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We have reviewed all of the best online poker software. Want to see number of big blinds instead of number of chips? View Hand BTN: StarsHelper was created by a team of experienced developers in conjunction with professional poker players. Holdem Manager will provide support by maintaining and updating the converter. Please turn on javascript in your browser!

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We will update the error message to be more specific as to the reason the observed hand did not convert. That's pitty for the High Stakes Threads Originally Posted by Jim Varnon. Yeah that really sucks. Would've been great for the high stakes threads.

Originally Posted by fozzy You should be able to right-click the hand inside any HM Hands window and choose Copy Hands to Clipboard, then paste it into the converter. I missed the observed portion of his post. Originally Posted by Sethide.

Originally Posted by Mat Sklansky. This decision is being investigated and may very well be overturned. I have to talk with some other people about the rationale behind it before saying more. Nice turnaround Jim, Thanks!

I'm such a cheerleader in this thread, but seriously, great job all. That would be the nuts imo. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is About the Forums Here's where you post suggestions about the forums and the software that implements them. Page 1 of Send a private message to udbrky. Find More Posts by udbrky. Find Threads Started by udbrky. Livin' the Dream Baby! Send a private message to High Time John. Send a private message to thac. Find More Posts by thac.

Find Threads Started by thac. Send a private message to Videopro. Find More Posts by Videopro. Find Threads Started by Videopro. Create preset bet sizing by filters for different game situation. By preflop pot size by limpers. SB, BB, etc; By your stack size and effective stack size. Apply profile settings to any poker table automatically. By string in window title. StarsHelper HUD allows you in real-time.

See pot odds and necessary outs for call real time during the play. Enter bet size in big blinds, and it will automatically convert to value in chips and enter it in PokerStars bet box. See total pot value in big blinds, which is very convenient for using with 'Chips to BB' feature. Also, you can see total pot amount after opponent s will call your bet.

Compare your bluff size to profitability of this action. See action history and time for decision of all players at the table. See the exact position of your opponent which makes easy to use positional statistic from PokerTracker4 and HoldemManager2. See how much time has passed from the last blind increase. Automatically close different useless info windows. Automatically click check box in the PokerStars "Seat Available" dialog window, when you take a spot on a waiting list for cash tables.

G63 Seat 2: Max Segal 2. I had the same need as you when i wanted to convert my poker academy pro history into poker tracker.

I ended up writing my own program that actually was converting the data into pokerstars data. I think that either pokerstars or party poker format are popular. Or you can try the ongame format which is a lot easier. I'm just encountering my own hands which need to be converted and would like to know if have an idea for me. Tech Savant 1 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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