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Your imagination is the limit when decorating your board. Ready-made printouts, patterned paper, paint, markers, magazine cutouts, and more can be used to jazz up your board. A vibrant, colorful design will be more eye-catching to players.

Color is also a great way of setting mood. A vampire-themed game, for example, would probably be dark and spooky. Game boards are handled frequently and may become worn over time. Protect your hard work by laminating your board when possible. Create the game pieces. The simplest way of doing this is by drawing or printing images on paper and then taping or gluing them to a sturdy backing, like cardstock.

If you are making a game for family or friends, you can even use real photos of players. Fit your paper game pieces into plastic game card stands to give them a base. Plastic game card stands can be bought at most hobby stores and general retailers.

Try using homemade chess pieces , figurines sculpted from polymer clay , or origami animals for game pieces. Repurpose old dice and spinners or create your own.

If your game involves the use of dice or a spinner, you can use ones from store-bought games. Create your own spinner with cardboard, a pushpin, and markers. Stick the pin through the base of a cardboard arrow and attach it to the center of a circular piece of cardboard, then draw the spinner options on the cardboard circle. There are many different kinds of dice you can choose from. Dice with more sides will decrease the odds of repeated numbers. Spinners often use colors to determine player moves.

For example, if you spin the arrow and it lands on yellow, your piece would advance to the next yellow square. Spinners are great for prize rounds. If a player draws a prize card or lands on a special square, they could use a spinner to determine their reward. Write out your game cards, when necessary. Use graphics, creative descriptions, and witty one-liners to add some flavor to your deck. Homemade game cards can be made from cardstock.

Use a normal playing card as a template when cutting so your cards are the same shape. Look into 3D printing to add wow factor. You will need to submit a 3D model to a company that specializes in this, but the result will be custom models that look like they came from a store-bought game.

Cardboard would be a good choice for your prototype, but because cardboard damages easily, a firmer board would be a better choice for your final product. If cardboard is your only option though, choose cardboard that is more durable or glue two pieces of cardboard together to make your board.

Not Helpful 52 Helpful Would the game still be fun if there is only one challenge or should there be more? It depends on how long you want your game to go on for. If you want a game to last for hours, then more challenges would be fine. If you want a game to go for 10 minutes or so, then it should be only one challenge. Not Helpful 56 Helpful Write down many words that relate to your game.

Pair them together until you find a nice combination. It helps to have others do this exercise with you. Not Helpful 58 Helpful What advice do you have for someone who wants to make a complicated game? Establish a clear set of rules.

Make sure the rules are understood. For more complicated games, you may want to set the age limit higher. Not Helpful 28 Helpful You can base it on a game as long as you aren't going to sell it. If you sell it, you could get in trouble for copyright infringement.

Not Helpful 51 Helpful You can 3D print the game pieces if you have access to such a printer, which makes the possible permutations endless. If not, consider making them using any materials you have at home already, to save money and time.

It's the perfect chance to be ultra creative! Not Helpful 61 Helpful What would you suggest to use to make the board 3D without a 3D printer? You can make 3D structures with cardbord or a number of other materials. Not Helpful 22 Helpful Think about how you play the game. Once you do, jot down things that you should and shouldn't do. Include time frames, extra shots, card usage, and alternative game play. Not Helpful 45 Helpful You could use A3 paper for the prototype and strong cardboard for the real thing.

This would be better as it would allow you to have more players. Not Helpful 44 Helpful You can patent it if you feel it will get somewhere, but only do if necessary because patents cost a lot of money. Not Helpful 59 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Quick Summary To make your own board game, write down your ideas for the game and come up with a theme or genre, like war or fantasy. Did this summary help you?

Tips Miniaturize your game board so you can play on the go. Introducing himself simply as "John", he defeated a vampire preying on a small village in the early 20th century. Now aware that there was more to the world than the obvious, the Doctor eventually developed some contacts with certain secret elements of the government, prompting him to investigate strange events around an asylum treating patients suffering from PTSD after their war service, defeating the psychic manifestations of the patients' grief.

