From the earliest days, YHA made it clear that motorists were not welcome. Instead great emphasis in the handbook was placed on the availability of public transport with distances to nearest railway stations being given and the availability of bus services something that continues to this day. Must achieve 1, points for entry for a maximum of five entries per gaming day. When the news broke, there was a storm of protest not only among the membership, [22] but also in local communities [23] and local and regional government. Draws take place at For reservations please call For more information or to donate visit:


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Initially, there were 14 Regional Councils, but the number grew to 19 by the end of Membership was required to stay at a hostel and everyone staying was required to assist in the running of the hostel by undertaking what were known as 'duties'. These ranged from washing up to cleaning the hostel and, in hostels with no water supply on site, replenishing the water supply. Blankets and pillows were supplied. A sheet sleeping bag was used from the outset and could be hired for a small charge, but most members chose to provide their own, carrying it with them from hostel to hostel.

The emphasis was very much on a communal atmosphere within each hostel. The use of dormitory accommodation and common rooms in every hostel reinforced this. Also the shared interests, mostly walking and cycling, of those using the hostels contributed to this spirit. From this rough and ready beginning, the organisation grew and grew so that, by the outbreak of World War II , there were hostels and 83, members, with , overnight stays being recorded. The war had a significant effect on YHA.

Membership levels in and slumped as men and women joined the armed services and leisure travel was discouraged. The number of hostels open decreased, with up to a third being closed for the duration due to their location in militarily sensitive areas. The low point was , when only hostels remained open [9] and overnight stays were reduced accordingly.

It wasn't only the war that led to the closure of hostels; among the hostels that closed for good was Derwent Hall, flooded as a result of the Derwent Water Board project and the creation of Ladybower Reservoir. From the low of , things began to recover, so that by war's end over hostels were open and membership was back to pre-war levels. This increase in the latter part of the war was partly due to government encouragement for factory workers to take short breaks away from the cities.

With peace, the resurgence of YHA continued until, in , the peak number of hostels open was reached, with open in that year. In , the number of regions was reduced to ten and financial changes made to make it easier for each region to manage its own affairs.

Significant modernisation of hostels had occurred during the s, but by the early s it became clear to YHA that it needed to change, as the stresses and strains of running what was a large organisation began to show on what was almost entirely a volunteer-run body. Direct management of the hostels was removed from the regional committees and a professional management structure was put in place. With a new management, YHA continued to thrive and by overnight stays had reached a new peak of over 2,, As well as upgrading facilities in existing hostels, other experimental approaches to attracting young travellers were made.

In , a series of summer-only hostels utilising university student accommodation were opened in locations near airports e. The experiment wasn't repeated in following years. A much more successful innovation was the introduction of the RentaHostel scheme. Under this scheme, groups could hire whole hostels for their own use and without normal hostel rules applying. Rentahostel was available during the winter months to improve usage of hostels that were otherwise closed or doing very little business.

The scheme continues to run to the present day but is now known as Exclusive Hire. This left YHA in a serious financial crisis and severe measures needed to be taken. The YHA charitable object has changed over the years, most recently in when the objective was changed to: YHA has been investing in its youth hostels.

Investment is funded largely from turnover and from the sale of property. Donations, legacies and funds from other organisations and agencies also contribute. In , YHA announced the largest plan of network renewal. The aim of the exercise was to reduce borrowing and to provide funds for re-investment into the network.

The closures were to take place over a three-year period, over and above the 13 others disposed of in the same period. The hostels involved were not necessarily poor performers but ones where the amount of investment required to bring them up to a desired standard was excessive e. Steps Bridge, or in some cases because the site value was very high, e. When the news broke, there was a storm of protest not only among the membership, [22] but also in local communities [23] and local and regional government.

Liverpool, have obtained reprieves either temporary or permanent and are still open but most of the other disposals have taken place. A number of the hostels disposed of have reopened, either as independent hostels or as Enterprise [nb 1] hostels within YHA.

In , as part of the move towards raising standards, YHA replaced the traditional sheet sleeping bag with a fitted bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases. From , guests at most youth hostels found their beds already made for them. In , a new youth hostel opened in Brighton. YHA has a network of around youth hostels. In the last ten years, YHA has sold or not renewed the leases on 86 properties. In May , YHA announced that, in a further realignment of the network and to support long term financial stability called the "Capital Strategy", two new hostels would open in and eight would close.

The two new hostels were Southease in Sussex and Berwick on Tweed. By the beginning of , Capel Curig and Grasmere had both been sold and negotiations were in progress to sell the remainder with the exception of Exeter - now expected to close at the end of Summer At the same time, the closure of a further nine hostels was announced, with the intention to begin the sales at the end of Summer In the first years of YHA — , due to the rapid change in the number of hostels available, the handbook was issued more than once each year.

From , the pattern settled into an annual publication issued to all members. In , this became a biennial publication. One was due for the period —10 but has been delayed. Instead, a slimmer update booklet containing less information than in previous years has been issued. Since , YHA has no longer produced an annual guidebook and relies on its website to show hostel information.

The Rucksack was YHA's first magazine. First issued in , it ran until when it was retitled The Youth Hosteller , although issue numbers continued the same series. Publication varied between quarterly in the early years to monthly in later years. The contents consisted of hostel reviews, travel articles, regional and local group news, a letters column and updates to the handbook.

Publication ceased after the February issue volume 39, no. A quarterly newspaper-style publication, free to members, it followed in much the same vein as its predecessors. In Spring , a shorter eight-page A4 colour publication YHA Life appeared an undated four-page pilot version, with a focus on fundraising, was issued in YHA News appeared between and Unlike all the other publications after Spring , which had been made available to all members, YHA News was only available by subscription.

Its contents were much more aimed at those involved more actively with YHA. The opinions expressed were not necessarily those of YHA. Over the years, there have been many regional handbooks produced showcasing hostels in a particular region. The YHA Songbook was first published in Common room sing-songs were popular and the songbook was published by YHA as:. Many a common room sing-song has been marred because few of the hostelers know more than the first verses of the songs, and all too frequently the item that begins as a rousing chorus ends as a faltering solo.

A few keen singers find a place in their rucksack or saddle-bag for a song book, but if as a result some half-dozen song books are available, it is usually found that they are all different and even the songs that are in common to several appear in differing versions.

The songbook only contained the lyrics, not the music, the assumption being that someone would know the tune. YHA had from the beginning sold items directly necessary for using hostels, e. Three years later, the shop moved across the Strand to John Adam Street. Over the years, this shop expanded into a Travel and Information Office [31] and other shops opened in major cities.

The company was wound up in

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