Can anyone explain how casino comp dollars are calculated by the casinos?

Oct 19, Threads: Books - Wizard Reviewed Craps: You now have Vegas gaming at your fingertips, playing on your computer, on your tablet, on a smartphone. The Vegas style games are considered the most captivating in the world, so having them in a list to choose from will truly inspire you. It is also perfectly possible to play for a long period and not get the lucky hit.

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The Wizard of Odds. Craps Tools Analyze and improve your game with the use of these free tools, calculators, and advice. Craps for Beginners Introduction: Craps for Advanced Players Advanced Craps Topics Analysis and advice for experienced players who have mastered basic strategy, and are looking to add an extra edge to their game. Calculation of the player's edge for all the major bets in craps. House edge for all the major craps bets. Basic craps Statistics One question I get asked a lot is "what is the probability of a shooter lasting x rolls in craps?

Online Craps Bonuses View All There are a bunch of craps bonuses out there, but not all of them are created equally. SEP 21 How to play craps video part 4 of Video for the new Craps tutorials, Sucker Bets.

AUG 7 Vegas Fiction about a reclusive individual fifty years in the future and how the game of craps opens him up to the possibilities in the, 'Real world' JUL 29 Craps version 2 - Part 2 of 5: The above is the way you will be rated and how comps are determined. The biggest factors are The higher these 3 numbers are, the more you will be comped. The Comeback Kid likes this. Jul 23, Messages: Comps are also very important when you "buy in" and "cash out".

Keep in mind that the pit boss is watching and hearing everything. When the night was over, I was up a grand and gained 5, points making me a gold member. Now, it also helped me that I personally went on a tear! Oct 3, Messages: I also do a little trick I will slip my green and black chips into my pocket every 2 or 3 roller and then I will buy in for more chips. This is great because if they are not eagle eyes watching my every move, They just assume the obvious, me not having a big bank of chips and me buying in for more chips quite often.

When I cash my chips in I do not use the VIP line for quicker service, because they always ask for your players card. I use the regular line and cash a third of my chips in, making several trips.

But I think it works for me as I see the amount of tier point I gain after a day playing table games using this little trick, and it's always significantly higher then what I actually gambled. Boxcars, Jul 23, My experience with craps in Vegas Not seen a lot driven from pit crew. Not seen a lot of casino hosts outbound calling unless you are major player. If really into it, you should confirm data before leaving table per suggestion above.

Boxcars , Jul 23, Feb 24, Messages: Of all the table games, Craps ranks 2, after roulette for pumping up your comp "rating". In the majority "reward" or "player" cards "points" are computed by the average dollar amount YOU put in action times the period of time you are at a particular game. Remember, if you are betting close to the table minimums, and happen to catch a hand and press up with short time profit, then return to the minimum once a hand is over, you're average is going to be based on your low end.

Also, buy-in doesn't have much impact for accruing points.. Also, recently, some clubs are giving craps players TWO separate ratings, one is a Hard rating, given to the type of players who take every advantage mathematically, Full odds, sane pressing strategy, aversion to the props and an Easy rating degenerate prop bettors, odds non-believers and the sort of players who say screw the math and rely mostly hunches and luck.

Dec 27, Messages: KokomoJoe4, Aug 17, Sep 28, Messages: Why are you standing in line 3 times to cash your chips in? Unless it's because you have more than 10K and want to avoid a report to the IRS, this doesn't make any sense. Craps is rated at about 50 rolls per hour at 1.

Dec 30, Threads: May 30th, at 9: So I used to always play strictly blackjack, normally at the dollar level. How does this action compare with blackjack play as far as comps are concerned? I have noticed that my comps are a lot better with the craps play, I'm just curious if people would care to guess what my craps action is worth as far as a blackjack equivalent.

Feb 3, Threads: In a bet, there is a fool and a thief. May 30th, at Oct 19, Threads: An exceptionally good or exceptionally dismal performance at the tables will usually grant you a bit of a sweetener on the comp level. Some places rate odds bets some don't. If you bet hardways for the dealers that money goes to your average bet. If the Floorman is alert you may get rated well.

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