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Avenatti has done such a disservice to the MeToo movement. PokerStars Paris Hilton Avatar: Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Top Texas Hold em Download. Originally Posted by SmokeyS ok thanks, i was wondering if maybe it was deemed inappropiate since its a picture of chong as a dirty hippie and i don't see really any pot related pics on the site. Beat the House with Charms.

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My avatar is gone , what will be the problem? June 7th, , 9: Yermek, When your avatar appeared again? My avatar with my own Picture has disappeared last Saturday and have already I complained twice with the PS Support however until now it did not return and now I am using one provided in the PS gallery but there are several people using the same I will complain PS again Originally Posted by Yermek. My image appears only in the mobile app. June 8th, , 7: June 8th, , 8: And just gone back. June 9th, , 1: Yeah, I've been wondering where my picture went the past days..

Was thinking about updating it to the CardsChat logo anyway but keep getting a error thing when I try to upload one.. Guess I'll have to wait until they fix it. Hello, Thank you for your email. Regards, Stars Customer Support. Originally Posted by helpspb. Thanks for copying the message over from PS Support.

I too was wondering, but didn't send anything in. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the amalgamation with FullTilt. I resubmitted my PS image for approval, but after a couple of days the request just disappeared. Will just have to wait for them to sort it out I guess. Meanwhile I'm playing anonymously, so to speak.

Possibly a good thing. June 12th, , 1: June 13th, , 7: It was such a thing. Originally Posted by wildyetty. It's all about last wry update. You can try and roll back to previous version. June 13th, , 8: Thanks for the info.

I was wondering what happened. Page 1 of 2 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 1 page s. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game.

Learn from online pros. Join more than , active members on our forum. Page 1 of 2. May 6th, 5: Don't Base Your Reads on Avatars. April 11th, Do you play a certain style based on a player's avatar. In most cases though, I think people will play you however they want regardless of your pic.

October 27th, , 6: I think having a unique avatar pic will make it easier for non HUD users to remember you. Maybe isnt a big deal but could work against you.

I don't have a problem playing with people with baby avatars or animal avatars. I do think I am affected in my decisions if the pic is a real looking senior citizen or mentally challenged person. I was working on that, however I don't play at stars all that much anymore. I have a friend who had, as an avatar, the icon that the poker network uses for "All In".

I don't know how he got that approved, but it always messed with me when we played together. If you have a silly avatar, it tends to make people think you're a loose player.

Have you tried mixing some different ones? October 27th, , 7: These pictures should be banned. They're tacky and a complete gimmick. October 27th, , I've seen picture of cards: AA or KK or a royal. While I know it's not what they have, it works like my name there AADooper to cause a bit of subliminal worry.

If they look at "me" they see that AA and, unless they know me, worry that I play super tight. My PS av is a kitten. I just like looking at my feisty cat. So I did not carry through my theme.

I have an av pic of a big-eyed lemur at AP - a lot of people tell me they hate it. I don't play there much any more, but I assume it remains disturbing.

I think the lemur is cute. Sometimes a person has a disturbing pic that I need to hide. If a person has a pic of a beautiful girl, it might be them or it might be their dream girlfriend. If it's a baby, it's usually their kid or grandkid, and I think that's sweet. For the most part, av pics do not make me think anything about the player. October 28th, , I dont know why I turn them OFF. October 29th, , 9: There is a lot of guys that put up pretty women as images, I think its silly if they are doing it because they think they will gain an advantage because you think they are a woman.

But funny thing is, there have been instances where I lost a few hands to someone and the image gets to me, so I just use the block image option. October 29th, , I think that ID has more to do with identifying a type of player than image. If someone is called 'PokerKing91' then they are probably awful. October 30th, , My avatar on PS seems to get a lot of attention.

It's the same as my pic here and pretty much on a daily basis I get one of the same questions:

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