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In , French Quadrille sets contained a number of different counters, known as jetons , fiches and mils. Unlike modern poker chips, they were colored differently only to determine player ownership for purposes of settling payments at the end of the game, with different denominations differentiated by different shapes that each counter type had. In the early history of Poker during the 19th century, players seemed to use any small valuable object imaginable.

Early poker players sometimes used jagged gold pieces, gold nuggets, gold dust, or coins as well as "chips" primarily made of ivory, bone, wood, paper, and a composition made from clay and shellac. Several companies between the s and the late s made clay composition poker chips. There were over designs from which to choose. Most chips were white, red, blue, and yellow, but they could be made in almost any color desired.

The vast majority of authentic casino chips are "clay" chips but can be more accurately described as compression molded chips. Modern clay chips are a composition of materials more durable than clay alone. At least some percentage of the chips is of an earthen material such as sand, chalk, and clay similar to that found in cat litter. The process used to make these chips is a trade secret , and varies slightly by manufacturer, most being relatively expensive and time-consuming per chip.

The edge spots, or inserts, are not painted on; to achieve this effect, this area of the clay is removed and then replaced with clay of a different color; this can be done to each chip individually or a strip can be taken out of a cylindrical block of material and replaced with the alternate color before the block is cut into chips.

The printed graphics on clay chips is called an inlay. Inlays are typically made of paper and are then clad with a plastic film applied to the chip prior to the compression molding process. During the molding process the inlay becomes permanently fastened to the chip and can not be removed from the chip without destroying the inlay. Ceramic chips were introduced in the mid s as alternative to clay chips, and are also used in casinos, as well as being readily available to the home market.

The ability to print lettering and graphics on the entire surface of the chip, instead of just the inlay, made them popular. Ceramic chips are sometimes also referred to as clay or clay composite, but they are in fact an injection-molded chip made with a special plastic or resin formula that approximates the feel and sound of ceramic or porcelain.

There are less expensive chips for the home market, made from various forms of plastic and plastic covered metal slugs as well. There is no universally standardized color scheme for poker chip values, and schemes not only vary nationally and regionally, but even from venue to venue, or by event type within a single venue. Chip colors found in home sets typically include red, white, blue, and sometimes green and black; however, more recently a wide assortment of colors have become readily available, particularly in lower-cost ABS plastic chips.

Common additional colors are pink, purple, yellow, orange, and grey. Newer designs in home chips include three-color designs where a three-step molding process creates a chip with unique base, secondary, and detail colors. In casinos, uniform chip colors and sizes are sometimes specified by the local gaming control board for consistency. For example, regulations in New Jersey [2] and Illinois [3] specify similar uniform colors.

All US states where gambling is legal require that casino chips have a unique combination of edge spots for identification, the name and location of the casino and the chip's value, if any, impressed, printed, or molded onto the obverse and reverse of the token.

In 19th-century America, there was enough of a tradition of using blue chips for higher values that "blue chip" in noun and adjective senses signaling high-value chips and high-value property are attested since and , respectively. Because eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture, chips denominated 8, 88, and e. They will sometimes contain an image of the animal associated with the year and are issued in a variety of colors. Low-denomination yellow chips vary in value: Such chips are often yellow or orange.

Casinos often use gaming plaques for these denominations: These plaques are about the size of a playing card, and must be marked with serial numbers. Each casino has a unique set of chips, even if the casino is part of a greater company.

This distinguishes a casino's chips from others, since each chip and token on the gaming floor has to be backed up with the appropriate amount of cash. In addition, with the exception of Nevada, casinos are not permitted to honor another casino's chips. The security features of casino chips are numerous.

Artwork is of a very high resolution or of photographic quality. Custom color combinations on the chip edge edge spots are usually distinctive to a particular casino.

UV markings can be made on the inlay. Also, makers' marks are difficult to reproduce. Also being used by one manufacturer, Palm Gaming, is an audible taggant incorporated into the ceramic chip blank. A simple handheld reader will beep if the gaming chip is authentic. Palm Gaming is even manufacturing custom made molds for their ceramic gaming chips- adding yet another high level of security to its gaming chip. Counterfeit chips are rare.

High levels of surveillance, along with staff familiarity with chip design and coloring, make passing fake chips difficult. Casinos, though, are prepared for this situation. All states require that casinos have a set of chips in reserve with alternate markings, [ citation needed ] though they may not be required to have exactly the same number of reserve chips as they do on the floor.

Casino chips used in tournaments are usually much cheaper and of much simpler design. This is such a lovely dress and I do not want to pin your dummy to it as that may spoil the fabric.

You can keep the dummy in this pocket and in the other you can keep this pretty hankie. He sighed to himself, both Mummy and Nanny found new ways of shaming him all the time. They would expect him to run up to their friends and show them where he kept his dummy. The pockets were rather cute too with little lace edging. She went back to sorting out the dress on him. A soft pink, wide heavy satin ribbon, chest high went round the back and did up in a large bow. The dress was lined, was luxurious to touch, and he could immediately tell that the material was expensive and above all it fitted him perfectly.

Except, and he knew instinctively it was going to be so, the dress was short. It would not cover his nappies and plastic pants.

She took him to the mirror. This overgrown little baby girl stared back at him, the face, despite the dummy in his mouth, was male; everything else was soft, pretty and childishly feminine. Oh my God he thought, this is the very end, what has become of me? They were soon on and he was back in front of the mirror.

Despite himself, he felt his little member stir in what he suddenly realised was a warm damp nappy. He had no recollection of wetting, this worried him. Was he now dependent on nappies night and day?

Of course he was. She told him to sit on the bed and wait for her as she got ready, in a flash she was stripped to her bra and panties giving him a very rare glimpse of her almost undressed body; laughing inwardly at her aroused but completely helpless husband, sitting in his new sissy finery, gazing at her longingly, she left him for the bathroom and a quick shower.

