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May 3 at 8: Jun 20 at 1: Whichever method you use, the hand histories will be there. Jun 10 at 8: Once it was comfortable with the procedures, PokerStars submitted its utility on Might nineteenth and was capable of meet all the stringent ARJEL license requirements. During play, you even can replace one card to another by double clicking it. Jul 10 at 7:

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PokerTracker 4 - Site Configuration Guides. Please read through the configuration guide for your specific site prior to contacting support. If after going through the guide, you are still experiencing trouble or have any questions then please proceed to send us a message and we will gladly help. PokerTracker 4 supports both Holdem and Omaha.

For convenience, both Holdem and Omaha are in the same PokerTracker 4 application; however, they are separate purchases. PokerTracker 4 does not support the new 5 Card Omaha games such as the one launched by PokerStars in the Winter on As of PokerTracker v4. Please make sure that your PokerTracker version is at least v4. Sign In Create Account. What is my PostgreSQL password?

I need a new PokerTracker 4 code. Does PokerTracker 4 support Omaha? PokerTracker 4 PokerTracker 4 Holdem: You cannot create or import custom statistics. You cannot search with TableTracker. Your PokerTracker 4 license will be for one of these three game versions: Find a friend to purchase via one of the methods above for you and we will transfer the code into your name.

Computer Hardware Minimum Requirement: Operating System Minimum Requirement: OS X Yosemite Hard Drive The number one factor for speed performance is hard drive speed, the PostgreSQL Server which powers the PokerTracker database commonly moves gigabytes of data to allow PokerTracker 4 to perform it's reporting duties. Most users will find one of these passwords to work: Registration Where is my registration code for the free 30 day trial?

Can I install PokerTracker 4 on more than one computer? I have reinstalled PokerTracker 4 and need a new registration code. This same code should be used on up to two separate computers. Our sole interest is in protecting our players and our site from tools and services that we believe are bad for the integrity and fairness of our games.

We take your privacy very seriously and complies with relevant Data Protection law. We do not collect personally-identifiable information, other than that provided by the player during account registration and routine security verifications. It is not possible for any member of our staff to read or copy private data from your machine.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy. We believe that it is best to take action against these services at the root. Consequently, we are continually improving our software to stop the datamining of our games.

In addition, we reserve the right to take legal action as we deem fit against those services that maliciously and repeatedly breach our Terms of Service. We may, at our discretion, prevent our client program from running on your machine, or require players to upgrade the client program. However, it is not possible for our staff to remotely modify any file on your computer, or send any file to your machine. While we reserve the right to confiscate the funds of somebody running a prohibited tool or service, we are not going to do this lightly.

Our goal is to educate via warning players who are found to be using prohibited software that is publicly available for download. However, we will confiscate funds if a player shows a pattern of using prohibited tools and services after being warned, or if a player attempts to bypass our detection measures, or if a player is found to be privately developing or using privately developed software that violates our policies.

We do have a more in depth developer reference guide PPSX , PDF if you are interested in finding out some more of the intricacies regarding this policy. If you have any further questions, please contact Support. The support team is on hand to assist you, and can answer any questions not listed in the FAQ. Make your first real money deposit and start playing at PokerStars. Deposits are fast and secure. License renewed March 10, Gambling may lead to addiction!

Help Responsible Gaming Languages. How to Play FAQ. End User License Agreement. The following types of tools and services are generally acceptable: Features of Tournament Indicator Poker Calculator. Tournament Indicator win poker odds are calculated with a sophisticated mathematical algorithm based on your pocket cards, the community cards, and the number of players in the hand.

Tournament Indicator offers accurate win poker odds that you can trust. Pot odds is simply a ratio of the amount of money in the pot compared with how much money it takes to call. The higher the ratio, the better your pot odds are. This can be translated to a percentage, representing the size of your contribution in the new pot. Tournament Indicator displays the probabilities of hitting a particular hand at showdown for you and your opponents at showdown.

They're all independent numbers. You can choose the one you prefer to play your own starting hands. Expected Value for your hole cards. Expected value is the average amount of big bets this hand will make or lose. These statistics were compiled by a major online poker room from their database of millions of real live hands. By only playing poker hands that have profitable EV, you will certainly improve your Texas Hold'em game. Please remember however, that this is a compilation of EV for the average player, so they are just representative of long term statistics and not Texas Hold'em facts.

You will still need to play your poker hands accordingly, which means you need to observe your opponents, and play as the flop sees fit. This is another way to describe your hole cards' strength.

This is a strategy book for limit Hold'em, but the starting hand groups do have some practical use in no limit Hold'em. Group 1 is the strongest; Group 9 is the weakest. You can get the whole list of the Sklansky Groups. For PokerStars and Full Tilt only , we use " Rank " to indicate the absolute strength of your starting hand, , 1 is the best hand.

You can get more information about the starting Hand Ranks. OUTs refer to the unseen cards still left in the deck that will improve your hand after the flop. As you might guess, the more cards left in the deck that will improve your hand, the better. That's why, after the flop, you want to stay with hands that can be improved in a number of ways. The more outs, or ways your hand can potentially improve on the Turn or the River, the better your chances are of winning the pot.

By counting your outs, you can do a very rough, quick calculation to estimate your chance of improving your hand after the flop, and hopefully having a winning hand. Knowing how likely or unlikely you are to improve will help you make a better decision about how much or little to invest in the hand. Tournament Indicator shows you the total outs and what the outs are.

Tournament Indicator displays the OUTs from the strongest to the weakest. So you can easily ignore the weak ones if you wish. You can use either of them to judge your hand strength.

Tournament Indicator shows your position after flop. For a full size table players , the first three seats after the button would be Early.

The button and the two seats before it would be Late, and in between is the Middle. For short-handed tables players , Early and Late position are the first and last two positions. For tables with players, Early and Late position are the first and last position.

Click " h " to switch between " Current Session " and " History Data " for your player stats box. For column "Balance" and "Streak", only data for current session is displayed. Not enough hands of data to categorize this player. Tournament Indicator stores Player Stats automatically on your computer. The stats will be loaded automatically next time you're sitting with a tracked player if you choose to display the history stats option.

This data is collected using the same information you receive while sitting at the poker table.