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The crowd was in an uproar, a lot of cheers, and little boos as everyone was in awe and even the haters knew it was a balls to the wall run with no cautions to help. Clinton Boyles took the win in the sprint B. The Outlaws then began to focus more on singles competition. By pulling all our resources together for one event we hope to show our customers how we can support them in growing their business in the changing retail environment we all operate in. This hands Rail the lead. Crazy Feelin' King Coleman

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So the aftermarket potential will truly be a long term ride for all of us. Seventy-five years and still going strong, we salute an iconic brand that made its debut as a wartime hero and successfully transitioned from battlefield performance to an alluring lifestyle, both on- and off-road. In , Fiat Chrysler reported a record-breaking year.

Not only were annual sales up seven percent, marking the sixth consecutive year of growth, but Jeep models also increased 42 percent collectively, experienced unprecedented sales in the U. An impressive 15 percent year-over-year sales gain marked plus months in an upward trajectory, with Wrangler continuing to lead the way. Yet, the sales are merely a profitable byproduct of an even bigger feat. It offers enthusiasts a similar thrill in a top-back, doors-off, monster-truck tires sort of way, but is exhilarating nonetheless.

There are no limitations to its appeal, and that alone spells cash for retailers and restylers. The rest is history. Jeepers Den is booked solid for months at a time and experiences double-digit growth every year.

There are very few shops that operate within a silo anymore. Modern means smart diversification to increase inventory margins and bolster profit potential. The company quickly learned the benefits of diversification during the economic downturn, rounding out its offerings in retail, enhancing installation capabilities and taking advantage of market trends, such as the steady and reliable Jeep business. How many products and at what cost to build a rig that can withstand the assault of harsh landscapes?

And this consistency offers retailers and restylers a level of stability when investing in inventory. Keystone offers its customers access to hundreds of aftermarket manufacturers that produce quality products at an affordable price point and for those who want the premium treatment, well, they have that too! So how do aftermarket manufacturers produce game-changing products year after year? Our new C3 Cargo Cover, Exo-Top and stamped steel bumpers are unique, functional and give the consumers what they want.

Failing to merchandise a showroom properly can result in missed opportunities with new and repeat consumers. They trigger a consumer response since they can look, touch and judge the quality right in front of them. Continue to ensure generation after generation of Jeepers have access to the most innovative aftermarket products, so they can trail blaze an individualized path and explore, pushing boundaries both on- and off-road.

KAO had previously announced the opening of its sprawling, ,square-foot Brownstown, Mich. Also in attendance were a handful of supplier exhibitors, including bed-cover maker Truck Hero Inc. We just needed more square footage.

And, he noted, the overall impact has been a positive for a business built on volume deliveries across the country. Now that the integration of NTP and STAG has been completed, the main order of business on the RV side is to finish off the same process with Coast, a process that, according to John Ruch, vice president of fulfillment and logistics, should be finished in six months to a year. By having everything consolidated, you have better inventory, better cut times and more consistent deliveries.

Bottom line, Lathouris and Ruch agreed, RV parts and accessories are now part and parcel of what KAO does on a regular basis at all seven of its main warehouses. Here at Keystone, we always feel the need for speed and burgers! Our partners at Magnaflow, Edelbrock, Energy Suspension, MGP Calipers, Powermaster, KW Suspension, Hypertech and Belltech came together with their show trailers and booths, while Customers and employees walked the show listening to dynamic sales training and new product tutorials.

Chase said the event was a major success, noting the great deal of customer and supplier interaction. The local community came out to support. Spring is a seasonal gold mine across many aftermarket segments and an ideal opportunity for retailers and restylers to take advantage of increased foot traffic and cash in. But the powersports market, comprised of ATVs, side-by-sides SxS , motorcycles, powerboats, personal watercraft PWC , and snowmobiles, has a diehard group of recreational enthusiasts that often is overlooked as a prime target and means for diversification within the aftermarket.

Keystone Automotive Operations, the leading and largest wholesale distributor of automotive aftermarket parts in North America, teamed up with two of its valued partners in the powersports industry, Terracross and Uni Filter, to educate retailers and restylers about the current state of business, market trends, crossover and diversification opportunities, as well as profit potential.

Glenice Wilder, VP of Powersports EFG Companies, said the first quarter of the fiscal year was off to a positive start, as unit sales, dealer profitability, and maintenance service repairs are all trending upwards.

