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But they stopped it. SusieTowers 20 19 18 17 16 5 5 4 3 3 2 Its Dec 8th and its not available yet. AlexanderMassier 21 18 Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. You will need to know the Spanish for the skill though.

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I ain't got notin' This sentence would normally be used to declare that the speaker has nothing with them , but really it means that they have not got nothing, and therefore by basic logic they have canceled out their intended meaning through a double negative and have really said "I have something".

Also ain't is not a word.. Is that the kind of thing you mean? Because that's kinda irritating to me too xD. LOL Aaaaaaaand that gets a lingot! On that note, I am suddenly inspired to watch the Big Bang Theory again. Also, one that teaches the sounds animals make in a different language. That would be neat. Also, maybe a mythology one. Duolingo please listen to us! A plethora of bonus skills to choose from would be fantastic The third bonus skill is available again and it is "Christmas".

Glad to finally get that 3rd skill, but your suggestion is very intriguing It appears that the third slot only becomes available seasonally during the month of December. I had actually finished the language tree and obtained the first two bonus skills by August, and that 3rd slot remained closed until early December.

It is December; but I cannot see the Christmas unit. Can anyone else see it? Is there a reason I'm not seeing it? I saw it a few days ago, but then apparently it was only up for a few days, then they removed it.

Well that is a letdown! I mean, not everyone celebrates Christmas But if you want to complete the tree, you have to learn how to talk about it in another language.. It's not about just Christmas. You learn vocabulary related to gift-giving, New Year's celebrations, and celebratory events in general.

Meanwhile, not everybody celebrates Christmas, it's true, but Italian people do. The bonuses are bonuses. You are still counted as having your tree completed if you never elect any of the bonus skills. I see this post a year ago and since that time I'm waiting for Christmas. Lol, I hear you Apparently the pick up lines one is extremely cheesy so no one would probably use them so go do it for some laughs.

I would like that, too. It would be nice know even just to figure out if you were being swore at. I think you can tell by someone's face and the intensity of their words if you're being swore at, regardless of language. Unfortunately you cannot when people are being snide to mock you in a group when they know your linguistic skill sets are not on par to understand.

Remember, this is supposed to be child-friendly. If they include cursing, some idiot who forgot to turn on the child safety thing will probably sue DuoLingo for a lot of money.

My class is reading the Book Thief. It's the one time I can swear in class without getting in trouble We read in a theatrical way, so it's kinda like acting and reading at the same time. Don't want to look a gift horse or owl! Will be following this discussion. Is there a suggestion box? How about a For Traveler's? I like the Cursing suggestion best, but a Holiday skill sounds good. French, German, Italian and Spanish did, but the Dutch did not.

Probably not developed for it yet? Change the language on your profile settings. The last one you enable will always be shown by default. It would be awesome if they made bonus slots that are based on events in the countries that speak the language.

That sort of thing and of course including seasonal holidays shared between languages like Christmas and Easter. Ok I have a question. I'm working on Turkish right? Yaralingo, have you got a suitable answer? I am looking for the same.

Can't find anything that fills the bonus-skills space. I agree with the users that want to get a third bonus skill. Why would duolingo make a third bonus skill and then not give a course to fill it?

Here's hoping that they resurrect the Christmas skill, but it is Dec. I had the same problem till about 2 months ago, you to be, like, past the third checkpoint line to see it in the store. Also, there could be a skill for something native to the language. It's "Christmas", but you can only get it in December. I wish it was cursing or something more fun though. I think that slang, alphabet, nursery rhymes, jokes, riddles, other holidays and may others are all great ideas!

So you don't actually need to do them at all really! But of course, the challenge is to get the whole tree to GOLD! Sorry about the Spanish reference, I now see you're not doing Spanish, but to me the same thing applies to any language - - the small talk thinking phrases are important to help you along. I think it would be more important for me to be able to ask where the bathroom is rather than knowing how to say ant or something like that.

But again, most of the free language apps or phrasebooks will give you that in the basic phrases sections, no matter which language you are studying. A bit of research should find them. DuoLingo is trying to teach a bit beyond that level. I'm putting a Blog page s together on Wordpress for my "stroll through Spanish", using DuoLingo, and I will include your idea there. This is just a beta to see where I can go, but you are welcome to visit and comment, just a few entries so far.

