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Or the pension that was referenced earlier — our legislators allowed it to be unfunded for years and now have put the burden on local government to recoup the monies that they mishandled. All of this on the backs of taxpayers. We will continue to try to be financial stewards of the tax dollars we collect and the allocations that we are provided; however, trying to provide a quality education with the dollars provided by our state versus the mandates that they expect you to fund is becoming more difficult.

North Schuylkill Board of Education: These changes have now been approved by the school board which means that they are now in effect immediately. The changes are as follows: Shirts can now have intersecting lines. No flannel pants are allowed. No garment of any kind is permitted with any holes. This would include sweaters and camisoles that sometimes have holes as a design.

Students can wear suits, blazers, sport coats, and ties. No coats should be worn at any time in the building. North Schuylkill has now added a 3 hour delay schedule on to our emergency procedures.

This can allow extra time for roads to be cleared and students to travel safely. If there is a 3 hour delay, the start time at the JSHS will be The school does not change our information based on any changes made in this system. If your phone number or address changes you must notify the school office, in addition to changing it on Blackboard Connect. Blackboard Connect Parent Portal Instructions.

Blackboard Connect Parent Portal Login. Since the weekend, the Butler Township Police Department has made three arrests against juveniles in relation to the threats against North Schuylkill. The District is committed to exercising safety as our top priority. It is important to recognize that any future threats against the district will not be tolerated. Any individual of any age will be punished to the greatest extent of the law. I would personally like to thank the Spartan students, faculty, staff, parents and the community at large for their patience and support during these trying times.

A special thank you to Chief Tarantelli and the Butler Township Police Department for their quick response and diligent work. Yesterday the District was made aware of a social media post warning of an attack at the High School on Monday.

The Butler Township Police Department has identified the authors of the post. Through their investigation it has been determined there is not a credible threat associated with the post. The North Schuylkill School District will operate on normal hours tomorrow with an increase in police presence. Thank you for your continued support. We are actively working with law enforcement to find the origin of the message and to determine its validity.

In lieu of posting on social media, please report any threats you are aware of directly to the school district or law enforcement. The school district tip line number is extension 1TIP. We will be providing an update on the situation no later than Sunday evening. Click here to view the North Schuylkill District Newsletter. The welcome letter and matrix can be found be clicking the links below.

Any alumni meeting the ten 10 year rule are eligible to be nominated and selected. Each inductee will receive a plaque on the night they are inducted into the Wall of Fame. The Pennsylvania Department of Health is changing the vaccination requirements for your child, beginning in August Your child must be vaccinated, or have a written plan to vaccinate, within one week of the first day of school, or they may not be allowed to attend school.

Our first day of school at North Schuylkill is Monday, August 28, If your child is not vaccinated or does not have a written plan by your doctor for vaccination by Friday, September 1, , your child will not be allowed to attend school starting Tuesday, September 5, If your child has NOT received these vaccines, please contact your doctor immediately about scheduling an appointment in order for your child to receive the recommended vaccines for school attendance.

If you do not have a doctor, please call the Pennsylvania Department of Health at You can also visit the website dontwaitvaccinate. These regulations are meant to ensure that children attending school are adequately protected against outbreaks of vaccine preventable illnesses. One of the very first things that must be done when you contact me requesting to rent out the Natatorium is to fill out the building usage request form.

This completed form, along with my signature, will ensure that there are no other events going on that day which would conflict with their request. Within about two weeks of handing in the building usage request form, another form must be handed in as well as a deposit to rent the pool.

This form is called the Swimming Pool Contract form and this form illustrates the required documents that must be turned in before the pool party. Then, in regards to the specific details, I have a rules and rate schedule form that must be looked over in advance because this represents what is allowed and what is NOT allowed at NS pool parties while explaining the rate schedule.

Normally pool parties are scheduled to last for two hours. And, we have a rate schedule where they pay per hour. We have rates for families that are in the district and we also have rates for out of district families. These rates also increase as the amount of swimmers go up. If anyone would like to contact me in regards to having a pool party, my email is jcory northschuylkill.

You can do so that way - and then I will provide all the information they would need to know in order to have a pool party at NS. Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease is caused by a virus and is usually seen in children under age 5 and infants. It can be seen in older children and adults. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor or obstetrician if they have been exposed or think they have been exposed to an infected individual.