The Doctor is reunited with Harry Sullivan. During the s , he wrote some short stories for various magazines, but while they were lauded as imaginative, he was subconsciously expressing his lost memories in them, and as a result crammed too much detail into one story for potential publishers to accept them. While staying in a small village in , he met his former companion Harry Sullivan - although his amnesia prevented the Doctor or Harry from recognising each other- and worked with Harry to stop Hester Stanton , a woman who believed that she was the reincarnation of Morgan le Fay , from bringing the land to life to serve her with the 'aid' of a tricked werewolf.

In the course of this, the Doctor was knocked out by what appeared to be the Holy Grail , which 'rejected' his attempt to carry it due to his 'sin' of destroying Gallifrey, but Harry was able to use it to force Hester to retreat, the Doctor assuming that Harry and others were dead when they had actually been taken away by the Fourth Doctor who had tied up some loose ends of the crisis a month in the future before coming back for Harry. The Year of Intelligent Tigers.

When he learned of a strange code that had been sent from Germany, the Doctor attempted to help Alan Turing , Graham Greene , and Joseph Heller translate it and track its origins, but by the time he reached its source the original senders had vanished, and the Doctor was left forced to admit that even he didn't know if helping the source of the signal was the right thing to do. The Turing Test These events left the Doctor in a deep depression for the next few years, feeling as though his actions were pointless, until he became caught up in the efforts of the mysterious Players to escalate the Cold War into open conflict, forced to act as an agent for 'Tightrope'- an unofficial gathering of spies on both sides who sought to maintain the balance between the Soviets and their opposing forces- to smuggle double agents out of the country and prevent efforts to brainwash Truman and Stalin into declaring war.

A confrontation with his old foe, the Countess , helped the Doctor reaffirm his desire and love of life and peace, allowing him to continue with a more positive outlook on life.

For a time, the Doctor acted as a ghost-writer for a former Hollywood screenwriter who was having trouble concentrating, but departed when he realised that an alien life-form trapped nearby was causing a degenerative mental condition in most of the locals through its efforts to communicate and he could do nothing to help anyone affected.

In , the Doctor witnessed Eva Dalloway being caught shoplifting and observed his former incarnation departing the Quadrant council estate. In , the Doctor rescued the mysterious Miranda Dawkins from pursuers from the far future, adopting her himself to give her a chance at a better life after her adopted parents were killed.

Father Time During this time, the Doctor thwarted the efforts of the mysterious Network to turn humanity into nodes in its system. The Gallifrey Chronicles Miranda eventually learned the truth about her past and fled in fear, leaving the Doctor to spend the next few years trying to find her.

Learning of Miranda's location in , the Doctor discovered that she had been captured by Ferran , the ruler of a vast empire in the far future, who had come back in time in his vast spaceship, the Supremacy.

Travelling to America, the Doctor hi-jacked the space shuttle Atlantis and was able to mimic Ferran's voice to allow him to board the ship, he and Miranda swiftly staging a bloodless coup. Miranda returned to the future with Ferran to reform society, but the Doctor decided to remain as he was now so close to his appointment with Fitz that it would feel like cheating to skip to the end now.

Initially distracted helping Fitz's new acquaintance Anji Kapoor rescue her boyfriend Dave Young when he became caught up in a planned Kulan invasion of Earth, after Dave was killed and Fitz was captured by the Kulan, the TARDIS completed its interior regeneration, allowing the Doctor and Anji to travel up to their fleet.

Unfortunately, the invasion was only 'defeated' when Anji accidentally tricked the entire fleet into firing on each other as she didn't realise that the mothership had full control of all weapons in the fleet, forcing the Doctor, Fitz and Anji to flee into the TARDIS as the Kulan destroyed themselves. The City of the Dead and forced the Tigers of Hitchemus to co-operate with a group of human colonists instead of fighting them.

While on Earth in the 18th century , the Doctor's heart was removed by Sabbath , ostensibly to save the Doctor's life as it seemingly began to poison him by trying to link to a home world that no longer existed, but also to allow Sabbath to travel through time by planting it in himself.

The Adventuress of Henrietta Street This caused the Doctor to lose many of his Time Lord abilities, such as his respiratory bypass system , although he eventually came to adapt to this loss and recognise that he was defined by what he did rather than his physical limitations.