David just could not move away from the mirror, his little pewee was standing strongly now pushing with all its three inch well nearly three inches might against the soft damp nappy. The dummy was comforting and reassuring, he pulled his plastic pants up tight so he could get some resistance and moved his hips slowly forward and back, lovely soft babyish thoughts and sensations went through him, his baby life, his wonderful sexy wife whom he could now only ogle on rare occasions like today had become a distant dream as far as real sex was concerned.

In his present state of super enhanced babyishness he loved the idea of his wife having another man. He heard her come back out of the bathroom, for a second he thought she might be naked, but Jane was never going to let him see her like that again.

She had wrapped a large pink bath towel round herself covering up her figure. Moving over to a drawer she pulled out some underwear. They are French, Chantelle, they were really, really expensive and feel divine. Now what do you think? She was wearing a black lacy basque with matching pants, he swallowed hard, he had not seen like this since he had become her baby.

His member throbbed with urgent desire. She was smiling almost laughing and walked over beside him, pushed him gently down on the bed and came very close and leaned forward so he could see her wonderful figure in the sexiest lacy bra he could imagine and, as cream on a cake, her tight panty clad bottom was visible in the mirror as well as his little sissy self.

She pressed on the outside of his plastic pants he returned the pressure with an up and down movement with his hips. David panted, catching his breath trying to realise that he had come so quickly, the pleasure had been so momentary and already his little member was shrivelling in his nappy.

Shame and frustration that he had let himself down in front of her when she was being so good to him caused tears to well up in his eyes. Jane was inwardly ecstatic; her plan was working, he had come twice this morning and would really not want to play the baby role at all.

Moreover the day she had planned for him would humiliate him more than ever with extra twists and turns that that should shame him and shame him again. Then Mummy got cross, but she has her real man for that now. She watched him, whilst she started to get ready; he was writhing with shame, face flushed not knowing which way to look. He still had a dummy in his mouth and a little bit of dribble running down to the dribble bib. That had been a neat little idea of her mothers, making him dribble whenever he used a dummy.

It added just another small element of shaming behaviour that he had to inflict on himself. They called them carrots and sticks. The biggest reward was of course being able to play with himself in the cot at night and not have the mittens and lockable plastic pants that kept him in a state of frustration all night. He really did not like that and was always keen to ensure that he had enough carrots for the privilege.

This was a position well worth working hard for. A later bedtime was one carrot per half hour, using the computer but only to surf ABDL sites, the history file was always to be left available, was a generous one carrot per hour. The catch was that Mummy or Nanny might come in at anytime and make him read out from what he was reading. If there were more carrots than sticks on the whiteboard in the kitchen he was allowed real food at lunch and tea instead of baby food from jars.

The regime was a minimum of two stage three baby jars a day; he had quickly learned that the puddings, so called were not particularly unpleasant, in fact many of them were quite palatable. One of his regular humiliations on a visit to a supermarket was having to chose his weekly needs from the range of baby foods. After a while he realised that life was going to be more pleasant if in fact he chose food and jars that he actually liked.

When he was with Nanny she always made him ask for what he wanted in his little baby lisp and generally put them from the shelf into the trolley herself. If the item was low down she would smilingly ask him to get it and they both knew that as he stooped down to get the item his plastic pants and nappies would bulge out from under his short dungarees. In the meanwhile busy Mums with real children would come by and make similar choices whilst, David the overgrown baby wrestled with his own.

Or sometimes he spotted a little girl who seemed very young and he could tell she was no longer in nappies and he always felt very unsettled and jealous that one so young did not need nappies like he did. Small children are more perceptive than adults and David would sometimes realise that the little one in a push chair or hanging on to a busy Mum was staring right at his short dungarees and nappy filled plastic pants.

From their angle of view all was very obviously revealed!! The contrast of the big nappied baby asking Nanny for more jars of bananas and prunes in front of a genuine toddler really was funny. Of course Mummy always had to be sure that, should he not be in credit as far as his punishment and reward sticks and carrots were concerned, they had at least a three or four days supply of savoury jars, so those were piled into the trolley as well.

They often found some way of making it clear at the check out that it was all for him. Reward carrots were earned by little extra acts of sissy behaviour, normally in public or with visitors, such as lisping well when speaking to strangers or playing like a little girl with her dolls when visitors were around.

He had learned that doing something like nagging Nanny for chocolate at the checkout like a whiny brat was often good for two or three carrots. To summon up the courage to execute such a humiliating act that drew unwanted attention to him required a desperate need to play with his winkle that night or a longing for a more robust diet instead of the baby food jars. All the while he had to stand there throughout this humiliating exercise and give absolutely no indication of the state of his nappy, just like a small child.

They rarely say when they are dirty or wet. In the home this was bad enough but it happened in front of visitors as well, he was fairly often checked, as a pretence to embarrass him. Occasionally they did to him when they were out in public, pulling back the dungarees and the plastic pants, cloth nappy and disposable to peer into the gap where his exposed bottom cheeks may or may not hide a nasty little shameful parcel.

A stick equated to twenty minutes in the corner, three sticks a hand spanking across the knee and five a proper caning. David seriously did not like being caned and went a long way to avoid it. All the while he would hear the two girls laughing and deriding his naughty behaviour, calling him a sissy baby for crying and making him promise to be a good baby in future.

When it was over they would taunt him about the reason for asking for a spanking. Does baby want to spurt in his nappy? At that Jane and Emma would burst into laughter and if Sophie had any sense he would join in this humiliating mocking by agreeing with them or adding a little humiliating touch of his own.