It is not usually serious and individuals with Hand, Foot, and mouth recover in days without treatment. It is spread by close contact such as coughing, sneezing, kissing, hugging, and sharing cups and utensils with infected individuals. Individuals infected with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease are contagious before symptoms appear.

The best way to prevent it from spreading is practicing good hygiene: Good hygiene at all times is the most effective method of preventing the spread of the disease. We are pleased to announce that we have turned on email grading notifications.

This email will be sent to the email address that is registered to the parent. If you would like to change your default settings, please click here for further explanations. Any information contained in this letter is not intended as medical advice, but simply to alert families to the existence of alternatives to opioids and that any such choices should be discussed with their physicians. In nearly Pennsylvanians died from drug overdoses, many from opiate-based drugs.

I am sure many of you know of people that have died in your area due to an overdose. Unfortunately, many have kept silent due to the social stigma, but that has only fueled an increase in deaths. Heroin does not discriminate among race, ethnicity, gender, nor socio-economic status.

An increasing number of heroin overdoses are being experienced by young adults that have become addicted to opiate-based pharmaceuticals prescribed to them due to school sports injuries or common accidents. Oxycotin, Demerol, and Percoset, and many other opiate-based pain killers, can become highly addictive after an extended period of use.

However, heroin transforms the brain to want this stimulus in ever increasing quantities. No one can just experiment with heroin, once you use it you are hooked, and in most cases, heroin will lead to death from overdose. While we can not totally eradicate the drug problem, we can diminish its effects on society through education. Some of the heists put a large emphasis on stealth, often leading to bonus experience points and money on completion.

The level selection menu is styled as a fictional website, Crime. There are seven difficulty levels, with increased money and experience payouts for higher difficulty levels. Independent of difficulty was the "pro job" condition - pro jobs give additional experience, but cannot be retried if the players fail, later removed in an update.

Some contracts in Payday 2 take place over multiple days, with each day represented by a separate level with different objectives. Many jobs in Payday 2 can be completed in stealth. If players avoid getting caught on camera, evade or silently kill security guards, and keep any civilian witnesses from calling the police, the alarm will not be raised and the players will receive an experience bonus. Otherwise, players will have to achieve their objectives, carry out any loot they find to a dropoff point, and then reach their escape point under the pressure of constant police assault waves.

Mixed in with these are special units; all versions of Payday 2 include the " Shield " and the " Taser " - both named for their signature equipment, the "Bulldozer" - a SWAT team member in a modified near-bulletproof bomb suit , and snipers. The Crimewave Edition and PC version include the "Cloaker" - an infiltration and hand-to-hand combat expert.

Exclusive to the PC and Crimewave editions are near-indestructible SWAT van turrets, capable of area denial, a medic capable of returning an enforcer to full health with no status effects, and Captain Winters, a well-protected veteran police officer who sustains assaults and buffs enemies until he can be driven off. If a player takes too much damage they will be knocked down and incapacitated.

If no one helps them back up, or if they are downed a number of times without healing, they will be taken into custody. On lower difficulty levels players in custody will eventually come out of custody after a set time period, but otherwise, their teammates must take a hostage to trade to get them back into the game.

A job is failed if all players are downed or in custody but some jobs have unique failure conditions, such as the stealth only heist, Shadow Raid. At the end of each heist, the player is presented with a screen with three cards, one of which is to be chosen by the player called a "Payday". These bonus cards can be either weapon modifications, masks, colors or materials for masks, bonus experience or money.

Players can purchase and customize masks, although these are purely cosmetic and have no effect on the gameplay. Throughout the game, players accumulate money and experience. The money is divided into two parts.

As players earn experience points, their reputation level increases. When a player's level increases they earn skill points, allowing them to buy abilities and bonuses from skill trees representing five criminal archetypes and playstyles.

Players also receive "perk points," in proportion to their experience earned, that can be used to unlock additional bonuses from 17 "perk decks.

When a player reaches level , they can opt to raise their "Infamy" level, up to twenty five as of 5 March ; there are only five levels of Infamy on PS3 and Xbox Becoming Infamous grants a player access to special skill trees and items and gives them special poses in lobby screens. While the game has no set linear campaign, each heist takes place around the same time that it was released in the real world. In addition, some other plot details are presented through web comics, trailers, and the 'FBI Files' website.