But SxS sales are the true story, taking the industry by storm and nearly cannibalizing a once-dominant ATV market. Market data suggests that powersports consumers have one of the largest discretionary budgets, spending thousands of dollars on the unit itself and then several thousand more in aftermarket upgrades — not unlike many truck or Jeep consumers who are eager to customize their rig at the point of purchase with LED lighting, side steps, recovery items or front-end protection.

Do you see dollar signs yet? An opportunity for retailers and restylers to attract new customers, diversify their business and share in the powersports profits — from aftermarket upgrades and personal equipment to repair and maintenance products.

Duncan of Terracross offered shop owners some candid advice to consider while exploring diversification opportunities in the powersports industry. Is there a body of water, a motocross track or trails? Next, you want to get yourself involved in the local sport — attend an event, sponsor an event, talk to consumers at the event. This provides retailers and restylers an opportunity to showcase the significant range of skills its technicians have to service crossover consumers in both the aftermarket and powersports industries.

But the powersports industry has a strict distribution model, so diversification must be done appropriately. Duncan and Gross suggested that retailers and restylers identify a target segment, conduct preliminary market research to determine what lines and products will best suit the needs of local consumers, and lean on the expertise of key manufacturers within the powersports space to direct them to the right distribution partner.

It can be as simple as stocking popular maintenance parts or as complex as broad inventory and repair service. Either way, consider the impressive opportunity that awaits. Formed through the merging of joint efforts and resources of the Federated and Pronto programs, The Group has established one of the largest automotive parts supply networks in North America for its members. Federated Co-Man purchases and stocks products in large volumes then redistributes that inventory to its Federated member locations.

This allows members to purchase more frequently at a lower cost and receive consistent order-fill with greater coverage. Located in Staunton, Virginia, the Federated Co-Man Warehouse is a , square foot complex ideally located at the intersection of two major Interstates and ships to all 50 states and Canada. Change is often as unpredictable as it is inevitable. Business models either adapt to emerging market trends and consumer demand or become crippled by stagnant business practices.

Leaders across the professional fleet market segment have found successful ways to navigate the challenges of an ever- evolving commercial industry that is heavily influenced by a variety of dynamic factors, from pioneering vehicle platforms, remarkable technological advancements and innovative aftermarket potential to more intangible variables, such as fluctuating fuel costs, uncertain economic stability and broadening emissions regulations.

Yet commercial industry innovators, such as OEM and aftermarket manufacturers, continue to advance the automotive sector. New commercial vehicle models have given the industry a facelift, making both form and function important factors in the decision-making process for end users.

Aftermarket manufacturers and distributors like Keystone have a significant role to play in the growth of the commercial industry. As the leading and largest wholesale distributor of specialty automotive parts in North America, Keystone is well versed in the opportunities that change provides. Its business strategy has flexed over the years to embrace change where change brought growth, including logistics expansion, brand and inventory diversification, as well as market segment specialization.

Business continues to grow, as US auto sales remain strong in with a forecast of Commercial vehicle sales are part of the upward trend. Canadian sales rose Scott Percival, Category Manager at Keystone, echoes that sentiment and adds there are a number of factors contributing to the growth potential of fleet business in , including a rebounding US economy that finished strong at the end of , as well as a decrease in fuel costs and low financing rates, which have supported the increase of new truck sales.

Consequently, the stability of fuel pricing over the past 36 months has been the No. Impressive year-over-year commercial growth last year will prove challenging to surpass in Sales are booming and the professional upfitting contracts keep rolling in.

I see a lot of contractors investing in brand new vehicles and equipment. There remains a huge and positive response to matte, textured black finishes on aftermarket products, added Kotz. While many new trends are impacting the professional market segment, three are revolutionizing the industry:. The Wall Street Journal reported a 6. Strong light-duty sales provide a positive outlook for truck accessory shops and professional upfitters alike, especially since the light-duty market has made enormous strides in quality performance, features and affordability.

Kotz communicated a possible trend in work truck versus van, as data supports commercial work truck registrations have declined, while van registrations continue to increase. Could it be the start of a shift?

Kenyon says aftermarket product sales for commercial van models continue to do very well at Keystone, stating the company has gone even deeper and broader on application coverage to accommodate the growing business. Ford encourages its brand loyalists to Go Further, and the aluminum-alloy body allows just that. Other makers are following suit and the truck equipment industry must be ready for it, all the way down to the aluminum and steel plants. Engine design technology has always played a huge role in that, but Ford has taken it a step further with its aluminum body.