A good one liner at this stage may well get a carrot but David was normally too tearful and flustered to say anything. Jane had come up with a brilliant ploy for administering corner time. They made him stand in the punishment corner, in the hall of course so if anyone came to the door they would see him. That added an extra frisson of excitement to the ordeal. He had to su-k a dummy with a loop of short ribbon attached; the loop went round a thin stainless steel rod that went from floor to ceiling close in the corner.

This smart but unusual piece of hall furniture always got questioned by strangers and if David was about he would have to explain its purpose. This arrangement meant that he could not turn his head without letting go the dummy from his mouth; if he did that the dummy would fall to the floor. His hands were behind his back. They stayed there because behind him Jane would set up a small portable movement alarm that beeped very loudly if it detected a movement.

It allowed slight fidgets, releases of muscle tension in neck, arms and legs but nothing significant. So he was imprisoned by a simple gadget! If he let go the dummy there was no way he could pick it up again without setting off the alarm, he could not move his hands from behind his back to hold it so he had to keep his face right in the corner.

All the while he was hoping against hope that the front door bell would not ring. If the alarm went off or the dummy was on the floor he had to finish the current time and then start again. Jane was now dressed and getting ready to put make up on, she turned to David who was sitting somewhat morosely on the bed pondering how he was going to cope with the day when he felt so unsexy, so adult and desperately not wanting to go on with this baby thing a minute more.

He was longing just to return to his old self. Sensing his discomfort she brusquely told him to go and pack his Princess changing bag as they were going out as soon as she was ready. He certainly did not want to lose them. Mind you the thought of playing with his little member was a million miles away just now.

He sighed and went back into his nursery to gather his things. Looking round the room he still could not believe that he now lived in such a little girl baby world. His Mummy had lavished care and attention on this room Disney Princess chairs and matching table with assorted boxes for dolls and toys themed in, teddy bear motifs on the duvet cover, Winney the Pooh wall paper and any overall sense of pink with light yellow and blue to set it off.

The changing table with its plastic washable surface was prominent and under it was a full array of all the paraphernalia for baby change time, pampers, nappy rash cream, baby lotion, baby powder, piles of disposables and cotton nappies as well.

About ten plastic pants neatly piled away, a bucket for soiled nappies. In the drawers and cupboards there were dresses petticoats and a full range of tee-shirts, socks, nighties, sissy girl pyjama sets and various Mary Jane shoes and sandals.

The committment to babying him was so big he knew it would not end soon. His baby status was all round the house from piles of nappies in the airing cupboard, nappies and pants on the washing line and baby things in every room.

His changing bag was a bright Barbie Pink very sissy bag that he kept some spare disposables, nappy cream, powder and of course Johnsons or Pampers wipes. Mummy and Jane had a bigger bag that had the same but also a spare cloth nappy, plastic pants, bib and bottle or feeding cup. Nanny had come up with a new idea last week that he should carry a dolls bottle and a spare nappy or two for his dolly Trudie.

If he gave Trudie a bottle she wet her nappy and he had to change her, the new idea was that he took Trudie with them and fed and changed her when they were out. She was certain to make him play with his dolly and dolls pram wherever it was they were going. He ran downstairs to fetch the pram from the playroom.

This used to be his study but over the last few weeks all signs of a male study had disappeared, the golfing pictures, the big cherry wood desk, and the Sony Vaio lap top had all gone.

He was only allowed in to write stories and surf certain well known ABDL sites such as Buffalo Betties, petticoat monthly etc. One rule was that he had to select favourite bits of writing and read it out to his mummy or nanny. The floor was untidy with toddler toys and the books changed for Barbie Doll and Bunty annuals and other early reader titles.

The pram was next door to the Wendy house he got it out and made sure all the covers and spare dresses for Trudie were in it, he had started to enjoy playing with his dollies and pram but today he felt unsure and uncertain of what was going to happen. He heard her on the stairs coming down and went with his pram into the hall. Money, confidence and pure sexuality radiated from her. She was wearing a pant suit with trousers that loosely flowed round her hips and legs; alternately clinging and swaying with her every movement, a tight white revealing top was loosely covered by a skimpy waistcoat, and her br.

It was an expensive outfit. He noticed the elegant shoes that somehow brought an additional sparkle to her legs and movement. She went on in that cool calm voice that only comes from a top drawer education.

My little sissy baby who has to wear nappies, you really look the part. That dress is divine, so babyish! She made him dribble and with the dummy spread it round his chin.

She reached into the hall cupboard and pulled out his pink anorak; it had a shiny pink finish with pink faux fur round the collar and cuffs. Like everything else it was too short and did not cover his nappies and plastic pants. Moments later she put on her leather jacket that he knew had cost her well over a thousand pounds and at last they were ready to go.

She said it looked cute. His Boxster had been sold weeks ago. Anyway we need a SUV; all Mums use them these days. The brisk cold air felt sharp round his bare thighs, exaggerating his sense of exposure and vulnerability, within moments he felt the urge to wee as the cold got to him. He was just going to wet when all of a sudden a sense of male determination gripped him, not unconnected with the loss of libido caused by two recent comes.

He would hold himself and not just wet whenever a passing urge came on. He would go when he was standing still and decided to let go consciously, just like an adult. The fact it would be into a nappy was not the point; he was trying to be male and grown up and exercise control.

After a spasm of concentration the urge passed. She left him standing in the drive as she piled the bags and his dolls pram in the back. He felt so vulnerable just standing there like an overgrown baby in full view of any passers by or neighbours could see him, with the cold breeze fluffing his petticoats whilst he waited for her to open up the rear passenger door so he could climb into the booster seat in the back. Her body was close and he could smell her perfume; that wonderful figure was just inches away.

