The copies were allowed to be sold but no further copies were made. He played on a fender during this session. This show is now properly tracked and sounds warmer. Escape Room Fort de Hel. The Executioner, The Apartment of Mysteries.



Delayed broadcast by Conn Tucker - vovals, guitar, Carrie Brownstein - guitar, vocals, Jenet Weiss - drums and Katie Harkin - guitar, keyboards, percussion. From live net stream. First song b'cast halfway through. The show has also been normalized which improved it all a lot to my ears listen on headphones if you have any doubts. I've also seen it listed as , so might have been the original broadcast date with the info I had being for the recording date.

Any clarifications will be appreciated. CD 2 is the late show same venue and date. First broadcast August 14, Live in studio versions of 5 songs from his Blue Horizon album, "Long Overdue".

The performance is not up to snuff IMHO. Tks live at Electric Ballroom, Camden Dec 19, Probably taken from recent TV rebroadcast. Then one third into following song "I Know It's Over", Morrissey interrupted his singing to shout to a bouncer: Don't be so stupid! Leave him alone, you stupid idiot! A completely stunning moment. All taken from master tapes. No CD art just text art. Only CD1 and 2 are lossless. The DVD is great but several of the live tracks have split-second dropouts.

A big disappointment this bootleg. Glitches with sound dropouts. Unreleased Studio Outtakes - [no label 1CD dime ] Ripped from vinyl and remastered, balancing the levels and adjusting the volumes. Brand new vinyl bootleg released end First broadcast on May 19, Broadcast history 19 May Sobule was opening act for Zevon.

Includes a cover of All The Young Dudes. A bit boomy with mild echo. Recorded from the board. Extremes in highs and lows will test your hi fi as well as your ears.

A solo show with Sobule on electric guitar? The track is the encore of Hot Tuna's set. Recorded by Steve Hopkins. Excerpt from Michael King's book "Wrong Movements": The Olympic Sound session in question was recorded a few days earlier on August Soft Machine - Donaueschingen Ex digital broadcast stereo. This is a DVB-S kbps recording. Soft Machine - Sweet Music [no label 3CD demonoid ] collection of rare tracks, sessions, mono versions, TV appearances and live from Soft Machine - Dada Insanity Vol 1: Allen Era [no label 1CD yeeshkul ] new fan compilation in six volumes of rare radio performances and unbootlegged material.

This will cover up to All claimed to be "best". Soft Machine - Dada Insanity Vol 2: Ayers Lullaby [no label 1CD yeeshkul ] new fan compilation in six volumes of rare radio performances and unbootlegged material. Soft Machine - Dada Insanity Vol 3: Conquers America [no label 1CD yeeshkul ] new fan compilation in six volumes of rare radio performances and unbootlegged material.

Soft Machine - Dada Insanity Vol 4: Before New Era [no label 1CD yeeshkul ] new fan compilation in six volumes of rare radio performances and unbootlegged material. After Soft Machine disbanded in Sept , Robert Wyatt stayed in America, recorded demos, jammed and was a session man.

Say goodbye to Kevin Ayers. B'cast July 11, Rebroadcast Jan 3, VG to Ex FM stereo. Very close to the stage. Source master audience tape. About 1, to 2, LPs were distributed than Sonic Youth stopped sales. The copies were allowed to be sold but no further copies were made. Some vinyl noise is apparent. Not1 is Blast First's bootleg imprint.

Tks live in California, This is MP3 sourced. Removed are tks from California, Very early versions of songs on Daydream Nation. Tk 5 Thurston and Rashied Ali Duo. DAT taken from 24 track soundboard. However, the remaining Sonic members at the scene grouped up to perform a few things.

This is noise, give your own sound rating. Sonic Nurse Tour Tks live at Tonight Show, Burbank, June 9, The Boston show is soundboard. Some consider this show among the top SY shows from This is the more complete broadcast of this show. This was at dans le cadre de l'exposition "John Lennon - Unfinished Music". Sonic Youth - Second Show: One of the last shows with Jim O'Rourke.

Broadcast on Radio FM One long improv with 6 trackmark to indicate tune changes. Improvised music, no titles. Bass, Heather Leigh Murray: Aired Oct 31, To promote new album Demolished Thoughts. Five songs plus interview. Release party for their fourth album. Sopwith Camel - Outtakes ?

Taken from 10 inch reels. This is CD 9 of a 10 disc set. Westwood One has broadcast this show on numerous occasions. Released via torrent. Transferred to digital in Dec CD2 is an interview with JD Souther. And a rare version of "Searchin'". Recorded by Paul, edited by Kathleen with patch from larryrulz's audience recording from Tk16 to This is probably the gig that was to be released as a live album. Acetates do exist but this is an FM broadcast.

Taken from a promo LP, some scratches and inherent tracking sounds. Broadcast by KRO Radio. Complete b'cast, incomplete show. Taken from fan's vinyl copies. All tunes produced by Phil Spector. Taken from 45 rpm vinyl by 'fromheaven'. Taper - JB Editing - Deb1. Annual benefit concert by Ronnie Spector. Ronnie Spector - Christmas Party From a King Biscuit broadcast.

This is sourced from Wolfgang's Vault. Ripped from promo radio show vinyl. Shared by propylaen August Powerful and perfect in Harmony.