Hope After a long series of battles with Sabbath, he was forced to remove the Doctor's heart from his body, which allowed the Doctor to grow a new one. The Doctor later found out that Sabbath had been hired by an organisation called the Council of Eight , who had the objective of removing as many alternative timelines from existence as possible, so they could have more control over the universe. The Council attempted to engineer the deaths of the Doctor's companions, since they were random, uncontrollable elements.

The Doctor managed to destroy the Council and prevent their deaths with the help of Sabbath and Miranda's daughter, Zezanne , but seemingly at the cost of their lives.

Upon arriving on Earth, the Doctor learned that just prior to the destruction of Gallifrey, the sum total of the Matrix had been placed within his mind with the help of Compassion. The sheer size of the Matrix in the Doctor's mind was enough to compress his own memories. This had caused his amnesia , but it was a potential means to rescue the Time Lords.

Info from Wormwood needs to be added. The Doctor fights with his own reflection. On a trip to Stockbridge , the Doctor encountered his old enemy the Celestial Toymaker.

The Toymaker had brainwashed almost all the residents of Stockbridge into obeying him. However, there were two normal people left in Stockbridge to fight back against the Toymaker. Those resistant to the Toymaker were the Doctor's old friend Maxwell Edison and his friend, "comic geek" Izzy Sinclair. Max refused yet again, so the Doctor invited Izzy, and she decided to accept, joining him on his travels.

The Doctor and Izzy. On their first adventure, they went to the distant future of Earth in the 51st century , where they managed to traverse a pirate-infested wasteland and reach the Keep , a mysterious source of power in the middle of nowhere. Within, they found the genius, Crivello , who had solved the problem of the dwindling energy Earth received from the Sun, by creating a second sun capable of providing enough energy.

The Doctor helped Crivello launch the device and a secondary sun was created in the Crab Nebula to provide humanity with a new home as Sol went supernova. After the TARDIS console exploded mid-flight, the Doctor and Izzy awoke at the bottom of a celestial staircase, believing that they had died and were moving on to the next life. At the top of the staircase, the duo found a courtroom, where the Doctor was accused of various crimes by figures from his past, prompting the judge to sentence both him and Izzy to Hell - only to discover that, in fact, they were in interstitial space, a simulated environment where a figure in white explained their true situation.

After defeating the creature with the help of the figure whom the Doctor realised was, in fact, a manifestation of the TARDIS' own consciousness, the Doctor and Izzy decided to set off in search of a holiday. A Life of Matter and Death. The Doctor and Izzy materialised on a small satellite orbiting Crivello's sun, and witnessed an attack on it by Daleks. While attempting to stop the Daleks' plans, they found that another of the Doctor's deadliest enemies, the megacorp known as the Threshold , had been hired to destroy the Daleks, and already had a plan in motion.

This plan failed and Izzy escaped with the Threshold's payment and a portal-generating Threshold ring. She warped to the Doctor's location, and he was told of the Threshold's mission, and knew who hired them, since the box containing their payment was embossed with the Seal of Rassilon. The Doctor managed to defeat both the Daleks and the Threshold by making Crivello's sun go supernova. Arriving on a tourist planet, the Doctor stumbled upon a crime scene and inadvertently implicated himself for a series of murders.

However, he was saved when Izzy used her yet-to-be-written tourist log to send an anonymous tip to the police about the location of the true culprit. By Hook or By Crook. The Doctor is infected by one of his worst fears. Together with Fey, they defeated Varney , but the Doctor was infected with a toxin. Tooth and Claw The Doctor returned to Gallifrey, where his mind was placed in the Matrix while his body was cured. From there the Doctor was lured into an adventure involving the Elysians, where he met Shayde again and asked him a favour.

The Doctor then returned and apparently regenerated into his ninth incarnation. The Doctor and Izzy arrived in 17th century Japan and became involved in alien research by the Gaijin. The Gaijin were working with the locals in Japan and had created the secret to immortality, million Nanoforms that would recreate any damaged tissue within seconds.

The Doctor managed to stop the Gaijin from giving the locals immortality with the help of Samurai Sato Katsura , who was injured in the conflict. The Doctor used some of the Nanoforms to heal Sato. However, the Doctor poured too many of the Nanoforms on Sato and made him immortal. The Road to Hell. Later, the Doctor and Izzy had a brief meeting with an old enemy of the Doctor's known as Beep the Meep.