He always wanted her however ashamed he was. She giggled at him, squeezed his nose playfully as she straightened his dress and coat before closing the door. The booster seat always tipped him back slightly and his dress and coat rode up so his plastic pants were very visible between his legs. Despite himself and the new resolution to try and exercise control, he looked down at the area of shiny white plastic between his legs.

He felt secure as the disposable and cloth nappies pressed his legs apart, the sight of the waterproof plastic pants tightly stretched over the thick protection always gave him that so safe feeling; the deep realisation that really he did not have to think about controlling his wets and messes anymore.

As they drove away, she relaxed, he was in the car and unable to escape his fate. She had put him in as grown up mood as she could and had not wanted to risk a confrontation before they were on the way. He was absolutely not in the right frame of mind for the humiliations that lay ahead, Jane wriggled her hips a little to try and gain some sensation down there; wow this BDSM thing was making her randy! Your favourite hairbrush is in my bag sweetie. What she did not say was that her sister Sheila and golf mad husband Simon were going to be there as well with their two young, three and five year old, daughters.

Until recently Helen had made it abundantly clear to anyone who would listen that David was not good enough for her daughter, probably married her for her money and the chance to get promotion in the family firm.

Of course she was exactly right in all of this. David never quite got the relationship right with her and was alternately gauche or overbearing. The truth was that he was completely intimidated by her and compensated by behaving badly or making endless faux pas.

Above all he was scared of her. Now that her intuition had been proven correct for all to see as David was clearly a little sissy pantywaist they seemed to get on much better. David, no longer had to try and impress her and even tried his hardest when with her to be the little baby girl he was being trained to be.

He sub consciously had realised had nothing more to prove at all and could relax into his submissive self. This was something he could do well! Helen, who had obviously been proven right all along and, as a result, was now at ease with her little sissy son in law; expecting nothing at all from his manly side was happy to treat him like a little girl.

On this basis they got on well as Grandma and Sophie. Jane had arranged for Helen to look after David for one day each week which gave Emma the Nanny more time off.

In recent visits Grandma had become sufficiently relaxed to let David talk to her about more every day things; she always made him do it with a dummy in his mouth with wet dribble running onto his bib and with a little lisp but he was able to tell her how he felt about his new sissy life. She always consoled him and offered the reassurance that he was only doing what he really wanted to and should just let it happen.

Jane had thought that his poor behaviour in bed had indicated an affair, and one night when he was at the golf club, she swallowed her scruples and searched his lap top. When subsequently she found his stash of baby things she had gone crying to her mother talking about a divorce. Helen would not hear of it. It was Helen who planted the idea to baby him and do what he apparently wanted; trap him in his submissive self and take away his independence.

She argued that all of a sudden he will be hooked and helpless. You can then have your life back and start again if you want to. The more they talked the more sense it made to Jane. Of course as they both acknowledged it may be difficult to pull off; but one night when Jane was going through a phase of doubts about it all, she showed her mother some photos David had taken of himself and stored on his lap top. He was sitting on the floor of their lounge with a dolly, short little girl dress showing off his nappy and plastic pants, Mary Janes, anklet socks and a Bo-peep bonnet.

Helen just laughed and her daughter joined in; soon they were almost in hysterics. She put key logging software on his laptop and was soon following his every surf and building up a picture of his likes and dislikes. She found his secret baby email address and watched him chat to other men who wanted to be sissies. He poured out his longing to them to be a baby girl, still in nappies, wet and dirty.

He seemed to want to be trapped!! Jane realised that although he said all this there was a risk he might not really want to and would demand a divorce when he was confronted with his choice. Jane was nothing if not resourceful, the fact that she tracked his every electronic move without ever saying a word to him was sign enough but her next step was pure genius. She made contact with a professional nanny to find out more.

She paid Denise of course and after she had broken down her reserve she was very forthcoming. Taunt him with your body, make him want it but slowly withdraw your favours as he becomes ever more committed. Remember he will have fantasised about being your baby ever since he has first known you. These adult babies have normally been like this all their lives, they try and kick the habit but they always return to it. Watch out, though, in the early stages when he has come, he will return to adulthood in a flash, want to be normal, and plead to be allowed to dress normally.

Jane even persuaded Denise to let her come to some sessions when she had clients; getting paid twice over by the client and Jane had something to do with it. Here she learned to use a hairbrush, a strap and the cane with just the right amount of force to be punishment as well as a little bit of delayed pleasure. Some wanted to be little boys but most wanted to be girls, Denise used to say that the little girl ones were the most heterosexual and wanted a mummy.

Above all she learned to stand quite still and stare hard at some luckless client who just wanted to be put in a nappy and by the force of her strong personality and with a very quiet authoritarian upper class tone make him drop his pants and bend over and ask, even beg for the cane. So as they sped along Jane started to think through what lay ahead.

Simon had just made one condition saying that if David needed a spanking it was not to be done in front of the girls. Simon was just great, nothing fazed him, he seemed to know about every thing; he even told Sheila all about adult babies. Apparently he had had a case once where the subject came up. He was however a real alpha male. Sheila loved him for his masculinity and forgave him the odd indiscretion as she knew he loved her but needed, as he once put it, a bit of practice from time to time.

He told her it was to make sure he remained on top form to have good sex and know the latest tricks!! A circular drive led to the imposing residence that quietly breathed money and influence.

He might have refused to go in; Jane was a little worried that he would play up and was glad when her mother opened the front door. David was being swept along by events. Standing by the car he could not run, did not want to enter the house, the car door closed behind him and the central locking clunked with finality. He was rooted to the spot for a moment but the drive was short and this was a busy part of town; he heard a bus coming along the road. He would be seen in all his babyishness by a bus full of people, he dashed, wide legged, clutching his dolly and bright pink changing bag, like a condemned man to the house and into the hall.