The Sound Quality is near excellent and I think with this concert, Spirit reached the peak of their performances. Spiritualized - 'good dope Splinter - Demos [no label 1CD] 13 tracks. Wikipedia says "the album was released in October, , one month after group members had permanently disbanded.

I can imagine the discouragement a band might feel from doing that much touring without the new album getting placed in stores by the record company! All appear to be sourced from official vinyl releases. Tk are A-B sides of singles long since forgotten. Broadcast on radioeins Sommernachtskonzerte, July 11, This is not the full show but it is all that was broadcast.

Vincent closing the Celebrate Brooklyn series of concerts. The commonly-circulating version i. Otherwise it is a complete record of the Ginger Geezer's Peel broadcasts. The clean-up consisted of no more than nipping, tucking and trimming the wav files, removing of weird tracking points [especially on Disc One] and deleting silences that were obviously not part of the original broadcasts.

Things were getting a bit ragged towards the end but it's all still there - he could be as funny in as in This track is to be merged with CD1. Mavis Staples and band playing the Newport Folk Festival. This is an excellent FM recording. Short set three songs with interviews. Tour to support"Spare Parts" album. Shared by kneesfudd, May Considered for release as a live album but scrapped.

The show was specially recorded for broadcast on Swedish Radio, a recording from the radio, usually in MP3, with DJ introduction at the beginning is quite common. This is not from the radio but taken from the Pre FM Soundboard, radio station master reels. An official CD release of this was going to be released back in the 's but was cancelled by the band, they were not happy with the performance.

Years later I found the MP3 then recently I found this, the real thing. I've made some artwork to go with this torrent as the only artwork I could find for this date was crap. This is vintage Quo at its best, even if the band themselves did not like it. For the first time taken from the pre-FM master reel. Steely Dan - Record Plant EX DTS surround mix. The recording captures the raw energy and emotion when Steely Dan played this small club.

I got this tape directly from my friend Rob Bertrando who recorded this show with his set-up at JJ's. This appears to be the complete show unlike the listing on db. A bit too shrill. A remaster of the pre-FM master reel. More bass added and a "tiny bit of pitch-correction". Also, I would rank 'Mr. Thanks to JanDanFan for providing me with this gem. No info on recording dates or venue. CD 2 is identical [? This made in Australia, silver disc bootleg was released in Vibes, Congas, Percussion; Tom Barney: Vocals and the horns with Chris Potter: Tenor Sax; Cornelius Bumpus: Tenor Sax; Bob Shepard: Tenor and Soprano Sax; Roger Nichols: Better quality than Irvine show.

The Jan 29 show was recorded and broadcast. This is the Raw Unmastered Audio feed from source tape full show. It was the band's first show since and first show since recording their "Two Against Nature" studio album. Guitars, Vocals, Ricky Lawson: Grand Piano, Synth, Jon Herington: Tenor Saxophone, Chris Potter: Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Michael Leonhart: Shared by vinyl ice, July Backing Vocals; Cindy Mizelle: Backing Vocals; Jeff Young: Tenor Trombone; Roger Rosenberg: Baritone Saxophone; Walt Weiskopf: Tenor and Alto Saxophone; Keith Carlock: Drums; "Ready" Freddie Washington: Fender P-Bass and Jon Herington: Thanks to Lurker Ray.

From audience master tape. This show was part of series where SD played complete albums. They played Aja and The Royal Scam. Steely Dan - Boston This show was torrented at Traders Den. Liberated CD Silver bootleg. Keyboards, Vocals, Jeff Young: Backing Vocals and Cindy Mizelle: CD1 is performance by Ollabelle.

Amy Helm of Ollabelle is of course Levon's daughter. Donald Fagen is her stepfather. Jon Herrington is on guitar. Recorded from L1 radio, Hubert on the Air, on Jan 3, Only original member John Kay is present. The radio show is in excellent sound but the bonus tracks for a live show in Boston is only good. Basically where the released versions were basic, these are all well embellished and very busy. Cat is quite talkative. Very close to stage. Source is master reel tape.

Sound is a bit thin. And the best quality source. Some echo in the vocals. Taken from second generation cassette. This is a vinyl rip that surfaced in April The vocals are upfront and clear. This is taken from Stevens' Earth Tour and he has a 7-man band and a trio of backup singers. Broadcast on Dec 21, First German show for the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens. Other calaveras may be made from chocolate.

The calaveras are typically colored with vegetable dyes. Like the more decorative calaveras, these will sometimes have names written on the foreheads as well. Calaveras may be eaten, or kept for a few days and then thrown away. Clay toy variations of calaveras also resemble the shape of human skulls. These toys are often painted a metallic silver color, but they may also be found in colors such as white, black, and red.

Beaded eyes of many colors may also be added for decoration. Poetry written for the Day of the Dead are known as literary calaveras , and are intended to humorously criticize the living while reminding them of their mortality. Living personalities were depicted as skeletons exhibiting recognizable traits, making them easily identifiable.

Additionally, drawings of dead personalities often contained text elements providing details of the deaths of various individuals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Calaveras disambiguation. Retrieved 19 June Archived from the original on 10 March What is their meaning and where do they originate from? Do Stuff Escape Games: Hostage Hideout, Pie and Mash Shop. Bank Heist, Prohibition Pandemonium.

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