This happened in a parallel universe, one where the adventures of the Doctor were nothing more than televised programmes and science fiction. The Doctor defeated Beep and, confused by the oddities of the parallel universe, the Doctor and Izzy departed.

Kroton killed Sato Katsura and the power over the Glory was passed on to him. Kroton used this power to banish the Master from Paradost and restore peace to space and time. The Doctor with Izzy and Destrii. The Doctor swapped the Crystal of Consciousness with an identical duplicate, which Valis stole.

Valis restrained the Doctor and Izzy, having them at his mercy, when the fake crystal backfired on him upon it being placed in Valis' psychic web. Izzy mocked this substitution as obvious.

Death to the Doctor. The Doctor talks about Izzy's condition. The Way of All Flesh. The Doctor and Izzy encountered an alien called Destrii onboard Ophidius. Betraying her trust, she swapped bodies with Izzy and was seemingly disintegrated before the Doctor could get Izzy's body back. Ophidius He tried to help Izzy cope with the trauma of losing her old body, and adjust to her new one.

After Izzy was kidnapped by individuals searching for Destrii, the Doctor contacted Fey and she joined him on his search. Re-encountering Destrii, the Doctor took her along, and travelled to the planet Oblivion to get Izzy back. Uroboros Finally returned to her original body, Izzy chose to leave the Doctor's company as a result of the stress that she went through being trapped in Destrii's body.

Info from Reversal of Fortune needs to be added. The Doctor chats with Bish. Where Nobody Knows Your Name. Shortly after leaving Izzy, a depressed Doctor went to a bar called Bish's to drown his sorrows, where he struck up a conversation with the bartender Bish.

After stopping a drone called Zalda from blowing herself up, Bish told him that he seemed most at home doing what he loved most - helping people. After this, he decided to go on holiday, unaware that Bish was actually his old companion, Frobisher. The Doctor throws a bag of crisps. After recovering from Izzy's departure, the Doctor investigated a para-static vortex beam in London and discovered a vast alien being called the Nukaryote was hiding beneath a football stadium.

Going on holiday with a boatman called Ediphis , the Doctor encountered a Osiran god called Thoueris. After escaping her many attempts on his life, the Doctor stopped Thoueris from seizing control of Eygpt and fed her to crocodiles. The Power of Thoueris! The Doctor in Victorian London. The Elixir of Doom. Although he had tried to steal his mind, the Doctor helped Jack to stop Morjanus from creating an experimental weapon that would wipe out the Hunters. Also succeeding in stopping the Pyrodine , the genetically engineered race Morjanus planned to use as a weapon, from attacking London, the Doctor left Jack on good terms after he witnessed Jack restore Morjanus' fabricated persona to her, allowing her to live out her life as Penny Chapman in Victorian London.

The Doctor bumped into Destrii again and discovered a plan by her and her uncle to aid the Windigo. Bad Blood After helping him defeat the Zeronites , he invited her to join him on his travels.

Sins of the Fathers The duo then travelled to London in where they prevented the Cybermen from converting all humans, and left together in search of new adventures. Alone again, the Doctor returned to Earth and gained two companions: Terror Firma While in the company of the siblings, the Doctor received a distress signal from another Time Lord and left the two behind in Vienna to investigate.

He arrived in where he found Mary Shelley and a future version of his current incarnation that had been badly hurt and mutated as a result of a temporal storm. After saving his future self, he invited Mary to travel with him. Deciding to take it easy on her first adventure, the Doctor attempted to take Mary to Vienna in hoping to join up with Samson and Gemma, but missed and arrived in There they met a local entertainer who claimed to have constructed an automaton know as "the Silver Turk".

Upon further inspection, the Doctor discovered it was in fact a Cyberman. The Cyberman escaped and its partner kidnapped Mary, but the Doctor and Mary managed to defeat both the pair of Cybermen and the insane Johan Drossel.

The Witch from the Well and battling the Bone Lord , Mary requested that the Doctor drop her off in her normal time, parting on good terms as they were still fond of each other. Remembering he had intended to visit his friend, Professor Chronotis , in Cambridge back in the days his fourth incarnation travelled with Romana , WC: Shada before he and Romana were taken out of time by Borusa for several hours, TV: The Five Doctors the Doctor visited Lady President Romana II and K9 Mark II on Gallifrey to investigate what he was supposed to have been doing before his fourth incarnation, annoyed he that he had been "nowhere" for several hours, and had then forgotten all about it and gone off to Brighton.

