EPT 10 Vienna 2014 Live Poker -- Main Event, Final Table (Fran├žais)

Marc Ladouceur Michael Piper. For more info, see www. His former Snowfest rival, winner Vladimir Geshkenbein, was seated just one table over and he closed out with , in chips. We missed the action, but we do know that Max Silver got the last of his chips in on a flop holding the. We're headed out to capture any last-minute action and compile some chip counts, so stay tuned for those as well as a full recap of the Day 1a action. A giant field is predicted for the EPT Vienna Main Event which kicks off at noon tomorrow at the stunning Hofburg Palace, the former imperial residence in the heart of the Austrian capital. Adrian Mateos Diaz from Spain had a little over 43, pushed to the middle, Michael Brady had slightly less than that and was allso all in.

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EPT 10 Vienna 2014 Live Poker -- Main Event, Final Table