Payday 2 , when first released, allowed players to control one of four pseudonymous robbers, three of these returned from Payday: The fourth member of the gang, the English crook Hoxton portrayed by Josh Lenn, voiced by Pete Gold , was arrested by the FBI in between the events of the two games, so Dallas' troubled younger brother Houston voiced by Derek Ray is recruited to take his place.

The gang's command and control , the secretive Bain portrayed by Digger T. Mesch, voiced by Simon Viklund , sets up Crime. Bain arranges for the Payday Gang to relocate to Washington D.

The first is Vlad Ilia Volok , a Ukrainian gangster trying to reassert his power after getting out of prison. They assist him by intimidating mall and store owners into paying him protection money, in addition to harassing his rival, Dmitri, by robbing his nightclub and stealing a tiara made for his wife.

They start by protecting a shipment of cocaine as it is ambushed by police, then weaken the Mendozas by destroying their weapons shipments and burning their stored money at a local bank.

When the surviving Mendozas try to give evidence to the FBI in exchange for passage out of the country, Hector has the gang assassinate them. Finally, there is The Elephant, Bokeem Woodbine a corrupt Republican politician who hires the gang to aid his party, framing a local senator by planting cocaine in his apartment, or by exposing an arms deal made by that senator.

Later in , the gang rob a diamond store as well as number of armored truck convoys and a train run by the GenSec security company.

Their next job comes in early , when the Elephant tasks them with tampering with the upcoming election to ensure that his ally, Bob McKendrick, becomes mayor. In order to achieve this, the gang tracks a truck carrying voting machines to a warehouse at night. They infiltrate the warehouse, find the voting machines, and hack them in order for their votes to swing in the Republicans' favor.

Thanks to their trickery, McKendrick is elected as mayor of Washington. Later in the year, Dallas is introduced to "The Dentist" Giancarlo Esposito - a middleman for a number of wealthy clients, who seems to know a lot about the gang.

Dallas initially refuses his offer of work, but when The Dentist reveals that he can use his connections to help free Hoxton from prison, he changes his mind. In order to test their skill, The Dentist makes gang rob the Benevolent Bank, which had never been successfully robbed in its two-hundred-year history. Satisfied, he has them assassinate a Russian mob boss known as 'The Commissar', who has ties to Washington's district attorney. With the Commissar dead, the Dentist uses his connections to force the DA into giving Hoxton a retrial at a local courthouse, giving the gang a perfect opportunity to ambush his guards and free him.

While glad for the rescue, Hoxton is annoyed that his alias and mask were usurped by Dallas' brother and insists that they rename him Houston, but he is allowed to keep Hoxton's old mask. After escaping the police, Hoxton and the gang raid the FBI headquarters to obtain intel on an informant who helped to imprison him. Around the same time, Chains is on vacation in Sweden when he is ambushed by Interpol agents.

Having recently come out of retirement to enact revenge on New York's Russian mob, Wick tells Chains that he is looking for a crew, to which he responds by inviting him to the gang. After rescuing Vlad's brother-in-law from a plane crash in the woods, the crew descend upon the McKendrick museum in order to steal 'the diamond', a valuable gemstone that the Dentist is interested in.

Hoxton's former partner-in-crime, the Irish burglar Clover Aoife Duffin is recruited to help, becoming the first female member of the gang. In January , Bain is contacted by a Croatian weapons smuggler known as the Butcher Mira Furlan , who sends Dragan Dragomir Mrsic , a crooked Interpol agent, to help the gang steal a thermobaric bomb.

The gang steal the weapon in one of two ways - either by stealing it from a ship at the docks, or interecepting a train carrying it in the middle of a forest. After the job is complete, Dragan stays in America as a permanent member of the gang. After this, Hoxton is contacted by an old associate named Bonnie Rhona Cameron , who possesses information vital to finding the rat that sold him out, and she bargains this information in exchange for a place in the gang.

Knowing where the informant is hiding, the gang infiltrate his FBI safehouse to find that it was Hector who sold them out. They kill him and recover the evidence that the FBI have about them. Around this time, Jacket protagonist of Hotline Miami joins the gang through unknown means, just as the gang further humiliate GenSec by stealing money from various display vaults at their newly built arena, during a concert by Swedish DJ Alesso.

