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For Agnes and her two younger sisters, this particular day will be marked by both tragedy and triumph, but which will resonate most in the days and weeks to follow? Perversely, the more successful a given reboot is, the easier it seemingly becomes to pull this same trick again the second that a particular instalment mildly underperforms. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. I honestly was shocked by how well the movie was produced and the character portrayal. Like Bond, he is ultimately a pawn of bigger forces who struggles at times not to buckle under the pressure as the torture scene demonstrates ; by making him so small, he becomes more believable and more intimidating, even without the bleeding eye. Gregory Hollimon as Drunk Man.

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The Cotton Club View All Photos 3. There are those who insist that the backstage intrigues which occurred during the production of Cotton Club would make a better film than Cotton Club itself. Essentially, this "dream" project of director Francis Ford Coppola was intended to reflect the passing parade of New York in the s, using Harlem's famed Cotton Club nitery as a metaphor of the era.

After innumerable in-progress script changes were made and countless post-production "improvements" were imposed, what emerged was a crazy quilt of varying styles, divergent acting techniques and stop-and-start plotlines. Occasionally, Cotton Club is well up to the standards established by Coppola in his earlier, more successful films.

The central character, loosely based on George Raft and played by Richard Gere, is a jazz cornet player at the Cotton Club. Gere saves the life of gangster Dutch Schultz James Remar , who in gratitude takes Gere under his wing, engaging the young man's services as escort for Schultz's girl friend Diane Lane guess where this leads?

Meanwhile, Gere's overambitious hoodlum brother Nicolas Cage playing a character inspired by mobster Mad Dog Coll kills two innocent children during a mob hit and is forced to go into hiding. Cage holds gangster Frenchy Demarge Fred Gwynne as a hostage, but Demarge's safety is negotiated by Owney Madden Bob Hoskins , the mob owner of the Cotton Club the touching friendship between Demarge and Madden is one of the few subplots to remain intact in the film's release version.

Cage is killed, followed in death shortly afterward by Schultz, who is put "on the spot" by Lucky Luciano Joe Dallesandro. Gere wins a Hollywood movie contract and heads off to Tinseltown with Diane Lane. These plot convolutions tend to diminish the importance of the black characters who work as Cotton Club entertainers. The intriguing fact that blacks were permitted to perform at the club but were denied access as patrons should have been given as much emphasis as Richard Gere's story; instead, we are left with tantalizingly brief snatches of a romance between Gregory Hines and Lonette McKee, and a few scattered musical numbers involving Hines, his brother Maurice, Charles "Honi" Coles, and a staggeringly good Cab Calloway imitator Larry T.

Cotton Club tends to leave the viewer feeling as though several vital ingredients are missing from the recipe, but there is still a lot left over to please the ear and eye. Richard Gere as Dixie Dwyer. Gregory Hines as Sandman Williams. Diane Lane as Vera Cicero.

James Remar as Dutch Schultz. Nicolas Cage as Vincent Dwyer. Allen Garfield as Abbadabba Berman. Bob Hoskins as Owney Madden. Fred Gwynne as Frenchy Demange. Gwen Verdon as Tish Dwyer. Lisa Jane Persky as Frances Flegenheimer. Maurice Hines as Clay Williams. Julian Beck as Sol Weinstein.

Novella Nelson as Mme. Laurence Fishburne as Bumpy Rhodes. Ryan as Joe Flynn. Tom Waits as Irving Stark. Ron Karabatsos as Mike Best. Glen Witherow as Ed Popke. Jennifer Grey as Patsy Dwyer. Wynonna Smith as Winnie Williams. Thelma Carpenter as Norma Williams. Charles "Honi" Coles as Sugar Coates. Larry Marshall as Cab Calloway. Ed O'Ross as Monk. Diane Venora as Gloria Swanson. Tucker Smallwood as Kid Griffin. Glenn Withrow as Ed Popke. Woody Strode as Holmes.

Bill Graham as J. Kim Chan as Ling. Ed Rowan as Messiah. Leonard Termo as Danny. Rony Clanton as Caspar Holstein. Click the link below to see what others say about The Poker Club!

More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Apocalypse Better Call Saul: Season 4 Castle Rock: Season 1 The Deuce: Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 This Is Us: Season 3 The Walking Dead: The Awards Season Calendar. The Poker Club View All Photos 1. Four friends are swept up in a treacherous game of intrigue and betrayal during a Monday night poker game gone terribly awry. Every Monday night, Aaron Tyler Johnathon Schaech and his friends get together for a friendly game of poker.

They've had the same routine for years, and it's always been a low-key affair. John Turturro as Joey Knish. Famke Janssen as Petra. John Malkovich as KGB. Martin Landau as Professor Petrovsky. Michael Rispoli as Granma. Melina Kanakaredes as Barbara. Josh Mostel as Zagosh. Lenny Clarke as Savino. Tom Aldredge as Judge Marinacci.

Paul Cicero as Russian Thug. Ray Iannicelli as Kenny. Merwin Goldsmith as Sy. Sonny Zito as Tony. Peter Yoshida as Henry Lin. Boryea as Russian Thug No. Lenny Venito as Moogie. Richard Mawe as Professor Eisen. Michael Lombard as D. Beeson Carroll as Judge Kaplan. Matthew Yavne as Professor Green. Erik LaRay Harvey as Roy. Dominic Marcus as Dowling. Brian Anthony Wilson as Derald. George Kmeck as Prison Guard. Joe Parisi as Property Guard.

Kohl Sudduth as Wagner. Charlie Matthes as Birch. Hank Jacobs as Steiny. Chris Messina as Higgins. Michael Ryan Segal as Griggs. Kerry O'Malley as Kelly. Slava Schoot as Roman. Goran Visnjic as Maurice. Michele Zanes as Taj Dealer. Allan Havey as Guberman. Joe Vega as Freddy Face. Neal Hemphill as Claude. Chan as Johnny Chan. Lisa Gorlitsky as Sherry. John DiBenedetto as LaRossa. Nicole Brier as Sunshine. Bill Camp as Eisenberg. Tony Hoty as Taki. Mario Mendoza as Zizzo.

Joe Zaloom as Cronos.

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