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They were strict about no pics inside. How wonderfully exotic … and oh so very London. He'd almost completed the second round then stopped, laughed and sat back in his seat. Online Casinos in Malaysia Says Greg Shaun at PokerSites. There's a nightclub with bottle service in every hotel try Tao at Venetian or Bank at Bellagio or… a number of Vegas' finest gentlemen's clubs only a short cab ride away. Take a walk around the beach community of St.

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Poker players in London have plenty of options when it comes to live games, and many of the 23 london casinos offer some kind of poker action. As well as the casinos, there is also a growing trend of pubs and snooker halls running low stake social games.

But where is the best place to play poker in London? Our writers, who are no strangers to the felt, have come up with this handy guide:. Located about a five minute walk from Edgeware Road tube station, The Grosvenor Victoria affectionately referred to as 'The Vic' is the undisputed daddy of London poker.

The card room is located upstairs and is by far the largest in the capital. Part of the Grosvenor group of casinos, players must register before entering the casino.

Registration is free and is done once for the entire group, not per casino. If you originally registered at a different Grosvenor, you will need to swap your current membership card at the desk for one that can be used in the card room. As well as cash games, The Vic run tournaments every evening with an additional afternoon game at the weekends. The Empire is located slap bang on Leicester Square in the former ballroom of the Empire Cinema and for a short while held the title of largest casino in London.

Several cash tables were almost full but the poker room was in a weird crowded upstairs area. Overall not that many tables. Seemed to be a lot of local players who knew each other. It's been a couple years so I am curious on whether it has changed much inside. Billy Sitting Out Jul 29, The Vic in Edgware road. I'd say that is the best poker room in London and some of the best staff in the country.

Played at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square a couple of nights ago Friday night. There were about 8 tables spread when I got there with no open seats. They opened 3 tables within an hour. My table played like a table.

You could buy in for GBP and at any time add up to half of the big stack. Within 3 hours, one guy had about Everybody just kept buying up their stacks to be half of the big stack, and that guy just kept getting hit with the deck. Definitely several regulars at the table who got some leeway. One regular even jumped in the dealer seat during a dealer switch and he jokingly started to deal a hand out.

He'd almost completed the second round then stopped, laughed and sat back in his seat. New dealer acted like it was no big deal, nor did anybody else. I was a bit shocked.

Never seen that myself, and not sure it would fly where I play. Overall, players were nice, from multiple different countries, and had a mostly aggressive style. Lot's of big pots. I was in for , cashed out for in 3 hours. I'd definitely play there again. Perthmike Flush Jul 31, Billy Sitting Out Jul 31, CpBerg Waiting List Oct 2,

'The Vic' - The Grosvenor Victoria