler, and everyone in between. Played daily at the casino. Wife and I used to be Vegas regulars before the baby , so we are knowledgeable gamblers.

The blackjack rules are not ideal for the player dealer stands on soft 17, split aces only once, no surrender but still a good time. Wife and I took turns playing during baby nap time or after baby bed time. Tables can get crowded at night and when a bunch of cruise ships are in port, but overall a very nice casino. Found this to be the least crowded and nicest beach. Water is crystal clear. Fish swim right around your legs. Surf is very light and safe. The baby loved the aquariums, as expected.

This was even better than Baltimore due to the way they present the fishes in such a dramatic fashion. The dig is great for kids, the underwater tunnels, etc.

We spent a goodly portion of time daily taking it all in. The Manta Rays are breathtaking. The baby also loved the rope bridge. He could have scooted back and forth all day on it. He is so light that when he walks on it it barely wiggles, and he just thought he was the king up there on it.

Folded up the stroller and used the Harborside busses all of the time. They are quick and easy. Filled up my 2 gig memory card with photos before the last day of the trip! My son did not stop giggling and smiling the whole week, so it was easy to load it up with great snapshots. It is great fun for him, but also great learning. He got to see the ocean for the first time, hear steel drums for the first time, and was sliding down the baby slides solo by the end of the week. I must say that Atlantis ranks right up there with Diz in terms of a great family location.

In fact, we just might give Atlantis a slight edge due to the beach and aquariums. Food prices knew that coming in , pools technically close at 7 although it is not really enforced, folks are usually back in the water at 7: Was there this aug great weather until Hurricane Irene -storm lasted 1 day and Harborside took care of its people..

They all should be applauded for there assistance and care. Was back in timeshare next night and went swimming in pool Friday morning before heading home Friday night. Excellent job by staff and management. We stayed there over Spring Break family of 4 with 2 boys 9 and Resort was great and our room had a nice view of the harbor and the ships coming and going. The rooms are in good shape but in no way new feeling.

The resort has full access to Atlantis so Haborside is a nice get-away from the comotion of the hotels. The restaurant on site was good but the service was extremely slow one time. We complained about the wait for food it took over 1 hour to get our meals and the manager comp'd us some drinks. Shuttle to the grocery store in the mornings is a must if you want your own food and drinks at a reasonable price.

We had a great time and I'd recommend it for families that want to get into Atlantis and take a break from time to time. We rented a unit at Harborside last Christmas Break.

We found the transportation system to be extremely reliable and went back and forth to Atlantis multiple times during the days and nights. It was a very busy time of year but we didn't make reservations ahead of time because we didn't realize we'd have to. Upon checking in, we made reservations for the rest of the week. We had to take what was available but every place we ate was terrific! This was an outstanding vacation all around. I'd highly recommend it for anyone and everyone!

My husband and I have been vacationing in the Bahamas since We stay in the Stuart Cove area at the Divi Hotel on our first visit and for 2 years after.

We then stayed on Cable Beach. My son cut his foot on a broken beer bottle on the bottom of the pool at the Crystal Palace. The kids were drunk, noisy and up all night That was our last time staying at Crystal Palace or Cable Beach. We have been staying on Paradise Island since and Harborside Resort since It is kid friendly and we love it. Of course the food is expensive but you know that coming in, if you do your homework. We always stop by the market and get food, snack and water before we even get to the resort.

I think Harborside is great, my family and I love it and we will be back. My son does not want to go anywhere else. The only complaint was not about the resort, but about the young woman who worked for the time share company. She was very rude and pushy. I will not take the tour or buy a time share from from them. Just returned from a week at Harborside. The unit was great. Clean, everthing one needs, staff great.

Great transportation system mini busses around to all Atlantis properties. Plan to do a lot of walking. Also bring as much foord as you can. Food is very expensive on the island. Have you taxie driver stop at a City Market on the way in from the airport to buy your bread milk ect. Also stop at a store to stock up on the local beer Kalik. If you want to eat out try the Poop Deck. Have to take a cab. Prices are very good and the food is even better. The Poop Deck on West Bay quite a ride is more expensive but a nice treat for a night out.

We have been visiting Atlantis for six years, sometimes twice a year. We love the property as there is something for everyone in the family, no matter what age.

The property is kept in very good condition. The down side is the expense. Meals are usually a fiasco as they are always over booked and understaffed. If you do not plan weeks in advance of your vacation you can rarely get a dinner reservation at a descent time. Also, you must check your bill every day at Harborside as I am charged for maid service that I never requested nor received and was told that since housekeeping said they did it I had to pay for it.

When I asked to speak to the manager, the lady at the desk said that she was the manager and that the charges would stay. I have been going there eight straight years and this year I am going to Hawaii for a change. I love Atlantis because you can wear a tucks and my wife breaks out her best also.

We've never had anything but a positive experience each time we've stayed at the Harborside. The units are beautiful the grounds are amazing. It's nice to be able to take the shuttle back and forth to the main part of the hotel or walk over and feel like you can get away from all the commotion of the main part of the hotel if you want to. It's great to be able to the room to spread out if you have a couple of kids instead of being stuck in a hotel room. We've gotten so used to having the living room area separate from the bedroom that we now only stay in a regular hotel room if there's not other option.

I have to say I was disappointed in the Harborside during our stay after Christmas. It is our second time visiting this resort, we were there 4 years ago and loved it. We were in a 2 bedroom lock-off in building 1. When we walked into our room it smelled of old garbage. A staff member came up and promised someone would come up and "freshen up" the room.

It took 2 days with the patio doors open until we no longer smelled it when we returned to the room. There was never any hot water, 2 beautiful jacuzzi tubs that we couldn't fill and use. We got used to lukewarm showers at all times of the day and the staff never addressed the problem even though we repeatedly called. One microwave was broken and never repaired, the same for 1 toaster.

Luckily we had 2 units and duplicates of each. Holes in the carpet, sofas needed a serious steam cleaning. And finally we brought along our children's grandmothers and both had had knee replacements and needed the elevator that would freeze between floors or bounce them from the 2nd to 3rd floor. The staff was also stuck with them in the elevator for may of these long ordeals. Thankfully we were only in our rooms at night. We love the Atlantis resort with all the aquatic life and water slides and beaches.

Next time we will stay in the hotels over there. Don't plan on returning to Harborside. We love it there, especially at Christmas time with all the stars on their boats.

Jessica Alba was there one year, and Tony from the Sopranos we saw three years in a row. The great thing about catching a limo to the resort is you can ask the limo driver for an extra fee if she'll stop in at the grocery store on the way to the resort.

