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Buttons, Buttons, and More Buttons. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Richmond Black Table Lamp with Two important figures in that history feature prominently in the text, the head of Salomon Brothers ' mortgage department Lewis Ranieri and the firm's CEO John Gutfreund. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This article is about the book by Michael Lewis.

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It refers to small colored disks with numbers printed on them, representing an equivalent number of dollars. They are used to indicate that some amount of money, in either cash or chips, has been taken from a player or dealer. Not all poker rooms use these, so you may not run into them. But if you do, do not take them off of the table. They should be handled only by casino personnel.

The people watching through security cameras get nervous if these financial transactions are not done by the book, and casino patrons handling lammers is an irregularity that catches their attention in an unwelcome way. Clear lammers are simple translucent plastic disks used by the dealer to count hands in mixed games. For example, the popular game H. Sometimes each game will be played for a certain number of minutes, and a timer signals when to go to the next one.

But more commonly, each variant is played for a designated number of hands before changing. In this situation, the dealer will be given as many clear lammers as needed to mark how many hands have been played.

The rebuy button is used only in poker tournaments — never cash games — and not even in all of them. In fact, this is the most common way for them to run. In this case, no rebuy buttons are needed.

In other tournaments, players are allowed to rebuy as many times as they want to, until the rebuy time period has expired. Again, when this is the case, no rebuy buttons are needed.

But a small number of tournaments have a designated number of rebuys available to a player — most commonly just one. If you bust out, you present it to the cashier when you buy back in. It is used only in some tournaments. It means that the player is allowed at any time to get more chips to add to his or her stack, for some additional fee.

It becomes a strategic decision whether and when to exercise this option, but it can be done only once, at which time you turn in your add-on button. This prevents potential cheaters from doing the add-on multiple times and thus gaining an unfair advantage. Fortunately, most of them are only brought out for uncommon situations. What could there possibly be to know about a deck of playing cards, you ask? Add glamour to your decor with this apothecary style glass table lamp from the Lighting brand.

The slender mercury glass body adds a luxury look with its beautiful silvered color tone See More Table Lamps. Mercury Glass Table Lamp by Overall Height - Top to Bottom: Overall Width - Side to See More Pub Furniture. Kestell Furniture 57'' Contemporary Kestell Furniture Compact Folding The decorative black finish highlights the rich and charming personality of this Richmond table lamp. The antique details like the candle lights and holders stand out in the distinct design Richmond Black Table Lamp with Use our premium quality-regular density foam to reupholster your sofa, chair cushions, or any kind of cushions.

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