Your Ultimate Guide To Casino Dealers In 2018

It depends on the casino. These players have no respect for those who do not smoke, and insist on blowing smoke into the general area of everyone at the table. This is a form of abuse that scares dealers and floor people. Learn how to take advantage of the perks of online gaming. This routine continues until Sandra feels that tap on the shoulder which tells her that the shift is over.

How to Become a Blackjack Dealer

Blackjack Dealer Rules

Handling a million things at once, professionally dealing with disgruntled punters whilst counting out chips in a milli-second. While not for everyone, the life of a casino dealer is one packed with late nights, poor basic pay and drunk punters.

Well, sure, there's the downside. But then there's the flexible working hours, the travel opportunities, and the tips. From land-based casinos and cruise ships to online Live Casino Dealer studios where croupiers deal out blackjack hands or spin real roulette wheels that can be bet on via online casino sites; there are arguably more opportunities to become a dealer than ever before.

In London, dealers can earn an extra 30 percent in the form of tips. Again, tips are extra but won't come near those of their London colleagues. Becoming a casino dealer requires some work on your part. Extensive training is required, either from a casino run program itself or through a school offering various courses about the different aspects of casino life.

In areas where casinos are prevalent, gaming programs are usually easily found and typically run for six weeks. Here, a student dealer will learn all the crucial aspects of the trade including the procedures and rules followed for various games. They will also learn both the regulations and local laws that govern them for the particular area they are in.

Bear in mind, these change from city to city and state to state, so a refresher course may be needed at some point. Once you have completed your dealer program, you will end up auditioning for a job at a local casino.

Here, not only will your technical skills be scrutinized, but your personality might play a big part in landing you a job. Personality plays an important factor in the casino environment as many establishments want someone that is not only friendly and courteous, but extremely outgoing too.

A great attitude and friendly personality is essential, as is an ability to work well within a team and think on one's feet. Good grooming, hygiene and an attractive appearance are also highly valued as the job is customer-facing. However hard work is required as each trainee must learn their 8, 17 and 35 times tables! Communication Skills - These are incredibly valuable. Sandra finds her blackjack table and walks up behind the dealer who is already there.

She taps them on the shoulder to alert them their shift is over and assumes the dealing responsibilities at the table. With a clap of her hands to show that they are empty, Sandra begins to deal the next round of cards. For the next hours, Sandra will be dealing hand after hand to an ever-changing group of blackjack players. There will be loud players, quiet players, drunken players, nice players, and irritable players.

Throughout it all, Sandra will smile and keep the blackjack game flowing smoothly. Her feet often hurt from standing in one position for so long. She finds herself on the receiving end of verbal abuse when players lose and glowing praise when they win. Believe it or not, Sandra hopes they win. When players win, they tip the dealer. Once every hour Sandra is moved to a different blackjack table, and after a few hours in the pit she is given a break. This routine continues until Sandra feels that tap on the shoulder which tells her that the shift is over.

Once she has completed her paperwork and everything has been approved by a shift supervisor, Sandra cashes in the chips that players have given her in tips. She changes back into her street clothes and discreetly leaves the casino in the company of a security guard who sees her safely to her parked car. Sandra returns home, tired but happy with the money she has made.

Tomorrow everything starts all over again. It is a tiring and often thankless job that dealers do. Most of them do it because they love the work and the money they can make from dealing blackjack. Before someone can become a casino blackjack dealer, they must undergo a significant amount of training.

During this training they will learn all about the game of blackjack. New dealers will be taught the rules of the game, the authority structure of the blackjack pit, and how to spot card counters. There are two methods by which someone can be trained as a blackjack dealer. They can either be trained by the casino, or they can attend a Casino Games School. Going to school is a much more expensive option for the person who wants to become a blackjack dealer, but it is a necessary method for those who want to make blackjack dealing a career.

Casinos will not hire someone unless they have at some training in at least one game. At a Casino Games School, prospective dealers are taught blackjack and other games in a classroom environment. In the long run, it is better for those who want to learn how to deal blackjack to learn other games as well. Casinos are more willing to hire someone who knows a variety of casino games.

Here is one example of a school: Once a person has learned how to deal blackjack, the Casino Games School helps to place them in a casino. These are the small gambling establishments located on the outskirts of Las Vegas and other gaming territories. This is where all blackjack dealers must begin their career, because the big casinos do not hire dealers without experience.

Dealing blackjack at a break-in house can be a difficult job. They pay is low and the hours are long. Many dealers quit before they ever land a job at a big casino. Even after that, you might need to attend some in-house training to learn the specific regulations and procedures used in that casino.

Another route to becoming a blackjack dealer is to work in a casino in another capacity before moving on to the lucrative dealer position. For example, you might get a job assisting in the pit, and then apply for a blackjack job when one opens up. As a blackjack dealer, there are benefits and drawbacks. Many skills are required to be a blackjack dealer.

On the bright side, breaks are more frequent than in most jobs dealers usually get 20 minutes off after each hour of dealing. You should be able to count and do basic math quickly, both in terms of keeping track of hand scores and in paying out bets.

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