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There are 9 countries that act as licensing bodies, each with their own trust level and hundreds of different independently operated brand renewing their certification each year. The rest of the points you spend is optional: Oblique shot is okay in the beginning, but in the end, Limacon surpasses it by a long shot.

Since you have the choice of using pardoner shops, you can just auto attack your enemies, instead. Barrage is pretty good for obstacle clearing. Since the Ranger buff came out, this build has gained a lot of advantages. High anchoring is a 1 pointer, you reduce the cooldowns of your Bounce Shot, Time bomb arrow, and Spiral arrow using this skill.

Time Bomb arrow is underwhelming in terms of damage. In PvP, you can knock your opponents down. One of the best class to pick for your build.

You have a lot of utility that helps you and your parties. In PVP, you take away multiple opponents transcendence values on their armors and weapons and reduce it to stage 0, as well as their enhancement values.

Blindside is a really good skill. Forgery is an optional skill you can put points on if you have good accessories like Solmiki, Frieno and Nepagristas which you can give to your party provided that you have these.

This skill will also give them the set bonus for those items, so if you want your entire party to have the Frieno set, this skill will be useful to you.

This is the main focus of the build. This class is mobile and powerful. It has great single target burst and very good AoE damage. Most of your main skill will start out with Steady Aim, Glass mole and Retreat shot while holding down Limacon.

The more points you put into that skill, the more time you have to wait to charge it fully although, you can cast it halfway, but with less shots. This is basically the exact same skill as concentrated fire, where you have to charge it. These are the last two circles to go on your SR build. You have some powerful skills even on the circle 1 version of this class.

Tase, Silver bullet and FMJ are really good skills and are usable while riding. Mozambique is great for single target and hitting bosses hard, especially with the critical shot buff. Unless you gear and attribute your pet, you will have to stay cautious after casting Bloody Overdrive.

Only way to prevent this is having mounts such as the Christmas Sled. There are a variety of pets you can use in the game. Pets are integral with SR and you have to feed them to gain extra stats. Unfortunately, Premium pets are the best pets in the game which the only way to get is by spending TP.

Here, I will list some of the pets you can choose:. This pet has only 1 slot for equipment which is the weapon slot. This pet has 60 Stamina. This is another pet you can get from the companion shop. This pet has 60 stamina. This is a pet you can get by doing a guild mission. The guild mission is located on Mage Tower 4F once you activate it from the guild tower.

It takes a week to grow and the pet can die if you overfeed it or make it starve from hunger. This pet has 2 equipment slots for armor. This pet also has 60 stamina. These penguins can be obtained from events. These are the more useful pets because you can equip 2 armor and weapons on their slots.

This pet has stamina. This is a premium pet that grants some buff when you are near them them. When mounted or near them, you gain a buff that grants you physical and magic defense. This pet has 2 equipment slots for weapon and armor and has stamina. This is also a premium pet that grants you some buff when you are near them. When mounted or near them, you gain HP and SP recovery rate.

To get these companion tickets, you have to obtain high ranking in the adventure journal monthly rankings. This pet has 1 equipment slot for weapon and armor and has 60 stamina. At the moment, you cannot acquire these companion tickets from the monthly adventure journal ranking. So your best best is to collect these tickets from someone who has been hoarding them.

This pet has no equipment slot for weapon and armor and has 60 stamina. Comes with 2 equipment slots for weapon and armor. This is the best premium pet in terms of buffs, stamina, and the food required to feed the pet. Dinner included with tickets. Vintage Halloween Masquerade Ball: The Storyteller's Cottage, Hopmeadow St. Unique live magic show. Immerse yourself in Victorian splendor as expert magician David Reed-Brown performs sleight-of-hand tricks and enjoy cocktails and elegant hor d'oeuves by candelight.

Main Pub Halloween Party: With Michael Cleary Band. Age 21 and older. Spooky Swing Dance Party: Join The Shiny Lapel Trio and friends for a wild night of dancing with a slightly spooky twist. Graveyard Shift Ghost Tours: Filled with haunted history, dark tales, and Victorian traditions surrounding seances and spiritualism.

Tours run at 6, 7, 8 and 9 p. This tour is not suitable for children under Spirits roam the fields of Homestead as you try to escape from the Headless Horseman. For ages 8 and up, this is a moderately scary walk through a corn maze.

For a less frightening experience, join an ensemble of eccentric characters at the barns for family fun. For the evening tour experience arrive between 7 and 9: Friday to Sunday, 10 to 4 p. Sleepy Hollow Lantern Tour: Parmelee Farm Homestead, Route 81, Killingworth. Search for Ichabod Crane. Presented by Artful Living. For ages 8 and older. Old Wethersfield Lantern Light Tours: Timed tickets sold prior to event, with remaining tickets at the door. For ages 13 and older. Haunted Trail at Hay Burr Inn: Come walk the trail and get a little spooked.

The first part of the evening will be less scary for the little kids while the older kids and adults can enjoy more as it gets later. Feel free to wear your costumes; meet the horses. Meet some of the famous and not so well- known historic prisoners who were incarcerated in the jail in the 19th and 20th centuries. By the light of flickering lanterns, guests will experience true and haunting stories of West Hartford's past. Each minute tour travels through the rows of gravestones at West Hartford's North Cemetery with a departed guide from the past.

Online ticketing closes at 4 p. After 4, tickets must be purchased at the cemetery. Tours depart every 15 minutes from 6 to 8: Hallowed History Lantern Tour: A lantern-led tour where character actors share tantalizing true stories of some of our notable and not-so-notable residents.

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