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I'm glad to see that they have suspended all advertising. ACR better do something about this to fix this issue. Personally i like playing against bots they have set patterns they get picked up on by the 40th hand and then you and adjust to exploit them.

Bots are not big winners, colludes are winning pretty significantly as a whole. March 7th, , 2: Originally Posted by Syltan. Originally Posted by dj March 7th, , 4: Originally Posted by Vfranks. Aren't you just repeating what the OP said? These are my thoughts exactly! I doubt there are going to be a bunch of bots at micro 6max NLHe games. I guess maybe if they need to test them out first or something, but even then they would probably start at higher limits.

Though, this is just speculation on my part. March 7th, , 8: Originally Posted by dakota-xx. No - he had created a new thread and I merged with this existing one. March 9th, , The problem is that people have been speaking up for years. I agree with the thought they are just trying to cash grab as much from the US before they get pulled out. It also a little unsettling to think they might be using superuser type stuff to get around not clearing GTDS.

Its not a k overlay if they are super using all the big prizes. Though the player that won the milly last week ali23imsavoric is a beast player. Look at his shark scopes gaara of the sand and ali23 just incredible. All kinds of talk about Winning network using the same company that made Ultimate Bet software making a superuser capability a lot more plausible but anyways Join the Conversation at CardsChat.

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Discussions about poker tells, behavior, and psychology, with a focus on live poker. Easiest live tells to spot? Bet a hand that can't get Discussions about medium-high stakes pot-limit and no-limit hold'em and up.

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Live updates from major events, logistics, trip reports, and other live not televised major tournament discussion. High Stakes PL Omaha. AA double suited in early Small Stakes PL Omaha.

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