This has allowed it to reduce the F by pounds. That directly affects fuel economy and puts money back into the pocket of the business owner who relies on a fleet of trucks out on the road daily. Impressive horsepower, torque and towing capabilities in combination with upgraded features, improved fuel economy and top rated safety features are now standard at a value price… allowing some extra wiggle room in the budget for upgraded LED lighting, towing accessories, cargo securement, toolboxes and racking systems.

There is no shortage of quality choices in the work truck area, all of which have prime upfitting potential. Here are a few of the top models recognized as contenders in the professional fleet market segment:. Keystone offers its customers product from more than suppliers and access to , unique SKUs. The sophisticated logistics system operates through a highly reliable and route-based fulfillment network. The eight warehouses and 47 non-inventory stocking cross dock locations are strategically positioned throughout the country to best meet the delivery demands of customers in North America.

The large offering of brands and products makes it possible for me to diversify and grow. I can order right now at 7 pm and have it here in the morning. Enter with a fresh perspective—the professional fleet market segment continues to embrace change as a springboard for opportunity and so should you!

Get a bigger piece of the action by optimizing the many resources available to you through your Keystone salesperson. And to be really humble about it, in all honesty. We understand there are options, we really do. We have to do the right things and earn the business we have. Where are you in the integration process today?

Are things basically wrapped up, or is there still more to do? Yes, there are things left to do. At this point, we are focused on the execution of The Expo and the show orders and that activity. But I guess, overall, I would say that, by the end of , we should be mostly done.

When the integration is complete, what do you envision the company will look like? With the resources and the combination of the people, processes and systems, I think we will have more and more customer satisfaction, more customer service options, enhancements to systems, broader offerings, and just continue to work on satisfying customers.

Any thoughts on a possible company name change moving forward? I think that name will probably be separate from the Keystone or the automotive side, because Keystone on the automotive side has a long history and it makes sense to keep it in place on that side. We had a nice solution for that. To what extent do you see the combined company keeping any of the specific elements that were distinct to NTP and Stag and Coast? We have taken a good examination of each of the businesses and gotten input from each of the organizations to say: What do we do well?

What do we not do so well? In terms of things like the shows, the marketing, how we set up, and who we put in place in terms of the inside and outside sales force: All of those things are where most of the opportunities are to get feedback from both our internal folks and from our customers. Whatever elements of the businesses are retained will be the result of that input. Of course, Coast had its own line of branded products, such as the Husky towing products, the Faulkner furniture and the Powerhouse generators.

Has there been a determination yet as to whether the combined company will continue to sell those products? Yes, they will be offered moving forward. There are customers that are depending upon those lines today. They are a brand that Coast created. Whether we would have taken that same approach, who knows? What I will tell you is that, on the branded products, those are our focus.

Will that continue to be an emphasis for the combined company moving forward? For , it is absolutely a priority for us to support the industry in education. Those are the current things I think will contribute to us helping in that area. What we are challenged now, though, to do — and this is something I feel very strongly about — is how do we get more techs into the RV market?

Because, there is a real supply issue with techs. One thing I hear consistently from all the dealers is: And, we have a hard time getting and retaining techs.

Our intent is to work with RVIA, work with RVDA, and work with any other organization that we can help support with our training facilities, putting parts in place to help with training, maybe facilitating suppliers getting together.

If you would, talk a bit about what kinds of facilities you have in place now to serve dealers, and what your plans are moving forward. We had six distribution centers in place to serve dealers. We added a seventh distribution center, just outside of Detroit, in Brownstown.

The square footage on that is , square feet, and that started operation at the first of the year. That warehouse will service the whole Canadian and upper-Midwest market.

In addition to that, we have a new warehouse coming online in the beginning of the second quarter in Spokane, Wash. That will be , square feet, and that will replace the distribution center we have in Wilsonville, Ore.

So that is underway and being set up as we speak. In addition to that, our cross-dock changes are kind of dynamic: We have opened new cross-docks in several areas. Meanwhile, we did additional incremental space to our Kansas City distribution center that added 60, square feet with a building addition. The tenant moved out and we were able to grab that, so we added another 30, square feet and now occupy the whole building. Based in part on where your new warehouses are located, it seems like the Canadian market is taking on even more importance for your combined company than the previously individual distributors?

Now we have the opportunity to continue that. What do you say to those who express concern about what distributor consolidation means for the aftermarket? I think we were a little slow to try to address that concern with our customer base, so they understood who we are and what our intentions were, better. But we lacked in the communication, in telling them who we were and the why. We are going to be here to service their needs and there continues to be strong competition; dealers still have many options.

