Sunday Briefing: Poland has a Sunday Million Champion

Anyone with a little knowledge of poker has the opportunity to go deep in this tournament without being concerned about their experience relative to the opposition. First-Eagle picked a good time to win it. Many of the top rated poker sites run big weekly tournaments at a range of start times and with a range of buy-in levels and prize pools. A good poker bonus is essential. Poker tech, must-watch poker videos and more from the lighter side of the poker world.

PokerStars Sunday High Roller: $125K Gtd

10 Astounding Statistics from the PokerStars Sunday Million

April 19th, , 3: Play strong, don't be afraid to stick with what you know in terms of calling etc just becuase it's larger stakes.

Play super tight to make it through the bubble because the value from making money is somuch higher for weaker players than chips are. Once through the bubble play hard to try accumulate lots of chips and make it to the FT!

With everyone sharing some good advice, you also want to win your flips. Something you simply cannot outrun, and hopefully the flips are in your favor. April 19th, , 9: You need to play good and have strategy too but for huge feild tournaments you really need so much luck. It is one of my goals for this year, to participate in the Sunday million.

Hopefully we will meet at the table,. April 19th, , Bring your horse shoes and 4 leaf clovers or any lucky charms you have, you need to be lucky in this one to have any chance. Massive feild should be upwards of 50K entrants. April 20th, , 3: Sometimes in big tourneys, I find it helps just to focus on your table and beating people at your table. It doesn't matter really what is going on at other tables or how many tables there are. April 20th, , 7: BTW its not a million dollars for first place - it is a million dollars prize pool.

Sorry but still an amazing ROI on your buy-in. Also theoretically I think you could be the best poker player in the world and play it every weekend and you might never win it due to variance. April 20th, , 8: April 20th, , 9: Play Tight-Aggressive and don't be afraid. Play your A-game and try to pick up chips when you can! April 20th, , April 20th, , 2: I try to play the same no matter the tournament type. I am not sure if this is a good strategy or not, but I have a simple plan I follow for my game play and it seems to work for me.

I would love to win that tournament, but I always start out my games with the plan to cash and then move up as I go. If I am on the bottom of the ladder, like many others, at that point, I might change it up to move up the ladder. A lot of luck will be needed good luck. April 20th, , 6: Originally Posted by Nathan Smith. Adjust your sleeping schedule so you will be absolutely fit and focused for the timeframe of the tournament and have enough food and drinks ready Then play a tight solid game and hope that your hands hold up April 21st, , 6: First, you'll need an account at these online poker rooms.

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PokerStars Sunday Million