Borgata Files Motion Demanding Payment from Phil Ivey

This Week This Month. The game had to be mini-baccarat rather than traditional baccarat so that the players never touched the cards. Originally Posted by Howard Beale. The dealer had to speak Cantonese. Originally Posted by Penetrator When I imagine that I am playing with Ivey and he will spot pattern on cards and he will take all the money I would consider it cheating.

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Sun reportedly was at the table with Ivey and gave instructions to the dealer. The players will have the same amount of time to file a response to this brief. Borgata claimed that the time World Series of Poker bracelet winner used edge-sorting to create an unfair advantage. Ivey filed a countersuit in July stating that the lawsuit was frivolous and that the casino destroyed the deck of cards used during the game , cards essential to his defense.

In , Ivey reportedly requested for Borgata to use an eight-deck shoe of purple Gemaco playing cards, an automatic card shuffler and a private playing area. Sun also requested card turns from the dealer in Mandarin, reportedly allowing her to identify differences in cards and communicate to Ivey. Borgata contends Ivey's edge-sorting strategy violates New Jersey gaming laws, but Ivey asserts it was simply the result of skill.

Borgata responded to the counterclaims , asking the court to dismiss it and instead narrow the scope of the case to the legality of edge sorting. Sun, cheating or unfair play? Complimentary drinks do not change the answer. However, that is now being used against him in a lawsuit over in New Jersey.

In court documents filed Aug. Ivey maintains that he did not cheat, but rather used skill to outsmart the casino. Only civil litigation stemmed from the sessions. Ivey and Sun used the same technique to beat a British casino for a similar amount, also in Unlike Borgata, the U. During their baccarat partnership, Ivey and Sun reportedly also played in Singapore, Macau and Canada. Borgata lawyers said in the Aug. Learn more about the variants available online in NJ.

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When he's not teaching high school math and business, Bart writes about the NJ online casino industry and US online poker. Borgata To Phil Ivey: Because each casino saw the potential for a big win, they allowed Ivey and Sun to dictate aspects of play such as: The game had to be mini-baccarat rather than traditional baccarat so that the players never touched the cards. The dealer had to speak Cantonese.

Casinos don’t like Phil Ivey taking advantage of them