We've done this the last 2 times and it has saved us a fortune in groceries and time from being wasted during our trip. Junkanoo is a riot with all the dancing and costumes along with the straw market where one can get many identically-designer-like items like Fendi, Louis Vutton, Chanel, etc Together with a night at the Fish Fry is awesome.

The weather was great every year and we especially loved the water, the billiard table by the pool and shuffle board. I also love walking through the marina and meeting some wonderful owners. All in all it is really a great place.

We have vacationed here for the past 4 years. Bought our timeshare on the first 3 day visit. We have never been disappointed - it its awesome for adults dining, spa, gym, casino and even better for families our kids can't wait to go every year with the water activities, kidsclub at atlantis, and the beach.

We are never bored and will be coming back or a long time to come! We own a 1 bdr premium and have gone every year for the past five years. We have the option to go to other resorts but we keep going back to the Atlantis because we love it so much. Our kids love it as well and have been going since they were ages 2 and 4 and can't wait to return every year.

The resort is so large the key is knowing where you are going and the amenities that are available to you. I would limit the amount of items you buy in the "Sundries" which is the convienence stores at the resort. The Harborside villas offer shuttle to the local grocery store where all of your groceries can be bought at a more affordable price slightly higher than US grocery stores but very comparable.

Also right across from the Atlantis near the Coral and Beach Towers is a shopping plaza where you can purchase convienence items these prices are mid range between the grocery store and the "Sundries" stores on the resort. Make sure you take advantage of all the free shuttle services that the atlantis offers as it is very convienent in getting are the enormous resort.

Also if you have a wheelchair or stroller there is usually ramps and elvators but are somewhat out of site so I would recomend asking for this information when you get there. Once you know where these locations are it makes things quite a bit easier in getting around as there are a lot of stairs. There is something for everyone at this resort and anyone who goes will love it and want to go back time and time again. Like I said my children who are 4 and 6 and have been going for a few years love it and dont like when its time to go home.

They also have the option to go to other resort but choose to continually go back to the Atlantis. The staff is very pleasant and friendly as well as accomadating.

Lastly if you take your chances in the casino, make sure you get a players card as they do offer comps for playing. We have recieved meals taken off our bill, free limo service to the airport for our departure and so on. The last few years they have got a little tighter with their casino comps, but we have recieved plenty of offers in the mail for 3 nights free in the coral and royal towers for return stays at the hotel because of the player card comps.

Recently my husband and I enjoyed 3 nights free in the Royal Towers from our previous stay and card usage in the casino. We have been to Atlantis appox 12 times. We loved every stay! Now we own a 3bd lockoff at Harborside and it has accom. Recently we have been renting part of our units and the rentals have been great.

Although food is expensive these units provide full kitchen and can help keep the cost down because you don't need to eat out always. Atlantis is definitely a jewel in the carribbean with a fantastic Marina, Luxurious Yachts, Marketplace and Great Restaurants. It is not Las Vegas and I never expeced it to be I go to 'Vegas' for 'Vegas' and Paradise Island for "top 10 beach in the world" beautiful tropical paradise!

Actually, it is known as the "Monte Carlo of the Caribbean. Very few Caribbean casinos serve free cocktails, craps tables and a 5-star nighclub-AURA which is spectacular for twenty somethings and up Dig aquarium, water slides towers, rapids, lazy river, and on and on Harborside offers families full kitchens and transportation to supermarket with a mini market on site. Many 5 star restaurants worthy eg.. This resort is not to be missed and with a day pass, you will experience little or nothing of all there is to do and see.

The beach at Cable does not even come close to comparing to the beach at Atlantis and One and Only. Also, Cable Beach is 'high school spring break destination zone" My kids have stayed there--no comparison to Atlantis beaches I have stayed at the Atlantis and Harborside at least 15 times.

I go several times a year and often for 2 weeks at a time which is another reason why I prefer the Harborside's large efficency units. I always get home and say " You know, we never did get to do this or that.

We rented from an owner, KevinA and had the best time over the Christmas week. Where do I begin. Simply wonderful- though glad to be home as usual. I was worried with the negative reviews on some websites, about cost, and friendliness. It was very comparable to other resorts with food prices in all ranges.

We will clearly go back, our personal concierge assigned at check in was wonderful, Sherique. We had a 2 bedroom unit, 4 adults, a 3 month old and 3 year old. The Harborside kitchens were great and allowed us the flexiblity to eat in and at different times. Learn about convection oven cooking. I cooked a great turkey but ruined a cake. We taxied to a large grocery.

We felt obligated to make a dent in all the groceries we had purchased. Eating a of the meals in condo also made us feel like we had received good value throughout entire stay and since kids were napping around 2 pm, it was always easy to schedule to get back to room. The Harborside pool area was relaxing, with a work out room, very large hot tub, outdoor shuffleboard, pool and ping pong.

Plenty of chairs and views of Nassau and Marina. The Point Restaurant at Harborside pool overlooking the marina and Nassau was very reasonably priced.

Super location as well. We knew to get best value , we needed to eat the same thing. Disliked Anthony's outside resort, for Dinner- kind of like going to Denny's. The Point much better and better value.

The location by the marina and close to Marina Village was superb. Made for relaxing walks with 3 month old while others played in hot sun. The Marina brought beautiful yachts which take your breath away and made for a lot of interesting conversation on the meaning of the names- No Rules, Scott Free, etc.

We had to have eyes out for elevators at the main resort but was very do-able even with stroller. The resort is much smaller than it appears from a map. Cannot tell from inside where one hotel lobby stops and another starts, the decor is beautiful throughout. All the reviews talk about the DIG- unbelievable and entertained everyone from a 3 year old to my husband of 81 years.

Never had an easier time finding a pool chair. Our 3 yr old was chosen as an Aqua Tot only 5 a day and was able to stand in water Okay a little scared, so he sat on last step with Daddy and fed the starfish, sting rays, sea urchins, conch and fish and touch them. Lots of lines, everywhere etc and not very relaxing. Atlantis was the opposite, even when we were walking somewhere, we were looking at sharks, mantarays, eels, turtles etc. Very beautiful, relaxing and would highly reccomend the resort and the owner from whom we rented.

Plan to go back. No question the Harborside condos are best though I suppose that is obvious. The shuttles were super fast and you could have a fun walk through the Marina Village if you choose to walk instead.

The units are very spacious and have all the comforts of home. There is so much to do at Atlantis for everyone of all ages, there is no way you can do it all in one trip. The great thing about Atlantis is you have access to just about everything from the Beach Towers all the way to the beautiful tranquil setting at the Cove. The Bahamian people are so nice and accommodating. I'm already trying to plan my next trip back to Harborside. The Harborside Resort is amazing.