He just remembered to drop a quick curtsey to Grandma and give her a little kiss on her cheek. That got the humiliating dummy out his mouth for a moment. Grandma busied herself with taking his little pink anorak off.

He had become so used to being dressed and undressed that he no longer tried to undo buttons or in this case the little pink plastic toggles and always stood obediently,and very childishly,whist someone helped him.

She stood back and admired his new dress, saying how cute he looked and straightening out the pleats and fluffy petticoats. He had to stand still whilst she retied the pink satin bow at the back. David tried to explain in a whisper to her that Jane had let him come in his nappy twice this morning and he was not in the mood to be a sissy. How could he meet Simon? She just motioned him to be quiet as at that moment Jane came into the hall carrying the big baby changing bag and the dolls pram.

Does he wet the bed? Jane grinned at her, picked her up to hold her in her arms making her the same height as David. You will do that for me wont you? And it is much, much easier to change his nappies when we have to. David was quietly going redder and redder with all these revelations in front of the two small girls. He was also aware that the urge to wee was growing quite strong; his resolve to hold on till a quiet moment when he could stand and pretend he was at a urinal still remained with him.

He could not just let go now in front of everybody. He concentrated for a moment and the urge faded a little. Jane was seemingly prepared to mock him in front of anyone by revealing that it was he who wanted to wear baby clothes. She was so lovely and he adored her sexy looks but why did she tease him like this; it was unbearable.

The change in his feelings for Jane as the outward relationship moved from wife to Mummy or discipline mistress had been so subtle that he had not properly realised it had happened.

Now he looked at her with a longing pleading glance as if to beg her to stop, but Zoe was in full flow. Jane, and Emma in particular, had rehearsed him in the answer for this and questions like it, and he knew carrots and sticks were at stake. David did not want to tell, he did not want to speak, could he speak? Could he say anything? Jane started to raise her eyes as David remained silent.

He had got so used to having a dummy that at night and during the day he often sucked it absentmindedly, enjoying the comfort that a full mouth naturally gives. That was in private however.

Mummy had often made a point of standing him in front of a mirror and teasing him about how ridiculous he looked with a dummy in his mouth, especially when he had to talk with it in. She had reminded him how infantile and babyish he looked and how a dummy shamed him more than even the nappies and baby dresses he had to wear. She liked to say that the dummy completely undermined his masculinity and was the facial symbol that reduced him to simpering babyhood.

She taunted him by saying that his words and spoken thoughts and needs became worthless when they came from a mouth that was full of dummy and dribbled like a very small child. All this had made him very self conscious indeed about the dummy, and this emotion was much enhanced on days like today when he had come in his nappies earlier and more particularly was being seen by others for the first time.

More recently, Mummy and nanny had insisted that he was always dibbling all the time and had to have a wet dribble bib, this was not too shaming at home but when out in front of others, so far only in private not yet in public, it became a real source of embarrassment.

He still wanted the dummy but at the same time was acutely conscious of the shame of being a man with this ridiculous thing in the centre of his face. Jessica, unusually for a girl had been slow to be potty trained and had been wet at night and needed nappies till well past the age of four. The troubles of being slow had left her sympathetic with any one who was a bit of a wetter. Sometimes in school, when one or other of the small boys would wet his pants and then be teased by the other children Jessica was always kinder and more sympathetic than most, almost protective to the poor boy.

She saw something of a kindred spirit in David with his bulging nappies and obvious unease at having his shameful little secret out in the open and sensed his wish to be in private away from this exposure to everyone. She felt a little protective of him and, well, although he did look so strange in that dress it was very pretty and somehow suited him.

She was totally different from Jane, clever yes, but much more down to earth, quite happy to be a Mum and look after children and her very successful husband. Like the rest of the family she was confidant and good looking, but was more outspoken. She was a good sportswoman who had played tennis for her college and was now a near scratch golfer. She had had some doubts about letting the children see David being treated as a baby but Simon had assured her it was a good experience for them, he had also rather mischievously reminded her how she used to complain that David ogled her legs and bum and suggested that she dress rather provocatively for the day.

She had therefore dressed in a very short mini that she knew Simon liked as it showed off her firm legs to great advantage. Now seeing David in the flesh for the first time in all of his baby clothes with his hair in bunches, heavily nappied and with the dummy in his mouth above a wet dribble bib standing helplessly in the hall, quite unable to do any ogling, she was quite stunned.

Her daughters were obviously unworried by it all, so that reassured her, but the sight was so odd, so submissive that it positively invited her to tease and humiliate. She slowly ran her hands over the plastic pants and pulled at the leg elastic probing into the nappy, her hands wandered over his frills as she examined his dress and petticoats closely and then she asked where Jane had bought such babyish clothes and especially the large plastic pants; all the while grinning at him with a mocking expression in her eyes.

His feelings suddenly started to move from shame to a rising panic, a new sensation that he had not felt for years, not since the day when Jane had once very nearly caught him when she returned home unexpectedly. He remembered that feeling again now. The rest I bought. We have a fairly large collection of baby clothes now; I think the nappy is one of his as well by the way. We always make sure he wears a disposable under the terry to give extra protection and to make him feel really safe and secure in his nappies, with that combination leaks are almost non existent; he also tells me it is more comfortable when you are wet to be in a disposable than in a terry.

The big thing it is so much easier to handle nappy changes when he messes as he does every day; he had a good supply of them as well as he often dirtied himself when I was away. Sheila just shrugged at that response and then smiled at him and moved to wipe his wet chin with the dribble bib, as her hands came up her br. David felt no better; the panic attack was developing slowly. He hated the fact that he had to dirty himself everyday; it was a really disgusting thing for an adult to have to do.