The professor had accidentally loaned the book to Chris Parsons. On his way back with the book, the Doctor was attacked by Skagra. Skagra took the book from him and nearly had his mind taken by the sphere. The Doctor, Romana, Chris and K9 traced the sphere to Skagra's ship, where the sphere copied the Doctor's mind, but failed to steal it outright.

Creating a primitive form of dimensional stabiliser for Skagra's other ship and giving it the ability to dematerialise, the Doctor followed Skagra.

Using The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey as a "key," Skagra left for the Time Lord prison planet , Shada , to take the mind of the criminal, Salyavin , to make all inhabitants of the universe share Skagra's mind. After arriving, Skagra stole the mind of the Professor, who was actually Salyavin.

Skagra began placing fragments of the minds he had stolen into his Krarg servants. The Doctor arrived through the TARDIS' "back entrance" and improvised a mind control helmet to command the Krargs, as part of the shared mind contained the Doctor's own thoughts.

After the TARDIS landed on Skagra's command ship, the conflicting commands from the Doctor and Skagra destroyed the Krargs, the surviving victims whose minds were taken by the sphere returning to their bodies. The Doctor and Romana ordered K9 to shoot at the Krarg commander , leading it towards the vats of unborn Krargs, destroying it and the vats.

Skagra evacuated to his other ship, which the Doctor had reprogrammed to make himself its lord. Skagra was transmatted into the brig and forcefully told Skagra stories about the Doctor. Samson and Gemma continued to travel with the Doctor for a time, visiting Porteus and Murgatroyd , the ice caves of Shabadabadon , the court of Queen Elizabeth I , prehistoric Earth and Studio After visiting Valuensis , they encountered a Nekkistani time vessel in the vortex.

Whilst aboard, Gemma was captured by Davros and forced to do his bidding. Terror Firma the Doctor noticed the exploding ship stuck in a time loop and beset by a horde of Vortisaurs feeding off its temporal energy, he attempted to nudge the ship out of the loop, only to draw the attention of the predators to his TARDIS, forcing him to make an emergency materialisation. Landing within the ballast tanks of the British airship , he discovered that he was on board the R during its maiden voyage on 5 October Exploring further, he encountered Charlotte Pollard , a self-described "Edwardian adventuress.

Escaping the crash together, he invited her to become his companion. The Stones of Venice and encountering the Brigadier in the newly founded state of Malebolgia. Minuet in Hell After travelling with the Doctor for several weeks, Charley realised that she had fallen in love with him. The Light at the End. Arriving in New York on Halloween , the Doctor and Charley encountered Orson Welles and discovered an alien incursion by a bat-like race known as the Laiderplacker.

Tricking them into fleeing the planet, the Doctor managed to buy Yuri Stepashin the time to destroy them with a Soviet nuclear device. The Chimes of Midnight and the pair were pursued by the Time Lords. Embrace the Darkness , The Time of the Daleks. During his travels with Charley, the Doctor was transformed into a ventriloquist's dummy by the Celestial Toymaker. Although he was able to communicate via Charley when she used him as a doll, she was suffering from amnesia at the time, and had to outsmart the Toymaker herself.

The Doctor then reverted to normal as they travelled away from the Celestial Toyroom. She revealed to the Doctor that Charley's survival of the destruction of the R had caused a crack in the Web of Time , but that because of this, she had become the portal into the world of anti-time , somewhere the Time Lords wished to investigate. Together with a delegation of Time Lords, he travelled to a universe of anti-time, and encountered the Neverpeople , Time Lords dematerialised from time, who were plotting their revenge.

As Zagreus, the Doctor threatened the existence of the universe. Romana then exiled the Doctor to the Divergent Universe in case any trace of anti-time and Zagreus still resided within him.

The Doctor attempted to leave Charley, but she stowed away on board. The Doctor and Charley became subject to accelerated evolution, and began to merge. However, they encountered a sound creature , which attempted to evolve into the dominant being in the accelerator. The Doctor and Charley succeeded, defeated the sound creature and separated from each other, so they could break through the experiment into another location.