Its new, its clean, and its convenient. You can cook, do laundry, and have the escape of a quiet pool and restaurant located within Harborside. You can walk to the Market, where there are about 4 restaurants to choose from Johnny Rockets all the way to gourmet French cuisine ; Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and plenty of gift shops.

Atlantis itself is amazing as well The aquariums are outrageous, and the waterpark is loads of fun. And if you are into spas, the Mandarin spa is unbelievable!

Well let me start off by saying this I am in aruba as I am writing this because Marriott is trying to get me to buy a timeshare Aruba is nice dont get me wrong but I needed to rent a car to get to a beach with clear blue water.. Atleast the Atlantis has that at its doorstep..

As for casino well this is a no brainer Aruba Casinos are junk compared to the Atlantis Casino. There is only one craps table.. THe beach at on the Hotel strip in Aruba is overcrowded with mirky water I dont want to go waist deep in water and not be able to see my feet..

I could swim in the Hudson river for that. Sure Aruba is nice, the people are great and all that jazz but when it comes to fun, sand, and great water atlantis beats aruba. Bottom line is Atlantis is much more fun!!. We are Phase I owners and just returned from a week at Harborside. With four young adult children ages it is hard to imagine anywhere else that could offer so much for us and them.

We have all agreed that a week is barely long enough to see it all-much less do it all! We have a two-bedroom lockoff that is perfect for our family- we use the large side as living space, and the kids have the small side as basically two bedrooms and a midnight snack kitchen area. With careful planning for food we bring our own , Harborside truly allows us to vacation yearly at Atlantis which we could never do staying in one of the hotels we've done that once and it cost at least four times as much.

We have never once regretted purchasing this little piece of paradise! They have done nothing but continue to add to the value of our purchase by adding additional features nearly every year. The complaints about the price of food is ligit, except what some people are not aware of is they offer a meal plan.

You have to ask for it but they do have it. It will include breakfast and dinner, your on your own for lunch. If you have to pay for everyone it is still costly, but if you go single and take friends or family they pay thier own way. No regrets in my purchase. I agree with all the compliments Atlantis has received in these reviews but would like to address the negatives I have read.

How could you possibly compare this resort to Las Vegas? This is a sunny, breezy, bright and naturally beautiful paradise as oppposed to an overbuilt artificial dessert which is very un-family friendly. I know this because we spent 2 days in Vegas at the tail end of our 3 week Arizona adventure this summer.

Atlantis has made itself accomodating to families with young children and those who want a quiet atmosphere without the splashing and noise of children by having pools with dumping water buckets and adult only pools. Atlantis truly has something for everyone. I will agree for the avarage family food can be expensive and this is why we always stay at Harborside and really appreciate the quality of the accomodations and the ability to have a simple breakfast or lunch in our fully equipped kitchen.

Lastly, A stay at Harborside includes a room cleaning during the week where they change the towels. You can get fresh beach towels as often as you like so then why would you even need daily room cleaning? Unless you are a slob who doesn't know how to put a towel on a hook. Does anyone really wash a towel at home each day? We had both sides of the 1 bedroom lockoffs. Plenty of room for 5 adults with some to spare.

We had no view but it didn't make any difference to us. Everything we needed was in the unit. We brought most of our food with us, including frozen foods so didn't eat out much except for lunch or a snack.

Went back and forth between the Atlantis pools and beach and Harborside pool. By the end of the week I was more than content to stay at Harborside because there really is A LOT of walking - even with taking the shuttle to Atlantis. There's just so much to see. They probably ended up spending the same amount losing on the slots , but in there heads it was a deal. There is a tremedous amount of walking, no matter what you want to do.

Thats about the only negative thing I could find. And actually quite affordable all things considered, if you don't eat out very much. The best resort in the world - great family vacation - beautiful beaches, large water park, lazy river ride, largest marine habitat in the world, aquarium, swim with the dolphins at the Cove, 2 large casinos, kids club, teen club, movie theatre, comedy club, great restaurants and shops - beautiful people, friendly, they take care of their Island and love to accomodate the tourists , do not have to leave the complex of Atlantis, everything is there, some within walking distance, otherwise,free shuttle service to the different hotels every ten minutes -Food a bit expensive - but worth it - Paradise - and not far away - approx.

I give Harborside and Atlantis 2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!! This is total Paradise!!!!! I can't imagine that anyone would think otherwise. The casino is just another casino. As for the hotel, everything is way, way, way over priced. Everything has to be flown in from the United States or elsewhere.

If you actually planned to eat your meals at the Atlantis Hotel, two people would need to budget approx. At Atlantis, you will be lucky to get satisfactory service. We have traveled all over the world; but have no desire to ever return to Paradise Island Cable Beach, however, is another story.

We enjoyed our stay on the other end of the island. I just got back from a week at the harborside The staff is friendly and fun. The pool is a great place to relax outside of the hustle and bustle of the atlantis all 11 pools!

Food etc on Paradise Island can be pricey, so we choose to eat with the locals across the bridge. We are veteran timeshare junkies and wanted to thank many of the earlier reviews for some good tips. We wanted to add a few more to consider. Be real careful with calling home to the U. We usually use a type of calling card and they told us to dial then use it. The best thing is probably to buy an international calling card in the casino area of Atlantis and use that.

It is considered a local call from Harborside, so it shouldn't cost anything. We didn't do this, but will next time. The best thing is to try it and the next day check at the front desk to see how much you got billed for.

You don't want to wait until the final bill to get shocked. During early April, the Atlantis water park and pools closed at 6 pm. We like a late night swim once in a while, but it's not possible at Atlantis or Harborside. It might be a good idea to bring an empty wheeled suitcase or two if you need a lot of stuff.

If not, you have to depend on the local baggers to pack your stuff in a box for the bus ride back to Harborside. So work that into a "bonus tip". Watch out, the grocery store closes at noon on Sunday. Entry into Atlantis is using a colored wristband system.

They are pretty strict and only distribute the number of wristbands to your unit up to the max sleeping occupancy. Could be tricky if multi-families and cousins are all getting wristbands with each other's room keys.

They log into the computer how many wristbands each unit gets every day. We can understand this diligence because the attractions are phenomenal, and they always have people trying to "beat the system". When winding down, be sure to check out the "Making of Atlantis" show running continuously on Channel It is great to see how much work went into this masterpiece.

