AW Invade & Annex

A clipboard On-Off switch is included as-well-as a maximum clipboard buffer size option 1K to 64 million bytes. For example a complex can plug a RM unit into any network shared PC, start Aw-Radw at-which-point the data will be available on any other networked PC. We will keep an eye on your mission but for now it doesn't meet our needs. This is not going to be like Domination in ArmA 2 and others until the full game is released. From Aw-Radw's Help File: Click the following to see real-time data auto-uploaded to Pachube by Aw-Radw:

Instructions that use this feature are included in the help file. They demonstrate a method that allows automatic generation of a gif file including a plot of the current radiation data, with any pixel size, any title, axis labels and various colors desired and then FTP the gif file to any website using Windows built-in FTP feature.

See Aw-Radw Questions for more info. Another example use of this feature allows the PC's sound system to speak the current radiation levels using Window's built-in Text to Speech feature. Click here for example of Aw-Radw speaking radiation levels: Click the following link for information about using Aware Electronics Software to auto-generate graphs: Click the following to see real-time data auto-uploaded to Pachube by Aw-Radw: With Google Chrome, the graphs display but only if one clicks Channel "1" or "2".

See the bottom of this page: Using Aware Electronics Aw-Radw to Send E-mails and Text Messages Aw-Radw includes a unique Sigma Alarm System which automatically and continuously sets the high alarm trip point according to the background level and the desired sigma standard deviations above background. The system will automatically adjust to any type detector including Geiger tubes, Scintillator - Photo Multiplier tubes and Neutron detectors.

Aw-Radw calculates these values with each radiation data point. This allows a very sensitive alarm which tracks background avoiding false alarms. The background level running average can be set with any time depth desired such that the background average and the calculated alarm trip point will track changing background levels without tripping the alarm. This prevents radiation from a source outside normal background levels from entering the background running average.

Additional features are included. Aware Electronics Sigma Alarm System is c The low alarm option can be used to warn of equipment malfunction. With alarm condition Aw-Radw will play a user selectable alarm sound wav file, in a loop, through the PC's speakers, change the colors of its window and task bar icon to attention getting user selectable alarm colors and bring a pin high in the COM port or send a signal out the USB port which can be used to activate a fan, siren, light or any other device.

With alarm condition Aw-Radw will also run any program or batch file desired and can include as an argument to the program, the path to an alarm generated summary text file which includes all current conditions and identifications. This can be used for example to dial beepers, send the summary text file by E-mails and text messages to cell phones or carry out other tasks with alarm. Click the following for information about setting up Aw-Radw to send E-mails and Text messages, including attached summary file and radiation graph, with alarm: From Aw-Radw's Help File: The detector dead time is the time after the detection of an event during which the detector can't detect another event.

One can determine a detector's dead time with the use of two strong sources. Compare the count rate with one source to that of the other to that of both and adjust the "Detector Dead Time" such that the count rate of both equals the sum of each alone. The addition to the count rate occurs before all other calculations such as conversion by the calibration factor to standard units, storing to files, auto alarms, etc.

A method to determine the deadtime of a detector using a spreadsheet program is as follows. Use two sources source 1 and source 2 , each capable of generating more than 20, CPM counts per minute. Count source 1 for at least a minute and record the average CPM. Add source 2 and count both sources for at least one minute and record the CPM. Remove source 1 and count source 2 for at least one minute and record the CPM. Now create a spreadsheet with the following in each cell as follows: This is useful for example at remote locations where the PC might reboot due to a power failure.

Aw-Radw allows easy setup of radiation monitoring networks. For example a complex can plug a RM unit into any network shared PC, start Aw-Radw at-which-point the data will be available on any other networked PC. A radiation officer can maintain multi Aw-Radw graphs on his office PC plotting the data from the various locations. Aw-Radw can be instructed to store all the real-time data files from the various locations to a central PC if desired.

Aw-Radw includes scaling scroll bars. One can resize, for example, Aw-Radw's Summary Window to a small box size then use the scroll bars to bring into view an item of interest. Now the user has a small box on the Desktop with the item of interest displayed.

Any average time period desired. Between sessions Aw-Radw remembers the location and size of the main window as-well-as the child windows such that the next time one runs the program the program's windows will appear with their previous position and size. This is handy in that if you take the time to size and position the windows on your desktop, the next time you run the program they will reappear with the same size and position.

The program includes command-line arguments which allow Aw-Radw auto-startup from a batch file, script file or short-cut link, including auto-generation of Aware Binary files, ASCII files and printer output. Aw-Radw includes an advanced bit Windows COM port interface allowing high accuracy with high radiation levels.

