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Miller , a relatively robust 94, allowed that time was on his side when he booked West at the Sahara in Samuel Ogden has become one of the most memorable champions in the PAPA tournaments, winning four straight competitions from in the 50 and over category. Retrieved December 13, Japanese players gamble online regardless , and IntenseGambling. I'd like to see every casino out there take responsibility. No one gambles alone.

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In , Mille r left the Sahara and bought an interest in the new Dunes Hotel, and signed on as entertainment director. He's been doing it since boyhood and is still going strong at Since , he has done it mostly in Las Vegas. Outside those who built the most innovative Strip hotels, he probably has been Las Vegas' most significant developer.

He built Las Vegas' first enclosed shopping center, Boulevard Mall; its first modern private hospital, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center; and its best-known office building, the Bank of America Plaza.

With Las Vegas partners he built the La Costa resort near San Diego, and started a successful television and motion picture production company A few years later he met Merv Adelson. They founded Paradise Development Co. The hospital was originally financed by a local savings and loan business, said Molasky , 'But we ran out of money and had to take in some investors.

Sunrise opened its doors in December with 58 rooms; now it has , and is the largest private hospital west of Chicago, said Molasky After not doing well financially with professional hospital administrators, the hospital hired Nathan Adelson , Merv 's father, who had been in the grocery business After an investigation, Molasky said the federal authorities found nothing wrong with those loans.

Although Dalitz had conducted himself respectably since moving to Las Vegas in the s, he was a former bootlegger and illegal gambler who had been publicly grilled in the U. His associate Roen had pleaded guilty to securities violations in a major stock fraud case in Dalitz and Roen were partners in developing La Costa, but inactive.

Neither Merv Adelson nor Molasky , the active partners, had ever been charged with a crime. Nevertheless, Penthouse Magazine published an article asserting the resort had been built and frequented by gangsters. The four partners sued for libel. After years of litigation, they won no money, but Penthouse issued a letter saying it did not mean to imply that Adelson and Molasky 'are or were members of organized crime or criminals. Opened in , it was the first enclosed mall in the valley.

He also developed Best on the Boulevard, a smaller shopping center just south of the Boulevard Mall, concentrating on what he calls 'big box' retailers such as Best Buy and Copeland Sports. About , related Molasky , he and Adelson met Lee Rich , who produced TV shows for ad agencies and dreamed of producing TV specials and scheduled shows.

Adelson , who reportedly had wanted to be in the entertainment industry since his Beverly Hills childhood, became more and more associated with Hollywood; he even married Barbara Walters [like all bold-typed individuals here, also Jewish]. Lorimar eventually merged with Time-Warner, and Adelson became one of its board members Parry and Molasky purposely built it as the tallest downtown building, to dominate the skyline The Molaskys became mentors to several of [University of Nebraska coach Jerry] Tarkanian's basketball players Molasky's interests in sports have been more than casual.

Molasky was given immunity but testified in the trial that he bet small fortunes He owns the horses in partnership with the well-known trainer, Bruce Headley. One of Molasky's horses is Kona Gold, acknowledged the nation's fastest sprinter, though now rehabilitating from an injury. He's also shown Las Vegas better ways to please the laid-back millions who aren't snobs. He created a new era not only in Nevada resorts but in Nevada politics; although Nevadans have long worried casino interests might dominate state politics, Wynn is one of the few to aggressively pursue political agendas Wynn 's father opened a bingo parlor here but was unable to obtain a gaming license and was forced to close.

He returned to Utica, N. The Wynns moved to Las Vegas in and Wynn invested in the Frontier Hotel, perhaps the most controversial deal he would ever make. Though Wynn was never accused of wrongdoing, several of his associates in the hotel were mob-connected. And they were not merely people who had formerly been in illegal gambling -- which has always been winked at in Nevada because illegal gambling was once the only way to get experience -- but involved in a hidden ownership and skimming scheme.

Wynn had been there less than a year when image-sensitive state authorities persuaded billionaire Howard Hughes to buy the Frontier, hoping his corporate security people could clean up the problems. Wynn has said he made no money on the deal. Hughes brought in his own people, so Wynn was also out of his job as keno and slot manager This gave him enough money to participate with Thomas in the most famous bloodless coup in Las Vegas casino management.

Thomas said The Golden Nugget had one of the most desirable locations on Fremont Street, but was managed by a group of old-timers who were content to coast. The stock was undervalued and the managers didn't own much of it.