Can't wait to get back We have now been owners for about 7 years, and never get tired of what Harborside has to offer. There is something for everyone there. Beaches, pools, waterslides, Live entertainment, tropical fish, great food, gambling etc etc. It truly is paradise!!!

One of the great things about this place, is that you can take your family small children too , or go with a friend, or by yourself and still have a great time. The rooms are spacious and modern. The staff is friendly. My wife and I stayed for 7days in early September. It was very clean. Any small problems were corrected immediately with a smile. At night the pool side cafe was very good, during the day it was ok. You have full free access to all of Atlantis's activities which are lendary. I love the Aquariums, Zeus is incredible.

Free shuttle to Atlantis every 5 to 10 minutes. Our favorite day was an excursion to the Exumas. This place is a fantasy world that will blow you away. Feed a man eating shark from the dock lemon shark, don't get in the water with him, I'm deadly serious and on the otherside of the island you can feed and swim with a local, but not tame, stingray.

You'll be brought to a sand bar where I saw a large school of flying fish. Feed Iguana's on a different island. Snorkling, drinking, hiking, eating, it don't get any better. If you are on a budget, save your money for an extra year and then go. I vacation twice a year at harborside resort, and that is not enough, I LOVE staying here, the staff is impecable, there are so many choices for food, activities and just hanging out, I am never bored, and everytime I leave I still don't get to do everything.

I can stay anywhere I want, and I still choose to come back to Harborside Resort, time after time. The water is so beauitful here. The staff at Harborside are the best!!!!!!!! I have been coming here for 5 years. This place is unbelievable, our second time there we purchased the timeshare. THere is something for everyone, our sons loved the beautiful water and pools. We can't wait until addition of water park and swim with dolphins is finished in It just keeps getting better.

We are owners at Harborside. We were first exposed to this wonderful resort back in , when we met up with some friends who were staying there. We were staying on Cable beach in a small hotel room. We were so impressed we ended up buying a small one bedroom unit. We have since upgraded to a one bedroom premium unit. We just got back from a 10 day stay at it was just fantastic. Our daughter from San diego met us out there and she just loved it!!!

We are from Michigan so the wonderful weather was a real treat. By staying at Harborside, you save so much money on food. We would have breakfast and most dinners in the room and we only spent bucks in groceries!!! We splurged on 2 dinners late in our trip and they were both excellent. One of the best things about this resort are the staff. They are the most friendly people. The front desk people know you by name, as do the shuttle drivers and sales staff.

The customer service they provide is exceptional!!!! We had the opportunity to exchange our week for a week at the Westin- Kaanapali and I cancelled and booked back at Harborside after we got back. I highly recommend this resort to anyone. We stayed in a Premium one bedroom villa almost twice the size of a Deluxe one bedroom villa - a huge square feet and included a furnished balcony overlooking the marina!

We overlooked the Royal Towers at Atlantis and the marina harbor that separated us. These units have everything and include access to everything at Atlantis just be sure to notify the resort before arrival with the names of all room guests in order to get access passes to the Atlantis facilities for everyone.

Cafe Matisse and Lucianos of Chicago and outside excursions. Our best timeshare experience to date! We have been to Atlantis five years running now and stayed in each tower of the hotel including the Imperial club and Dolphin villa.

This year we stayed at Harborside which by far was the best accomodations. Nine of us were comfortable in a two bed-room lockoff which is over sq. We simply felt at home. Atlantis is the best resort in the world and we also can't wait for the expansion to be complete with Dolphin encounter and more water slides and aquariums.

People who complain about the cost should remember the old saying: First Class and No class Make sure you choose the right one. Harborside is my favorite resort in the world. Everything about it is exceptional; the staff, food, activities and conveniences.

We purchased seven years ago and have used our timeshare there every year. When you have the best you can forget the rest. You can also hire a limo driver to a show you the island and tell you about the culture or b take you to the local nightspots or c historical monuments.

Harborside at Atlantis is the best timeshare I have been to, and I have been to many. We bought three years ago, and we love going back every year. If people say that the costs are too high, then they do not understand. Everything is brought into Atlantis except RUM. Gas is higher than in the states, and you are paying for the service, quality, and the entertainment that the Atlantis Resort has to offer. My 7 and 3 years old love it, and I am sure they will want to return each year. When they are older and bring friends, they will be able to come and go during the day.

Fantastic resort - plenty of things to do for everyone. Looking forward to the dolphin encounter being built this year. Atlantis is the most beautiful resort in the carribean. I am an owner at Harborside. I love staying in our unit which makes us feel like home. The food is expensive in Atlantis but if you stay at Harborside and have breakfast in your unit and a couple of dinners you would see that it is not that expensive.

I travel alot and their is no place like Atlantis. When you need to relax the comfort of the units at Harborside makes it all worth while being there. My husband and I took four 20 year olds to Atlantis. Next year, we will stay at Harborside. Without a doubt, the greatest resort we have ever been to.

The Harborside pool area is the best kept secret of the resort--food, drinks, workout facility Our family and friends cannot wait to go back. We thought the resort food was crummy and way overpriced.

On top of that, instead of clearing plates and taking them directly to the kitchen, the busboys scraped food into a garbage bin next to our table. The Harborside accommodations were spacious and new, but totally lacking in charm - all looked alike, and the buildings were identified by numbers. We were in "Building 5" - why not use some imagination, folks? The kids referred to it as "Gulag 5. I too bought here after spending a long weekend getaway. Units are all new and are top quality with all ammenities included.

Went there last March and never even went to the ocean. One end of pool very quiet for the older folks and the other end for the kiddies. Full use of Atlantis facilities included. You will not be disappointed!!! I have children ages 10 and 13 which just absolutly love the slides, pools and Club Rush. The new Marina Village is wonderful. Why stay in an Atlantis bedroom when you can rent a studio apartment for the same money. Happy New Year, Kevin.

These are hands down the nicest timeshare units I have ever seen. Fun for all in one place. Great for family vacation or just you and your better half. Great value to trade for other locations. Nice, but tightly built on a small piece of land near bridge. Your unit could be near a lot of road noise.

Most meal prices are just way too high. Atlantis and it's marine sanctuary are worth the trip! Smoking in the casino is bad enough, but when they light up the cigars it just recks. Not for those on a budget. Quite honestly, I don't understand how people with a family can afford to stay at Atlantis with their tiny rooms and not-so-tiny prices when Harborside is next door with family sized rooms, fully stocked kitchens, a private pool to escape from the crowd, and even full use of all Atlantis amenities.

BBQs available for outdoor cooking. Most rooms have an ocean view. The Surf Club is within walking distance of the outdoor mall with more restaurants, shops, movie theatre, and outdoor shows. The week flies by. One nice thing is that U. Check in is horrible. This is do to only having 2 or 3 at most front desk staff at any given time.