The Doctor encountered a native known as C'rizz , and a being called the Kro'ka. C'rizz's zone, Eutermes , was being enslaved by an insect-like race called the Kromon.

They captured and forced the Doctor to build a space-travelling machine while attempting to turn Charley into an insect mutant. The Doctor sabotaged the construction, and later rescued Charley, feeding her a Salander antidote to reverse the effects of the transformation.

The Creed of the Kromon. Once there, his essence was split into three selves, all with different aspects of his personality. The group split up and after finding out that they were being tricked into breaking into their own TARDIS, two of the Doctors were transported to a maze while the Kro'ka began attacking the third. Eventually, the anti-time energies were purged from the Doctor by Rassilon , allowing Zagreus to manifest as an independent spirit that could possess the bodies of the dead.

The Doctor, C'rizz and Charley crash landed on a strange planet where they were separated. Rassilon and Kro'ka attempted to turn Charley and C'rizz against the Doctor. The Doctor met a strange woman named Perfection whom he escaped with before being hunted down by her husband, Daqar Keep. The Doctor discovered that the Keep was the final product of the evolution experiments that he and Charley were subject to when they first arrived, and now he wanted to return to N-Space.

He also discovered that the anti-time energy in himself was purged upon his arrival, and possessed Perfection, who was trying to escape this universe. Zagreus confronted the Doctor and tried to trick him into taking him into the main universe. The Doctor saw through their deception, leaving Zagreus and Keep trapped in the Divergent universe, while the Doctor, C'rizz and Charley returned to the main Universe only to be confronted by Davros and a legion of Daleks.

Back in the main universe, Davros had laid a trap for the Doctor on Earth. Davros, however, was sharing his mind with the Dalek Emperor and had become mentally unstable; the Doctor managed to exploit this instability and made the Dalek Emperor side of Davros' mind dominant.

The Daleks then agreed to leave Earth rather than be defeated by the Doctor. After a chronic energy blast hit the TARDIS, the Doctor and his companions were led to a deep space research centre called the Sanmarus Institute , where they met Zaralon , the director, and some of the finest thinkers in creation. After receiving a vision from his future self, the Doctor pursued a thief called Darrakhaan and stopped him from stealing the secrets of time travel, which led him to a timeless void, where he used a time-space navigator unit to trap Darrakhaan in a time loop.

The Doctor then took his companions to the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations in London, and masqueraded as Georgina Marlow 's husband, Edward Marlow , so that she and her children could keep their home. The trio discovered that the natives were ruled by an artificial intelligence called the Figurehead , being guided through subliminal programming by Clockwork Men who hid in the cracks in-between the tick and the tock.

The Doctor, C'rizz and Charley were successfully able to free the people of Industry and defeat the Clockwork men. Arriving in what looked like Earth, the Doctor and his friends found themselves in a town where every house looked the same and the same woman lived in each one. They met a man called Tommy, who acted like a child.

The environment was revealed to be a prison called "the Cell", built around the memories of Tommy. His prisoners entertained their people by acting out the first time Tommy crash landed on their world. On the American frontier, the Doctor played poker with a future version of his current incarnation travelling with Lucie Miller. The Days of the Doctor. C'rizz faced many challenges in the new universe that challenged his mental state. Something Inside This eventually led to C'rizz sacrificing his life to save the Doctor from the Absolver.

C'rizz's death had a negative impact on Charley and she asked the Doctor to take her home. After arriving in , the two appeared to achieve some reconciliation when they found themselves caught up in a Cybermen plot to attack Earth from the future, but the crisis ended with Charley left behind in , after the TARDIS materialised when the HADS was activated, Charley assuming that the Doctor was dead after he'd been attacked by a Cyberman mind-worm while the Doctor's efforts to cure himself of the infection had actually just left his memory of the last few hours so scrambled that he couldn't remember what he and Charley had just been doing and assumed she'd chosen to leave as originally planned.

The Girl Who Never Was. The Doctor decided to drown his sorrows in Vienna. There he encountered a Bacchanite who taunted him over the loss of Charley and C'rizz. The Sorrows of Vienna. The Doctor then went on to return to Zalezna to pay his respects to Mihal , assuring him he and the stories that the Doctor told him will be remembered. On a mission for UNIT , the Doctor tracked down an alien gift that had the power to grant people their wishes. After his mission was complete, the Doctor spent Christmas with Anne.