The smell, the mess and worst of all the clean up afterwards when his nappy was changed, were horrid. Each time he had to lie back on the changing table with his hands holding the back of his knees tightly to his chest, his bottom and bits and pieces as they were often called and mess totally exposed and smelly whilst Mummy or the Nanny or even someone else dealt with it all.

It made his babyish position so obvious and increased his dependence on the girls who looked after him. They never failed to tease him at change time as well. And yet despite himself; as he lay there in that extremely humiliating position, especially when Jane changed him he also felt so well looked after, so safe, so helpless, so deliciously dependent on someone he loved. This was partly because Jane had, over the weeks, made dirtying a far more shaming experience for him than it need ever have been.

Very early on he had come into their lounge at home with a freshly dirtied nappy, and red faced with real shame at this new humiliation he had told Mummy that he needed changing.

She had simply ordered him to stand in the corner in that confident haughty voice that he did not brook any argument. Too embarrassed and ashamed about his condition he meekly obeyed whereupon she gave him a lecture on how to act like a proper baby; that babies do not know when they are dirty or wet, do not ask to be changed and have to wait till Mummy finds out. After twenty minutes of corner time when he could smell himself and all the while the mess became more and more cold and uncomfortable he was allowed out and she did absolutely nothing about his nappy.

Eventually, he stupidly asked again. David suddenly realised that when you have dirtied yourself, are dressed in a baby dress, desperate for a nappy change and are standing in front of a very determined wife who is treating you like the baby you are you have no bargaining chips.

You just have to do as you are told. He returned to the corner for what seemed like an eternity and could only think about the shame that lay uncomfortably between his upper legs. The disadvantages of not being allowed to ask for a nappy change did not dawn on him at first. But one morning when he was hoping Jane would notice his need for a change she suddenly whisked him off for an early lunch.

All of a sudden he was sitting in the high chair with the inevitable consequences to the contents of his nappy. Jane noticed the problem as soon as she started to tighten the straps of the high chair. The smell did not add to his appetite at all! Jane just carried on as though nothing untoward had happened at all. On another occasion he was wearing his dungarees which indicated they were going out of the house at some stage.

David never knew long in advance what activities were planned for any day although some rhythm was starting to be established. Any way he thought he better do his poo poo whilst they were still at home, but perhaps deliberately Jane did not notice and she started to take him out to get into the car. David was petrified; the very idea of being out of the house with a dirty nappy was totally off limits in his mind.

Despite the injunction to be quiet he squealed:. An experience he hoped he would never ever have to undergo again. The smiles and grins and obvious support and sympathy for Jane from the shop assistants when they realized this man in front of them, dressed in childlike dungarees and with a very obvious bulge between his legs, did need a change as he was dirty reduced David to red faced snivelling.

By this time he could easily smell himself, was sure that the entire world could as well, making him totally self conscious. Jane had at first thought that it would be impossible to pull off such amazing acts in public, not least because she never believed she would have the courage to do it.

Somehow the sense of control over her husband and the sheer sexual fun of humiliating him overcame her scruples; a public school education and oodles of confidence made it all possible. She found that where most people did not notice anything untoward at first, as soon as she involved them in some way such as asking to use the baby changing facility, they were always on her side, seeming instantly to sense that she was the one in complete charge and that somehow it was perfectly OK to join in a public act of shaming this man in the unusual shorty dungarees and with the suspiciously padded bottom.

His clear embarrassment and awkwardness make it so much easier for bystanders to disregard his feelings. Sheila was still standing so close to him as all these thoughts rushed through his head making him feel doubly awkward about his baby ways..

Sheila marched him uncomprehendingly into the large spacious lounge followed by the others. Simon was drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper and his body was stretched out a little on the sofa. He sensed a mist come down round him as he lost contact with reality. Without warning his dream of the previous night returned to him, he was in the golf club, he was wetting, Simon was staring at him; he felt the warmth spread up around and then down between his legs.

Unconsciously he had lost control. Unaware of his actions he bent his knees slightly and clutched the front of his plastic pants with both hands in a vain attempt to stem the flow and making it clear to all what was happening.

Simon surprised at such an obvious display of baby behaviour and suspecting wrongly that David was doing it on purpose said, by coincidence, the same words as in the dream. A noise not normally heard in that smart drawing room irrupted from his pants, always an embarrassing noise when made in the wrong place at the wrong time and in public.

This was worse; it was a wet noise, a very obvious noise to everybody in the room. David was as startled as every one else. Even as the wet warm symbol of extreme embarrassment escaped from his bottom cheeks in a sudden rush he clutched his bottom in an instinctive attempt to stop what had already happened. Horror was all over his face, which drained of all colour in a second.

His breath came in short gasps. The dummy dropped from his mouth as he panted, hanging loosely on a ribbon. The two sensations spread slowly down filling that so vital nappy till they met in that supremely sensitive place between the legs.

His hands still clutching uselessly at the back of his plastic pants with his legs unnaturally far apart and his knees bent he became the very symbol of a small child filling a nappy. David could only see a mist but was acutely conscious of what had happened, the panic faded as suddenly as it had come to be replaced by a sense of dread and complete helplessness. All of a sudden there was movement around David.

Sheila and Simon held hands, but still were laughing at what had happened, not sure whether David had done all this on purpose. They were so sure of their own completely loving and normal healthy relationship that they both had a slight sexual lift at what was ultimately a piece of pure sexual domination theatre. Helen came quietly over to him. He felt her hands lift up the back of his petticoats and dress, the plastic pants and nappy went tight at the front, pressing the wetness against his shrivelled member as she pulled out the nappy and pants at the back.

Jane and Helen quietly lead him out of the room. He still walked wide legged so conscious of the warm wet mess in the back of his nappy; his hands hovered over his bottom as if to shield the shame from view but in effect only to draw attention to what he had done.