This was evident even walking thru the lobby during the morning and evening. The complex is in great shape though! Captain's Galley restaurant had two different buffet nights that had fantastic food and so reasonably priced! It is a definite must try!!!!

Never had a bit of trouble getting a chair at the pool. Second year there and it was great. Not as crowded this year as last so it was easy to reserve a chair or hut. Most people came down around 7 - 8AM. Pools, food, and weather were perfect. Nice resort, gets real crowded durning prime weeks. Palapas are tough to get and there is no control in the pool area. We own two weeks in Aruba at another resort and decided to exchange one of those weeks for a week at the Marriott Surf Club, so my friend, who loves to windsurf, could be closer to the windsurfing beach.

We almost were ready to check back out on the first day because it was such a different experience then our other resort. The resort is absolutely lovely with all the typical Marriott amenities, however, staying there did not offer the quiet, restful, stress free experience we are used to in Aruba.

I compare it to a cruise since it is very crowded, with lots of families and you have to get outside by 7 AM to reserve beach chairs, which are literally right on top of each other. There are many wonderful places nearby to walk to enjoy for dinner. Again an outstanding property with amazing pools and beautiful beach but if you want a less frantic vacation experience where you can sleep in and still find a beach chair, this is not the place.

Service is so committed, the amenities are fabulous, villas are large and comfy and so pretty. Love the pools and lazy river and the beach is right there! What more could anyone ask for? My wife and I along with three other couples and their grown children just spent two weeks at the Marriott Surf Club in Aruba. We have been going their now every year for two weeks in January and two or three weeks in March. We have found that it gets better every year. Check in is much faster than in the past.

People are all very friendly and helpful. The drinks are fantastic and prices are better at happy hour. They have replaced all the grills and they are well cleaned every night.

The facility is very, very well maintained. The new serenity pool gives those that want to be away from the action a place to relax and be at peace. Hats off to hotel director Scott Derrickson for the outstanding job that the resort does. We will go back year after year for sun and fun. Try it, you love it. Really nice property on the friendliest Island in the Caribbean. The Pools are spectacular and the beach is nice as well.

The problem with the pool chairs is a bit overkill. There is no problem whatsoever getting a chair by the pool. If you want a really good location or to be in the first row at the ocean, then that means getting up at 7am and tagging early. THe amenities like a hotel bar or rooms service are not here. But for the price, you can;t beat it. We come to Aruba often and have stayed here last minute 4 or 5 times. Great place for the kiddos for sure.

We are owners and have stayed at this resort several times over the past 10 years. We have also stayed at other resorts in Aruba but find that this resort really is exceptional. The location is superb, especially since they added the new shopping and restaurants nearby. The amenities are great and the resort is always immaculate. The staff is always willing to accomodate even the smallest of requests and we enjoy the resort very much.

It is great for adults as well as children. We just returned from a week in Aruba and stayed at the Surf club. The best way I can describe this is "Disney World in the Caribbean withouth the service". We initially got a room in the Spyglass Tower and it was fairly new, very clean and very pretty. After 3 days they told us the air conditioning was broken due to a pipe break.

It was supposed to be fixed by the next day but by the end of the first day our room was over 80 degrees and unbearable. The unit we got was disgusting. It was old, moldy smelling, the mattresses were horrible and many things were broken in the unit.

Again the next day we tried to contact someone to come and fix a few things, but after over an hour of trying to contact the front desk, I had to go downstairs to get anything done. They finally replaced one of the mattresses and fixed the doors and TRIED to get rid of the musty smell, but couldn't.

At that point we weren't going to change rooms again, NOR did they offer. This is a timeshare unit Customer Service was definitely lacking. IF you have kids and want a Disney World environment, then this is the place for you. When I get away I want to relax. I will say the ratio was 3 to You couldn't have used it if you wanted to. They told me this was the quiet season last week in August. I would HATE to be there during peak season. My family had a unit next door at the Ocean Club.

It was another world! If you want relaxation The beach was very nice and they enforce the Ocean Club using their beach and the Surf using theirs.

The beach on the Ocean Club was much roomier and the Surf was very congested. I just think there are too many people for the pool and beach to handle. I loved Aruba but would never go back here. Check in is easy and never long. I am so surprised to hear what that one person wrote.

It seems she must not vacation that much. While I do agree that getting a chair at the pool means getting up at 7am, I have vacationed at many other places including the Westin St. It is really like that at most resorts but the Marriott does have a policy that you can't leave towels on chairs for longer then 2 hours if you're are not sitting at the pool. I not only own one, I am renting from another owner for an upcoming week in September. You can't sweat the small stuff or you will never be happy.

It would never be that crowded all the time if people were unhappy with the services they receive there. The Surf Club was awesome! It was everything that envisioned and more. The location is perfect. The staff is very friendly and courteous. The villa that we had was clean and the view from the room was perfect. My family myself, wife, two teenage sons, young adult daughter and her boyfriend couldnt have picked a better place to stay on our first visit to Aruba.

We spent the days on the beach, in the pool or the lazy river. The nights were spent in the Stellaris Casino. Our dream vacation came true. We will be back again next year and the next and the next and the next Marriott is continuing to improve the processes and amenities at this wonderful resort. I just returned from a week in paradise there. It was my seventh trip to Aruba and I am never disappointed. The Adults Only pool is currently under construction and the resort has continued to make additional space to ease the feeling of crowding.

I had no problems finding space at the pool or at the beach. There are new towels and the units are in the process of a "soft-goods refresh". There was a new 42" Plasma in my unit replacing an older standard TV in the main living room, new upholstery on the chairs and couches, new bedspreads and everything looks better than when the resort was brand new.

This is definitely a family resort and I say it is the most beautiful on the island. The bands are for overcrowding of the lazy river and are for Owners strickly of the Surf Club.

Security wil give you a ride to your resort from dinner or the casino. Kids were kids when I was there and that is always fine by me. They have alot of energy and beautful smiling faces!

They need a vacation too. With the new program this wil not be much an issue anymore. Owners need to sell and rent their weeks for money money. It is well worth it. Stayed at the Surf Club 2 weeks in Mar Wonderful facility, great staff, great beach, no problems encountered. Stayed again Jan Still fantastic facility, no problems getting beach hut, staff friendly, huge beach, least crowded resort on Palm Beach. Facility second to none.