For the Man Who Has Everything. Travelling alone, the Doctor was taken by surprise when Lucie Miller suddenly appeared in his TARDIS as part of a "witness protection scheme," much to his consternation. Immediately, he tried to return her to her correct era, but found he was unable to do so.

He instead arrived on the planet Red Rocket Rising. Lucie told him that she had witnessed something, but couldn't recall what it was. Located and imprisoned by the Daleks on board their command ship , the Doctor agreed to help the Daleks target a factory of deviant " Mutant Daleks " created from humans by the scientist Professor Martez , as he believed that there could not exist a universe with two races of Daleks, and he regretted not taking a similar chance before.

After the command ship crash landed off course in a failed attempt to blow up the Mutant base in a collision course, the Doctor convinced Professor Martez to pull power from her Dalek "reinforcements. The Doctor realised that, because of the protection scheme, he and Lucie were stuck with each other.

Blood of the Daleks. The Doctor discovered the Tomorrow Twins had been brainwashed by super-beings called the Only Ones , who held the Doctor, Lucie and a group of other people captive within the service station. As the Only Ones used music as communication and transportation, the Doctor trapped them in Lucie's MP3 player before they could devour humanity. After saving one of the Tomorrow Twins, the Doctor asked Lucie to become his "official" companion, which she accepted.

Horror of Glam Rock. The Doctor and Lucie next travelled to a planet resembling ancient Greece , where they prevented two young lovers, Prince Kalkin and Sararti , from committing suicide by jumping off a mountain.

They were all captured by General Azar and taken to the kingdom, where the Doctor met Zeus , the ruler of the land and Kalkin's father. He was horrified to discover Zeus was using the Chamber of Incarnation , a machine that transferred minds from dead bodies into young minds.

The machine was also capable of cloning, and the Doctor discovered Kalkin, his brother and the entire kingdom had been cloned as a way for Zeus to achieve immortality. Disgusted, the Doctor tried to prevent Zeus from using Kalkin's mind. With the population under Zeus' command, the Doctor was blackmailed into repairing the machine, as Zeus had taken Lucie. After Zeus' wife Hera died, the Doctor failed to stop him from transferring her mind into Sararti's body.

Sararti had the stronger mind, resisted the transfer and stabbed Zeus. The Doctor was forced to use the chamber to heal Zeus, as he had finally "broken" Kalkin and he had threatened to put Lucie through an endless, agonising death. The Doctor and Kalkin tricked Zeus into using the Chamber and trapped his spirit deep inside the machine. After putting an end to the "Chamber Incarnation reign", the Doctor and Lucie left Kalkin and Sararti to get married and rule the kingdom, now free of Zeus.

Over the course of his journeys, the Doctor grew fond of Lucie, and their relationship mellowed to a mildly antagonistic friendship. Learning she was mistakenly made part of a Time Lord witness protection scheme, the two became firm friends and chose to continue travelling together.

The Doctor played poker with the younger version of himself on the American frontier. The duo re-encountered Lucie's aunt, Patricia Ryder, ten years later in her personal timeline. By this time Pat owned a lake-side hotel and was married to Haygoth.

The two of them helped the Doctor defeat Zygons who were trying to make Earth's climate closer to Zygor 's. The Zygons were defeated, but at a price; Pat's throat was torn out by Grakus , and the Doctor and Haygoth decided to keep Lucie from the truth by having Haygoth live the rest of his life as Patricia.

The Zygon Who Fell to Earth. While visiting a space station the Doctor was kidnapped by a group of Trell. With the help of Rosto , Lucie discovered that Cristophe Zarodnix , a billionaire who had recently purchased the planet Karn , was a member of the Cult of Morbius planning to use the Doctor to resurrect Morbius.

Sisters of the Flame Trapped in a final struggle against the Gallifreyan tyrant, both the Doctor and Morbius fell from great height, apparently resulting in his death. The Vengeance of Morbius. Wirrn Dawn Returning to Earth in the year , the Doctor discovered an organisation called the Eightfold Truth , who predicted that "a rebel sun" was coming to purge the planet.

