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I use a wheelchair for mobility but love to swim! Interest from debt securities registered with the Panama National Securities Commission and listed on the stock exchange are exempt. Video poker players will be very disappointed in Panama City. Perfectly situated on the Gulf of Mexico, this grand resort's location is highlighted with an expansive frontage of sugar-white sand beaches. I forgot to inquire about the other rules, but without the early surrender against tens, I figured they would not be as good as the Panama City standard. Beach Home for the Holidays. The rules are the same as in blackjack except:

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Submit satisfactory evidence that the applicant has the financial ability to pay its obligations, to completely undertake and develop the proposed operation and to furnish the working capital detailed in the submitted Business Plan;. Issuance of any shares or securities violating the provisions of the Panama Gambling Control Board shall be invalid and said shares or securities shall be considered as not issued and outstanding until: Any transfer violating the provisions of the Panama Gambling Control Board shall be invalid until: If a holder of a security or a shareholder of the Corporation is deemed unfit to own the securities by the Panama Gambling Control Board and until said securities are property of persons the Panama Gambling Control Board considers fit: The request for Agreement must include the following information together with the required documents: Names of the suppliers of the hardware or software of the System for Electronic Communication games to be used, specifying all terms and conditions regulating its relations with said suppliers and to submit a copy of the agreements or contracts subscribed for such purpose.

Name of all persons directly or indirectly involved in the proposed operation and the nature of such interest. In regards to a corporation, submit a Public Registry Certificate of its existence, date of registration, legal representative, directors and officers. Describe the financial structure of the corporation , including a list of all outstanding shares, and a list of the shareholders rights.

Provide Corporate Secretary certification or the applicant if not a corporation listing all outstanding loans, encumbrances, mortgages, obligations and any other liabilities incurred. To enclose a certification issued by the Corporate Secretary or the applicant, indicating the names of employees whose benefits, wages or fees correspond to the ten 10 highest amounts of the payroll, whether or not they are directors, officials, officers or employees.

Specify and submit a photocopy of the agreements or contracts or sub-agreements executed or to be executed in relation to the operation of the game or other activity requiring a license. Provide a general Profit and Loss statement which must be prepared by an authorized certified public accountant covering three fiscal years prior to the date of application. In case the applicant has not been in operation for three 3 years, the statement must include the complete period of operation.

Provide copies of the last three 3 years income tax returns. An estimated income-tax return is acceptable if the applicant has not been in operation for a full fiscal period. Provide a copy of a Manual on Internal Control Methods arranged according to the acceptable standards on internal control procedures. Provide any other information or documents that the Director considers necessary to guaranty the security, public health, morale, order, good image and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Republic of Panama and of the gambling industry.

As I mentioned, players can spend many hours playing in the same spot, and hunger is not to get in the way. I speculate the meals come from the room service kitchen. Drinks — Gambling and alcohol are not mixed as much in Panama as in the U. A beverage server will come around with a tray of soft drinks and beer once in a while, but it almost never happens that she will come by the tables with a notepad to take special requests.

You may have to be a little forceful if you want something other than beer or soda. Most players seem content to just go with the flow and don't complain if they don't get served. As with a lot of things in Panama, it helps to be extra patient. Dealers — There is not much chatter between players and dealer.

The dealers pretty much just stand there and deal. Much like in Macau, the players seem to prefer it that way and don't talk to the dealers either. I tried to break the ice and speak to some dealers using my horrible Spanish, but they pretended to not understand me. To be honest, I can't blame them. I know just enough Spanish to be very annoying. Smoking — There is a law prohibiting smoking in any public building in Panama, including casinos.

As a non-smoker, I applaud Panama for this, and I hope one day the U. For those who don't know, Panama conveniently uses the American dollar. Comps — The casinos had player reward cards, just as in the U. However, it seemed to me the cards are primarily intended for machine players.

Only at the Veneto casino was I ever asked if I had one as I played at the tables. At the Crown casino, I applied for a card and tried to offer it to the supervisor where I was playing, but he just ignored it.

Tipping — Neither the dealers nor cocktail waitresses expected tips, and they hardly ever received any. This is another thing I applaud Panama for. Gratuities are supposed to be just that, gratuitous, for service beyond the call of duty. I'm not saying you shouldn't tip in the U. Promotions — There were lots of promotions going on. For example, one casino paid on blackjacks in diamonds at certain times.

Another had a six-card Charlie rule. Both these rules gave the blackjack player a small advantage. I could tell from the signage there were other special events, drawings and tournaments being promoted; however, all the wording was in Spanish, so I didn't pay much attention to it.

Next, here are some comments about the availability and rules of specific games in Panama City. The rules are very consistent from casino to casino and are as follows:. Six decks, usually on a continuous shuffler. Dealer hits soft 17 Dealer does not take a hole card, but player loses original bet only against a dealer blackjack.

Early surrender, except against an ace. Double any two cards, and on with three cards. Double after split allowed. Re-split any pair up to four hands, including aces. The house edge under these rules is very low at 0. I'm including in this article the basic strategy under Panamanian rules. Following is the basic strategy under Panamanian rules. Craps is not very popular, with the larger casinos having one table open at peak hours only.

The odds multiple was never posted, and I would have had great difficulty putting that question into Spanish. Canal 21 is a blackjack variant I saw in every major casino. However, only the Crown casino called it that; the other casinos renamed it after their own casino. For example, the Majestic casino called it "Majestic Chitre - There is 1 listed land-based gambling casino in Chitre.

M inimum Gaming Age: Required D ress Code: Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat F acilities: Bar, Promotions, Hotel facilities R emarks: Restaurant, Bar, Promotions, Hotel facilities R emarks: Box , Panama City, Panama. Roulette, Black Jack, Craps F acilities: Roulette, Black Jack, Poker F acilities: Snack bar, Promotions, Hotel facilities R emarks: It's a few steps from night clubs, movie theathers, shopping centers and Panama's business area.

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