Construction not a problem. I am writing this review from the Surf Club on 19 Jan I have been here for 3 weeks. The beach is beautiful. There is NO sludge on the beach. Pool area is busy but NOT over crowded. I have had NO difficulty finding a pool chair or beach lounge with shade. Only Surf Club guests are allowed to use the pool and lazy river relatively new policy.

The staff is very friendly. The villas are very well appointed and house keeping is very prompt if something is needed. The security and staff are courteous and friendly.

I have never had to get up at 5: This resort is very popular and justifiably so. I am sorry other reviewers had some problems. This is a 5 star resort. Stayed at the Surf Club for 6 weeks Feb Apr 03 I had no problem getting a free palapa every day I was there.

Bimini shade chairs are readily available any time of the day. The lazy river is as always a fantastic place to cool off. The restaurants at the Marriott complex have been expanded and updated. The new shopping district adjacent to the Surf Club is great with at least 10 new restaurants.

Still 5 stars for this great place to find guaranteed vacation weather and top notch accomadations and amenities. Much anticipated and much worth the visit!! Just returned from Aruba Feb 6thth and this was our third year in a row at Surf Club. There is certainly a difference between visiting the week before and the week of President's Week.

While the place was sold out the 6thth, there were far fewer families than the next week and it was definitely easier to get chairs around the pool. However, I was pleased to see how many chairs were added along with umbrellas and additional palapas.

This was the first year that we could go downstairs at 7am and still find chairs around the pool. Further, anyone tagging their chairs prior to 7am had to stay with their chairs as security actual did remove unattended chair tags - which was great to see! I witnessed the guards removing tags and belongings from chairs that had been abandoned for two hours - also a great thing. I especially enjoyed watching people who had gone to the beach, were in bed sleeping one person was actually away fishing complain to guards when they returned many hours later to find their stuff gone.

A big improvement overall. Travelling this week will be something of a challenge at most popular resorts and as I walked down Palm Beach in Aruba I found hotel guests at all of the other properties crammed together in such an uncomfortable fashion that I felt even more fortunate to be at Surf Club and there is just no comparison to the amenities.

Some people were upset as they could not go over to Ocean Club during this week or vice versa - I was not one of them. For whatever conditions exist with pool chairs, the pools are so large at Surf that none of us ever felt crowded and the breeze is just amazing. Having been to Ocean Club pools, I find the lack of breeze, the pool size and shadiness to be unappealing.

Perhaps that is one reason why you can always find chairs there! Certainly, I met many folks who were Ocean Club guests that crashed the Surf party because they had bracelets from family members staying at Surf Club. There is no system that will work perfectly so if you take the position that you are on vacation in the most amazing of climates and most beautiful of settings - you will have a great time!

Just returned from Surf Club after a stay from Feb 11th to Feb 25th. Having bought the timeshare over two years ago, this was our first opportunity to use it and it exceeded our expectations.

The units were spectacular, clean and everything was in working order and new. We were part of a group of 32 people spread out over 8 two bedroom units. The beach is beautiful and you can walk endlessly. We were able to secure Palapas for 6 of the 7 days of one of the busiest times of the year - President's Week. Go right to the beach hut after 10am and you can book two days per unit at a time. Where the pool is concerned, the first week was less crowded and pool chairs were easier to come by.

During President's Week, you needed to put your belongings on your chairs by 7am if you wanted a preferred location. Marriott claims that belongings will be removed from any chair prior to 7: Not a big deal though and between the pool and the beach there was always adequate chairs. The Lazy River pool is amazing. The current takes you around the beautifully landscaped surroundings while Iguanas sun themselves and stare at you.

For exercise, we walked against the current - what a workout! The kids enjoyed the water slide too at the other end of the pool where it is much more windy this time of year. However, the wind blows around what would otherwise be 85 degree air so this was not a problem for anyone unless they were concerned about their hairdo.

Dining on site and at the adjacent Marriott properties was terrific. There are restaurants right on the beach edge at both Surf and Marriott that serve terrific seafood as well as items like Steak and Veal. They ran out of their fabulous Osso Buco after the second night unfortunately. Ruth Christ's just opened a week prior to our arrival in the main hotel and the food and service was amazing.

Try the Spinach au Gratin and Lyonaise potatos for sides! We ate many breakfasts and lunches in our units as we have small children and wanted to save a few bucks.

Don't be alarmed by the prices at Lings as they are listed in Florians, the local currency. Never saw a place where you can buy bananas, coffee and year old Gran Marnier in the same place. By your booze outside the resort and bring coolers to the beach or pool like everyone else. If you have children and need things like crayons or coloring books - bring them! Some things are easy to find like floats and tubes for the pool but others are scarce.

We had no elevator issues at all other than during prime checkout hours on Sat and Sun when bellman are bringing luggage down to the curb or lobby. Outside of that, the three elevators in the main building were very fast. Check-in is never a particularly pleasant experience. After long flights, immigration, baggage hauling The front desk folks were very pleasant but it did appear that they were not staffed appropriately at certain times.

I am told that they are planning to move the check-in and check-out process to each of the separate buildings soon and that should alleviate that problem. However, the front desk folks and manager were extremely accomodating to me as we tried to coordinate having many rooms near each other and in the same building. If you are looking for wild night life, go somewhere else. We were very pleased that the evenings were peaceful and you could take a stroll through the property or down the beach without any craziness.

A short walk down the beach you can cut through the Holiday Inn and be at a number of great dining spots like Gianni's Italian - better make a reservation or Texas di Brazil Argentine Steak House. Both were fabulous and the expanded salad bar that included fish, soup and many other non-salad items was actually the best part for me. If you so desire, there is even a TGI Fridays right there as well.

Car rental is available through National right in the hotel. Make reservations as they fill up fast. I believe they use another company at the Ocean Club next door. The concierge was extremely helpful as were the activities folks who helped us charter a Catamaran for all 32 of us for a two hour sunset cruise - the most memorable experience of the vacation. Five Stars all around!

You will have a wonderful vacation whether you are travelling as a couple or a family although this is not your destination if you are looking for singles during a week like President's Week. Stayed at Surf Club for first time, and this was my seventh trip to the happy island Check in took a long time on that Sunday. Probably won't stay here again because I like the Ocean Club or the Tradewinds part of the hotel better.

Am going back in February and am trying the Divi Phoenix out for a week. Have stayed at Divi's Tamarijin and now will try this high rise townhouse two-story 2 bedroom in the new tower This Caribbean island, outside the hurricane belt, is pure paradise!

The weather never really changes, so it doesn't matter when you go!! The restaurants are exceptional in food quality and service, and there are so many nice ones, you almost never want to go to the same one twice. There are no all inclusive plans. So, you can enjoy all these great restaurants guilt free!! Not to mention, all units come with a FULL kitchen, so if you want to be a little economical, that option is there for you.