The Eight Truths Discovering that they were a front for the Eight Legs and that Lucie had become host to their queen, he managed to defeat them once again, saving Lucie and Karen Coltraine but failing to save the Headhunter. Whilst visiting Blackpool for Christmas, Lucie discovered that the Doctor had hidden the death of her Auntie Pat from her, a revelation which destroyed their friendship.

After leaving Lucie, the Doctor decided to travel to Earth in the 22nd century , after the Dalek invasion, to visit his granddaughter Susan Foreman and check on her progress. When he arrived he found that Susan had given birth to a child named Alex , who was now in his late teens. The Doctor wanted Alex to have an education on Gallifrey where it would be much more beneficial to him than on Earth.

Alex didn't want to go to Gallifrey, as he saw Earth as his home. After leaving Alex to continue his life on Earth, the Doctor made an attempt to get Susan to come travelling with him, to which she too declined. The Doctor landed on Earth and discovered an advertisement offering individuals the chance to travel in space and time.

Travelling to the location of the auditions, he encountered four people hoping to join him on his travels. Revealing that none of the "events" had been planned by him, he managed to narrow his choices down after two turned out to be malicious and another uninterested, prompting him to choose an actress named Tamsin Drew.

He immediately realised that this had been a distraction from the real auditions, and travelled to where they had taken place, finding only a note left for him by the organiser. Soon after this he was sent by the Time Lords to the planet Nevermore in order to release the war criminal Morella Wendigo as her imprisonment was causing more pain because of the souls left on the Planet. He had discovered from Uglosi that a time lord had manipulated the actions of him and caused the actions that Morella did.

Later he crashed landed in Ireland in , where he and Tamsin investigated a local monastery where the Book of Kells was being written. It was during this time that he discovered that the advertisement, which brought the Doctor and Tamsin together, had been placed by the Monk and that the Monk was the strange little man who manipulated the events on Nevermore.

The Book of Kells. Tamsin and the Doctor travelled to Deimos where they found a museum devoted to the Ice Warriors. Just after they arrived a group of Ice Warriors awoke and attempted to invade the museum. The Doctor went to the shuttle they were on to try to negotiate a peace, when Temperance Finch shot it in order to destroy it. After the Doctor arrived back on the museum, they planned to evacuate the museum.

In the process Temperance decided to activate the bombs that were placed on the planet, the Doctor received a message that Lucie Miller was on the moon. Deimos Re-encountering the Monk on Deimos , one of Mars' moons, he prevented him from creating a new timeline in which the Ice Warriors took back Mars from the humans. Discovering that Lucie had been the winner of the Monk's contest, he saved her after the Monk abandoned her there in an attempt to bring the Doctor back to Deimos after the evacuation.

The Monk revealed to Tamsin that the Doctor's actions would cause the deaths of an entire peaceful race, prompting her to leave the Doctor. The Resurrection of Mars. The Doctor and Lucie hosted a Christmas dinner with Susan and Alex Campbell, only for their celebrations to be disturbed by a Blitzen fish. Despite all the Doctor's efforts, Alex chose to stay on Earth, with Lucie as his travelling companion. The Master possessed George Steer , intending to kill Edward when he was born to erase the Doctor's timeline.

The Doctor and Edward managed to stop him with the help of the Graingers' maid, Violet. After being held prisoner by the Consensus for six years, the Doctor escaped and set a course for Earth after he received a message from Lucie Miller asking for help. Prisoner of the Sun The Doctor travelled to Earth to find that once again it had been invaded by the Daleks.

After witnessing the deaths of Tamsin and Alex during their fight against the Dalek occupation, the Doctor was sickened when Lucie Miller sacrificed her life to defeat them. Angry with the deaths caused by the Monk's meddling in time, he refused to forgive the remorseful Monk for helping the Daleks cause the bloodshed of these events. Although the Monk was deeply saddened that the Daleks had exterminated Tamsin, it did not change the fact he had allowed them to propagate a bacteriological pestilence on Earth, which crippled Lucie and killed many humans.

In his solitude, the Doctor mourned Lucie's death and bleakly promised he would find a way to come back and reverse it.

Broken by grief, the Doctor became volatile and fatalistic.