Did the holiday lessons ever come out last year? I never saw them in the shop, but I checked every day. You have to start checking like a month or more in advance. By the time Christmas comes along it's no longer available.

Christmas was cancelled at Duolingo this year. I checked everyday from late November till Dec 25th. I am disappointed though it makes sense. We live in such a multi-cultural world.

I like the idea of the third bonus skill being slang. When I studied French in northern Quebec, we learned Joual.

It is what you actually hear on the street. This was an advanced class. I appreciate DL wants us to learn the rules before we break them. The third bonus is supposed to be for Christmas, however I've not seen this appear, it did come online in previous years apparently during December - - so who knows? When they offer it in the Lingot Store, you can get it if you have enough lingots.

Also, there is a way to link into the skill by going directly to the page, or at least there used to be, not sure. You can look up how to do it online or search the discussions here Duolingo is the most popular way to learn languages in the world. How do I fill in my 3rd Bonus Skill? Hedgehog 23 11 PotatoDynamite 23 21 7 6 6 4 4 2 SusieTowers 20 19 18 17 16 5 5 4 3 3 2 ThomasThePencil 11 3 2.

Also doing French, and thought the same.. I have checked everyday for the last 2or3 Christmases very annoying. AlexanderMassier 21 18 WanderingAbout 25 13 10 3 2 Charley-Farley 24 12 7 7 5 2 2. Echostreak 13 12 11 11 11 11 11 11 10 10 10 9 9 8. Try getting the seasonal Christmas bounds skill available only around Christmas time.

EnergyBoat 10 2 2. Fleurizia 16 12 9 5. A bonus skills wiki! Moderated and with parameters set by Duolingo. Have a Lingot kind sir. JacobAllenL 12 6 4. Wish they would add a couple more "odds and ends. It's kind of weird that there are three slots but two bonus skills. SamSchmidt3 25 24 Is there anyway we can request another bonus skill in a update? Piplup01 11 7 2. It is on christmas and it is only there in the store when it is in the holidays.

JAL7 25 9 8 AbraxunsIllusion 25 6 5 5 5 5. I think it was a special Christmas thing. Maybe they'll put it back next December: JohnTheCrow 16 3 2. AlecPowers Plus 18 6 5. I was wondering the same thing. I gave you a lingot because you know like a million languages haha. AlexanderAmory 9 6 2 2 2. I think that they should add a bonus skill for all holidays instead of just christmas. Step 1 I do not have bonus skills for some reason Nope none at all. Henry Plus 10 10 9 4. I'm starting to think alphabets would be a great third or fourth skill.

Kamcurridibaz 17 10 6 5. Sirzulo 15 15 12 5. I think it is humorous that in Spanish, instead of Hahahaha it is Jajajajaja. Veratas 25 11 If you want to use slang go to a small town in italy there dialects are full of sland. Dakrath 9 9 2. All are good suggestions! I just want a 3rd bonus skill in general: SuverchaSharma 15 7 3.

FunnyIce 13 6 6. It would be better if there was a link to tanki online in the bonus slot! Besides, if you are able to create a bonus skill, it will help us all. Heres some suggestions for the 3rd slot; 1 Poetry 2 mathematics 3 common abbreviations for the language 4 Holidays not just christmas, and let us open christmas year round please 5 Countries or customs for the related language 6 Media consumption i have more here but im tired of writing.

CocoaKittens 9 3 2. LisaG 5 3 2. PaigeHunger 14 9 2. The christmas bonus skill should be available around december. Haikus would be cool. If I were in charge, I would make a conversation skill. It asks you a question and u answer. Bobbythekid21 14 9 4 4 9. The test of whether or not you know a language is whether you know the slang. Streams 14 11 10 9 8 8. MattBrick82 18 9 8 6 5 It is December Where is the third bonus skill???

I have been waiting all year. Yes, it's pretty disappointing to have to wait another year: I've been waiting a year for a third bonus skill and it has finally arrived! ENTP27 17 7 7 4 2. And I saw the Christmas skill yesterday, today it's gone!

Jelly 8 2 2 2. I wondered about the third slot, thanks for explaining. Maybe something in Scots English? DanielFloresU 20 10 7 6 6 5. That is an awesome idea. Or maybe they just stopped it all together. Hey there OP, Duolingo staff here. This is not correct. The Christmas skill caused site performance issues, so we decided to not enable it nor any other new bonus skills. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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