Well we understand the problem of any crowded large resort when it comes to space at the pool or beach and the Surf Club, as beautiful as it is.

It seems I have experienced this many places I have vacationed throughout the years. On the other hand you don't want to stay at a place, necessarily, that is kind of empty and boring. I've been to those types of places too and, quite frankly, if we wanted to be alone, we could just stay closer to home and relax. We like to see people and meet people. It's all part of the vacation experience.

However, we have had some solution to this problem because we own at the Ocean Club and the Surf Club. We rent the units for the same week and travel with our friends. So you see we occupy both units at the same time, so we can get a space on the beach or pool at the Ocean Club which is less hectic, and then go over to the Surf Club and use the Lazy River or anything else there whenever we want. So look for 2 units for the same time period and invite some friends along to vacation with you.

Sounds like a fun time? Returned from the Marriott Surf Club on August 23rd, we had a fabulous time. We used an II excbange to get into the resort. The unit was gorgeous, and the staff extremely friendly and helpful. The Lazy River was relaxing and fun and we didn't expereince the saved beach chair problem.

Going in August made a difference as far as crowding was concerned. We took advantage of the gas grills and met some awesome folks while grilling. ALl and all I will look forward to returning to the Surf Club.

My husband and I came back for our five year anniversary. People complained about tagging their chairs to reserve them for the day but it was simple. You needed to get up at 7: The grounds are very pretty and the staff was very accomodating throughout our stay. There were a lot of families with children but there were a limited amount of activities to do with younger children. The restaurants in the area were great. Not a big fan of Simply Fish. There were plenty of great places only a cheap cab ride away.

We spent spring break week at the surf club. We had a great time. The people and the facilities were first class. The rooms were spacious, clean and very comfortable. As many people have noted, Marriott likely overbuilt this property. There is not room for a single additional chair at either the beach or the pools. They have recently instituted a hang tag policy to reserve your pool or beach chairs. You are issued a hang tag for each member of your party at check in.

You use these to "hold" your chairs. The crowd starts arriving at the pool at first light--around 6: You must then wait until 7: I only saw tags removed once all week. If someone in your party is not a morning person, this may not be the place for you. I personally enjoyed the quiet time in the morning watching all of this unfold.

The resort was completely sold out during our week, other weeks may be less busy, but there are a lot of condos in a fairly small area, i. If you think you can just stop down at the pool or beach late morning and grab a spot, you will be very disappointed.

Having said all that, the place is fantastic. We have 7 and 8 year old sons. They made tons of friends--it was a great vacation for all. Marriott knows how to keep families happy. The constant trade winds in Aruba make the high temperatures very comfortable. The weather cannot be beat. We have travelled fairly extensively in the caribbean and this was the consistently best weather we have ever had.

The wind makes it perfect. The resort grounds and pools are perfect. The lazy river is a treat. We will certainly return. The economy seems to be hitting the restaurants more than the hotels and condos. The place was packed, but many must have been eating in thier rooms, as restaurants were half full.

A nice feature is that you actually clear US customs at the Aruba airport. This saves having to claim and recheck luggage if you have a connecting flight on your way home. I Love the location and the rooms are clean and functional. Aruba and this property are safe and well guarded there is security everwhere. However, having to get up at 6: The property is beautifully manicured and the staff outside of the front desk area are very nice and helpful. But also note that as of last week when I was there, they are under construction beside the pool in building 6 and you hear jack hammers and drilling all day.

The poor people who were booked into the rooms above the noise. I would not go back if I was looking for a quite restful vacation, but if you don't mind all the people on top of you and the towel and chair police taking your chair if you are gone longer than 1 hour not the 2 that they tell you, then enjoy I prefer less hustle and bustle.

We had a wonderful time at the Surf Club. We had 4 adults and 2 children and rented a 2 bedrooom villa from an owner. The space was quite nice although some of the applicances could hasve used some fine tuning. The pool complex and beach are wonderful and the hotel is in a nice location, within walking distance to numerous restaurants and shops.

Just came back from the Surf Club in Aruba and have read other reviews. Althought there were some negative reviews, I have found the Surf Club wonderful for a family vacation. The villas are very spacious, very clean and the staff is VERY friendly and helpful. Those complaining may try to treat the staff a little nicer and perhaps your experience would be better.

The place is great, the beach is beautiful and the grounds are kept perfect. Besides it made it lively and fun. Of course it is going to be crowded just as holiday weeks, college weeks off, and just because it is in the middle of winter and many people choose to get away from the elements.

Go in the summer if you want it less crowded!!! We have been going for the past 10 years to the Marriott in Aruba and we love it and we are already booked for If you dont like people or children and want to be secluded buy your own island!!! For the person that complained about the restaurant closing for a group that comes down there were at least two other restaurants on the beach that Marriott offers. We came on a Sunday and it only took only about 20 minutes to get up to the room and the room was super clean and well supplied.

If you had complaints about Aruba's Marriott than you certainly wont be happy in Heaven also. And you know the alternative of that. Cant wait to next Jan so I can get another piece of Heaven!!!

The Surf Club is just great. Is it over crowded during xmas and new years week? Yes, just like every other place, but you can't find the Surf Club pool and large beach area any place else.

So, if you want the beautiful grounds, pool, and all the Marriott amenities, you can't beat this place. Just got back from two weeks and can't wait till next year. The beach was crowded but there was room for all, and the back end of the pool area was almost empty. You can always get a palapus at the pool beach by building "C" with lots of shade.

This area is the best secret of all. Sat there, and was very happy. Not as windy as by the waterfall area. This was the best thing I ever bought. The family memories we are creating is unbeatable. We go with our 2 sons and a girlfriend and we choose to look at the overwhelming positives rather than the few negatives.

So take your kids and have a great time. We have been going to the Marriott Aruba Surf club for 5 yrs. We own 3 weeks and could not be happier with our investment.

We travel with out 3 kids so we are a family of 5. The units are great because we all fit very comfortably. The rooms are clean, roomy and beautiful. We have 2 sets of families that we travel with each year and let me tell you we are making the best family memories ever.

Every year my kids love to go to Aruba. No matter what kind of year it has been when we arrive in Aruba this feeling of peace just comes over us and we just have the best time.

We laugh and enjoy each others company. No cell phones, ipods, etc. Just plain old conversation and good times. Exactly what a family should do. In this world today people do forget to slow down and make memories with your kids because soon enough they will be grown and off living there own lives.

