ต้องการขายเครื่อง hp proliant microserver g7 n54l ของใหม่ ไม่มีประกัน ราคาถูก

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Price point: ~$300 - HP N54L G7

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Don't want to spend a fairly new SSD if it's overkill. Didn't realize it wants 2 different types of HDDs. Sweet info, thanks tonnes! As for legacy mode i'm a bit more certain with this once , it was a bad idea for the SSD as it would reduce the lifespan of it. The main reason I didn't choose the G8 besides price was the running costs. The N series will use less power, but still has plenty of performance for what I need.

May I ask in layman terms how much of a power saving? Say a light bulb or a heater? Trying to go over the specs but pretty illiterate on it. Thought it'd be way more.

Although I'm pretty motivated to keep the heater off a lot more now. The gigabit network port slows everything down to 1Gbps, but it's a consistent sustained 1Gbps. Also, adding additional drive should not attribute further increase in postage cost, nor do we surcharges on paypal transactions.

Appreciate the reply Rep. I raised issue and sent email but never get any reply. If the item working fine probably is ok but if something wrong??? Bad experience for me. Is this a recent issue? Have your issue been resolved? You should try contacting us via and PM me the ticket ID so i can have a look at it too? What are the chances of extending the HDD discounts to Synology's 4-bay systems too? Any offers on anything like that, SE? I paid for it via paypal, got debited the next day.

I emailed you, got a response from James and even called and spoke to the same guy. He told me that it would be sorted, and that he would email me about whether he has fixed my order or not. I'm fed up, you guys have ruined a birthday gift and I have sat here waiting for a ridiculously long time for this to be rectified. I will have a look at your issue and get back to your via PM. From the look of this ticket, it seemed your order went through but the order was empty.

Apologize for the delay we've caused you. Our CS team should have contacted you by now and made arrangement for the order to be dispatch eta tomorrow. I'm new to micro servers and I'm looking at purchasing one. Just a few questions: Do I need to install windows on it? Or can I just map the server as a drive? Can I also use this as a print server? You need to install something on them. It's just a small PC. A good option is FreeNAS. If you are not familiar with it, there are a couple of things to consider with induction based cooking.

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Addresses in these address spaces are assigned by software. It then allocates the resources and tells each device what its allocation is. The PCI configuration space also contains a small amount of device type information, which helps an operating system choose device drivers for it, or at least to have a dialogue with a user about the system configuration. These are typically necessary for devices used during system startup, before device drivers are loaded by the operating system.

I would also like to see a post about how to get started in the InfoSec community and what you need to know to be relevant in the field. And finally, I would like you do an article that outlines a successful Pentest attack in a lab environment speaking specifically as to why you did it and what it accomplished.

As you can tell, I am a noob and respect the knowledge that you have attained over the years. It is hard to start out because very few people believe in the concept of security by offense. Schools don't teach it and it makes for an unprepared and irrelevant security professional that can spit out theory as if it was application. I look forward to your next post! Posted February 28, at 3: Igor, I don't believe honeypots have been covered on this blog before.

I've thought about setting all my "spare" public IP addresses to point to a few different honeypots, but haven't yet implemented it. For maximum interaction you can connect an unpatched XP SP0 workstation to the Internet isolated from other systems, and with nothing sensitive, of course!

We'll definitely take a look at writing a blog post on honeypots, in the next few weeks. Thanks for your suggestion! Taylor, As for whether I use the host as a dedicated machine or not, it depends on what hardware you have available. If I'm building something on my home lab, however, I'll interact with the VM consoles through the vSphere Client, usually from my laptop. In short ''" if you can spare it and it makes sense, I prefer to dedicate a machine entirely to virtualization, and do my management elsewhere.

Posted February 27, at 8: Thanks for this post! We are in process of building our lab now, and this is great information.

We are also trying to find some older networking gear that is not being used, so we can test against that as well. Posted February 28, at The article was written by the amazing and talented Jeff McJunkin. Matt, As far as networking gear goes, you can go a long way without physical gear. You can make a virtual router I like pfSense and connect any number of virtual network cards to it, then have a number of isolated networks think DMZ, intranet, server subnet, workstation subnet.

Without physical networking gear, though, you'll only be able to access them through the host. Of course, if you do have physical networking gear like a Cisco G , you can set up a trunk group between it and the ESXi host.

In that case, your virtualization host can interact with multiple existing networks, which is ideal for some situations ''" like having a lab at work, for example.

Posted March 3, at 4: Jeff, Thanks for the follow up! I had assumed it would be dependent on resources. I too like the idea of dedicated resources for the host machine and for the victims.

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