He could not imagine what Simon and Sheila must think. They took him upstairs to the spare bedroom where Helen had set up a changing facility. She looked after David every Friday so Emma could have the day off in exchange for babysitting at night or working on the odd Saturday or Sunday when Jane wanted to be free to go out and enjoy herself without David being embarrassingly in tow.

David, of course had been appalled at the idea of being looked after by what he had thought of as his snooty and haughty Mother in Law but the relationship had changed over time and he had had become a sissy plaything for her.

During his recent visits Grandma had become sufficiently relaxed to let David talk to her about more every day things; she always made him do it with a dummy in his mouth with wet dribble running onto his bib and with a little lisp but he was able to tell her how he felt about his new sissy life. Sitting with a pretty dress fluffed up by petticoats on a rug in her elegant lounge, often after lunch, when she was having a coffee, he would tell her of his growing acceptance of parts of his baby life but plead with her to ask Jane not to humiliate him in front of others or in public.

He admitted he had been a poor lover to her daughter because of his submissive nature and secret longings to be a baby but also begged to be allowed potty privileges sometimes and to return to a normal life from time to time, but of course his pleadings got him nowhere.

His Grandma was a good talker and always had a logical answer why every little request that he made was inappropriate or not timely. He was often allowed to wash her underwear by hand and go into her bedroom to tidy her drawers a task he absolutely loved. Her underwear was designed for the more mature woman and was less flimsy than the things his wife Jane wore. She had David Nieper panties and lovely collection of slightly larger bras and control garments, basques and panty girdles.

David often spent over an hour putting things away lingering over every garment lovingly folding a caressing it before he put it in the drawer. Only a few weeks ago he had been unable to stop himself from delving into his nappy and starting to play with his tiny Willie whilst fondling a pair of her soft panties. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he never heard her come in to the room.

Reddening with awkwardness he continued to play, his hand pumping slowly and rhythmically at the gorgeous sensation in a clean soft nappy. She smiled encouragingly leaning forward towards him. Her mature sexy body seemed to fill her clothes and bra making her very desirable. She sensed he was getting close so she quietly said.

Before you finish you have to choose a present for me; something I would really like to have; something you could easily do for me, to please me. Are you going to let me show you to my bridge partners who I can arrange to visit here next Friday to see my baby son in law? I am sure they would love to see you doing what you are doing now! We could do that first and get all that nasty goo out and then you could show them all your baby ways.

A nappy change right on the lounge floor just after you have come would be a great ice breaker what do you think? Or would you prefer me ask Jane and her boyfriend to come round here for lunch one Friday? It would be a real opportunity for you to thank him for being such a good lover to your wife and I am sure he would love to see you as a baby.

I understand he has some difficulty comprehending what you look like all dressed up. We could even arrange for you to give him a little parade in your prettiest dresses! Afterwards I would put you in the high chair to have your lunch; that would really show him how you behave. You would also get to know who he is; maybe it is someone you know!! Lastly would you like me to arrange for a visit to your old office in a pushchair?

Just think of all those girls you used to chat up, Penny your secretary, Melissa your assistant and of course the young people who work in the telesales department. They are all wondering where you have got to and the odd rumour is going round so you could explain it all to them.

I reckon about a half day; Emma could bring you round when I am there for a board meeting in a new pink pushchair I am having made for you. We could leave you with each group for a while to chat about old times. She would have to change you at some stage and there is no changing room but I guess she could put a changing mat on the table in the conference room, you know the glass walled one on the second floor next to telesales.

He whipped his hand from his nappy in horror that he might have to make have to do something as shaming as that in exchange for a spurt. The trouble was he did. Deep down in his mind where he dare not dwell at all he knew that all those things could happen to him. He knew that they had not fully tested the lengths they would go to shame him and expose him to others. He knew that his own masochistic longings made all that quite possible.

Above all was the fact that she had taken away all of his adult clothes so to walk out of the house unaccompanied was absolutely unthinkable. All these constraints made it easier for him mentally to acquiesce with whatever little humiliation came along. He was also totally unsure of his continence and guessed he would need a nappy whatever he did until he could retrain himself; this self doubt about wetting his pants in public sapped at any resolve that from time to time surfaced.

The real truth, however, was that he went along with all this because of his deeply submissive nature which in the end undermined his will to resist or to find ways out of his predicament. Each time though sticks would mount up and then his libido would start to return and resolve would weaken until he was compliant again desperately trying to be good by going along as much as he dared with the girls ploys so that he could earn carrots so that he could ease his frustration at night and play with his willie again.

At times like this his baby status seemed fun provided it was kept safely within the home. Outside or with strangers he always felt exposed and ashamed however long it had been since a come.

A little while later, after lunch he was sitting on the floor of that elegant lounge still with the panty gusset in his mouth and su-king hard as Grandma returned to the room and sat down with a coffee and he also noticed she had a small wrapped parcel that she put down on the table beside her. Well I will let you have a little play in your nappy! I want to see if you can come by just moving your hips. He still was quite hard and just by moving forward and back as he sat on the floor he could create that magic sensation in his nappy.

As she encouraged him the movements became more and more pronounced. Her taunts about being dressed as a baby; getting excited in front of his mother in law and the expectation that he would mess in a moment or two did not stop the slow growth of the unique pleasure spreading upwards outwards through his body and into the brain so that reality becomes completely suspended and second only to the strange demands on the mind that only sexual longing however oddly formed can command.

The wet panty gusset in his mouth became something to lustfully slobber over; the full nappy between his legs seemed at once soft but firm round his thrusting willie.

Seeing nothing else, he stared at the fringe of his petticoats and the shape of the plastic pants between his legs with the stretched leg elastic cutting into his thighs so containing the thick nappy securely.

In his mind the baby pants assumed the role of a hugely erotic sex object. At the same time he felt could sense her body going soft and sensual in the chair and the look of amused fascination transforming her face, making it somehow a shared experience.