The vault beneath it is tougher than any they have faced before, so Bain recruits Russian hockey star Sokol Alexej Manvelov , who moonlights as a casino thief and possesses expert technical knowledge, to help them.

With his help, they build the 'Big Fucking Drill' and use it to break into the casino's vault. The Dentist's target is a strange box hidden deep within, though the gang make off with the money inside the vault as well. In September, Mayor McKendrick, becoming increasingly unpopular due to Washington's rising crime rate, betrays the gang by hiring Commissioner Solomon Garrett in an effort to end their crime spree. Garrett uses Captain Neville Winters in the field in order to assist and inspire regular police in their fight against the gang, but his presence has little effect.

After protecting one of Vlad's weapon shipments in an earthquake-ridden Los Angeles , the gang are forced to work for Murkywater officer Vernon Locke Ian Russell after he hacks into Crime. Locke puts them in contact with Bodhi Josh Lenn , who helps them raid a Murkywater black site in Nevada , and steal pallets of cash from a Murkywater cargo plane. The gang's first job of comes from Vlad, who is eager to capitalise on a power vacuum in Washington's drug trade that was created as a result of Hector's death.

He has them intercept a shipment of goats with bags of cocaine smuggled in their rectums. Though an accident scatters the goats around a city block, the crew retrieve them and take them to an associate to have the packages removed. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by a Honduran cartel before this can be done, forcing them to extract the goats by plane as they fight off both cartel members and police.

Once this is done, Dallas meets with the Elephant again, who offers them a job from the mysterious Akan. Before Dallas can agree, he and the gang meet a strange man named Jimmy Sharlto Copley [13] , who convinces them that Akan is evil and offers them an alternative job. With Jimmy's help, they steal an EMP bomb from a Murkywater train yard and use it to break into a hidden laboratory run by Akan in Russia.

While fighting off mercenaries, they steal data relating to Akan's super soldier project and destroy it. The next addition to the gang, Australian Kelli 'Sydney' King Georgia van Cuylenburg , introduces herself sometime later, showing up unannounced during a bank heist and using the surprise of her sudden entrance to steal a bag of money.

Impressed by her audacity, Bain offers her a spot in the gang. Not long after, the Elephant requests the crew's help again, putting them in contact with Tom 'Rust' Bishop Ron Perlman [14] , a former member of the Overkill motorcycle club, who has information regarding a BCI helmet that is in the hands of the club.

Rust refuses to part with this knowledge, however, until the crew rescue his friend Mike, a mechanic, and help him fix up his personal bike. After obeying his requests and getting the info they need, the crew steal the helmet from a freight train in transit, fighting through waves of bikers and police before escaping by helicopter. The gang go quiet until October. Hoxton, frustrated with the crew's small safehouse beneath a local laundromat, destroys it, organising for them all to move into a larger one elsewhere in the city, contacting his old family butler Aldstone John Cleese , who agrees to fly to Washington to tend to their new home.

The Continental Hotel , an establishment in Manhattan that caters exclusively to criminals, offers to have some associates help improve the new safehouse in exchange for their 'Continental Coin' currency. As Christmas approaches, the crew help Vlad's brother-in-law again when he is cornered by police at a local mall, before they are given another job by the Butcher.

One of her ships in the Caribbean was sunk by the local Sosa cartel , so she has them travel to Miami and assassinate the cartel's boss, Ernesto, who resides in the old mansion of Cuban drug lord Tony Montana. In early , the Continental requests the gang's help. An employee, Charon Lance Reddick , was ambushed by mobsters in Brooklyn. After saving his life, Charon repays the gang by tipping them off about an amount of illegal money kept hidden on a yacht owned by Mayor McKendrick in New York harbor.

In retaliation for his betrayal, the crew infiltrate the yacht while it is used as a venue for a re-election fundraiser, stealing the money along with a hard drive containing the passwords to McKendrick's offshore bank accounts. In April, Locke contacts the crew, informing them of the existence of a mysterious organization which seeks to destroy them. Locke tells them that an informant of this organization can be located downtown, and the crew set off to meet them.