Wynn and a group of new investors bought enough to get elected to the board of directors, then documented mismanagement including employee thefts from the casino. He used Golden Nugget profits to buy an aging hotel in Atlantic City, where gambling had just become legal, tore it down, and by had built another Golden Nugget with rooms Caesars Palace cut a deal to construct the Forum Shops, a mall of quality stores unprecedented in Las Vegas, linking its own resort with The Mirage Wynn may project a new, cleaner image of Las Vegas, but has in fact used some of the old-time personalities who continue to tarnish Nevada's image.

In and casino host Charles Meyerson fought to regain his right to work in the industry after Sheriff John Moran yanked his work card for hosting organized crime figures. He regained the card and subsequently was licensed by the state of Nevada. Meyerson , a former bookmaker from New York City, claimed he did not know the men had mob ties.

Both Julie Weintraub and Ash Resnick , casino hosts with unsavory reputations, worked in Wynn-controlled casinos. In Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith published a biography of Wynn called 'Running Scared. That verdict is on appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, but Stuart was forced into bankruptcy. Wynn subsequently dropped his suit over the book itself. The opening of the 3,room Bellagio was anti-climactic. Since then Mirage Inc. With 1, hotel rooms, the Beau Rivage is the largest hotel-casino in the United States outside Nevada.

And the company has purchased a site in Atlantic City, planning a return to the New Jersey gaming venue. In Review-Journal political reporter Jane Ann Morrison analyzed campaign donation records and discovered that Wynn was the second-most active gaming executive in donating to politicians.

Sheldon Addleson , chairman of the Las Vegas Sands and builder of the new Venetian Resort, gave about twice as much as Wynn to state and local campaigns, and nearly as much at the national level.

Wynn 's donations did not seem to particularly favor either the Democratic or the Republican party, though he is registered as a Democrat. If there is a single truth about Las Vegas, it is that nowhere on earth so efficiently evades it.

Vegas is a city in denial of the facts. The town boomed not because gambling was legal but because the railroad ran right through it. And far from being the centre of licence it likes to think itself, Vegas was racially segregated right into the mid-seventies.

Twenty years before Bugsy Siegel booked Lena Horne to perform at the Flamingo but made her sleep elsewhere and instructed the chambermaid to burn her bedlinen. Goldstein serves as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.

Goldstein was chairman of the board of the Steamboat Companies which operated the Diamond Lady and Emerald Lady casino riverboats beginning in April He also served as chairman of the board and president of Casino Cruises, Inc. An addition to his involvement in the riverboat gaming industry, Mr.

Goldstein is chairman of the board of the Alter Companies which are involved in scrap metal recycling, river freight transportation and affiliated businesses Solomon has been an executive officer and a member of Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.

He presently serves as ex ecutive vice president , general counsel and secretary for the Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.

He has served as president of the Florida Association of Jewish Federations and as a vice president of the Council of Jewish Federations. Leonard Steinberg, chairman , Gaming Magazine, " Leonard Steinberg , the founder and chairman of sports betting and casino group Stanley Leisure [ in Great Britain ], has a big smile on his face. He has much to smile about. Next month, the chancellor of the exchequer, Gordon Brown, is expected in his Budget speech to lift the duty on betting for the first time since the levy was imposed under Stanley Baldwin in And the bookies are bracing themselves for a bonanza There is also good news in the pipeline for Mr Stanley's gaming business.

In July, the gaming review body, the betting industry's regulator, is likely to recommend a loosening of restrictions on slot machines - again something Mr Steinberg has been pushing over many years Since he started running an illicit betting business from his family-owned Belfast milk bar in the s, legitimacy is something Mr Steinberg - who is from a Jewish family that fled the pogroms of Riga - has striven after with herculean tenacity, and not a small amount of patience.

Unable to make a success of the family opticians' business after his father died in , Mr Steinberg found more success in the lower end of the betting shop trade, gradually acquiring 10 shops across Ulster.

By the early s, he decided to leave the increasingly violent province behind and expand his business across the Irish Sea - firstly with two shops on the Isle of Man, then four in Yorkshire, followed by 11 in Liverpool and a casino in Stockport.

Still mainly focused on areas ignored by the big three - William Hills, Ladbrokes and Coral - Stanley now has an estate of some shops across the UK, and its chairman is regarded as an elder statesman of the industry In , he even established a Centre for Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Salford as part of his efforts to bring an air of respectability to the industry.

