Epiphone Limited Edition Riviera Custom P93

Neck Shape C-shaped neck feature-neckShape[0] Well, yes, I do like these P93 Riviera's. To leave a comment you can also log in with or. This all maple bodied guitar is rather heavy Posted 09 September - Tuners Grover feature-tuners[0] Get it, try it out and report back:

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But if you want P90s, I'd consider a Casino! Riviera Custom P93 Red Royale http: My friend has one but I have not played it yet. Was thinking of going to Guitar Center and seeing if they had one I could try.

I own a solid body Gibson and I am hoping the tone will be different than it. I own 2 epiphone acoustical guitars and both are great players.

Ya know with a lifetime warrantee it is hard to go wrong.. I guess I am wanting to know if the Epiphone is just a mediocre copy of the Gibson, or are they really great guitars that play very well. I am in the market for a nice archtop, but don't want to get something that will not play nice Much as I like my Dot - I got one a cupla years ago and after playing it a year or so bought a second in red - I can tell you that they're not Gibson artisanship, but they're great-playing and nowadays great-sounding guitars.

The thing is that when one starts comparing Epis of the same body concept as a Gibson, you're really comparing apples and oranges. The Epi is less hand workmanship and, from the same general "lot," more consistent. I do think that the newer Chinese electric versions are technically closer to the Gibson varieties.

The past cupla years Epi's electronics pots and pups were upgraded - but I doubt much difference in the "bling" varieties and the plain Dots. The Gibson is more handwork, more likely to have some slight variation in neck "feel" and less transportation climate affect in the U.

Basically one expects a more artisan-work instrument than on an Epi. Bottom line is that on guitars, there's a lot of individual response from the player to a given instrument. I have an acquaintance that plays the most disreputable-looking old semi-hollow Gibson I've ever seen.

But he plays it exceptionally well and it sounds like a guitar-version of a Strad. My friends Riviera is really nice, and he like it a lot. I know comparing the Gibson's to the Epi's is probably not a good thing to get in your mind but it is there. As long as the Epi's are enjoyable to play and they have a good tone for the money it would be hard to go wrong with a dollar Riviera.

I did pm Crust, but have not heard his comments yet. Well, yes, I do like these P93 Riviera's. Click on any music style name to find electric guitars likely suitable for that genre. I got this gorgeous sxe new from my local GC Needless to say, the electric bill didn't get paid that month, as I wanted to make sure they didn't change their mind seeing as I technically bought the guitar a month before it was marked down So, to the meat of this review I am madly in love with my Riviera P, it is the smoothest sounding and feeling guitar I've ever played, bar none!

The three P pickups are loud, brash, and full, almost humbucker-like but with an overall chime to them that only a single coil could deliver. Having three of them makes for some VERY interesting sonic moments When it's combined with either bridge or neck pickup, yo get a much meatier Strat "out of phase" tone. One their own, each pickup delivers exactly what you'd expect from Gibson type single coils. This all maple bodied guitar is rather heavy I'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact that it's loaded with three huge chunks of Alnico II magnet as well as a Bigsby B wangbar All the girth surely helps it sustain and sing in ways that normal semi hollow guitars shouldn't The neck mahogany is on the chunky side This isn't a shred meister speed demon by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, I manage to move around quite nicely when the need for speed arises! The rosewood fretboard is nice, nothing to write home about, and the slanted block inlays add a touch of old school Gibson class. I really wish Epiphone would've set this beautiful axe up with an ebony fretboard though. The only change I made to this nearly perfect guitar was the addition of a Wilkenson roller bridge, to facilitate smoother wangbar action and help it stay in tune better.

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