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We offer premier hotel rooms and 80 spacious RV sites, located across from Hollywood Casino, off the historic Route 66 and surrounded by scenic nature. Useful 2 Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! It's nice inside, clean, food was fresh, staff was friendly, and the price reasonable. Chuck48 Top Reviewer View all my reviews 2. I don't think they like us Park is nothing more than the remains of the workers camp left over from construction of the hotel and casino.

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Why does the state of IL issue you a paper Id that you can't use. We sat in the bar for 2 hrs and was served tried to go to casino denied! Go back to the bar where we were served for 2 hrs and then they deny us. I'll take my money elsewhere. I'll stick to the IN casinos Beware!! We paid for week upon check-in then extended stay for 4 days.

Paid for it at the time. When we checked out returned card keys for restroom was told we had balance. I had receipt that showed checkout on the day we were leaving. Was told that mistake was made. Owed 35 more dollars. Argued with hotel supervisor. Either a scam or incompetent employees. Either way I will not return although we have family in area. No sewer hookup and showers need a good scrubbing and spider webs and mildew on the ceiling need to be removed.

Had to use laundry at hotel. RV Park machines have not been in use for some time. Good Sam better reevaluate this place again.

Painfully slow service, overpriced drinks gamblers don't drink for free?? Awful service, poor variety of games and just sad. The customer service was great from the time we walked in the door. Tyler at the check in desk was amazing, I had booked a junior suite and they didn't have any smoking junior suites available so he upgraded me to the deluxe suite right away with no hassle. The room and hotel overall were very clean and well maintained. The casino was also a good experience, it was laid out nicely and everyone there was friendly.

I live in Northwest Indiana right by the Horseshoe, Ameristar and Majestic but Hollywood was a nice change of pace and we'll definitely be coming back. This is strictly a review of the hotel and not the casino since they are, in many ways, a Jekyll and Hyde. Comparing the hotel at Hollywood Casino Joliet to the many other casino hotels I've stayed at, I can say, hands down, this is the worst.

This is most definitely the La Quinta of casino hotels with the weird, kind of, sort of communal breakfast 'buffet' of waffle iron, bagels, and social awkwardness that make me wish I was just alone in my room with a banana but who doesn't wish that. But then again, the room makes me wish I was at the socially awkward breakfast while cooking my hand in the waffle iron.

Okay, the room isn't that awful per se, but the bathroom really did immediately remind me of a place where you'd find a dead hooker in the tub, or a travelling salesman who'd offed himself with a pistol and a quart of scotch on the nightstand. The free wifi is AOL dialup circa caliber The TV is the tiniest flat screen I've ever encountered in a hotel I think out in the real word they're called "tablets" or some such thing.

Allowing my OCD to speak for a moment, this is no exaggeration either, when I entered my room after checking in, literallly EVERY picture on the walls, lampshade and stick of furniture in the room was tilted askew.

Yes, it's a quirky thing that is one of my eccentricities but I think this would irritate Gandhi or Mother Theresa too. The desk, dresser and nightstand were all on about a 15 degree angle along the walls, the pictures and lampshades made it look like the room had been ransacked recently and I spent 15 min. Maybe that was today's entertainment and I just didin't get that it was some new performance art piece Anyhow, the really telling thing about my disappointment in this room is that I'm a VIP at the casino and this was a comped room and my first stay here since I'm a local.

So, the room is FREE, and I'm still thinking sleeping in the car is looking kind of attractive right now. Hopefully they're just all settled on the bottom for a nifty scavenger hunt. Anyhow, free is free I guess so what can ya do besides write hilariously cattry reviews, spray disinfectant around the whore bath, and pray bed bugs are too high class to hang here.

And of course, have a sense of humor. Oh god, I just thought, if this is a room for a VIP, what are the conditions for the peasantry? Do they have steerage class in hotels? It IS reminicent of the Titanic The only good thing is the location which is still a walk across the parking lot and the breakfast was decent. We stayed at the hotel after a wedding near by and was appalled.

The room was stuffy and stunk like mildew. We had to sleep with the air on for comfort and the window open for smell. We have stayed in a lot of hotels and this was close to one of the worst.

Decor is totally outdated and lighting was awful trying to get ready for a wedding. The tile in the bathroom didn't look clean. Actually getting sick of some of the people that go here that think "saving machines" and "chair hogging" is ok. This morning went to an empty game, no one around, no card in slot, no money. Coat on chair but lots of people leave them laying around.

I sit down start to play, this big black bitch starts yelling at me that its her machine, shes been there all night, I moved her coat, how dare I move the coat it might have had money in it LOL Tired of these lame ass people moving chairs around, leaving their items in the main aisle blocking so you can not even get thru. Playing 2 games at once. Tired of smelling smoke! And the cleaning people start at about 3am with this noxious cleaning spray that makes me ill.