Has that surprised you? I assume they see an opportunity. I think it speaks to the vitality of the industry. When you follow any global company now, they would all love to be doing business in the U. And the RV business is primarily a U. Speaking of the RV market, are you optimistic about it for , particularly as it relates to your company?

All of the things that make it attractive are still there. I think people are doing good things to increase the market interest, and I think lower gas prices are certainly helpful. As dealers benefit, we expect to see gains as well. That venue, I think, offers something new and fresh. For their part, vendors remarked positively on the volume of traffic and commerce throughout the two-day show. The busy opening afternoon led to a shortage of order forms as dealers stopped by on the opening day to pick up forms as part of a shopping process.

Totals are given in either Canadian or U. Patrick Stevenson, who oversees information technology for NTP-STAG, said that the idea is to eventually replace the paper shopping and ordering system with a more advanced version of the electronic system being tested.

As he punched a number into the search bar, a dropdown list populated and began to narrow product options as he reached the end of the SKU, before finally offering options of products. The electronic system has some advantages over the paper standard, Stevenson said. Most notably, a full electronic rollout — which the company hopes to achieve in the coming years — would minimize the amount of paper used at the shows.

Still, it is unlikely that the paper system will ever become entirely obsolete, according to Stevenson, who noted that it will likely play a role as a backup to the electronic system in the future. At the close of the show on Jan. The trailer was restored with new brakes, bearings, hubs, tires and wheels, as well as siding, an awning, a new roof, vents and graphics. On the interior, new lights, toilet, sinks, tanks, furnace, air conditioning, refrigerator, range, water heater, furniture, counters, floors and woodwork were installed.

In an era when the U. Supplier Patrick Industries Inc. On the retail front, Camping World Inc. But it was consolidation in the RV aftermarket parts and accessories end of the business that arguably generated the most "buzz" in the trade press over the past year and ultimately made LKQ Corp: Chairman, President and CEO Randy Potts after 32 years with the Iowa manufacturer was a complete surprise to the rest of the industry, as was the temporary appointment of retired chairman Bob Olson and, subsequently, the interim tenure of Board Chairman Larry Erickson as the search for Pottts' replacement continued.

So, people are watching closely the transition to a new era at the Reston, VA-based trade association during which ex-Outdoor Industry Association President Frank Hugelmeyer should bring plenty of energy and new ideas. As part of that effort, Rogers and his RV team at Keystone - already one of the world's leading distributors of specialty automotive parts and accessories - are methodically working their way through the ranks of North American dealers and suppliers to further assure them that they will like doing business with Keystone and NTP-STAG over the long haul, given a chance to do so.

Whether it changes over time remains to be seen. That said, he thinks that Keystone's management has been making progress lately in conveying one essential message: I think there was some early concern about it and I think we've tried to address those concerns - probably not quick enough. But the more time goes by and the more we're consistent and the more we're doing what we say we'll do, our channel partners are responding well.

I am optimistic about our ability to stay connected with our customers and deliver an improved customer experience. So, John Spaulding and I have talked about doing much more on that in Where we have training theaters at our facilities, we can provide space to hold meetings and help coordinate supplier engagement.

It's a win for them, but I think it's a big win for us, too, because the more business they do, the more business we'll do. We'll have all three entities operating in concert at the Expo and our goal is to prove ourselves and earn the business that customers are good enough to give us.

Our priority is to provide what they need when they need it, very consistently, and to earn the right to be their first choice for aftermarket parts. Forty years is a long time to remain relevant. For Keystone Automotive Operations, the leading and largest wholesale distributor of specialty automotive parts in North America, decades of longevity in a dynamic industry can be attributed to four Ps: Keystone has learned a few things during its impressive history.

Never lose sight of your core business; master the fundamentals that keep your doors open; practice integrity in all that you do, resulting in meaningful, long-lasting partnerships; and invest in the right personnel to produce quality results. Those values, ever present during the days of legendary racer and company founder Joe Amato, are still revered and practiced today. The Keystone BIG Shows are a representation of these quality characteristics, bringing together three of the strongest forces responsible for helping to shape the aftermarket, with the end result of stronger relationships, growth and prosperity:.

The specialty automotive equipment market has grown from 7. And there are no signs of stalling — analysts forecast an upward trend through As a business owner in a mature and expanding industry now is the time to invest in your future. The first show is slated for February 20 at the Walter E. Mayweather Boxing Club disses Bruce Jenner. Ancajas, Uzcategui ready for bay area fight night. Shields Faces Hammer In Unification bout.

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