As if to underline Stanley's establishment credentials, in the company bought Capital Corporation, owner of three prestigious London casinos including Crockfords, the eighteenth century private gaming club in Mayfair. Why wouldn't this be so? It's the rape of Palestine. Jews dominate Las Vegas and are instrumental in running many Native American casinos in America, as well as southern Africa. Among the more interesting details are the PA's part in the Oasis casino in Jericho. The PA owns According to the report, CAP is registered in Lichtenstein and most of its owners are not known.

Among its registered owners is an Austrian casino company, in which Schlaf is prominently involved. Schlaf last visited Sharon about two weeks ago in Hashikmim farm.

The Prime Minister's Office director general, Dov Weisglass , represented CAP in Israel before entering his present office and his former law office still handles the company's business. The Austrian Casino company received, according to the report, a franchise to operate the Jericho casino until , with a year tax exemption from the day it opened, and exclusive rights to operate other casinos in PA territories.

In the neon desert, where practically anything goes, there are no warrants for his arrest. No "big lie" as the singer proclaims on his new Web site about the child molestation charges he's facing.

The ties were apparent when Jackson surrendered Nov. Jackson hopscotched around the city for three hours as media helicopters hovered overhead and giddy fans swarmed to get a peek of the King of Pop Gossip columnists report Jackson might be staying at one of his family's redoubts. But Las Vegas is more than a convenient hideaway that leaves paparazzi and reporters guessing where Jackson has escaped.

The city serves up everything the eccentric superstar craves - especially that "glitter" Jackson loves, said Robert Wegner, Jackson's former head of security, who now lives in Reno, Nev.

The casinos offer shopping extravaganzas where Jackson can spend while being blanketed in impenetrable security. These are places he has been coming for years, ever since the Jackson Five first played the old MGM Grand hotel-casino on the Strip in He claims friendship with casino developer Steve Wynn and was recently given a key to the city by former mob lawyer-turned-Mayor Oscar Goodman A city known for second chances, Las Vegas would probably embrace Jackson, who some critics claim is washed up.

Experts say anything is possible in this fantasyland. Everybody gets another shot, no matter how they look. Peccole Ranch co-developers face lawsuit by Canadian bank. A lawsuit alleges a banking exec took bribes to approve a new loan for the world's largest mall , By John G. Alberta Treasury Branches, a bank run by the province of Alberta, filed a lawsuit earlier this year that until recently was in large part kept secret.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Tuesday acknowledged they were investigating the matter but declined to elaborate. Nader Ghermezian said the family's developments in Las Vegas and around the United States are held by corporations separate from their interests in Canada The company has 12 years of developing experience in Southern Nevada, including the Ghermezians ' role as co-developers of Peccole Ranch community with the Peccole family.

Also, it has apartments and 50, square feet of office space, according to Triple Five Nevada. It will operate apartments. The acre project will include a Target and other retail outlets as well as offices, condominiums and hotels. Jewish settlers find Las Vegas to be a good bet. There are now 18 synagogues in "Sin City," along with a kosher supermarket, a Jewish mayor and a Jewish congresswoman. Two major casino- hotels have added special items to their menus for today and Tuesday, when Jews hold the ceremonial seder, at which the story of their flight from Egypt is retold.

An estimated 80, Jews live in the Las Vegas area , about 5 percent of the local population of 1. For Las Vegas, that's a dramatic shift from the way things were when Rep. Shelley Berkley , D-Nev. Back then, there was just one synagogue, and the city's most famous Jew was the late mobster Bugsy Siegel. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak starred at last month's annual fund-raising gala for the local Jewish Federation , whose offices are home to a Holocaust museum and a library frequently visited by groups from public schools and churches.

Responding to the gambling capital's changing demographic, several supermarkets, including the recently opened Kosher Mart, provide a variety of kosher products. Two hotels, the Four Seasons and the Rio, have dedicated kosher kitchens available for private functions and conventions Then there's this summer's Kosher Poker, a private poker tournament at the Sunset Station casino put on by the Federation's young adults group.

Bodoff admits he hesitated about whether to support Kosher Poker, then decided it was clever in an only-in-Vegas sort of way. The European-born son of a Polish Orthodox rabbi who had risked his life to come to America, Lowe was part of an American generation determined to succeed Lowe had to see what all the excitement was about Lowe learned the details of how the game and the beano cards had been discovered at a fair in Germany, and he bought a handful of cards from the operator to bring back to New York.

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