Many employees are nice but no one really seems to give a shit anymore!!!!! I came here last night for a date with my boyfriend and I seriously don't recommend their buffet it's not that great. I ate only the turkey, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and fish. Everything else was crap. I also noticed that the buffet was overpriced and for what they charge they could have better food. They have a restaurant next door but that was a little more pricier than the buffet.

My boyfriend gave up his comp for me to have dinner since he wasnt that hungry and he's a chef by profession and he didnt want to eat the stuff up in there In terms of comps I've gotten better at other casinos like Harrah's and Majestic Star.

I've been to better but also been to worse. Its so so- its clean, smoke free which is a plus, won a little on the slots but threw it back in. Just no smoke was a big plus. The staff isn't very friendly but slots pay well!!

People attend to stay on one machine here for hours tho so hope your open to playing different games!!!! I don't usually go out to casinos, since I am a nursing student and a mother of a toddler, but today we decided to go to Hollywood casino for a date night.

We spend most of our time at the roulette table. Phil, our original dealer, was phenomenal. He was so sweet and welcoming, and did not make us feel uncomfortable. However, after a couple hours, it took a turn for the worst when Helen took over. From the start, she seemed very annoyed.

A fellow gambler asked for a specific bet, but she had no idea what he was talking about so she gave him attitude. I tried to check my phone for the time, as well as my husband, and both times she snapped at us the second we pulled it out. We kindly tried to explain to her that there are no clocks around, and we have a babysitter, but she was very clear that she was irritated about it.

I understand this is a house policy, but since I am the one spending my money, I just expect some lienience to let me check the time. When it was time to cash out, I tried to slide over my chips to her, and I asked her to help. She said no, I had to do it, and while I was fumbling to stack them all under pressure the attitude got worse.

Just to make light of the situation, my husband said "oh aren't you the professional? Obviously that shows she is not professional. Helen was the absolute worst person to deal with. She was extremely rude, did not make anyone at the table comfortable, and was not welcoming what so ever. We had a great night up until it was her turn to deal. She ended up ruining our rare date night, and even thought I won some money from the table, I was still not able to feel excited about it because of our experience from her.

I really hope Helen has a better night, maybe we caught her in a bad mood, but nonetheless I do not feel like we deserved the treatment we received. Because of her "service", I do not feel we will be coming back for a while.

We enjoy the Friday evening seafood buffet. Fish variety is good. They prepare your selection of fish at the grill, very tasty! The more submissions we get, the more accurate the information will be, which helps everyone. Also, please visit our "Sponsors". No purchase is required, but visiting them helps support the operation of this website. Please consider supporting our efforts. Your assistance will help this website grow and improve! We travel with our two dogs and the park had plenty of places for them to run without bothering other RVers.

No full hook ups, electric and water only. Staff at check in was friendly and welcoming. Dump is by exit so convenient if only staying for a few days but quite a ways from the rv park. Liked the layout of the park. Back in sites seemed like they were spaced farther apart then the pull thru's. All in all would definitely stay there again. Poor services, not well kept up.

Park is nothing more than the remains of the workers camp left over from construction of the hotel and casino. There are no full hookups, no cable and no WiFi.

Instead we are relegated to this so-called Resort. They make a big deal of the free breakfast in the nearby hotel but that's no value unless you're feeding a scout troupe.

About twice what it's worth. I couldn't believe this was the same place the others rated. Stayed here in May Empress sold both casino properties to Horseshoe Gaming Holding Corporation in The company re-branded it as Argosy's Empress Casino. Penn National Gaming rebuilt the casino under its Hollywood Casino brand as Hollywood Casino Joliet , the Egyptian theme was mostly removed and replaced with 's's art deco.

The interiors were designed by the Varond Design Group, Inc. The Empress had a detached room hotel. Empress was the only casino in northern Illinois to have an onsite RV park. A complimentary shuttle bus ran between the hotel and the casino.

The fire was caused by a spark from a welder's torch which ignited grease in one of the kitchens. The subsequent fire spread rapidly. The casino was evacuated and fire crews attempted to contain the fire for several hours. The fire burned above the sprinkler systems reach in what are known as void spaces, inside walls and above hung ceilings.

Inside the void spaces the fire was able to spread quickly and decimate the entire entertainment complex. It took a significant portion of the cities fire department several hours to bring the blaze under control.

The fire resulted in no fatalities however two guest were transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. While the gaming complex itself was untouched by the fire the entire entertainment area was a total loss.

The roof collapsed on the kitchen and ballroom area taking with it one of the large pyramid structures that sat atop the roof.

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