Levels as high as Rads 10 million times higher than background can be plotted with Aware's line of high flux monitors. Shielding allows even higher levels. For mathematicians Aw-Radw includes an advanced random number generator which uses the random nature of the radiation 'hits' to trigger a random interrupt which scans the CPU clock counter. The counter runs at the same speed as the CPU. Aw-Radw stores the random numbers to a file and also to the screen with a number of different formats even while the program carries out all its normal duties of radiation data collection.

The Diehard suite of random number tests indicates the excellent random nature of the generated numbers. Also included is the ability to record elapsed time between hits i. In this case the program uses the motherboard clock, not the CPU clock, to determine the time between events. Aw-Radw is written in Microsoft C and assembly. For highest performance Aw-Radw interfaces directly with low-level Windows APIs and drivers and uses the most advanced features found in Windows allowing accurate reliable data generation.

The use of any third party 'wrapper' code is avoided, again, for highest performance and efficient program size. The real-time flux bar is at the top of the screen. The ASCII time option has been set to Excel time code such that the user can, with the hit of a key, paste the real-time data into an Excel worksheet for immediate update of a user's Excel plot. At the same time the radiation data is being saved to a standard Aware binary file.

Top right of screen shows Aw-Radw's real-time radiation plot. This window can be re-sized to any size desired. The window also has a menu item that generates a Gif file for placement on the Internet or within E-Mail. In addition the window can place a bitmap image of the plot within Window's clipboard or directly into any paint program the user desires including Microsoft's Paint.

The plot shown includes a regression analysis plot. The bottom right window is Aw-Radw's Summary Window. It includes current values, averages, settings, current radiation file names, PC data and much more. As with all Aw-Radw windows the user can scroll to items of interest, re-size the window, choose any font on the user's PC, any color, and with the hit of a menu item copy all data to Window's clipboard.

Many other features not shown here are included. The PC used was an older mhz machine. Two RMs were plugged into two serial ports on the PC. Aw-Radw was used to gather radiation data from the two RMs at the same time. Technetium 99 activity in a syringe was placed adjacent to the two RMs that were set to acquire data with time base of 60 seconds per point.

The test ran over 65 hrs as the technetium decayed from 22 mCi to 10 uCi. One RM was slightly closer to the syringe than the other. A semi-log plot should demonstrate a straight line appearance when plotting the nuclear decay of a material. The decay data with normal Y-axis scale The decay data with log Y-axis scale Both scales The straight line shape of the semi-log plot demonstrates the excellent linearity of Aw-Radw and the two RMs.

PFC Lancer - The mission requires that you're running on a dedicated server. That alone should fix most of the problems you're having. Secondly, when starting the mission and choosing your role, make sure to hit the "Disable AI" button to remove AI units from the playable slots on the mission.

This is not going to be like Domination in ArmA 2 and others until the full game is released. Resources are limited and bugs are present that restrict what we can do. In regards to the "teleport vehicle" you mention MHQ, I assume?

Stratis is too small to warrant instant teleportation to the action. Rarek, we always run a dedicated servers and have since the original GR days but the information you laid out here does answer most of our questions. We will keep an eye on your mission but for now it doesn't meet our needs. Thanks and Good Luck.

How do I get the new virtual ammo box with this? Like the one that gives you the menu to add an item to the gun. I have mods and the va box on here wont allow me to add the items. I keep getting shot down and have no way of knowing until its too late that theres a missile lock on my heli. In regards to an "early warning" system, one will come in time, but not from us.

BIS will add such things into the game, so there's no point me making a messy temporary solution. You are using our website as a guest. Guest have the lowest downloadspeeds and will download from our public file servers. If you would like to know how you can download with higher speeds and have to wait less while downloading check out the Armaholic subscription system.

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If that is the case please contact us as soon as possible! Login Register Lost your password? No addons required Island s: Your suggestions will be implemented in the next major version, 2. Destroy Chopper" [Fixed] Added grenades back into the game after hotfix [Changed] Ka60s are now black, unarmed choppers [Changed] Re-organised base to avoid team-killing attempts and explosions near spawn [Changed] Removed Ahoy World TS3 marker from public map [25 - 03 - ] Stratis Domination Version 2.

Not everybody will want this and, if you do, it's easy enough to add yourself Added "Side Missions". Side missions are separate missions that run paralell to the generated AOs, providing players with something else to accomplish which will reward the team with extra, more powerful vehicles.

This currently includes 3 missions and 1 sub-mission, each of which will be chosen at random and spawn in a completely new position every single time. A large array of side mission types will be created with future releases Introduced many new sound clips mainly for the "Talk to Contact" Sub-Side Mission.

I may remove these in a later version to reduce filesize. The UAV flies around the current AO in a slow circle and allows the player to use one of 9 different viewing modes including thermal and IR to view enemy movements.