They are now 18, 15 and 13 and we can't wait until next year to hit the pool and just float in the lazy river or swim in the ocean. We are a busy family all year long and its great to relax and see my entire family smile. The resort grounds are kept amazingly clean and the staff is very friendly. The lazy river is inviting and relaxing. The tradewinds are just so soothing they rock you to sleep on your lounge chair.

The Ocean Club owners seem to have a problem with the Surf Club because I think they are jelous its so nice. They are so sour that it was built and that its all new. They are the only people who seem to complain in there reviews??? Go back to the Ocean Club. We have owned here since before it opened, pre-construction. While I understand the comments about the property, Marriott did a great job with the location and the units here are top notch!! Washer and dryer in the units, granite kitchen, big spacious living quarters.

Really amazing property, and the river pool is the best!!! You dont get the river pool at the ocean club. We will continue going here for years, cannot be beat- except for St. Kitts which is also amazing. Just bought a timeshare at the St. Kitts Beach Club which is really nice as well, and no lines to wait in for huts, there are so many huts you can get them whenever you want any time of the day on the beach. Another great Marriott property down there too!

This coming January will be our third year at the Surf Club. We are owners and stay for ten days to two weeks at a time. We find the resort lovely and have never experienced the difficulties that are described in these other reviews.

It is crowded at times but not to the point that you can't get adequate and relaxing space on the beach. We do reserve palapas in the early hours for no fee and always have gotten them. If you want to avoid the am lineup you can rent them for a fee. Half are rented and half are given out first come first serve at hut in early morning.

The pool is crowded-but what premier resort isn't during Platinum season? Our first year the overcrowding was due to the Oceanclub people using our pool.

We used the Ocean club pool a lot and found it literally deserted because they were all at the newer Surf Club with the lazy river. Last year each had to use their own pool facilities which improved things considerably. We have always found the gym and workout facilites available. It will be expanded for this year. Many of these negative comments appear to me to be just angry people who could never be pleased no matter what was done.

We are very pleased we purchased and have made friends with other unit owners who are there at the same time. We eat in restaurants almost every evening and don't find them any more expensive than at home in the states Northeast USA. This is a fairly new resort just finished last year and you have to expect some growing pains. We feel the Marriott has worked very hard to resolve issues as they came up and see many improvements to the entire operation over the three years we have been there.

We cannot wait to get back in January and watch the sunsets in Aruba. This is a Beautiful Resort. We return this year in April. The weather there was perfect, since at home it was in the 20s. We spent our First wk in the Studio of our 3 bedroom unit. We had Breakfast in the unit each morning, mostly because everyone had a different desire for "Breakfast".

Lunch was frequently the left overs from dinner. We rented a car at National for the 2 week, at the resort. They offered a better deal than the airport. Took a cab to the resort, agree on the price before leaving the airport.

Food is a little more expensive, but remember, It all comes over by boat. There is no Soil in Aruba, just sand. Very little grows there. This is a family resort, geared to Families. But remember, you had to be 10 yrs old sometime, or your wouldn't be Retired now! The staff is very friendly, and sometimes it is a little crowded, but you don't have to go far to find a friendly person to tak to or play games, or just sleep.

You still feel comfortable walking on the Beach or any place in town. We have owned at the Ocean Club since '99 and would much rather be there. The Marriott people know that they tried to cram to many people into a small space so instead of purchasing the property right next to the Surf so that the Mega resort could be spread out they just chose to keep the pool area very small and undersized for the people that are there.

We went to the pool on the 1st day there at 8: An hour later a manager came over and said we would have to leave, to bad we didn't. She told us that the "owners board" for both the Surf and Ocean Clubs decided that this was thier solution to this problem. Unfortunately the owners weren't consulted about this decision so I will be e-mailing all of them as well.

She told me that it's not in the contract and that there wasn't anything that we could do about it, this was a "condition of sale" when we purchased our Time Share weeks so I feel like the Marriott is not being very receptive to the owners of these resorts and instead of making this a relaxing vacation what they have done is to make people very mad at each other.

I got up early one day and watched the action at the pool with all of these people trying get the chairs by the pool it looked like the last New York cab on a rainy day! I will stay here again only because I know that I can go use the pool at the Ocean Club. Other than that the one good thing is you can almost always count on the weather and it didn't disappoint us like the Marriott has!

My husband and I just returned from a week at the Aruba Surf Club. We are owners at the Aruba Ocean Club but since we couldn't get a reservation at our home resort until March we traded for the Surf. The rooms are lovely and clean as they are at all the Marriott resorts. We stayed in a one bedroom overlooking the main pool. However, I would not stay at this resort again due to overcrowding.

In order to get a pool chair with shade you had to go down at 7: We just didn't bother and took our chances later in the day. Although we were always able to find a spot at the pool or beach after someone had abandoned a spot, I found this bothersome. Also, the chairs were literally side by side at the pool and the beach. It was always quite noisy at the pool and not very relaxing.

The view of the beach was obstructed by the tons of chairs with shades. The lazy river was nice but again crowded so you couldn't really relax as you were contstantly bumping into other people. The Surf Club advised that the reciprocal agreement with the Marriott Ocean Club and the hotel had been suspended until April so you couldn't use those facilitities' pools either.

We spent our last day at the Marriott hotel in a newly renovated room and that was great. I will definately go back to the Aruba Ocean Club next time for the peace and quiet.

Families with smaller children may prefer the Surf due to the lazy river pool. The Marriott burgers and the breakfast buffet at the hotel are were very good as well.

Tony Roma's was not as good as it has been in the past and they have raised their prices considerably. The happy hour drinks at the bar were not good nor was the juice bar. Save your money and buy your own! We rented a car for the day and went to the supermarket and Baby Beach. Make sure you get the Marriott VIP card before you rent. We stayed at the Surf Club Jan We exchanged for this property and have been to Aruba many times in the past during this time of year.

We absolutely love the island. We thought at one time that we would buy here pre-construction but decided to wait. We were thrilled to be able to get a Marriott property in Aruba in January and thought --great, if we like it we'll buy. We're very glad that we did not buy! Our experience was similar to some of the other negative posts. The Marriott was overbuilt and understaffed for the amount of people that occupy the Surf Club at peak times.

We could not get any lounges near the pool in the shade until around 5pm If you wanted a palapa you had to reserve it and pay for it up to 3 days in advance or wait in line at some ungodly hour in the am to get what was "left" over--if anything.

After the first couple of tries we just went to Arashi beach. Check in was obscene. There were only 3 people in front of us but it still took nearly an hour! The room was not adequately prepared: We requested a high floor with a view but were glad when we didn't get our initial request.