The explosion was not long in coming; accompanied by little girly moans and whimpers he slowly peaked into a series of hard exquisite thrusts into the damp Tena, moaning quietly Mama Mama Baba Baba over and over. This was always the worst moment as the pleasure faded quickly followed by shame, horror, surprise and regret. He always wanted to be quiet, left alone to reorganise his thoughts to face the reality of where he was, what he had done, how to face the world in baby clothes once again.

The baby clothes lost their wondrous appeal of moments earlier and became odd, inappropriate and shaming. He just did not know what to do with her panties now all sodden wet with his dribble round the gusset area. He had moved from exquisite sex to low shame in seconds. Helen sipped quietly at her coffee watching him undergo the transformation from pleasure to shame.

She had a small warm feeling down there that she may well have to attend to discreetly in bed that night after David had gone home, but she was certainly not going to let him sense that. It was always more intense when she realised that he truly did not want to be a baby anymore.

The post orgasmic hiatus when he loathed his baby status was the most exciting for her. She loved the moment when she could see in his expression the realisation that he had done something so shameful; alone and unaided. The very act was a disgraceful thing to do in her lounge; it was unmanly and ultimately rather childish in the sense of showing a massive lack of control. She wanted him to sense such behaviour revealed his quirky innermost thoughts, impotent desires and a babyish feminine sexuality that were quite out of place amongst normal people like her family She realised the act of su-king her panties had exposed another weakness.

Above all she wanted him to feel so inferior. She, like Jane, wanted to manipulate him, reduce him and so make him completely dependent on them. David knew what was in that parcel, he had sensed it from the moment he had first seen it. He did not want it, He knew the time for this would come eventually but he mentally did not want to think about it, especially now.

He also did not believe his Mother in Law could ever present him with such a thing. He slowly unwrapped the packaging, the box was the size of a very small shoe box or perhaps a jewellery box. Tearing the paper away he revealed a solid wooden gift box, a silver plaque was engraved with the words;. There lying on a bed of velvet like an expensive jewel were two silver rings, larger than finger rings bit not much, thicker and stronger looking as well, one was slightly bigger than the other.

They were joined together by a hinge device and small chains. Each had an elegant thumbscrew mounted on the top of one and the bottom of the other and closer inspection revealed that the rings diameter could be tightened or loosened by the thumbscrew rather like a jubilee clip.

But these were no crude devices they were elegantly made, smooth and polished like jewels and had a strange beauty. Two separate very small, almost miniature padlocks lay separately alongside each ring. David could not immediately see where they fitted. He had no doubt what this present was. He had fanaticised over the years about being chastised.

However if the thought always made you hard then surely it is not for you? He was not ready to submit to this. The pleasure of coming, as he just had, was real; a reward for all the shame and humiliation he suffered everyday. It was something that made his submissive nature somehow OK in his head. How could he sacrifice that as well as what little was left of his male pride, the freedom to ej-c-late at will even if that was only in the most humiliating of circumstances?

Even as spoke he knew he would wear it soon. He half wanted to now; what would it be like to be finally controlled. Of course he wanted it on, then off whenever he asked, but he knew that such a thought was stupid. The door bell rang. Helen went to answer it. The normal sensations of fear started. Who was it, would they come in? Having just spent himself he did not want to have to perform as a baby in front of strangers.

Perhaps they would go without coming into the room. Perhaps Helen would protect him from them; he surely did not want to be seen in his dress just now. No luck, they were coming in; he braced himself as best as he could mentally, still sitting on the floor he closed the box with the chastity, put his dummy in and looked at the door.

The wet panties lay forgotten beside him. She was small petite good looking with soft long blonde hair; about twenty something. He was older, fit and well built, with something of a Brad Pitt look about him. Grandma smiled and introduced them as Sally and Morris; they were here to make sure his new Chastity was the right size!!!

Apparently with this up market model there was an optional fitting service if required. She went on; Mummy and I have taken advice and we will not insist you wear it and certainly not today. You will ask us when you are ready to have it put on. It will be your choice. When the dominant has arranged for one in secret as the case here the wearer takes a while to be mentally ready for this extra step but normally they ask to chastised about two to three weeks after the first presentation.

Obviously if they are involved from the outset it is different and we put it on and if it fits well then it stays there. The purpose of the fitting now is to make sure that when you are ready all will go well without any discomfort or problems and you can be put under control for as long as the key holder deems appropriate.

Is your name Sophie? Oh he is shy; well I am used to seeing a lot of very shy men! But you are the first baby girl I have fitted.

Grandma put a rubberised sheet under him, explaining that these days they were not sure how much control he had left. He lay back with his legs apart and knees in the air right there in the lounge in front of Sally and Morris whilst his wet nappy was removed and his private area shiny with his come was wiped clean with pampers; she then put on a liberal amount of baby lotion around his private parts.

A little pull on his arms and he was sitting in front of Sally without a nappy and as the short dress was only waist high all his bits and pieces were clearly on view. You see many small men end up chastised so we do make many very small sizes but this one is the smallest we have made yet for an adult. As she knelt in front of him he was so conscious of her lovely neck, petite face and sensuous perfume; a really pretty young girl. But she had just put a chastity belt on him!!

Sally smiled at David; her young face with big brown eyes looked so loving to David that he immediately responded to her expert stroking.

Her soft fingers went under his tip and found that so sensitive area which was silky with baby lotion. As he started to swell she looked approvingly at him. As he became aroused and well before promised pleasure started to glow the tight feeling became more and more painful, pleasure and pain became fused until, so reluctantly, he had to push those soft caressing young hands away from his member.

I needed to get him to come before you came you see. David went bright red and stared fixedly at the floor.

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